This memorial website is in memory of our loved one, Papa Bonu.  Papa was the quintessential patriarch, a true son of the soil, epitome of unconditional love, devoted husband,  loving father, family man, passionate educator, and a God fearing, faithful Christian. 
In his autobiography, titled, And God gave me life, Papa Bonu wrote in 2005:
"Life is the most precious gift that the Lord has bestowed on each and everyone of us.  The gift of longevity is rare.  I am getting to 80 . . . . This span of life is punctuated by a marriage which has lasted for 50 years and perhaps more yeas to come (ad Multos Annos)."  
Papa, your legacy lives on forever in all the lives you have impacted! Your memory lives in our hearts forever. May the name of the Lord be blessed now and forever more. Amen


THURSDAY 6th MAY, 2021

3:00pm: Vigil at the Family residence opposite St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Bambui

5:00pm: Refreshment

6:00pm: All-night Vigil with Live music

FRIDAY 7th MAY, 2021

7:00am: Removal of Mortal remains from the Bamenda  Regional Hospital Mortuary

9:00am: Laying in state in the family home

10:00am: Funeral Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church, Bambui

12:noon: Burial at the Family Compound

1:00pm: Reception

5:00pm: Traditional Rites


12:00noon: Start of "Cry Die " activities followed by refreshment

5:00pm: End of " Cry Die"


6:30am: Thanksgiving Mass at the St. Peter's Catholic Church Bambui

Posted by Enesah Tonain on March 20, 2022
It's been 1year and it still hurts like it was just yesterday. Continue resting GrandPa till we meet again
Posted by Adrian Abongmbu on May 7, 2021
Journey well to the land of our ancestors papa. A great crusader of peace you were and humanity will forever be grateful for your contributions to make the world a better place
Posted by Collins Tabifor on May 6, 2021
Pa Bonu, as I always called him, was like a father to me because he was my late dad's friend and school mate. He taught my Mom in school & was our neighbor at Four Corners Bambui, aka Carrefour. Pa would say "Ta" whenever he saw me and the first question he would ask me was "How are you doing at school?" His late son, Arthur, was my best friend and brother. We played football with Tubah Lions and shared jokes together all the time. I remember one day after Mass, wearing the same Sunday clothes, we were talking about how we should not be comparing ourselves with the wealthy because we were poor but instead have great hope that our futures would be bright. Pa Bonu was a good man. He was kind, loving, and he would keep a smile on his face to keep things moving forward. He was very hardworking and had a strong spirit of multitasking. When he wrote his book "A Short History and Traditions of BAMBUI, 1700-2012," he dedicated one of the copies to me quoting, "With the compliments of the Author, Barnabas Chungong Bonu, 16th June 2014." I am still very grateful for his kind gesture. What else can I wish for a Baobab like "BCB" other than a happy repose of his gentle soul? Extend my heartfelt greetings to late Dad Emmanuel and friend Arthur. May the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace. Adieu Pa Barnabas Chungong Bonu!!!
Posted by Veronica Tabifor on May 6, 2021
Fare thee well pa BCB, as you were fondly referred to by your daughters Caro and Philo. You possessed such a calm spirit and lived an exemplary life full of humility. You left an impact on the lives of everyone you came across, myself included. I had the chance to live next to Caro in your house while we were in CCAST & you would stop by to check on us & how school was going to give us motivation to keep going. The last time I saw you was in January 2017 when my sister in-law had told you that I was around and you stopped by to greet me. That was a great moment to me and the photos that we took shall be preserved jealously for generations to see, hear and learn about the great person that you were, mindful of the fact that you were a schoolmate & friend of my late father-in-law. ADIEU papa BCB.
Posted by Chungong Polycarp on May 2, 2021
I got to know you as a humble, gentle and very soft spoken man long before I became a member of your family.
While I interacted with you, your virtues abound and I never stopped admiring, loving and desiring to emulate you all the days of my life.
Your reading, writing and documentation skills were very distinctive. You were honest, hardworking, kind hearted, very organized, time conscious and above all, very faithful to God and to the teachings of the church.
That you returned to your maker one day after the celebration of the great feast of St Joseph gives me joy because I believe that on his feast day, he came for you beckoning that you accompany him to heaven. You barely delayed a little, just to finish your assignments here below before acceding to his request.
May St Joseph hold your hand and take you to the place where men of great honour dwell.
Continue to intercede for us Papa. We love and miss you.
Rest on great one. Adieu Papa.
Chungong Pamela Bijingsi

Posted by Chungong Polycarp on May 2, 2021
Dear Papa,
You gave me an indescribably good feeling to know that I had a father- in-law who trusted and believed in me.
It was definitely unusual and very well cherished that you were always the first grandparent to see our children when they were born.
Papa, I want to thank you once more for accepting and loving me.
You are physically gone, but you remain in our hearts forever.
Intercede for us as you rest in the Lord.
Farewell Papa!
Comfort Bonu.
Posted by Chungong Polycarp on May 2, 2021
Pa, your legacy lives on forever in my life as you have impacted so many memories I'll forever remember you of them.
  I can remember how you always call me " Immaculate mo'oh Sabine".
I also remember whenever I close from church and visit you, we drink tea together.
 On my graduation day I can still remember your words of encouragement saying " my child I'm proud of you as you did not only graduate with a certificate but two" . At that time I had my first son and thought I've failed the family but you gave me the courage to live on.
 I also learnt how to read and translate the Bible all because of you. Your Christian life made me feel like I had a call on this planet earth in serving God in a special way but destiny took me to a different direction.
Pa there's so much you've done not only for me but to the entire Bambui community and family  as a whole. .
We love you but God needs you to rest. You have finished a good race. Rest on pa.
  Adieu Pa.

Mbisah Immaculate Ngwengang ( Niece)
Posted by Chungong Polycarp on May 2, 2021
Papa, God preserved you for a century to touch the lives of many through your advises, words of encouragement and support where ever and whenever there was need and a possibility . You did not ever exhibit any sign on discrimination to the numerous children who always came to live with you . Your soft spoken nature and keen listening spirit is a sign that you were peace loving .
Till that fateful day of your departure you maintained your routine activities such as regular prayers,regular church attendance,reading, writing and keeping track of current events in the society and recording them which l so much admired . Infact your departure can be likened to an archive consumed by flames.
You Have Ran The Race and Faught a Good Fight .         A DIEU.     TONAIN SEBASTIAN.
Posted by Tafor Bonu on April 30, 2021

Thank you for relentlessly loving us. You were a great example of what it is to be a man. You were a nurturing father, a loving husband, and patient grandfather. Thank you for sweetening up my childhood with homemade honey. Oh how blessed we were by you. We miss you and love you.
Posted by Shiekueh Shienna on April 25, 2021
Pa it's so difficult for me to accept that you are no more because you left without a word. Pa your love and care for me and the children cannot be replaced, Since God has taken a decision we pray that God should grant you eternal rest in his heavenly kingdom you remain forever in our hearts.
Adieu Pa.
Tonain Patience
Posted by Shiekueh Shienna on April 25, 2021
Pa, I still remember how you always call me 'sister' and how it always warmed my heart. It's still a suprise that you left us so unexpectedly. But I trust that you have gone ahead to prepare the road for us. Rip grand pa. Ngwenta Angele
Posted by Meyanui Fms on April 22, 2021
Pa, you gave up the ghost just the same day I was on my way to Bambui to see you. You served the people of Bambui with all dedication and love. Every child you came across who was in need you willingly supported and nurtured.

Pa, you were such an incredible person, not only the best role model, but you wanted to give back to the world what God blessed you with.

You would frown at my younger brother and I each time you noticed we did not take serious the activities of the church. Through your influence I became a Christian and got baptized as an adult in 1999. Not relenting your efforts in seeing that I became of service to the church, you happily welcomed the news when I told you of my intent of joining the Marist Brothers of the Schools. You happily supported me as one of your sons to go through the formation till perpetual profession. Pa, your role has been so outstanding.

Free of charge I got to know the history of the Bambui people. In my library it is one of the most reserved books. You had the spirit of transmitting culture and tradition to the young in a subtle and most convenient manner. In you is Humility personified, selflessness personified, the spirit of a true Bambui man personified. You did good because it is good to do good. My family bears witness to this.

Without casting any shadow of doubt you are now with the lord because you lived and served well. When great men like you are gathered with their Father, we do not mourn but celebrate. You will be remembered by us giving prominence to the things you stood for. You availed yourself to your children and people with truth and dedication. Your memory will forever carry on.

Pa, retire peacefully. May the God of all comfort console your children.

By Rev Br Meyanui Valentine, fms
Posted by Chungong Polycarp on April 22, 2021

I learnt of the death of Pa Barnabas Chungong Bonu, a Reading University-trained rural educationist, University of Kumasi-trained beekeeping expert, pedagogue, ethnologist, pioneer chairman of the Bambui Village Council, a model farmer and genuine Christian intellectual and elite of the Bambui Community, with deep regret and would like to express heartfelt condolences to his dear wife, and children on behalf of my own family. I first met Pa Bonu and his wife in the mid-1970s at St Pius X Teacher Training College, Tatum where he was serving as tutor. I was in the company of my trainer, Brother Joseph Trimbach (RIP) to repair the water system of the College that had broken down and students and teachers had gone for two weeks without good water. Pa Bonu was a dedicated educationist and change agent who strived daily through fulfillment of his professional, family and community work to be in union with God.
He worked in a spirit that identified him with Opus Dei (Latin for God’s Work) - the message of St Josemaria Escriva about the universal call to holiness and personal sanctification through work and apostolate. Work and other social encounters can be occasions for spiritual union with Jesus Christ, so that human tasks are transformed into divine undertakings. Pa Bonu will be remembered most especially for writing A Short History and Traditions of Bambui 1700-2012, and A Manual on Modern Beekeeping in Cameroon, 1990. These works will meet the needs of researchers, tourists, historians, ethnologists, civil and traditional authorities, students of agriculture and those with an interest in conflict management. A taste of Bonu Pure (100%) Honey is enough to convince consumers about his efforts to work with the greatest perfection possible. Pa Bonu created in others a hunger for knowledge, helping them to discover new horizons with the example of his faith and dedication to service.
He strived to give the greatest possible professionalism to his work and was the type of Christian, who helped others to improve their relationship with God and neighbour simply by the way he lived his Catholic faith. Pa Bonu had truly discovered Christ and sought to bring him to others too, given that a great joy should not be kept to oneself but shared. This is the task to which Christ calls all of us. In a recent condolence visit to his wife in Bambui, she narrated to me some of the philanthropic works of her husband including sponsorship of some children and the effort she will make to uphold her husband’s legacy. May God grant Ma with the material resources and bodily strength to accomplish her goal. Through Pa Bonu’s dedication to uplifting his students and community members from ignorance, many more people who knew him will get to know about Jesus’ call for each of us to be perfect as his heavenly Father is perfect. This is possible when we strive to sanctify our work, sanctify ourselves in the work, and sanctify others through our work. All the circumstances in which God places us bring a divine message, asking us to respond with love and service to others.
May our Lord Jesus Christ grant Pa Bonu’s soul a place in God’s heavenly kingdom, to enjoy the beatific vision for eternity!

                           Professor Athanasius F. Amungwa
                 University of Buea

Posted by Shiekueh Shienna on April 21, 2021
You called me your darling grand daughter, you celebrated my first degree in a way I can never forget, you were looking forward to my MBA and the crisis could not permit us to celebrate. Just when I thought I had to put a smile on your face and make you more proud you had to leave without notice. I shall forever miss you my darling GrandPa
Grand daughter
Tonain Enesah
Posted by Augustin Kubri on April 19, 2021
Hey papa I thank you for the legacy you left for us at the same time I am not happy to be honest because the Bambui community just witnessed the lost of the only library we had. I still have the history of Bambui you put together a few years ago. I now know why you gave it to us, because you could feel it coming but you could not tell us. Why papa? All the same I am happy because you gave it to us. I am equally happy because we have Celestine, Caro, and Philo with us to always remember you. My big bro and sisters UNA ASHIA for the celebration of an accomplished Bambui man. Let us all focus on mama alias Njoe for comfort. Bambui will miss you for ever. God bless us. Amen
Posted by Philo Bime on April 17, 2021

Though life has a span hardly can it be accepted you are no more. On behalf of the entire Bambui Community and me, we extend heartfelt condolences to the family you have left behind. You contributed a lot towards the development of this land and institutions of ours. We must not over emphasize it but will live to remember you. As one time chairman of the village council, Secretary of the Bambui water Authority, principal adviser to the Fon on major issues you left behind an indelible mark. You equally did much by documenting the Bambui culture while alive. The generations you have left behind will live to remember you for these great achievements. We will also live to have in memory the marvelous role you played in promoting the ideals of literacy and education not only as an educationist but equally as a father. You ensured that not only your children received good education but went an extra mile to encourage and assist many Bambui youths to acquire certain levels in education. Your attachment to truth, Christianity and good morals made you a star in society. In consideration for all these great works of yours Kwifor thought he could not relent acknowledging these great deeds by conferring on you the traditional title of Nkue-ndum (path finder) which has been done. Adieu great son of mine.

His Royal Majesty Fon Angafor Mombo-o III.
Posted by Jacinta Tufon on April 14, 2021
My dear teacher,you carried me through my teaching career, you gave me pieces of advice while in the teachers' college I still used up till date. You were so duty conscious. I am today happily retired as a teacher because of your work in my life. May the almighty God reward you. Adieu Sir.
Posted by anuano delphine on April 14, 2021
Adieu Pa you have left a vaccum in our community and to me in particular. I personally looked up to you as a role model because you excel in all your domains in life. Education, religion, culture agriculture. Each time I came to you you encouraged me in a soft spoken manner and it sunk in me. Pa I will mourn you as a legend who never die. Forever in my heart for if I can speak the vernacular to an extent is thanks to your numerous writeups. Adieu adieu Pa
Posted by Prudentia Taku on April 12, 2021
When you were introduced on the first day of school as Pa Bonu, I said to myself he should be Innocent’s father. He was my brother’s small in BIROCOL and spent time with our family in Kumba. When you heard my name too you asked me about my father who too was an old mission teacher. You gave so many many their foundations. Your legacy will forever live on as you touched the hearts of many. I’m sure Innocent greeted you with great joy I. His heavenly kingdom. May you forever live peace.
Posted by Megan Bime on April 11, 2021
My mother often told me stories of her upbringing, and how Grandpa would journal everyday. Writing is the way I connect myself to Grandpa and the life he lived. Reading his autobiography gave me insight into his past that I had never known: his history as a teacher, a father, and a husband. He treated everyone as a child of his own and took advantage of every opportunity to learn. Most of all, I see the type of person Grandpa truly was in the children he raised. I see Grandpa's selflessness and determination in my auntie Caro. I see his generosity and optimism in my mother, Philomina. I see his intellect and wisdom in the novels, stories, and memories he left behind. Because of Grandpa, our joy was greater, our love was deeper, and our lives were fuller.

I can only dream to be the person of faith, kindness, and wisdom the Grandpa was. Rest peacefully.

“In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a place, our hearts will never fill.”

Megan Bime
Posted by caroline bonu on April 11, 2021
I cannot believe I am sitting at my desk thinking about all the good times I had with you and the lessons you taught me. From my childhood to adulthood. You made me feel like I was the only child and your favorite. I was surprised when talking to my siblings only to find out that they each felt they were your favorite. I never knew I had cousins living with us until I was in form four in Our Lady of Lourdes College when I was told one of my uncles was the dad to my cousin who lived with us. Every child in the house was treated the same, you sponsored each of us to the Secondary school we chose after class seven. Papa, you taught me how to be grateful for whatever I had because there were so many people who could not afford the luxury I had. You cared not only for people but for nature. You taught us how to grow food from our own gardens, harvest honey, and keep a poultry. You also thought us not to take things for granted. For example, although we had a poultry, we had egg on Sundays or as a reward if you did something special. Your happiness was to see that all the children were educated no matter where they came from or whom their parents were. You will ask for financial assistance from all over, not because you wanted to buy a pair of shoes for yourself but to add to what you had and send a child from the village to school especially those who showed interest in going to school and their parents could not afford. You were also happy if you could contribute to make sure the church project was completed so many people could go to church with no problem. I cannot remember when you asked for money to do anything for yourself, it was always for a church project or to help a family that was in need. I consider you rich not because you had money but because you had so many people who saw you as their dad. There are many people who are whom they are today because of you, including myself. I remembered when Eucharia, (our sister, your first daughter), passed away, I thought that you were going to go as well, but you were very strong and you said to me, “Caro (as you always called me) I love all of my kids equally. The love I had for your sister is the same love I have for you.” Papa, I have gone through so many challenges myself but each time, I think of you and mom and what you have gone through and I stand up strong and push forward. I know I will not see you again on this earth, but I know I have another angel in heaven. I love you and will keep your legacy alive by holding on to lessons and love you gave me over the years. Farewell, Papa, until we meet again.
Your Caro
Posted by Taform Isaac Meyahnui on April 11, 2021
Because the death of an aged man is like a burned library, Pa Bonu's is such death. And now, Bambui Village has lost its library of decades, and is left without it's fountain of knowledge anymore.
Oh God! Whence shall this our seed that you have planted, grow a new plant of its kind that we shall not starve to death?
Posted by Admin Work on April 9, 2021
Pa what an exemplary life you lived. You have sure left a void that cannot be filled by anyone else. Nevertheless this is our ultimate destination and we pray that St Peter will open wide the gates of heaven. Thank you for leaving us an angel Lady Philo. She will miss you. Memories of you will never fade. Farewell Pa until we meet again. Rest in perfect peace ️

Posted by Gisele NZEUKOU on April 8, 2021
I didn't know Pa Bonu, but through one of her daughter(Philomena), I learned about his legacy. His contribution to this world will be missed but not forgotten. RIP
Posted by Shannon Bache on April 8, 2021
Mafor Ekwese
  My name is Mafor Ekwese, I am the second child of Caroline Bonu; Pa Bonus second youngest child. December 2016 - January 2017 was the first time I had ever met grandpa and it also being my first time in Cameroon. I had such an amazing time meeting my extended family and seeing the place where my mum grew up. My mum would always tell my sister and I about grandpa's farm and how he made and sold his own honey. To see it for my own eyes was a once in a lifetime experience. I also got the chance to feed pigs and chicken then seeing them get slaughtered for dinner. I was about 7 years old and I remember all the little things grandma and grandpa would do for us. Hearing about grandpa's passing was unexpected and very hard. I know my mum is trying to stay strong for us and the rest of the family, but I want her to know Grandpa loved her, Grandpa loved all of his children and grandchildren. He was a role model for all the boys and men of how a father/grandfather should be like. How to love, take care and support a woman for over 60 plus years. That was the kind of man he was and I will always admire that about him. Thank you grandpa from the bottom of my heart, I miss and love you so much.
Posted by Shannon Bache on April 8, 2021
Shannon Bache
  My name is Shannon Bache, I am the first born daughter of Caroline Bonu; Pa Bonus second youngest child. Growing up my mum always told my sister and I stories about her relationship with her parents as well as her upbringing. The stories were good, whole hearted or to teach my sister and I a lesson about our actions. As my mum would talk about her dad she would have love in her voice reflecting on the time they had together. You could just tell he wanted the best for his children and grandchildren. Grandpa has always been an influence in our lives growing up in America.

  When I was a baby my cousins and I lived in Cameroon for a short period of time. My uncle had just passed and there had been a tremendous amount of loss my family felt because they had just lost a brother, uncle, father and a son. Grandpa and Grandma have had to bury two sons and a daughter. There is no explanation for what a parent feels when they lose a child. Now that grandpa has passed I know in my heart that he has been reunited with his children. As well as watching over those that are still here.

   In December 2016 - January 2017 was the last time I visited Cameroon and would be the last time I saw Grandpa in person. The man was in his 80’s and still did everything he could for us to enjoy our trip. We bought and sold chickens, pigs and other animals. We danced, laughed and ate together but one of my favourite parts of the trip was just sitting and listening to what grandpa had to say. As I said earlier my mum told stories about her dad and how smart and well spoken he was; all of it was true. Listening to him speak left me in awe because of how articulated he was with his words. Being about 11 at the time it was the coolest thing ever. So when I was given the opportunity to take his book home I took it with me everywhere we went in Cameroon and continued when we came back to the states. I am not sure I truly understood what the words meant but I did not care because it was my grandpa’s book.

  Pa Bonu was and still is an example of what a great father and grandfather should be. He was respectful, caring, understanding and so much more. He left his mark on his children and their children as well as the community he spent his whole life in. We love you and miss you unconditionally papa. Rest Easy.
Posted by Philo Bime on March 29, 2021
Dear Papa,
I am still in shock and disbelief that you have really left us. The thought that I will never see you again aches my heart. You are one of the angels in heaven Papa.
I have been blessed to have you all these years. All the memories you created with us will be with us until we meet again.
You were always there for us when we were growing up. You taught us that character is not something you build in a day but over the years. You never discriminated between your biological children and non biological children. Education was your number one priority when it came to raising us, your children. You ensured the children were given the opportunity to go to top colleges in Cameroon. It still astonishes me how you managed to pay the school fees for all the children you sponsored. Given that you are a true child of God and with your strong faith, you were able to accomplish great things.
Papa, I wish I can turn the clock and have you back but that will not be your wish. You prepared us for this moment. It is difficult but with God’s Grace it shall be well. Rest In Peace Papa. Your memories will last for ever. Love you papa.

Your daughter,

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Posted by Enesah Tonain on March 20, 2022
It's been 1year and it still hurts like it was just yesterday. Continue resting GrandPa till we meet again
Posted by Adrian Abongmbu on May 7, 2021
Journey well to the land of our ancestors papa. A great crusader of peace you were and humanity will forever be grateful for your contributions to make the world a better place
Posted by Collins Tabifor on May 6, 2021
Pa Bonu, as I always called him, was like a father to me because he was my late dad's friend and school mate. He taught my Mom in school & was our neighbor at Four Corners Bambui, aka Carrefour. Pa would say "Ta" whenever he saw me and the first question he would ask me was "How are you doing at school?" His late son, Arthur, was my best friend and brother. We played football with Tubah Lions and shared jokes together all the time. I remember one day after Mass, wearing the same Sunday clothes, we were talking about how we should not be comparing ourselves with the wealthy because we were poor but instead have great hope that our futures would be bright. Pa Bonu was a good man. He was kind, loving, and he would keep a smile on his face to keep things moving forward. He was very hardworking and had a strong spirit of multitasking. When he wrote his book "A Short History and Traditions of BAMBUI, 1700-2012," he dedicated one of the copies to me quoting, "With the compliments of the Author, Barnabas Chungong Bonu, 16th June 2014." I am still very grateful for his kind gesture. What else can I wish for a Baobab like "BCB" other than a happy repose of his gentle soul? Extend my heartfelt greetings to late Dad Emmanuel and friend Arthur. May the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace. Adieu Pa Barnabas Chungong Bonu!!!
his Life


Papa Barnabas Bonu was Born in Bambui in 1928 to Pa John Amuhngwa (son of Pa Chungong) and Mami Fama. Papa's paternal uncle, Pa Andreas Chungong took Pa Bonu as his personal son and raised him until school age.  Pa John Amuhngwa, Pa Andreas and their brother, Pa Vincent Mbigha, were very close and united. In Papa Bonu's own words, “The love and unity between us was so close that our children hardly knew who was their biological father.”

Early School Life

In 1932, Pa Bonu moved to Njinikom and lived with the Yangse Family. Mr. Leonard Yangse was a catechist in the Parish in Njinikom where there were frequent visits of priests on pastoral duties to his parish, leading to more opportunities for Papa, especially in education.
In 1936, Pa started Primary Education at St. Anthony's School Njinikom, about 20 miles from Bambui. Pa's Primary Education was facilitated by  Mr. Leonard Yangse who advised Pa Bonu's parents to send him to school. Rev. Fr. John McDermott was the Headmaster (Principal) of St. Anthony's School at the time, and the assistant was Dr. John Ngu Foncha.
In 1943, Pa Bonu obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). 

The Beginning of Teaching Career

In 1947, Pa Bonu started his preliminary course as a professional teacher at the Teachers Training Center in Njinikom. In 1948, Pa Bonu moved to Bambui to continue his professional career when the Training Center was moved to Bambui.  In 1949, Pa completed his Elementary Teaching Training Course and obtained a Teacher's Grade III Certificate.

Recent stories
Shared by Perpetua Ngengwe on April 26, 2021
I first met Pa Bonu about 7years ago and my first impressions were that Pa was a man of Integrity. Whenever I visited, I felt like Mary and Jesus in the bible, sitting by his feet and listening to all the wisdom and knowledge that Pa was very eager to share. Our discussions were usually about culture, education, family and of course, God's love. Listening to Pa, and getting to know Pa, exposed me to the depth of his Faith in God. Pa expressed this deep belief that whatever happens in life, is according to God's will and we cannot question but trust in God's abounding goodness. This really struck me when Maitre Bonu died and I went the following day to visit. Pa, stated that when God created Innocent God knew when Innocent would die. God gave Innocent to us and he has taken him back, who are we to question God?
I will like to remember Pa as a man of faith, a loving father to all he met and a great example to emulate. " I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith". 2 Timothy 4: 7 . May Pa's soul rest in Peace.


Shared by Chungong Polycarp on April 19, 2021

Dear Pa, I still find it difficult to believe that the journey we undertook in those wee hours of 20/03/2021 was a journey of no return. You led us in prayers before we left the house and as we took off you asked if I was in the car and I accepted. I felt you were satisfied with my presence and that’s why you uttered no other word till we reached the hospital. In the hospital, you were very co-operative with the medical team. We could tell you felt some relief after treatment commenced for/because you were calm and tried to catch some sleep. I left with some assurance that you would get well. Little did I imagine that you were going through your last hours on this earth. It came as a bomb to me when I was called at about 1:30pm on that faithful day to hurry back to the hospital. We immediately left Bambui just to arrive when you had crossed the boarder to the land of no return. Though very disappointed, I still thanked the Almighty Lord who made it possible for me to arrive Bambui and meet you a day before your demise and also for calling you back at a ripe age without much stress. With your demise, I have lost my greatest companion in Bambui as we always had a lot to discuss and shared meals. I can foresee a lot of emptiness during my next trips home.

Papa, my life’s history can’t be complete without the role you played in my life. Your Renault 4 was the first car I entered in my life when you came home on vacation and gave me a lift to Mile 9 after a Sunday mass in 1972. I vividly remember how the trees along the road appeared to be speeding pass us and I couldn’t understand till later in life.

In 1975 I passed in list “A” and gained admission into Bilingual Grammar School in Yaounde and everyone in the family was worried about my going to such a distant place given that I was barely 13yrs old. The school needed a letter from my parents/guardians to confirm their approval for me to school in Yaounde. A well educated and respected family member was contacted to write to the school. Surprisingly, it was never done until you came on vacation and wrote through the Post office to the school and about a month later, we received my prospectus through the Post office addressed to you. Without you I would have missed that opportunity and God alone knows what could have happened thereafter. Encouraged by my brilliant performance at the common entrance, you took it upon yourself to assemble members of the Chungong family at our compound in Ma-atoh to give me their blessings and any personal contribution for me to buy “bread” on my long journey to Yaounde. This happened at the end of every Summer vacation because I came home only once a year. I gladly admit that I benefitted from some form of scholarship from the Chungong family through this gesture of unity which I can never forget. You helped me to improve on my English while in secondary school by returning my letters to you with corrections in red and those corrections stayed forever in my memory.

Papa, you also sent me a “mandat” every third term for the five years I stayed in Yaounde which always helped to complete my boarding fee of 9,000Frs then.

You will always be remembered for inculcating the spirit of hard work in us while we were teenagers. You always ensured that we were busy with one form of work or the other during the holidays. I remember a day we went out to work and the work could not be carried out because of rains. When you learned of it, you exclaimed in total disappointment saying, “Oh, so the food today has been wasted!”.

Papa, you also made us appreciate the word of God - “Thou shall eat from thy sweat” as you made sure that every child around you carried out some assignment on daily basis before eating. Some of us are responsible today thanks to such guidance.

Papa, you had such an organized life style especially when it comes to eating habits, church programs, timely presence at all occasions, record keeping etc, etc.

Your legacy of not only preaching but doing everything to ensure unity within the Chungong family as enshrined by the first generation can never be forgotten. I can vividly recall the sad moments you went through when your efforts failed in resolving certain issues within the family leading to factions at some points. Despite your disappointments, you never gave up as you continued doing everything to bring everyone together until your last breath.

It is now a big challenge for the members of the family to uphold this legacy. It is a challenge for us to ensure the continuity of the Chungong family meeting and annual come-together which you so much cherished.

We shall never forget the meticulousness with which you kept records of all important happenings within the family in particular and the village at large; dating as far back as the forties. You were such a financially clean man that when some people accused you of embezzling funds while serving as pioneer Chairman of the Bambui Water Project, you asked for some time to search for your records. Finally, you disproved them when the whole village was summoned to the palace to witness your cross examination. You produced such clean evidence which even showed that you had spent quite a reasonable amount from your pocket without reimbursement. That is how you and late Teacher Maurice Tangang who was also a co-accused were vindicated and you gained the admiration of all.

Your great achievements in Bambui and beyond shall never be forgotten and the village will forever mourn the disappearance of their archives.


Chungong Akongnui Polycarp – Nephew.

Papa BONU, The Sisters of Christ thank you for your kindness, your generosity, your sense of giving

Shared by Philo Bime on April 17, 2021
To Papa BONU's family,
The Sisters told me about Papa BONU's death. On behalf of the entire Congregation of the Sisters of Christ and especially those of Cameroon, I offer you our sincere condolences for this painful separation. Our prayers for the rest of his soul and for the consolation of the whole family accompany you in these dark moments. Papa BONU was for the Sisters of Christ a true Father. He generously offered us the land where we are currently in Bambui. We are very grateful for this and we consider ourselves a bit of his family. 
This generosity, I experienced myself the day when Papa BONU invited me with Sister Solange my counselor and the sisters of Bambui to share the Easter meal with him and his family. It was precisely March 31, 2018. On this occasion, He offered me the book “A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHUNGONG'S FAMILY 1800-2014 ". I remember his fatherly goodness reflecting a reassuring Peace! 
Papa BONU, The Sisters of Christ thank you for your kindness, your generosity, your sense of giving and sharing towards us. We assure you of our grateful prayer. Sister Marie Solange RAVAOHITA, General councilor and Delegate of Cameroon, the community of the sisters of Christ in Bambui, the representatives of the other communities of the sisters of Christ in Cameroon, represent me personally and represent the entire Congregation grateful to accompany you with our fervent prayers to your home where you await the resurrection of the dead and the coming of Christ. Thank you Papa BONU and Rest in Peace
Sister Emérentienne RAMORAVELO Superior General of the Sisters of Christ