Currently playing in the background is Part 1 of a two segment tribute to Barry that aired June 2 and 3, 2011 on KDB 93.7 classic music (5 min).  You may listen to Part 2 by clicking the "Gallery" tab above and then "Audio" link.
Arent H. (Barry) Schuyler passed away on April 28, 2011 in Santa Barbara. Extremely generous with his time, knowledge and resources, Barry was at the same time fiercely humble and felt his life's actions and accomplishments rather than words should mark his passing.

Barry is survived by his wife of 61 years, Jean Kellogg Schuyler (who passed away in April 2019, click here to view her memorial), as well as his four children, Ann (Paul Brenner), Peter (Lisa Stratton), Kate, and John (Marianne) and his seven grandchildren, Tristan and James Brenner, Dylan and Jaime Schuyler, Patrick Wilcox and Sophie Schuyler, and Dorrien Schuyler.

For those who would like to honor Barry, who was ever the student and teacher as well as the consummate pragmatist, a donation to Midland School in Santa Ynez, Caltech in Pasadena, UCSB's Environmental Studies Program, or any of the numerous environmental or educational organizations that he supported and nurtured would be fitting. A personal commitment to follow a lifestyle that distinguishes "one's needs from one's wants" would bring a smile to Barry's face.  Friends are welcome to leave a short (limited # or words) tribute or longer story (unlimited words) about Barry on this site.
View a video recording online of Barry's Celebration of Life/Memorial held on June 4th, 2011 at UCSB's Bren hall.  The total length is 1 hour 55 minutes and contains music by family and grandchildren and reflections by Bob Wilkinson, friends, and colleagues who were in attendance.
A wonderful memoriam written by Peter Schuyler was publish in the Santa Barbara Independent.  It's posted on the "His Life" page of this site or can be viewed online at the Santa Barbara Independent.
Download and read comments by longtime friend Robert Wilkinson titled: "In Memoriam: Arent H. "Barry" Schuyler 1923-2011, Reflections On a Remarkable Man" (.pdf format)

Posted by Moira Hill on May 22, 2011
RIP and thank you Barry for all your wisdom and grace in teaching and counseling, which I still remember 30 years later. Love the "personal commitment" request above. My sympathies and condolences to the Schuyler family.
- Moira Hill (UCSB, ES 1984)
Posted by Darby Nett on May 12, 2011
Both Barry and Jean Schuyler always treated me with kindness, patience and respect when I worked at The Chandlery. Years later, when working for WM, under their son John, came to find out about mutual history with Midland School. What a gift, what a
Posted by cristen hamilton on May 11, 2011
Whenever I think of Barry, I always hear his voice, "Kid, don't let your studies get in the way of your education. Let's go sailing,". Such an impact he had on me, on so many.  Here's to a strong, steady wind abeam!
Posted by fran harvey on May 10, 2011
Jean and your children my deepest and most sincere prayers are with you at this time. Knowing Barry.......he is like my husband and would say, the day I die will actually be like a trip, a transition, to the greatest journey of all. 
Posted by Helene Schneider on May 10, 2011
Barry left an amazing legacy in Santa Barbara. The origins of UCSB's Environmental Services department alone testifies to his leadership and vision that is felt globally. Mostly, though, I will always remember Barry for his kind manner and as a devot
Posted by Leslie Lembo on May 9, 2011
"Barry,I cherish our many island boat trips on Cassandra. Being with you on the ocean was a time where 'conversations that mattered' happened most for me.
I got clear insight into your generous nature and piercing intellect!
Ah,such a splendid man!"
Posted by Judy Egenolf on May 9, 2011
He painted a humble medical/dental bldg in Baja CA long after a replaced hip and with frustrating hearing aids. He & Jean flew to a dirt landing strip ready to work in less than perfect conditions. He never complained, true always to needs over wants
Posted by Monica Dynowski Smith on May 8, 2011
To me, Barry was ES at UCSB. It won't surprise anyone that he convinced me to do my senior thesis on tanker accidents in the SB Channel! He was a mentor and friend, walked the talk, lived his ideals, and always had time for everyone.
Posted by kevin mckernan on May 8, 2011
It saddened me to learn of Barry's passing. The world can't afford the loss of such individuals--there are so few. My sincere condolences to his loving wife, Jean and children; only their loss could exceed my own sense of loss.
Posted by Paul O'Rear on May 8, 2011
We were ES majors in the mid-70's, soon after the oil spill. At a time when many would be thinking about slowing down, Barry was just getting ramped up, chairing a "start-up" department. He was so gifted in connecting with and inspiring people.
Posted by Barbara Ganschow on May 7, 2011
When I heard that Barry died I found myself thinking of this poem:
The Peace of Wild Things

When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,
I go and lie
Posted by Tricia Knight on May 7, 2011
Barry was the first person to take me sailing to the channel islands. He was always such a champion of exploration and knowledge. He still inpires me today. you will be missed Barry.
Posted by Tamara "TJ" DiCaprio on May 7, 2011
Barry introduced me to Environmental Studies, and a passionate approach to life of critical thinking, courage, and exploration. I am thankful for having known Barry and will carry on in his spirit!
Posted by Eileen Kadesh on May 6, 2011
Eileen Kadesh

As a member of the first graduating class of the Environmental Studies program, I had the honor to get to know Barry and work with him. He was a very special person!
Posted by Brian Baird on May 6, 2011
"Barry provided wonderful support for me as one of my professors and as an advisor for my thesis - which led to my life long pursuit of ocean protection. I once ran into him backpacking in the Sierras above Mammoth - a fitting memory. 
Posted by Charlotte Strem on May 6, 2011
Barry was the heart, soul and spirit of the ES program. It was a joy to learn, sail, and work with him from 1971-1974. The Field Study course on the Channel Islands remains the best class I have ever taken. May we all carry on his work and spirit.
Posted by Gary Jakobs on May 6, 2011
I was a fortunate ES student (1981 grad) who was able to learn from Barry. He not only imprinted a passion for environmental protection, he was so generous extending education beyond the classroom...even to his boat! A great man and teacher whose les
Posted by Ron Levy on May 6, 2011
I first met Barry in 1974, my first year at UCSB. He was instantly and always accommodating and easy to be with, and most of all, encouraging of all endeavors related to caring for the land, animals and sea. A lifelong role model & friend.
Posted by Eric Zimmerman on May 5, 2011
Barry, I cherish your wisdom, insight, generosity, and love for life, family and the environment. Thanks for the many wonderful memories sailing out to the Channel Islands. Your presence will be greatly missed but never forgotten!
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Posted by kevin mckernan on April 28, 2022
How can I not forget you Barry? Both you and my late father share the same day, although for different occasions. Dad was born this day, the same April 28th you sadly departed. Rest in Peace teacher.
Posted by Marilyn Judson on April 28, 2021
On this 10th anniversary of dear Barry's passing away, I remember his sense of humor, intelligence and generosity with affection and gratitude. He not only provided inspiring lectures and career guidance, but also invited me and my husband to go sailing with him and Jean. I graduated from the Environmental Studies program in 1973 and I often quote something he once said to me: "I have great confidence in the power of economic incentives to promote businesses to do the right thing for the environment..." 

Those words of wisdom guided me in my career as an environmental compliance officer for 21 years in manufacturing. It has also guided my volunteerism and my decision to lobby for a price on carbon as a way to force a transition to green energy, per the Citizens Climate Lobby. 

I see Barry smiling as I write this, and I feel his encouragement even now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friend!
Posted by kevin mckernan on November 7, 2020
Dear Barry, I'm pleased that we have a president elect today that may have pleased you and advance the environmental goals you worked so hard for in your time with us. R.I.P. old teacher and mentor. Hugs to Jean.
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Birthday wishes

Shared by kevin mckernan on November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Barry!  The passing years have not dimed my memories of you, nor the influence and benefit you had on my life's outlook.  Thank You!  RIP

Open letter from Alfred Runte

Shared by Eric Zimmerman on June 6, 2011

Barry Schuyler was the quintessential teacher, simply, the greatest teacher one could ever hope to have.  In Barry’s presence, no student doubted for a moment that learning was a joy.  However, Barry was a mentor, never an enabler.  You had to earn his respect and trust.  If you worked hard and made no excuses, you then became Barry’s friend for life.  He followed his students and their careers with a commitment that never ceased to amaze me.  He could tell you instantly where everyone was—and what they were doing.  And yes, he always shared that news with pride. 
In the world of credentialing and the endless pursuit of research, Barry was UCSB’s breath of fresh air.  To its credit, the university recognized that and allowed Barry to grow in a different way.  I am proud of UCSB, and prouder still of Barry for having taught the University of California that teaching matters.  Even when he became Dr. Schuyler, he was still more comfortable being Barry Schuyler.  No door ever closed on a student’s needs. 

Now that Barry’s office is forever silenced, we can recall with joy when his voice lovingly beckoned us in.  Because we came first, we learned to make a difference.  There is no greater gift any teacher can ever bestow.
Alfred Runte, Ph.D.

From the Sage Family

Shared by Eric Zimmerman on June 6, 2011

Dear Jean and the entire Schuyler family,

For so many years, your family and particularly Barry and Jean have been like our own family.   We have hiked the Sierra trails, sat together in the Great Room of the Awahnee, found our religion in nature’s cathedral peaks and pines, explored the high deserts, reveled in natural hot springs, figured out the night constellations and sailed the Channel, planned adventures in the far north, floated rivers, cooked out in the mountains and eaten birthday cakes baked at high altitude.  And drunk quite a few bottles of sherry along the way.

With Barry, all those long years ago, we imagined what could be possible, argued FTEs out of the administration, and invented classes to inspire those who carry the future on their shoulders.  Barry was hands-down the best teacher.  Patience, curiosity, quiet competence, the kind of easy explanations that gave us confidence in ourselvesBarry did not have patience with all things, though, and it was reassuring to hear him cuss out Cassandra’s gas-leaky stove on many an occasion.

These last years, we carried you in our thoughts on the same trails, along the same Sierra meadows and creeks.

Now, Barry, know that you’ll always be with us and a part of us.  We’ll take you along, and talk to your spirit from Sierra mountaintops.  You’ll always be in our hearts.  We’ll see you again down the trail.

Cindy and Orrin Sage
Amy Sage Thomsen and Stephanie Sage Kerst