Let the memory of Beatrice be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1960 in Pleasanton, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on January 21, 2012 in Racine, Wisconsin, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Beatrice Cruz, 51, born on July 29, 1960 and passed away on January 21, 2012. We will remember her forever.

Beatrice's Eulogy


Today we are here to say good bye and celebrate the life of Beatrice. When Frank asked me to talk today the first thing that came to mind is what can I say about her that everyone didn't already know. Most people including myself have friends and acquaintances. You know those people you say hi to but don't really know. Beatrice didn't have any of those. If you were blessed enough to know her you KNEW her. She was an open book to others and remembered everything about her friends.

She was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and grandmother. A very proud grandmother. She has 7 grandchildren and was at the birth of every one of them. I'm sure everyone of her friends her today probably know all about them. Since she loved to brag about them.

Another point I was asked to include today was how tough a woman she was before her battle with polymycitis the last 11 years. Some people that didn't know her before the disease hit or were just too young may not know that she used to be such a workhorse. At IBP in Kansas I was told she used to trim meat so fast that the packers couldn't keep up with her. She also used to cut the sides of beef at Kenosha Beef. She was the only woman on that line. She also put long hours in at Acme Die Casting. The point again is how tough she was.

I think that toughness had to start from a young age. She had to grow up a lot faster than most. Many don't know that she had her first child Martha at the age of twelve. She had John when she was only 14 and sadly lost him when he was 14. Yet she always did what she could to care for them and everyone around her. She always pushed on and persevered.

I think I have stood her long enough talking BUT the family has always known me to be a music fact nut. I find it fitting that the number one song on the radio the week she passed on was a song titled WE FOUND LOVE. What could have been more fitting.

Written and spoken with love by Eric Richter

Posted by Eric Richter on July 29, 2013
Happy Birthday Ma. You're still missed and thought of everyday.
Posted by Destiny Cruz on July 29, 2013
Happy birthday mommy I love you and miss you so much I miss all the laughs we had and the moments we just sat and talk. I miss you so much I know your in a better place. I hope you have an amazing birthday. I will make you proud mom I love you .
Posted by Maria Reynoso on June 12, 2013
I haven't been on your page for awhile Mommy, I'm sorry... I Miss you and Love you Mommy. I know that you had to take Papi form us because I know he wasn't happy here I know that he was missing you like crazy. I just ask you Mommy please watch over all of us. How I miss you mommy, Give me the strength I need the same strenth you gave papi.Rest in Peace Mommy with your son and Papi.Love you
Posted by Destiny Cruz on May 23, 2013
Mommy& Daddy
I miss you guys so muchh.. I try so hard not to cry and stay strong. Cause i know you said you cant show weakness and i wont. but its so hard dad. am lost without you, mom i need you tell me everything is going to be alright i know you guys are watching over me but its not the same i want you guys back. I love you so much.♥
Posted by Destiny Cruz on April 10, 2013
Mommy I miss you so much . I know you wanted dad with you I miss you guys so much am lost without you guys I know John wanted his parents .. And I will still keep my promise mom but please give me the strength to be strong for Alicia I know you look down on me every day because I feel and hear you guys I love you so much and I will see you one of these days and we will be together ❤
Posted by Frank Cruz on February 15, 2013
happy Valentine's Day my honey love you a lot kissssssssssssssssssssssss& hug
Posted by Frank Cruz on January 25, 2013
i have miss you a lot i have done your three wishing this last one was little DIFFICULT and painfo but it is done now need all my strenght and all the prayers i talk you soon love you and miss you kissssssssssssssssssssssss for both of you
Posted by Destiny Cruz on January 24, 2013
The day I was rushed into a family room.I realized something bad had happened to you.the doctor told us there was nothing to do.now you are gone and words can't explain how much I miss you.when I went home later that day I locked myself up.and cried away. you were my hero my best friend.now I can never see you again. It came as a shock
Posted by Destiny Cruz on January 24, 2013
I can't describe you were so strong and now you have died.I was mommy's little girl and now you were gone what was I to do this felt so wrong I was all alone in the world so cold I wanted to be in your arms for you to hold now all I have is memories and photographs I wish that wasn't true but god needed an angel so he took one like
Posted by Destiny Cruz on January 24, 2013
you.you were the best person I ever knew and when you died I died too. I think of you everyday and hope that you can hear me say
I love you mom for eternity even though you are no longer
with me. I can't wait till I die and go to heaven with you for I am sure you will be waiting at the gates.
Posted by Destiny Cruz on January 24, 2013
then we will fly to the moon we will be together again hand and hand and once I'm up in heaven with you I will never cry again
I miss you so much mom I really hate goodbyes
Rest in peace beautiful ♥
Posted by Heather Richter on January 21, 2013
I miss you more than anything. A year today your suffering and pain ended. I couldn't be selfish. I knew i couldn't keep you all to myself. But I can make you proud. I love you. I will hold you in my heart all my life. Like I told you the last day I saw you, "This is not goodbye, this is a see you later." Love you. Today and everyday. My guardian angel.
Posted by Destiny Cruz on January 15, 2013
On Monday its going to be one year that my mom left this world.. It hurts so much.. But god gives the hardest battles to the strongest person..I Dont want to leave you but i know i have to..i Jusst cant think of how you were in the hopstal it breaks my heart to see you that way... I cant wait to see where you have grown up and to see what the strong,warrior that i call mom grew up in and what she
Posted by Destiny Cruz on December 31, 2012
I hatee to start the new year without. I know you would also say "I dont know if am going to live another day" But i wish you did. I know your looking down on us and i Please want you to help dad.. I know your giving me your strength to take care of him but now i need you to help him to show him that he is strong like we both know.
Posted by Destiny Cruz on December 31, 2012
I love you so much mom. I will make you proud. Just please help us. I cant lose dad to mommy i couldnt live. Its bad enough i dont have you, i hate to go to texas to spread you across my brothers grave but i know it was your wish. I love you so much mom♥
Posted by Frank Cruz on December 26, 2012
I am so sorry for everything what is going on i no you can see now I no what me and you taLK ABOUT AND YOU ARE RIGHT i NEED SOME OF YOUR strenght OK  i MISS YOU SO MUCH MY LOVE i WILL CALL YOU SOON LOVE YOU 4 EVER LOT OF KISSSSSSSSSSSS
Posted by Destiny Cruz on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas Mommy♥(:
i miss you so much. but i know you are here with me.Mom I need you so much.. i need to hear your voice hear you talk on the phone for hours.I know you can't be here with me but i don't know how much i can be strong.people say that am as strong as you.. I wish i was mom. I love you so much♥ i will see you someday.♥
Posted by Destiny Cruz on December 2, 2012
MOMMY.. I miss you.. Christmas is coming and i just think of the times you and me had putting up the tree and getting the presents..I miss those times we had., i miss you more and more.. i always think if your looking down on me.. They say its suppose to get easy of time but its not i have my nightmares now.. I miss you so much mom please give me strength to go on Love Destiny.♥
Posted by Frank Cruz on November 21, 2012
Been a while we havent talk i been have in bad days you no why i wish you can be here and take care of me the holidays are here all ready so soon i need  some strength some time i miss you a lot i got to run for now  happy thanksgiving love you always ill talk to you soon    xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooo you will always bein my heart
Posted by Destiny Cruz on November 17, 2012
I hate the fact that i cant talk to you.. that i cant hear your voice ..it breaks my heart that i cant see you.. i dont know how i can live without.. am so lost with you..its not the same..i miss you so mommy... i cant be strong anymore .. i have no clue how you did this so long mom..I love you so much words cant explain .. i cant believe that its going to be a year.. I love you much..
Posted by Maria Reynoso on October 22, 2012
Mommy, Please give me the strength I need to help Papi get through this... I miss you so Much Mom, I wish you were here. I hate the fact the it's almost 1year that you left us... Mom, I love you..

Posted by Heather Richter on October 13, 2012
Hey Ma,
Been a while again. Thought about you a lot last night. Your ring never leaves my finger. It's my good luck charm! So I was on leave recently. Wish i couldve seen you. Poncho put all those pictures up! The hallway looks really nice. You'd like it. Hopefully you look down on everyone and smile. We all miss you. Love, Heather
Posted by Maria Reynoso on October 1, 2012
Mom, Your lil mija is 9 today, it crushes my heart that your not here that this is the first birthday that you didn't call her in the morning to wish her Luck and and sing to her like you always did...
I love you mom!! I miss you so much!!! I just wish everything was back to how it used to be when you were here with us...
I love mommy!!!
Posted by Frank Cruz on August 29, 2012
just thinking of you how much i miss you and love you  i no what i got to do but iam not strong like you!  iam a winy! my grils will fixs that i think ok got to run but we talk tonight ty ty ty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxandooooooooooooooooooooooo
Posted by Frank Cruz on August 26, 2012
I still miss you so much evrey day it is 2''am can''t sleep just thing of you and mom butting up some pictures !agian! I am going to be strong for me and you and my grils iI HERE some love and kisssssss we talk later ta ta loveyou
Posted by Destiny Cruz on August 26, 2012
Mom i miss you so much..I know if you were here they would be here but right now i need you to help me be strong mom for dad and my sisters. I wont let anyone disrespect you . I dont care how old i am.I will take care of the house as if you were here.I will take care of dad like i toke care of you. Mom i miss you so much i wish you were here.I love you so much.♥
Posted by Heather Richter on August 23, 2012
Hi Ma. Haven't been able to talk to you in a while. My first deployment went well. I miss you more than anything. I should be starting college soon. Going to make you proud. I love you. Always in my heart. -Heather
Posted by Maria Reynoso on August 22, 2012
I love you Mom!!!! I miss you so much mom..
Everyday I come to work and soemhow when my mind is going around and around on the stuff that I need to get done, an Elvis songs come on or William's song comes on it just puts a Smile on my face that somehow I know you are right next to me... I miss our talks and you yelling at me that I call too much... I love you Mom!!!!
Posted by Frank Cruz on August 7, 2012
miss you everyday love always me
Posted by Martha Richter on July 29, 2012
Happy Birthday mom I love you.
Posted by Maria Reynoso on July 29, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I miss you so much... I miss the talks that we used to have and how I would call everyday.... I love you mom!!! Please give me the strength I need... Happy Birthday to my Beautiful mom!!!!
Love always your Daughter Alicia and the Reynoso Family
Posted by Frank Cruz on July 29, 2012
TO my beloved wife happy Birthday I miss cooking out for you but at lease i made breakfast miss you allot kept your eyes & ears open look for my mom and both of you can prey for me I no with both of you can make me strong love you forever husband xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo
Posted by Destiny Cruz on July 29, 2012
God i miss you mom.. happy birthday i wish you were here to see me..I miss holding your hand and hearing your voice..i know your looking over me i just wish you were here with me i saw this poem and i thought of you
When someone you love has left you there is a feeling of missing a part of yourself. Like one who has had a limb removed, you constantly reach for the phantom lover. You may wish for t
Posted by Destiny Cruz on July 29, 2012
i love and miss you
happy birthday mommy your 52(:♥
Posted by Frank Cruz on July 10, 2012
to my beloved wife                                                               I miss you more then erver right now                                   you will always be in''''''' my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooo               your husband
Posted by Destiny Cruz on June 26, 2012
I miss you so much .. i still cant believe your gone..I guess i don't want to believe it i know you get my prayers.I also know you look down on me.I know i have to be strong just how you were.I miss the times we use to make fun of each other. You were the ONE person i could talk now i have no body mom i don't know what or who i am
Posted by Destiny Cruz on June 26, 2012
Anymore. I need you so much.. It not the same in this house.. I wish i could see you face not just in a picture. I want to hug you and kiss you so you could tell me to get off of you..I miss you and me watching la rosa de guadalupe..Mom i need you to guide me on what am suppose to do.. I want to be with you so much right now..Am so lonely.. Destiny..
Posted by Maria Reynoso on June 13, 2012
Mom, please watch over Dad tomorrow... I am scared this whole things brings back memories of you.. I love you mom!!! Iwhen I close my eyes I see you in the corner of the couch looking at me... I miss you so much mommy.. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight but please help us to tomorrow give me the strength I need.. Love you always and forever Alicia
Posted by Frank Cruz on June 6, 2012
i no you need  me but not yet ok i will see you soon  but not yet ok the fire it going in my heart
Posted by Maria Reynoso on May 31, 2012
Mommy please help us through this... I know that you will take care of us and that I don't even have to ask you this but please mom give me the strength to help us through this obstacle... Mom please see us through this. I love you mom!!!! Help me be strong like you
Posted by Maria Reynoso on May 25, 2012
Mommy, I just wanted to stop by and tell you I love!!! I know you hear my prayers and cries and your there to wipe my tears.. I ask you again and again Mommy Please help me with this sorrow that I have in my heart... Monday was four months that you went into the Light with John and I still can't except it... I love you so much Mommy, you were my Best Friend we talked about everything
Posted by Maria Reynoso on May 25, 2012
and I was always calling you to see how you were and what you were doing.I miis that so much..I'm trying to be a good big Sisiter Just like I promised you that I would... You mean the World to me and still do.. I'm starting to love Elvis now!! Lol I listen to him everyday at work and a Smile comes to my face. Love you Mom  BESOS
Posted by Frank Cruz on May 18, 2012
i see the  sun  and i see you in me I soon i will  see you  out there but not yit? love you yours
Posted by Eric Richter on May 13, 2012
Happy Mothers Day Mom I love and miss you martha
Posted by Maria Reynoso on May 10, 2012
Mom, Mother's day is here and its now seinking in that you are not around. Please mommy I beg of you to help me through this.. I just want to hear your Voice and see your Beautiful face. I miss you so much Mom!!! We did a lot together and I miss that so much... Their isn't a day that goes by that I'm thinking of you Mommy. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO  Love you Mom
Posted by Frank Cruz on May 3, 2012
iam still here hony i see you everday!!!! love you 4 ever

kiss and kisssssssssssssss
Posted by Maria Reynoso on May 1, 2012
Mom this is THE first b-day without you... :( I miss you so much mom !!! A lot has been going on and I just wish you were here wih us... Can you belive it I'm 28yrs old... Please mommy guide us through this tough time and help me understand why.... I love you Mommy!!!
Posted by Maria Reynoso on April 25, 2012
Hi Mommy, I miss you.. I know that you were there for Destiny's Quince and you will always be here for us... I need you kow more than ever mom... I need you to help me be STRONG for me and my dad... Please help us mom.... I love you mom!!! Help me be brave and show no Fear just like you showed know fear... Love you mommy Alicia
Posted by Frank Cruz on April 21, 2012
love you always pepa kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Posted by Frank Cruz on April 21, 2012
i no god and you!!! will be looking down on us to day help me ok
to be strong kissssssssss and hugggggggggggggg for both of you

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