Posted by Crystal Seneca on June 23, 2021
At times I really can doubt myself. But, as I sit here on this beautiful summer afternoon remembering everything about you I finally understand everything that you didn't know how to say. And if you could do it, well I know I can too. I'm glad you were my Mom. I love you always~
Posted by Crystal Seneca on August 5, 2016
Happy 73rd Birthday, Mama~
Happy Birthday, Nana~
Isabella will always have my memories~
Posted by angelina davenport on August 5, 2016
my dearest friend barbara i miss you so much happy birthday you are always in my thoughts
Posted by Crystal Seneca on July 23, 2016
Mama, I miss you so very much. But I know someday that we will be reunited once again in Heaven. I trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ. He will show me the Way. I know that you see your little Bella and that you look over her always... She's truly a Gift from GOD and I cherish her everyday. She's so Beautiful, Mama~She heard your name and my memories of you all the time. Isabella and I love you so very much.
Posted by carol driscoll on July 23, 2016
Barbara I miss you I know you are at peace and watching over your grandchildren and children you were a special lady who left us too soon we shared a lot as Seneca's I will always think of you as a sister love you
Posted by Tina Fillmore on July 23, 2016
I remember how great she was when she babysat for Alicia and I'd send her over in one outfit and pick her up with another one on lol and how Bobby used talk by her and she would make him do it again so she could see his butt lol even in front of me thinking I was gonna get mad lol I was like look all you want I don't mind one bit lol she was a very funny generous loving lady that I miss very much

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