Posted by Becky Papke on June 19, 2022
Dear Mom, Today is 12 years since you went to heaven! How the world is so troubled today it is terrible the country is paying $5 plus gal for gas and groceries and inflation is sky high! You and Daddy are fortunate to have lived your lives. Always thinking of you! I am pursuing some of my dreams macrame and plant hangers! So keep watch and bless us in our pursuit of life in this world.
Love always,
Beck & Marty < Marilynn & Joe, Doug & Marge
Posted by Becky Papke on April 14, 2022
Mom, Dad, Happy birthday! Yes Easter is coming. Looking forward to seeing you both. Spent some time with Doug and Marge, Marilynn and Joe. We still have snow and weather has been cold. I am still working but also doing craft shows with my macrame plant hangers. Makes me think of the beautiful impatient we hung on the porch. Miss you and looking forward to seeing you. Love, Marty, Beck, Rocky and Rambo
Posted by Becky Papke on April 14, 2020
Dear Mom and Dad,
How you lived in a great era. Now we live in fear the last few weeks due to a worldwide flu epidemic killing thousands of people. We all are healthy but are banned from going anywhere except for groceries.. and essential things. This is controlled by the governor and President. Life has changed and we can't visit anyone hoping that we can get back to our normal life of gardening and fishing. We miss both of you. Love you,
Posted by Marty Papke on April 14, 2020
so many memories indeed! we so much of the time take things for granted not realizing exactly what we have, God Bless you Mom and all of our families.
Posted by Becky Papke on April 15, 2019
Happy Birthday Dear Mother! Soon we will be planting flowers. We still have lots of snow and banks along the driveway of 2 to 3 feet. It is to rain later this week. We all miss you. I will plant flowers - geraniums for you again this year and we plan on having a large garden. We also plan on doing more fishing. Love you always,
Marty & Beck
Posted by Becky Papke on December 24, 2018
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Another year passes for us and we are grateful for both of you giving us life. Life hear in Michigan is good but we do miss Wisconsin but we love our home. Snow this year ok ok so far but January is coming and how we bo dread the snows that come but we choose to live here, we hope you both living and enjoying each other. We will play a tribute song to both of you today on the organ and Marty with his accordian. Love you always
Posted by Becky Papke on April 15, 2018
Happy Birthday Mom! Well as you see we have the snowstorm of the century (maybe) on your birthday. It hit NE Wisconsin Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette, all of northern WI, and up by us. Waves are 15 to 20 ft or higher on the lakes. There is still ice on Lake Superior out of Munising, We still have over two feet of snow on ground and it is mid-April! We want to start planning garden and flowers. I am going to try to grow more lilies this year and hopefully grow some more peonies! Miss you and Dad both! Love, Marty and Becky and the dogs!
Posted by Becky Papke on December 23, 2017
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Another year has past and another Christmas is upon us. We both miss you and miss those times playing the organ, Marty misses your wine Dad, and just being with you. We have both been blessed with wonderful parents and need to reflect all you did for us. We owe you our love and devotion. Merry Christmas again to you,
Marty and Becky and our two labs Rambo and Rocky. Missing all our pets Alex, RJ, Zach, Rusty, Smokey, Peppy, Mindy, Simon and yes even Mickey!
Posted by Becky Papke on April 15, 2017
Happy Birthday to you! Miss you think of you every day! As we grow older time flies and I just want to be able to enjoy what days I have in this world till we are with you in heaven planting flowers and fishing. Love you always,
Posted by Becky Papke on January 1, 2017
Happy New Year Mom and Dad, It's warm today around 35 degrees. Today Packers play the Lions tonight for NFC.. Miss you. Happy New Year to both of you!
Posted by Becky Papke on December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas Mom, Dad. We spent a short visit earlier this week, spent the day with Doug and Marge enjoyed our visit. Stopped and visited with Marilynn and Joe. We spent our day, quiet and are watching Lawrence Welk together. Many memories we spent together. I played the organ for you and we prayed for you and everyone as we approach another year. Love you forever,
Posted by Becky Papke on April 14, 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! Well today it is to be warmer ? Finally?! What a winter. Marty and I may go fishing Sat on Lake Superior - maybe don't know yet. I work Sat morning but it is to be beautiful. Miss you and want to wish you and Daddy a wonderful day together! Luv you always.
Posted by Becky Papke on June 19, 2015
Dear Mom and Dad,
How we live through our lives, time passes on. I wish and hope that you share our dreams and hopes. We think of you and I remember all the things we did together, fishing, traveling, playing with Peppy, our dogs - Zach, Alex, R,J, and we now have two more labs - Rambo and Rocky. Loving you always and pray for us as we celebrate 30 years of marriage together on July 20th, 2015. Love you always,
Marty and Beck
Posted by Becky Papke on December 24, 2013
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad,
Love Beck and Marty
Posted by Becky Papke on November 28, 2013
Dear Mom and Dad,
Happy Thanksgiving. we miss both of you and everyday always thoughts are with you and our lives. We have snow on the ground. Marty works today. Have a blessed day! Love always, Marty & Becky R.J, and now we have Rocky and Rambo.
Posted by Becky Papke on May 9, 2013
Happy Mothers Day Early! It has been a long winter and cold spring except for a few warm days it was close to 70 degrees this past week. We are working on our garden preparing it - lots of tomatoes, beans and other. I miss you and dad all our fishing. I miss our pets - Mindy, Simon, Peppy, Smokey, Rusty, Zach, and most of all Alex. We still have RJ and two new lab puppies - three! ILU
Posted by Becky Papke on April 15, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom! Yes I remembered yesterday but the computer I wasn't working so Good Morning! We stilll have lots of snow and it's April! Marilynn has been sick with cold - samething I had. I am aching it's back again. I am on another weightloss/cholesterol - eliminating all sugar. So we will see - I've gained somewhat but want to get back down to 130 - 140 lbs. Love u always!
Posted by Becky Papke on January 20, 2013
Good morning Daddy, Mom. Today is 13 years Daddy since you went to be with the Lord and mom. All those days you spent working, and still finding time to take care of your house, the yard garden and then fishing on the weekends. All those walleyes I hope are with you! Today Jan. 20 terrible winds and cold bitter weather - winds up to 70 mph. I hope you have many flowers and gardens!
Posted by Becky Papke on June 19, 2012
Mom, I miss you and talk to you every day. I read your Prayer Book daily morning/evenikng prayers praying for you, myself, daddy, RJ, Marilynn, Joe, Doug and Marge and all their families.
Love you,
Posted by Becky Papke on January 8, 2012
Good morning Mom - Dad, It is 2012 can you believe this? Jeanice is doing poorly - got letter from Marge but I don't know anymore. Marge said they brought hospice in and she is at Harmony. For us, life is going on. Marty needs a job and I pray for him daily. They are cutting my hours at work so I won't start till sometime in May. R.J. is ok and pray for Alex. Winter is warm so far.
Posted by Becky Papke on September 16, 2011
Mom, Dad,
Please say prayer for us! We love where we are and we have been trying. Marty needs a career - finally has a listing for the school district a custodian - please be our Angel and give us this blessing so you can be proud!
Posted by Becky Papke on August 6, 2011
Mom - Dad,
Pray for us - and myself to achieve a good life to honor the Lord. I wish to have you pray for me, Alex and RJ and Marty for a fulltime job. Please come and visit our garden - even potatoes. Daddy we found a lake to fish.
Posted by Becky Papke on June 28, 2011
Our Mother,

• Independent, quiet but vocal in expressing herself
• In growng up our house was cleaned daily, and the kitchen was spotless
• She loved to play the organ and sing - even with no one around
Posted by Becky Papke on June 28, 2011
Mom loved to fish and sometimes caught more fish than daddy! I remember daddy always would get mad as she would not say she had a fish on until she had it by the boat and then would say I think I need the net!

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