June 12, 2017

Shared by Becky Papke on June 12, 2017

How right your are, time is going by so fast.  I have been dealing with many issues, financial at times, trying to keep up the house, arthritus issues, and eye sight cataracts are bothering me. Going to go next week to check it out with a specialist.  Since I wrote last we lost our Alex and R.J. and have 2 obnoixious doctor jeckle/mr. hyde male labs named Rambo  and Rocky but they have finally straightened out still not like our other dogs but we still love them.  I am meeting Doug and Marge this weekend at Grand Marais.  Being a home owner it's one thing after another - so much work, now the pressure water tank went so have to replace that.  We have our garden in but still have plenty of work to do - want to put mulch out to keep weeds down.  We had a skunk digging up lawn so I spread out some Seven dust chemical spray - seems like he is gone.  Had some big storms last night, but the rain is great for the garden.  Trying to grow some raspberry bushes from starter plants - will seei  We have not been fishing or camper.  We bought a camper (yes not paid for till next year) but making extra payments towards it.  Every day I think of all the fun times and yes painful times and I am sorry that I didn't appreciate you more and the tough things both of you were dealing with in your lives.  Love you always,

Mom and Dad

Shared by Becky Papke on July 5, 2011

This is to both of you.  How I miss everything we did together all the fishing and camping adventures from catching those limits to walleyes on Lake tomahawk, to getting soaked in the tent camping, to taking walks through the campground and the walleye adventures on Little Bay de Noc.  Our lives have changed and now I trying to live life out - I still have our boat but situations that have come into our lives has but a temporary damper on enjoying those things such as fishing and camping.  I am trying to think positive but I enjoy each day - so far I am healthy and Marty with Alex and R. J.  We do have a large garden this year and Daddy I am trying to get a huge flower garden going.  We are struggling but trying to keep faith in the Lord that he has a plan for us and hopefully we will make the wise choices in the future which will guide us to living a proper life in this world until we meet in the future.  I love you always and you are the greatest!


Beck & Marty

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