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Shared by Greg Foster on January 24, 2021
Bea would often tell us stories about taking the train to New Haven to visit her favorite pizza place.  She would order a large cheese pizza (for only a dollar) and eat the whole thing.  She ate her pizza by folding each piece in half and eating it like a sandwich (I think this is the so called “New York” way to eat pizza).  Beth, Elise, and I had pizza last night, to honor Bea on what would have been her 92nd birthday.  It was the first time I ever ate a piece of pizza like Bea...and it was actually pretty good.  Apparently,I am still learning from her.

Go-Go Girls

Shared by Beth LaBella-Foster on December 22, 2020
Not many people can say their mom/grandmother/great-grandmother is a "Go-Go Girl" but we could!  Every month Bea and a group of friends would visit a point of interest or fun spot just to spend the day together in a new and different way.  From historical sites to the horse races, the Go-Go Girls would go here and go there, laughing and eating all the way.

Bea and Doris

Shared by Beth LaBella-Foster on December 22, 2020
Most sisters are born to the same family but not Bea and Doris.  They found each other in their 20s and instantly connected.  Through good times and bad, each knew they could share whatever was on their heart and/or mind with the other and never be judged.  Theirs was a friendship for the ages and deeply treasured by both.

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