His Life

The Legacy of Bartholomew E. Rees


 Bartholomew Everly Rees was born in the industrial city of Chester, Pennsylvania on October 10th, 1914. After a time, Bart's family moved to nearby Essington and then relocated to the humble suburb of Prospect Park, Pennsylvania. It was there Bart grew up and gradually began his foray into the arts. Dabbling as a painter both for artistic and commercial pursuits, Bart began to explore the full palette of his talents and gradually branched out into writing. He had composed a good number of books over the years. Fictional stories and novels namely detailing the antics and adventures of a number of fictional characters - perhaps inspired by real life counterparts.

 In addition to such output, Bart had also self published a collection of poetry titled "Poems by Bart". This "famous" booklet had been circulated around the globe by devotees and friends - ofttimes in a manner similar to Johnny Appleseed by randomly depositing Bart's book of poems during travels. I personally handed such a copy once to the singer Seal after a concert show back in 1994.


The primary basis behind much of Bart's inspiration was an exodus to the Jersey Shore seaside town of Wildwood, New Jersey during the 1960s. After some stints working for Scott Paper Company as well as for Baldwin's Railroad, Bart grew jaded with the "rat race" as he termed it and set his sights for new horizons to pursue his aspirations. Also, he suffered an accident from which he recovered but seemed to strike a final blow in regards to his life in Pennsylvania.


In his middle age, Bart realized a dream come true by settling down where the salty breezes and colorful characters that populated the town would continually amaze and inspire him. And of course, Wildwood's most outstanding attractions - the boardwalk and the endless bounty of the ocean. It was in Wildwood where Bart realized the full scope of his ambitions and has spent the remainder of his life, up until his passing away on October 6th, 2008.

Bart spent his final days residing in the backwater oasis of West Wildwood, New Jersey - a small island off of the main barrier island of Wildwood. Surrounded by bays and sea breezes, Bart lived there with his three cats and a plethora of friends and family who stopped by to visit him. And, also perhaps to periodically glean some nuggets of wisdom from this seaside bard.



The outpouring of sentiment in light of his death illustrates just how many people were touched and affected by this veritable beacon of light. He was blessed to live his life to the ripe and seasoned age of 93...just days short of what would have been his 94th birthday. Prior to an unfortunate accident that exacted a considerable toll on his health, Bart retained a vitality and clarity of sharp wit that shone without tarnish. Just a few years ago, he was painting the exteriors of multi-story homes and "racing" around town on his ten speed bike as well as running a sprint up and down his steep stairs. I've never met anyone who possessed such a vigor for living as he did.


Needless to say, Bart will be sorely and deeply missed. To know him was to love him. May this page keep his light lit and his spirit alive. And may it also serve in informing the world of a most unique man and legacy.

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