Her Life

Bea's Love of Travel

Bea loved to travel - a love that developed very early in her life.  When she was a young child Bea traveled with her mother, Hildegard, to visit her mom's family in Sweden.  Spending all Summer there and being surrounded by only Swedish, Bea actually forgot how to speak English.  In fact, because her English was so poor at that point, when Bea tried to enroll in kindergarten that Fall the teacher wouldn't allow Bea in the class.  Bea continued to travel all over the country and the world and, in later years, enjoyed reliving her travels through sharing stories of her adventures and looking through the 10+ photo albums she had of past travels.

Bea's Children (Chapter 1)

Bea and Hank had two children: Doug and Beth.  She was the type of mom who took a genuine interest in their activities.  Whether driving Doug and his friends to scouting retreats or cooking for Beth's confirmation class, Bea's devotion to her children knew no end.

Bea and Frank

Bea was blessed to have two wonderful marriages.  After the death of her first husband, Bea met and married Frank Brundrett.  For over 35 years they enjoyed life to the fullest and created an endless number of incredible memories.  Whether traveling abroad or here at home, Bea and Frank were proof that love is just as good the second time around.

Bea & Hank

Bea and her first husband, Hank Kolander, were married in 1950.  Although they predominantly lived in the Dallas area, because of Hank's job they also lived in Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, and Kansas City.  In 1968, they purchased a lot at Cedar Creek Lake and began building what was to be a weekend lake house.  Not only was it a great stress reliever for Hank, it started Bea's love for living on the lake.  After Hank passed and Bea married Frank Brundrett, she would retire to the lake where she lived for another three decades.