Let the memory of Jan be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on May 30, 1952 .
  • Passed away on May 13, 2012 .

In Memoriam

Mother, Grandmother, Coworker, Friend

Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 13th May 2014
already 2 years ago and still the painful missing of my sweetest joyful funny beautiful friend, Kana-love. the love will always be there no matter what shape our spirit is in. thank you for sharing your darling self so genuinely and freely. you'll always be thought of as FUN and DAZZLING! love love love, your ioni-buddy. . .
Posted by Lisa Tor on 30th May 2013
Happy birthday Jan! We sat on your bench today and thought about how much we miss you and told funny stories about you. Miss you all the time HS just isn't the same for me. Tomorrow Judi, Leslie and I are having our monthly Jan Russo Memorial Lunch and Gossip Club lunch. This one is special, miss you my friend.
Posted by Chris Hull on 30th May 2013
When I think of your incredible smile and the light you would bring the moment you walked into a room reminds me how you truly touched so many of us in our own journeys. You are missed ...when I look at the ocean i imagine you walking on the beach with such contentment.. your are missed my friend ..i know in my heart you are just beyond the sunset
Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 13th May 2013
wow, 1st anniversary of your passing, dearest Kana-girl. I miss you so much beautiful loving funny treasure. you have that special part of my heart that I carry with me always. . . the part that always reminds me to look for the joy and fun in everything. and never look back. I love you so, my darling Kana. thank you for sharing yourself, your friendship so freely.
Posted by Sharlene Gianopoulos on 30th May 2012
Happy Day of Birth, Jan! Shane is getting married in Hawaii in July (you were so excited about that since you were a big part of his life while he worked with you in HS )- we will have a moment of fun for you when we are there. Aloha~ Sharlene
Posted by Me :) on 30th May 2012
Happy Birthday Lady!! I miss you! I hope that bananagrams are plentiful where you are and that you're winning every game :)
Posted by Debi McGrath on 30th May 2012
Happy Birthday my dear friend! I will truly miss you and your wonderful sense of humor... You have touched so many lives and are loved so much! Aloha beautiful lady... I love you!
Posted by Kathy Neal on 30th May 2012
Happy Birthday, Jan! You were a kind and loving spirit on earth, and now in heaven. You touched many lives in your short time here, and we miss you greatly.
Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 30th May 2012
We thought of u with love today, But this is nothing new, We thought of u yesterday and the days before that too. We think of u in silence and often speak u name. All we have now are our memories, and your picture in a frame. It broke our hearts to lose u, But you didn't go alone. A part of us went with u The day God took you home
Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 30th May 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY our beloved Kana-girl! we will be toasting your bright spirit dearest friend this afternoon, the anniversary of your arrival on this plane of existence. . . we're so honored to have shared a little of it with you. love you so, your ioni-girlfriend.
Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 20th May 2012
i was asked by another ex-co-worker to relay her devastation that our Kana has made her sudden transition. our Kana's loved and honored and mourned by so many and such an eclectic bunch of us. we were graced by her love of life, authenticity, and love for each of us. thank you so much Kana, beautiful girl. aloha.
Posted by Erica Ferrier on 17th May 2012
Mamma Jan is what us girls call her. Jan has been my fun, cool mom i have known for over 20 yrs. I feel blessed to have seen Jan on her last day on earth. She was very peaceful, zen and overjoyed to be spending time with Gage and Amanda. I will cherish that memory of her. She lived for Amanda and Gage was just a bonus in her life. We will miss you mamma Jan, thanks for being our mom!
Posted by Edgardo Monroy on 16th May 2012
Jan, it's strange knowing you are not here with us. I am sad that i wont run into to you at Rio Del Mar Beach anymore while im on my run and you are on your evening walk. It was just the other day that we talked at Seacliff Beach. And of course happy hour at The Rock of the Sea with you was always fun! You will be missed. God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Your Amigo! -Edgardo
Posted by Ryan Inlow on 15th May 2012
I'm so glad we got a chance to catch up on Friday before your departure. Your sunny smile and quick wit always made you such a joy to be around. We had some great times together. I'll never forget the found memories of ringing in the New Year with you at the Crow's Nest, hanging at the Windjammer for Halloween, or just chatting about trips to Hawaii. Miss you!
Posted by Trudy Elders on 15th May 2012
Dear, dear Jan, It was such a pleasure to work with you but even more fun to run into to you at various children's stores throughout the county and brag about our respective grandchildren. You were absolutely radiant. Your passing makes me so sad.
Posted by Lilia Chagolla on 15th May 2012
Jan, I am saddened by your sudden departure, but so grateful to have called you my friend. Thanks for visiting one last time.... Lila, Dulce, and Trisha
Posted by Cristina Salgado on 15th May 2012
I miss you terribly. Every thing about today seems wrong. I walk by your desk and I wish I could stop by to talk to you... It's time for our morning walk and I wish you were here to go with me! How dare you leave me for your Hawaiian paradise?! lol You will always have a special place in my heart, I love you, and you are one of my bestest friends, as you said, my BFF :)
Posted by Misty Torrez on 15th May 2012
Jan, You have always been so much fun and full of laughter. My favorite memories were those crazy rides to school in the morning when we all held on for dear life in the back of your sports car. Thanks for the wild ride! All my love to You, Amanda and Gage. Misty
Posted by Scott Fortner on 15th May 2012
We miss you Jan. I'll always remember your beautiful and shining smile, your funny jokes, and your radiance. Your spirit will always be a part of the Alliance. No worries, we will all take care of Amanda and Gage. May you walk on sandy beaches in the golden sun forever.
Posted by JOANIE (ioni) BUNCH on 15th May 2012
Jan was a compassionate, understanding, FUN friend. Our Kana was the bright spot of my day when I got to work in the cubie beside hers. she knew how to enjoy each moment of her life. I knew I could depend on her, not only to show up (and do thrice as much work) but to poke fun at everything, reminding me that life is not to be taken so seriously. Biggest heart in universe! summer forever!
Posted by Sharlene Gianopoulos on 14th May 2012
It is still a little difficult to grasp- so much life and happiness within you. We all have such wonderful memories of you. You will be missed lovely lady. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss
Posted by Heidi Seago on 14th May 2012
Enjoyed walks and talks of Hawaii. aloha.
Posted by Kathy Neal on 14th May 2012
The time we have spent with those we've lost makes them part of us. I like to believe that when we lose someone close to us they still live through us and give us strength. Jan touched many people's lives, and I know we are all enriched by it. My heart and prayers are with your family and friends who mourn your passing, Jan. I will miss you.
Posted by Carol Campbell on 14th May 2012
I'll miss your smile and sunny good nature. I'm wearing your beautiful bling on my ped and that keeps you close. Safe journey to warm shores, Jan.
Posted by Mary Bahni on 14th May 2012
Prayers to your family and friends.....Jan you will be missed, your warm smile, your spirit, your carrying heart. I will always remember you and can see you having your walks along the ocean, playing a game of scrabble or dominos and beating everyone at the game. Love you Mary B.!!
Posted by Cathy Davenport on 14th May 2012
Jan has a beautiful soul and I am sure is in the presence of the Lord. I remember her as a wonderful person that always had a smile on her face. My prayers and condolences to her loved ones and family members. Rest in Peace, Jan.
Posted by Nancy Gerstell on 14th May 2012
Lovey. I miss you. your insight, your rapier-like wit;)your honesty. But what made you so dear is that you were a genuine soul: if anyone you cared about was sad or just having a bad day, you were there to listen, to talk, to hug (anytime you knew I needed it, I'd find an anonomous little gift in my cube:).You found true joy in giving. I'm thankful to have known you. God Bless, Nance xoxo
Posted by Lynol Elliott on 14th May 2012
Jan your beautiful, courageous, outrageous, fun, kind,spirit will be so missed. You are so loved. My heartfelt condolences to Amanda, Gage and Jan's many loved ones.
Posted by Lynol Elliott on 14th May 2012
Jan I'm still in shock. What sad news. You were such a bright, sparky, fun, outrageous, courageous darling angel. A freind to all. A wonderful inspiration. I'm gonna miss sonic booming around the buildings with you. You are so loved and will be so missed. My heartfelt condolences to Amanda ,Gage and all of Jan's many loved ones.
Posted by Lynol Elliott on 14th May 2012
Jan, I'm still in shock. I will so miss your bright smile, your sense of humour, your mischeivious playful spirit. You were such a fun , courageous, outrageous, darling person. What a difference you made to so many. I'm gonna miss sonic booming around the building with you. You are so loved and so missed. God's Blessings and heart felt condolences to Amanda,Gage and all Jan's loved ones.
Posted by Eugenia Tsuei on 14th May 2012
Jan, thank you for all the times you’ve made me laugh, for being an inspiration to me with your positive attitude and for your love of life. I appreciate you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and for your humor. You have such a beautiful spirit and have brought so much into all our lives; I will miss you terribly.
Posted by Jeni Borden on 14th May 2012
Can't wait to see you again in heaven. I will miss your smile, kindness and love. You are an amazing woman. Sending prayers and love to your daughter and family. <3
Posted by Lisa Tor on 14th May 2012
I will miss you so much. my dear friend. My thoughts go out to Amanda. Jan loved you so much! And Gage was absolutely, the light of her life! Farewell, my sister, fare thee well. The elements be kind to thee, and make Thy spirits all of comfort: fare thee well. ~William Shakespeare
Posted by Ginger Van Alstine on 14th May 2012
I will miss you down here my friend, but only for now, until we meet in heaven. I got to spend the last 9 years knowing you, and that's something. You're an awesome and sweet person and I'm glad that I got to know you and love you. Until we meet again....
Posted by Christi Bochat on 14th May 2012
Jan, You're sense of humor will be greatly missed not only by myself, but by others as well. You always remained positive and always had a smile to offer. It is very admirable and you will always be remembered. I am so fortunate that my last memory of you was holding my baby and the huge smiles on both of your faces. Love you always!
Posted by Jessie Rohrer on 14th May 2012
Jan was my Alliance "Buddy" my first week at the alliance. She was so thoughtful, she would stop by and leave little messages or treats on my desk along with friendly emails checking in on me. I really appreciated her sense of humor, her love for her family and friends, and her stories about Hawaii! My thoughts and love go out to her family this week.
Posted by Rohanna McCord on 14th May 2012
You will be truly missed Jan. Thanks for your smile, sense of humor and words of encouragement! I picture you now forever basking in the sun on the beach in some beautiful paradise.
Posted by China Buryn on 14th May 2012
Jan often spoke of her love for her daughter & grandson; my heart is w/her family. She said I was an inspiration to her for being healthy & we talked about my dad, who struggles w/similar health issues as Jan did.The effort & perseverance Jan gave to her life was an inspiration to me. It is not the destination, but the journey.“It is not the length of life, but the depth."-RW Emerson
Posted by Tiffany Leshin on 14th May 2012
I will miss seeing you every morning telling me about the latest adorable thing that Gage did. You have been through so much and yet you were still able to keep your sense of humor (which usually made me blush:) My heart goes out to your family and I will miss you very much. Love Tiffany
Posted by Alan McKay on 14th May 2012
We've lost a kind, brave and beautiful soul...I'll miss your smile, your courage and your colorful style. Rest in peace, Jan.
Posted by Marie Hale on 14th May 2012
Jan, you will surely be missed. You are such a beautiful person and a priviledge to know. Your friendliness and pleasantness will be missed by all. Love to you always. Marie Hale
Posted by Dana Roach on 14th May 2012
My heart hurts for your family/friends loss. May you shine down on your loved ones and guide them. Your smile will truly be missed. Rest in peace Jan! <3
Posted by Chris Hull on 14th May 2012
My dear one..you have touched my life with such purpose and love ..your laughter , your smile, your encouraging words ,.you faced your fears with such determination and strenght ..You always believed you could and you did..I will miss you immensely ..my heart is filled with such sorrow .My love to your family ..with my deepest sadness
Posted by Keikilani Baclayon Garnet... on 14th May 2012
My Dear Hawaiin Freind in heart i will love and miss you forever you will alwasy be my Haole nty i love you dearly thanks for all the laughs and smiles and talking about my homeland Kauai i love you Kana!!! love Keikilani and Ohana

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