My Cousin and Friend Barnabas

Shared by Cedric Lumosi on April 14, 2021
When I left school and started working, I had never travelled really apart from going to my home town Kakamega..  But Barnabas was grand and he immediately invited and paid for my trip to Athi River where he was in school... It was my first real exciting tour as an adult where I met his friends and learnt lots about life... Later I would spent part of my holiday with him at his work station house in Diffathas, Kirinyaga. I got to visit lots  of the surrounding areas including a women's water distribution initiative, a coffee processing plant, went around as he gave service to animal farms and visited The Isaac Walton Hotel in Embu... I really learnt a lot but most of all were the stories of Legends packaged in funny but wise punchlines.!
I can't forget how when I was facing a period of uncertainty with my employer, how Ingumba would call to inquire of me and send something which he may have thought was little to him but was like water in a desert... He taught me how to lead... He inspired me to know am great... He believed in me and allowed me to flourish even where he would have been a better alternative... I feel like saying too much but in these painful days I would rather stay my peace and mourn alone... Because no one ever understands the pain of being left without a goodbye... It's God's choice...I let it be... But hope that his wife and children will receive as great a blessing as He used to give.. Go in peace friend..
Psalm 34:18 the Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crashed in spirit

Ida says

Shared by it's Isutsa on April 9, 2021
Your little girl  is so lost and confused,I'm running on empty, every emotion is used,nothing seems the same,life is a battle and  I feel like I'm losing the game .I have lots of questions, so much to talk about ,things only a dad could help his daughter understand and figure out .i need that advice only a father could give , I needed you forever ,daddy I needed you to live ,I needed you to take away my fright .I look at the stars ,High up in the sky so hard until it still hits me,i loose it and cry ,the pain is so intense ,it's like a bomb daddy ,it's too much .  I'm sending a dove in heaven with a letter full of all the hugs and kisses .
Dance with the angels dad . I love you.

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