Let the memory of Beau be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on June 16, 1992 in Wadena, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on September 13, 2014 in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Beau Weiher 22 years old , born on June 16, 1992 and passed away on September 13, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lori Weiher on 13th September 2018
This day keeps coming back every year, bringing all memories like it was yesterday. Dear Beau you are missed and forever in my heart. I miss you son. Love Mom
Posted by Lori Weiher on 13th September 2017
Today marks the 3rd year of Beau's passing. Still seems like it was yesterday, You are forever with us and in our hearts. You are gone but not forgotten. I love and miss you!!!!!!
Posted by Lori Weiher on 14th September 2016
It has been two years Beau and you are missed more than ever. It doesn't get any easier. You are loved and forever in my heart. Love you. Mom
Posted by Teckla Fitzgerald on 16th June 2015
Lori, Jim, Cassie, Katrina, Rebecca, extended family and friends: Thinking and praying for you on Beau's birthday. I know you miss Beau; I know everyone who ever knew Beau misses him. May the beautiful memories you have of Him put a smile on your faces. Rest in Peace, Beau.
Posted by Lori Weiher on 16th March 2015
Words by Uncle Hank Larson Beau continues to impact lives. Such a special person. Beau had the ability to change people. His outlook is embedded in me. I have never been impressed before by anyone his age, but he has changed me. I am a better person because of him.
Posted by Scott Campbell on 19th February 2015
Beau stayed with us at the Riverside Inn in February 2014. During that all too brief stay, we were moved by Beau's personality, attitude, and stories. It was a blessing to meet him and we feel sorrow for those who did not get the chance to.
Posted by Holli Parker on 28th January 2015
Beau.... Cousin I can't believe it's real... I wish we could have had more time. There just wasn't enough. I learned a powerful and priceless lesson from your passing. That lesson is to take time, give time, and cherish time. Nobody knows when their time will run out. Fortunately for you, you knew what many people don't ever learn. The time you had was beautiful! I know you are smiling and happy to have taught us all such a precious lesson! Much love Cuz.
Posted by Teckla Fitzgerald on 27th January 2015
I remember back in the year 2000, Lori coming to work and sharing a story about Beau: Beau and his class were on a field trip, one of his classmates didn't have any money; Beau shared his money with the classmate. Lori, you were so proud telling us the story. Yet, at the same time, a little worried about his sensitive spirit. God blest Beau with many spiritual gifts: giving, encouraging, serving, mercy, discernment, wisdom, humility and many others. I knew Beau as a little boy who possessed the unique ability to connect with another human beings spirit, and with that connection he gave peace and tranquility to those that needed it. Beau was not given the gift of longevity. However, to be able to live your life without fear, without the need for worldly goods, with the faith to know that all your needs will be met, Is a life we all aspire; Beau did it! And was able to do it with the unconditional love of his Heavenly Father, Lori, Jim, Cassie, Katrina and the rest of his base jumping family. To Lori and Jim hats off to you in letting Beau live his dream. God bless you in your time of sorrow.
Posted by Trevor Mortensen on 7th November 2014
Every day since I heard of beau's passing I have thought back on the many good memories I was able to share with him. I attended electric lineman school with beau and he eventually ended up moving into my apartment. Although I only spent a year at school with beau and the occasional phone call from time to time after school I feel extremely lucky to have had the memories I did with him. He was such a free spirit and a very caring person that would help you out with anything. He was the type of person that when he committed to something he went after it 100%. Simply put beau was a great person. I am so sorry for his family's loss He was obviously guided in his youth by great people who taught him great morals that he lived and showed every day. I'm going to miss all of our crazy trips to telluride and all the good times we had at college bud!! Love you and hope to see you again someday!
Posted by Katrina Brinton on 27th October 2014
Oh Beau… You have always been, and always will be, one of the few constants in my life. Constantly inspiring change, encouraging hope, speaking truth, pushing forward, and picking me up when I am down. These things will not change. I refuse to let that happen. You are a piece of me, and for that, I am eternally grateful. How can our lifetime of me and you be over? In my head, it was always ‘us’. My first real friend, and forever my most treasured one. I pray, pray, pray Shayla and Chael will have lasting memories of their childhood like we do. We had outside and we had each other—what more did we need? The good has always outweighed the bad, until now. I really don’t know how a person survives this. It’s not right, it’s not fair! I’ve spent my life trying to protect you and I failed. Please forgive me for not doing more, being more, or pursuing these adventures with you. If only we could go back and scamper through the woods again, sled the big hill, snowmobile all over the place – when let off of the chain, play in the hay loft even when we weren’t supposed to, water trees together like it was the most important job ever, walk the driveway and wait for the school bus, share a bedroom when living in the garages, play hackeysack ball in the living room, beat Crash Bandacoot on the Playstation, hangout in the tree house, climb the “woodtick” tree, weed the volleyball court, jump on the trampoline and make up games, and have every frickin holiday. Not at all saying the holidays were bad, but that from now on, they will be heart-wrenchingly hard. I went to send you a text today, and dammit, I did it anyways. What am I supposed to do without my little brother? How do I look at my kids and not see me and you, every single second, of every single day? Those beautiful little monsters are us, and one day, that will be a good thing, but in all of it, I will make it my purpose to make sure they count on each other, play together, and love one another like there is no tomorrow. My kids love you Uncle Beau. So much. Shayla told me you’d want her to be goofy and somehow I know you actually said that to her. I just know it. I will keep putting my heart into making you proud of me. And with everything I am, I will always protect my baby brother’s memory, I promise.
Posted by Diane Davis on 23rd October 2014
This is a beautiful memorial for an amazing young man who was loved by so many. My heart aches for your Mom and Dad and sisters Beau and for all that loved you. You are gonna be forever missed, buddy, but I hope that they can all find comfort in knowing that you are now flying with the angels. I will always remember your smile and that you always gave me a big ole hug when we got to see each other., which wasn't often enough, but you always made me smile. Love ya little buddy and I know you are enjoying flying in heaven.
Posted by Jay And Danelle Weiher on 21st October 2014
We think of Beau often. We are saddened by the thought of what could have been. We are saddened by the thought of what will never be. We only find peace in having known Beau. Knowing what was. We were blessed to have known Him. We will always remember Beau.
Posted by Theresa Tourville on 19th October 2014
Beau, you will always be remembered. I will forever treasure the time I was able to share with you. Your spirit will always be with your family. From my heart to your heart FLY HIGH!!!
Posted by Lori Weiher on 19th October 2014
(from Jim Weiher) Beau, Since you've left us, my life has been turned upside down. My heart bleeds for your return, it just doesn't seem real, someone so full of life, someone so connected to his universe. I'm so proud to have you as my son. I will spend my day's learning from you and all the lives you have touched on this earth. I am looking forward to our next talk, I've so many things to tell you, until then, Fly! Fly! Fly!, I know you have done it! You have flown a wing suit! and landed it, without opening your chute!!! Love you Dad (Jim Weiher)
Posted by Alda Jensen on 19th October 2014
beau baby, my little pizza boy, you are so deeply missed and loved. your passing has taught me a very good leason for life, I now feel due to you that every day make it a good one, Beau would!!! I love you and miss you more than I ever thought I could miss anyone.
Posted by Lori Weiher on 19th October 2014
You definitely left a message son, I am proud to be your mom. You lived more in your 22 years than a lot of people will live in a life time. I miss you so but you are in my heart and sole forever!!!!!!! I will see you in heaven son!
Posted by Katie Paripovich Adán on 19th October 2014
Beau, I'm sad that I didn't get to know you beyond babyhood, because you were a person that many of us look up to! A person who got to live the way HE wanted to, and share it around the world

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