This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Beatrice Esquivel 83 years old , born on August 29, 1925 and passed away on February 2, 2009. We will remember her forever.

My mom was a strong woman... she had many successes but was not one to discuss them.  As a child she struggled being born the oldest of 7 girls and 2 boys. She worked hard as a child to help her mother raise the rest of her siblings.. she married my father Daniel Esquivel on May 20, 1950. She didn't have much schooling as she only had a 3rd grade education.  My mother was not one for many accomplishments in her life.. but she was a woman with much history and tons of WISDOM to her life. Anyone who had deep conversations with her knows how helpful she was by listening and offering gentle and Godly advice and guidance.  My mom found her calling as a spiritual witness to her Savior Jesus Christ. As an avid reader of the Word of God she became a walking inspiration. 

Beatrice was a devoted mother and raised 3 very bright daughters, Diana Esquivel (who later joined her in heaven), Dalia Watkins, and Deborah Yamauchi. My mom set an amazing example of how to be grateful, loving, kind, respectful, friendly, honest, humble, and faithful. She quickly made friends with anyone she'd come in contact with.. Her ability to make people feel special was exceptional. Her faith, and  love for the Lord and her walk with her Lord, are and will always be her legacy to us and all who knew and loved her. 

I hope those of us who were touched by her can pass on what she taught us. 

"Love doesn't die. The love you have is powerful. The love and light can be with you always and you can tap into it any time." I LOVE YOU MOM AND MISS YOU OH SO MUCH...

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To touch a flower...

My mother had a gift... she could communicate with nature... yes! she had the most amazing "green thumb" she could make even a "silk rose" bloom (figure of speech). She had the most beautiful garden in our neighborhood, people would often stop by just to admire all the amazing and unique plants she had and she had a name that suited them all very well!.  My mother had the most unique gift of being able to grow anything from a rose to just about any plant!. She would spend her time all day outside in her beautiful garden and she would not come in till the late hours of the night! the more she spent working on her garden the happier she was. I remember laughing at all the crazy names to all her plants she had and the crazy thing was that every plant's name was characterized with something about that certain plant.. example>> "the pregnant onion" lol yea it was a small plant that looked like a wild onion but at the base of it was a huge round ball that had a covering just like an onion! and underneath the coverings if you'd peel away the layers of covering to your surprise you'd find these tiny seeds that look alot like tiny M&Ms attached to that round ball that looked like an actual onion. and another crazy thing was that the onion looking plant would grow bent back with its belly sticking out like a pregnant woman's stomach.. and its babies (seeds) would be on top of its tummy (the onion looking part).  Oh she had tons of wierd names to different plants.. like "mother-in-law fingers" plant, the "possum tail" plant, the "pencil cactus" and many many more! The month she passed away her garden got sad and it stopped blooming, it was as if they felt her absence (tears).  But the most amazing thing happened just a year after she passed, before the year was gone one day we had gone to her house my husband and I and we noticed that all her roses were in bloom!!! and it wasnt even the time for them to bloom! we went out into her garden and i mean EVERYTHING was blooming! it was a rainbow of color! she had every color of roses she could find! and they were all blooming! but sadly that was the only year they bloomed after that year till this day her garden dried up and got sad no matter how much we tended to it and nurtured it those roses and greenery just wouldnt give blooms anymore! I believe she took her garden with her and she has it beautifully arranged around her mantion! 

She loved talking to her plants shed always tell me "mija you have to talk to them they have life and they need nurturing too." and when she'd talk to her plants they'd always respond to her love by blooming so beautifully for her!. OH i could go on and on about her love for flowers and plants and gardens! but what i remember most is the joy in her eyes and in her spirit when she was one with her garden! Oh mamma how i miss you! id give anything to see you again! i know that 

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Shared by Dalia Watkins on January 23, 2019



Voice of reason* story teller* advice giver* hand holder* partner-in-crime* shoulder to cry on* shopping buddy* supporter* broken heart healer* teacher* chef* right-hand* phychologist* nerve calmer* angel* sunshine* heart and soul* problem solver* comedian* doctor* peace maker* cheerleader* twin* confidant*

& MY BEST FRIEND!...(tears)

how i miss all that you were to me! :'(

I'm confident that you're rejoicing in Heaven, but I'm missing you "here!" (tears) love you FOREVER!! ... dalia 

No One like you!!

Shared by Dalia Watkins on January 23, 2019

Well here we are mom, a new year 2019! You left this world in 2009 and look how time passes (tear). I don’t know what exactly this year holds in store for us but I wish you were here to share this year with me (tear). There has never been anyone like you! you were one of a kind! (tears).  I feel honored and very blessed to have been able to call you "Mother" (tears).  I miss you oh so much and wish you could've stayed with me (tears) but I know I'm being selfish forgive me. Its been a long year filled with many ups and downs pains and hurts and trials, storms and also good times but the Lord has brought us thru mom. How I miss you mom (tear) I miss having that friend I used to have in you (tear), I miss your touch! Your smile, your presence, your voice, your hands! (tear). I miss your comfort during hard times, I miss your laughter during happy times, I miss your joking ways during playful times, and I miss your wisdom during confusing times (tear). I know I'm being selfish in wanting you back when I know in my heart you are where the Lord wants you to be. But I know He understands my heart, when it crys for you (tear). I know He understands how your absence is hard on me. 

 i really have missed you! but i know that your in a much better place then here. I know that dad, Nana and Minnie, tio Juan are with you now and you are very well accompanied (tear).  I  know that all of you dance with angels now and that u sing with them as well! i know that  you have perfect vision and are no longer blind on one eye, i know that your body is healed and that you posses a completely renewed one! i know that there is no more pancreas pain for you i know that you feel no more sadness only happiness, i know that you spend your time sitting and glazing at the very face of the one who you lived for here on earth!, i know that you now live in a beautiful mansion, i know that you have many rewards (crowns) due to u soon! i know that you are still growing beautiful flowers! i know that there is no need for tears or sadness for you because every second is just rejoicing for you! i know that a thousand years for us is like a day for the Lord, so it must just seem like you've been gone for a few hours to you! and last but surely not least! i know that you are waiting for the rest of us! and i am waiting too! for that blessed day when we'll all be together praising the Lord as a family again! (tears) i love you mamma!!!