He touched all of us in beautiful ways.
He loved to be in nature.
He loved an adventure.
He loved his movies and books.
He loved teaching.
He loved to meditate.
He made his own rules.
He was a really great father.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on September 30, 1932 in Dixon, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on August 28, 2016 in Newburgh, New York, United States.

Posted by Victoria Hazel on 17th June 2018
Missing you terribly on this second Father's Day! You loved all children and had so many remembrances of the funny things your children did. I especially marvelled at how you could remember exactly how they said things. Imitating each of them so perfectly. I feel that I was too stern with Nicholas sometimes. How wonderful that he had you to guide him warmly and with such joy.
Posted by Peter Bort on 1st October 2017
8/28/2017 Today is one year since my dad went over to the happy hunting ground. I find myself talking to him every day. His sweet, gentle and humorous nature remain an inspiration to me. At the time of his loss it seemed like an impossible thing to ever "get over". A year later my perspective is that I do not ever get over his physical loss, I just integrate the true essence of who he is to me into my daily "now". Talking to him daily within myself instead of bemoaning that I no longer have "him" to talk to is part of this. Continuing to have the pieces fall into place of the jigsaw puzzle that is who he is as a presence in my life is what keeps giving me new perspectives on our shared life. Life itself is precious and each moment we share with those we love is what brings meaning to this life. As all the nonessential things of my life fall away (because I no longer choose to give them value) what remains is so rich and so eternal. Thank you God for the gift of Barry.
Posted by David Tanenhaus on 30th September 2017
Hi Barry, Happy Birthday on Yom Kippur. Always a smile when I think of you. Miss you, pal...
Posted by Victoria Hazel on 30th September 2017
Today Barry would have been 85. We would have done something special and he would have protested just a little. On November 4th at 11:30 AM, we will be dedicating a beautiful red maple tree to Barry. The tree is close to his English Department office at SUNY New Paltz, right near the path he walked along between his office and classes. I think he would have protested, but just a little.
Posted by Helen Collings on 28th August 2017
I think of Barry often and remember what a "charmer" he was. I miss him. Much Loving and Light to his entire family. They all hold a very special place in my heart and always will. Hugs, Helen
Posted by Gail Greco on 13th September 2016
Barry's memorial today was a very suiting place, which he probably smiled upon as many of his dear friends, and family opened their hearts while speaking about him. It was wonderful to hear all the stories about Barry, and bringing him right there with everyone. Thank you to all, and thank you Barry for the opportunity of knowing you for the short time. Gail Greco
Posted by BILL OSTER on 9th September 2016
Barry and I were friends for over 30 years sharing many travel adventures with Jerry Greenfield. I remember enjoying his laughter as we shared our explorations in the mid-Hudson Valley. Amos Sunshine
Posted by Eleanor Rosenbaum on 5th September 2016
Barry's North Carolina friends were saddened by his passing: I have tears In my eyes reading the sad news of Barry's passing. Thank you so much for letting me know. I was just thinking of Barry Shula told me yesterday about his death; but I especially appreciate you sending this obit. He was a great dinner companion, full of wit and decency and a lot of references to literature and satire on pomposity.
Posted by BILL OSTER on 4th September 2016
He loved to hike and joyfully led many friends on foot trips through his beloved Shawangunks. Addie I look forward to seeing other friends of Barry's at the Memorial .
Posted by BILL OSTER on 3rd September 2016
Posted by Eleanor Rosenbaum on 2nd September 2016
Barry was a wild, uninhibited, carefree soul. Time was always on his side. Unhurriedly, whether driving or talking, he reached his destination all on his terms. How many people did he lure to visit the lemurs! People were seduced to these animals like a suitor's invitation to see his etchings. He was kind and gentle and definitely made the world a better place. My condolences to his family. We are so fortunate to have known him. He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.
Posted by Rausa McManus on 2nd September 2016
I remember when he took me to look at dogs at the shelter in Durham, NC. Aneisa Blair
Posted by David Tanenhaus on 2nd September 2016
My good friend has passed. We spent much time together in North Carolina during the winters. Barry was companionable, fun and loyal. He was also a spiritual seeker, open to many philosophies. Barry was always trying to help others find peace. A man with a wonderful mind and glowing heart. I planned on driving to Beacon this weekend to see him. Rest well my friend. Best to his caring and devoted family.
Posted by Helen Collings on 1st September 2016
Barry always greeted me with the warmth of his heart, his tender smile and an infectious laugh. He has a very special place in my heart. I'm blowing a kiss back to him. Barry's Soul now soars in a state of Liberation with great joy, free of the physical limitations. May his family be comforted in knowing this.
Posted by BILL OSTER on 1st September 2016
I remember Barry always with a smile on his face. Enjoyed visiting with Barry when we visited Bill Oster . Rhoma Krischke-Duffy
Posted by BILL OSTER on 1st September 2016
Barry always had a smile . I remember him at Bill Oster's parties and dinners. At Bill's last party we attended, Barry and Victoria were there and I went inside and visited with them. He will be missed.
Posted by BILL OSTER on 1st September 2016
Go in Peace. Thanks for the memories!!!
Posted by BILL OSTER on 1st September 2016
Go in peace thanks for the memories. Joe Duffy
Posted by Peter Bort on 1st September 2016
There will a MEMORIAL GATHERING on SEPTEMBER 13TH at 10AM at the Slingerland Pavilion, Mohonk Preserve, New Paltz, NY
Posted by Marilyn Bullock on 1st September 2016
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." - Richard Bach
Posted by Rausa McManus on 1st September 2016
I only knew Barry a short time, but it didn't take long at all for him to crawl into your heart. He touched people wherever he went and left many friends here in North Carolina. We were blessed by his sense of humor and humanity. Rest in peace!
Posted by Victoria Hazel on 30th August 2016
A conversation we had Victoria: You know that music that's played in "Days of Heaven", in the background, what's the name of that? Barry: Do you think I know everything? Victoria: Yes, I do! He shared his knowledge with me freely. No question was unimportant. He never made me feel foolish to ask. We explored most hills and roads in the northeast. We have a terrific son. It started with a movie "Shadow of a Doubt." But there was never any doubt that we'd be together forever.
Posted by Gail Greco on 30th August 2016
Knowing Barry was an experience, which is unforgettable. He was a very interesting man that fought for what he believed in right to the very end. His spirit was shining, and enlightening. The people he loved will miss him very much, but their memories will always be alive, and keep him close to their hearts. Thank you for allowing me to be part of his last adventure. Gail
Posted by Stephen Bort on 29th August 2016
go in peace

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