Barb with Raskol
Barbara Preston
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 21, 1949
  • Place of birth:
    Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 1, 2008
  • Place of passing:
    Bellvue, Washington, United States
Let the memory of Barbara be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Barbara Preston who was born on October 21, 1949 and passed away on March 1, 2008. We will remember her forever.

As the third anniversary of Barb's death approaches, I wanted to create something more lasting for her memories.  I do miss her very much.  I think about her and our childhood as well as our recent pass.  I am planning on adding photos, video and stories about Barb.  I hope others who knew her will do so as well.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


BARB’S MEMORIAL in Ohio July 2008 given by her sister Pat


          I find this memorial harder to do than the first that we had in Seattle.  Barb’s death was such a total shock I don’t think the reality had sunk in.  But now at times I find it much harder. She is missed by so many. We received so many e-mails, cards and phone calls from family and friends after her death.   Her friends have kept in touch and several have come today from Ann Arbor, Boston and Las Vegas.  They held remembrance events in Rochester and Ann Arbor in addition to our service in Seattle.  Their responses helped so much to get us all through such a difficult time. 


 When I am really feeling down and missing her as I do often, I rely on the same source of comfort that I found in Seattle.   Her photos albums-  the hundreds of pictures she took when traveling, for family events, of her nephews and niece and all of her friends and their families. 


As I look through them I feel as I did then that she is with me and we’re traveling through those events again.  She really had a good life and did so much.  She traveled all over the world.   She came to visit Chris and I in England just after we were married after hitch hiking across Europe.  She said she wasn’t afraid to travel on her own as she would stay at youth hostels and meet up with other students and then travel with them.  She traveled to Russia before the fall of the Soviet Union and brought back photos, video and souvenirs of her travels, which she always did.   She traveled to Turkey and met a Turkish student on the train who invited her to visit his village and attend his cousin’s wedding.  She did and had a wonderful time.  Her photos show her dressed in traditional costume at his village.  She maintained contact with the family once she returned home. 

She traveled to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.  She documented her travels with photos and often with written descriptions of her travels which are very interesting.  I came across one of her early trips to visit us in Yuma.  It was great and I made copies for both my kids to save. 


Barb loved to dress up and encouraged her nephews and niece to dress up.  We had several murder mystery dinners in which everyone played a part and dressed up in the appropriate costumes.  Barb would take the kids to the Salvation Army and buy pieces for the costumes.  The kids loved it when Barb would come to visit, particularly when they were younger and would ask us (the parents) to go places and do things we weren’t quite up for,  they would always say wait until Auntie Barb comes she’ll do it with us.  We

have loads of pictures of Barb in costume.  She would dress up at Halloween and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids or participate in a haunted house event.   


            She loved animals.  She had her cat Raskol for twelve years and missed him very much when he died.   She taught him tricks and he performed on local Rochester TV.  She gave a grand birthday party for him in Rochester and invited friends.  She made special invitations,  a special catnip cake, had champagne.  All of her Rochester friends remembered it well.  She volunteered at the Seattle Humane Society.  She house sat and

took care of cats, dogs and even horses when she was in Seattle.  Her friend who owned the horses said she even road them as well.


            Barb loved to take photos and especially videos at our family reunions.  She would interview people and try and get them to tell stories about when they were young or funny stories about other family members.  She loved to hear Milton tell his jokes and we have videos of those events. 


            She loved her nephews and niece and was very proud of her new grandnephew.  Barb was able to visit at Thanksgiving just after Jude was born.  She also got to come and see him at Christmas time.   She loved children and enjoyed being with them.  Her friends’ children remember her as do her niece and nephews.  


            In Seattle I said that we would be passing down stories about Jude’s great Aunt Barb and we will so that he will know and remember that he had a truly great Aunt who made friends and was loved by so many people who miss her dearly and will keep her memory alive.  We won’t forget you Barb.  


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bill Preston on 1st March 2017

"Another year but still seems like yesterday. Always thinking of you."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 1st March 2017

"Barb, You continue to be missed by all your family and friends.  You would love your little niece Lucy, Heather's baby.  She is adorable and happy.  She loves to take the I love Lucy DVD's off the shelf.  I know she recognizes her name.  She is 10 mos. old and very smart, of course.  Wish you could hold her.  Anthony's son Zane will get down on the floor and crawl with Lucy.  Hope they will be good friends.  Jude is 9 now and Natalia is 7.  Miss talking to you, always will."

This tribute was added by Bill Preston on 24th October 2016

"Happy birthday, Barb. I'm late as usual, but never forget."

This tribute was added by Joyce Nakada on 21st October 2016

"Thank you to Barb's good friend Marlene Gordon for pointing me to this website.  It has been a comfort reading so many tributes to Barbara.  I still miss her and feel robbed that she had to leave us so early.   I especially think of her on Halloween.  When she learned we were having a haunted house at our local Y, she became one of the scariest witches ever, for a number of years.  I so miss her energy and enthusiasm, her quirky sense of humor, her generosity and caring..."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2016

"Can't believe you would 67 this year! Still missed very much. You have another niece, Lucy, Heather''s daughter. She is great. Very pretty happy baby. We do picture walks around Heather''s house and I identify you. She has lots of pictures of you at her house. I always mention your love of Halloween and  dressing up in costumes to your nieces and nephews.
Always missed."

This tribute was added by Bill Preston on 1st March 2016

"Hey, Barb. Another year. Wish you could see the boys. Alan will be 21 next month. Wow. We're missing you."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 1st March 2016

"You are still missed and thought of often.  You would be so excited to know that your niece Heather is expecting a baby girl in April after waiting so long!!  I still think of you every day as I exercise remembering exercising with you and Heather and the Pilates video!  You would love how well your niece and nephews are doing-so cute and sweet.  They ask who is that in our family picture and I tell the about their great!-aunt Barb.  Always remembered."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2015

"On your birthday I've been thinking of you a lot. It's getting close to Halloween and I remember how much you loved to dress up. We have photos of you in your witch costume with your tray of kittie litter and Tootsie rolls that would cause kids to freak out when you would pick one up and eat it! You were always such great fun and you are always missed. You have a great nephew who will soon be one year old and will go trick or treating with his big sister and big brother. Keeping up your traditions!"

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 1st March 2015

"You have a new great nephew.  He's adorable.  He'll ask about you as your other niece and nephew do when they see your picture.  I tell them you loved children and loved to dress up in costumes and teach your cat great tricks.  I just thought I'll copy the Rascol tricks you filmed to a DVD and show them.  You are not forgotten."

This tribute was added by allison stieber on 1st March 2015

"Remembering and missing other cloudy winter Sundays when Barbara and I would talk on the phone for hours."

This tribute was added by Bill Preston on 1st March 2015

"we still have all of Raskol's old costumes, so I have uploaded a picture of Scratchy wearing Raskol's cowboy outfit. Doesn't seem like 7years."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2014

"This would have been your 65th birthday.  I can't believe it.  You are still missed and thought of every day.  You will be in my heart forever.  You need to know you will be having another grand nephew.  Anthony and Rocio are having another baby boy.  You are remembered by your niece and nephew and often and stories about you told to your grand niece and nephew.  They ask about you when they see your picture.  You are not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 1st March 2014

"I continue to miss Barb.  I want to be able to talk to her and tell her whats happening.  She would so love to see her great nephew and niece they are growing so fast.  They love to dress up in costumes just like Barb.  Natalia really thinks she is a princess and has lots of costumes.  Jude thinks he is a Ninja warrior, or superman or spiderman depending on his mood.  They are certainly carrying on her traditions with costumes.  I love to look back in her albums and always have a photo of Barb nearby.  Where ever her spirit is I hope she feels all the warm thoughts from all those who remember her today and always."

This tribute was added by allison stieber on 1st March 2013

"Not sure who coined the saying "Time heals all wounds"; it doesn't, as I continue to miss Barbara constantly. But I am comforted in the knowledge that my life is richer for the close friendship we shared for almost 30 years."

This tribute was added by Bill Preston on 1st March 2013

"Five years is a long time, but it seems not so long ago. We still have many things around the house we kept from her apartment, so we see her every day."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 1st March 2013

"March 1 2013,  I continue to miss you Barb every day.  I wish you could see your grand nephew and niece.  They are growing bigger every day.  Jude asks "Who is that" in our family picture and I tell him about his great Aunt Barb.  Natalia surely takes after you.  She loves to dress up.  Many times a day to her mom's chagrin.  I think about you as I play and talk with them. You are there."

This tribute was added by Marlene Gordon on 1st March 2013

"I think of Barb every day as I carry the black and red tote with the native design which she brought me from Seattle and when I pat my cat, Raskol P. (Preston) Gordon.  Raskol came to me two years ago; he looked so much like Barb's Raskol - what could I do but honor the original trickster and his Mom? I miss Barb so much - our travels together, her wonderful spirit and friendship."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2012

"I thought of Barb first thing this morning.  I have just talked with her friend Allison about her and shared how her niece and nephews are doing.  I know Barb would be pleased to know they are doing well and that so many people think of her on her birthday."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2011

"We are establishing a scholarship at University of Michigan in Barb's name.  I will post more information as soon as the final paperwork is completed."

This tribute was added by Patricia Sumner on 21st October 2011

"I miss Barb every day and especially today, her birthday.  I would love her to see the most recent photos of her little nephew and niece, she would have loved them so much."

This tribute was added by Linda Snide on 23rd February 2011

"I still miss Barb and I guess I always will. I have her Buddha sitting on my dresser and see it every day.  I have different accoutremont (nothing so mundane as scarves) that I change according to the day or mood. It makes me feel in touch. I wish I could catch up with her and walk a ways for a while.  I'm sure she is still traveling.  Always, always remembered."

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