Beleta Lyneé Rush
  • 39 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 7, 1972
  • Place of birth:
    Indianpolis, Indiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 24, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15 Background Song "Someday" written by Lynn Rush ( Trenesa Kellogg & Christ Apostolic Temple Choir-Des Moines, IA)
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Beleta Lyneé Rush, 39, born on January 7, 1972 and passed away on December 24, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bernice Moss on 26th December 2012

"To Lynn
Dec24 2012 marks one year since you were called to your
Heavenly Home. I miss you a lot but I have the comfort in
Knowing you are at peace now. God knew best.

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 17th November 2012

"I have been missing you so today. Really thinking about last Thanksgiving and the great time we had just chilling as a family and all your good sweet potato pies, lemon cakes, and pound cakes. Mostly just us sisters and Mommie chilling and getting to love up on one another before everything went haywire. Love you Lynn Rush"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 10th August 2012

"Just going to get lightbulbs for the house started the tingling of a tiny bell within my heart. Though this act may not seem significant, a savouring fragrance surrounded me. I am convinced that great love is shown through small acts that spiral outwardly and touch us. I miss those thoughtful deeds done from the heart. Love "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 16th July 2012

"Lynn received salvation and the gift of eternal life through the anointed power of  the spoken preached word of God.  Luke 24:47"And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations..."  I share this gospel because "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation. Family I love you and share this news with all Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 3rd July 2012

"My prayer is that all of us will make it and be able to tell the story up in glory. Nothing else on this earth matters if I do not get to see God in peace.  I am so thankful the Lord saved Lynn before she faced death.  The Lord is soon to come and holiness is a must!  Be ready, time is winding up. Praise God for the testimony we have through the life she lived. Love "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 21st June 2012

"Just remembering and missing Lynn so much! But it's okay considering how blessed we all are to have had her in our lives. Now she has a home on high and shares a peace and joy we all are longing and searching for. We can never experience such victory on this side of glory but one day...If we live right we'll share her testimony and her joy.  Love "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 23rd May 2012

"So many people have her memory etched in their hearts.  Lynn will always be remembered for her leadership, forth-rightness and most of all for her unselfish, giving spirit.  As the days past tears still are flowing because we all miss her so. But  knowing she will spend an eternity with the God who loves her so much gives comfort to those who trust in the LORD . I love you still - "Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 12th May 2012

"Last night I passed a picture on our bookshelf of Lynn & Bobbie. They both were so small, so beautiful, young & seemed so whole. I smiled as I remembered how safe they were & how well we tried to care for & love both of them. Well years have passed & life has dealt us some deathening blows; but one thing is for certain. God is very much in control and he loves and cares for us all- Mommie"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 10th May 2012

"Man I don't come on here a lot but every once in a while I need to. To see the words of love and express my love for you. A lot has changed since that day. We will never be the same. EVER!!! Love you Lynn Rush."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 8th May 2012

"Today I see your reflection in the life of your sister, Bobbie.  In summing up what I see  it is fair to say  both of you provide a model of strength and faith for all of us. You show us that life is not to be lived in fear but rather purely and reverently in honor and glory to our wonderful and mighty all powerful and all knowing God. I have been blessed by your lives! Much love - Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 29th April 2012

"Reading these notes that go out help soothe the aches  and to dry the tears that flow after losing such a precious child. As we reflect  on the joy and laughter she brought to all of our lives don't forget we must also cross this "jordan".  And every moment we live here on earth we will carry with us.  Time is short and we all have an appointment  with eternity - Love  ya'll Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 29th April 2012

""I DREAMT" I often slept at your side when you were weak and tired, dreaming of a day when you'd awake with strength and tire no more.  I also dreamt one day that healing would prevail and lock away your tears and pain behind a huge steel door. Lo' while I slept and dreamt of  us winning and joyfully telling your story, you woke  me to say "this dream is real, for I live with God in glory."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 24th April 2012

"We are feeling the void of her being gone. She was a true friend, daughter, sister, cousin and most of all Saint of God. Wonderfully felt is the evidence that she lived a life that touched so many of us. Lynn acted out of pure TLC in all that she did.  Eyes are filled with tears not because she is lost but rather because we miss her so much. Your love remains a part of us - Always "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Stacy Robinson on 20th April 2012

"Lynn Rush I dreamt you were still here with us.  We were laughing & talking in somebody's bedroom just like we used to. I really miss you girl.  I still hear your voice calling me "Stacy Mae", still hear your laugh, I still cry at the thought of not seeing you again on 'this side', my heart is still hurting.... But I'm so glad you're with Jesus! Love you, Stacy Mae"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 17th April 2012

"From the days of your early childhood you were the boss, You were determined to help out even before your head reached the top of our kitchen table. One day you set out to serve the milk but the floor really got most of the milk you thought you were pouring for your sisters. No matter, you set a standard of helping and giving. You talked a lot but you also gave a lot. We miss you!  Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 11th April 2012

"Not long ago you left us to find peace, comfort and rest.  But sometimes it seems like you have been gone for a long long time.  I miss you so much! Yesterday,  Bobbie and I were working on some tings that are  linked to "y'alls" life. Just a reminder to us of how you will always be a part of our lives and your precious memory we always will keep and cherish until.... Love "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 4th April 2012

"I shed a tear this morning just because I miss you.
I sighed in loneliness, longing and yearning for your presence.
Then I remembered you have a new and glorious home on high
So I retreat from the pain to grasp the joy, knowing God's hand now holds you nigh.  Love "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 28th March 2012

""Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." Psalm 116:15 - Lord Jesus, I thank you for giving Lynn the gift of eternal life through your plan of salvation. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." Romans 1:16   "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 26th March 2012

"While we were traveling this past week I thought about Lynn and all the good times we shared. She loved going on trips.  It was so wonderful having Bobbie with me this time and to see the healthy affect the trip we just took had on her.  I am thankful for the hope and peace and contenment God has allowed us to share. Sickness can't claim all the glory for Lynn or Bobbie but God can. Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 19th March 2012

"Our pastor says every death has a purpose.  Lynn  focused on  proclaiming truth to everyone she spoke with in health, in illness and unto death. - a  mirror of our  leader now a treasure of our Lord. As I reflect on the purpose of Lynn's life I can build on that purpose for the duration of my life.  Lord, please allow my life to mirror our great leader and to glorify you in all that I do!"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 14th March 2012

"Looking towards heaven for strength. A lot of people say to me you take such good care of your sisters. I immediately correct them and say just returning the favour. You took good care of me and my other sisters and even Mommie and Daddy. When we had kids you just jumped in and took over. ( Boss Lady)  I had to remind you who his Momma was if I had to discipline him. But it didn't work LOL"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 14th March 2012

"Always thinking of you, missing you, and loving you. Remembering so many transitions we've endured together. Life is not the same without you. When we spend time as a family there is a huge gaping hole in our hearts. You were the center of the family. The light of our lives. The best big sister anyone could ask for. I am grateful that my son got to be spoiled by you and has your" BIG EYES""

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 11th March 2012

"Lynn was so full of love.She lived her life loving all of us and she left here  giving herself  in love as the big sister - the boss. As a child I read about heros and "she-ros".  As a mother I saw such proof  in my daughter, Lynn; living for her God and her family. She was not the oldest or richest of us yet none of us can say we gave or loved more than she did. I really miss Lynn, Mommie"

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 3rd March 2012

"Member Dat Time-Member Dat Time when Lynn said she didn't know where the library was at Lawrence North HS (the school we went to & graduated from). Lynn was brillant w/wout the library. Lynn you were so funny & the things you would say always made me either laugh or think. Always thoughtful & thought provoking. I love, cherish, & miss you.  Death cant take the love we have. Rushgirls4ever!"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 3rd March 2012

"The reality that you've left me  brings pain and tears but I thank God for the memories I've gained through the years.  Your presence lingers in my heart and  your love is embedded in my mind. I treasaure the joy & laughter you brought and the spirit you had was so grand and  so kind. I long and I cry but I don't say good-bye cause I 'll join you one day in our home  in the sky. "Mommie""

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 28th February 2012

"Bobbie just reminded me of the time when we were out late at Perkins. We were talking about school. Lynn said " Monkey's are reptiles." Me and Bobbie were like" What"? She always gave us one we laughed so hard we made the waitress laugh. She argued us down because she was convinced. We used to have a ball. There is a hole in our circle but we still love you dearly Lynn Lynn."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 27th February 2012

"I just wanted to reflect back on all those wonderful times we had together, traveling over the past few years.  From Indy to Cleveland, KY, Atlanta, Cinncinati & even Polk City IA. One night Lynn & I ended up in front of a pond right outside of Cleveland OH.   Well with God's protection we survived, stayed in a beautiful suite & just hung out with Niecy & Sydney.  Many days of fun! Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 22nd February 2012

"My sadness is overshadowed with the assurance I have that you rest in God's presence.  Your sicknesses, though many, He indeed has  healed. So I'm striving to live my life for Jesus and to stand in His presence someday in peace. When I get home  I  know all my tears  will  also be wiped away & I  will "tell my story up in Glory".   In my heart you remain, Lynn.  Mommie ( Mother Beleta)"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 14th February 2012

"I'm so glad Love abides forever! There is a love I will always have and cherish as a most beautiful "keepsake" towards my oldest daughter, Lynn. Today she would have given me a teddybear, with a beautiful card and some candy. She never missed an opportunity to show me the utmost love and respect. I know as much as I love her the Lord loves her best. I miss  "Lynn Rush" Love always "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 13th February 2012

"I miss your best feature,your eyes.I was looking at our senior pictures. You unselfishly shared your session w/me.We graduated together "92".I remember how you took me to Thomas Whitfield's concert w/ you & how I asked you to be my maid of honor. You know you were sick but tried to make it through my weddings. You had to go to the hospital but didnt want to miss my day.  MyLynnLynn"

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 13th February 2012

"I think about you everyday.When I first wake up I have to remember that  I can't run upstairs to talk to you about a guy or a new song I wrote or to ask you how you are doing.Today I had a duh moment, I was thiking I really need to talk to Lynn.I can't seem to find her.Man your red hair and your laugh,The way you told it like it was.Now when I hug Bobbie I am hugging you too.I love you!!."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 9th February 2012

"Today I look back on each day we shared and realize everyday God gave us together is full of warm and endearing memories.  You were born to be cherished and loved by many and everyone of us profited from your strength and genuineness.  I strive to make heaven my home as I am assured that you are safe in the arms of Jesus. So I long to meet you one day and share your eternal victory. Mommie"

This tribute was added by Mary Jo Romanco on 9th February 2012

"It has truly been my honor to be a part of Lynn's life.  Your openness as a family to share her with me is a gift that I am forever grateful for receiving.  I am remembering Lynn calling herself "the bossy one" and giving encouragment to Bobbi that she is a strong person.  Also her love for Markie.  You sisters are indeed special.  And Beleta you are a testament to a nurturing spirit."

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 3rd February 2012

"I remember when we had family and friends service at old TV and everybody had to invite somebody. Lynn was calling people to come and getting in contact with them and she started cussing them out  and telling them God been too good to them. The tactics were wrong but she ended up having the most people come. Just Comedy!  The one and only Lynn Rush"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 3rd February 2012

"We really miss you Lynn Rush.I remember when Lynn was thirteen and she snuck off with the car because Mommie and Daddy was taking too long. We all got in and went from Aspen Way to Zayres and got caught by Granny. That was the beginning of our adventures in sneaking away with the car. Of course  Granny called  Mommie and we got in trouble that day. But we just figured other ways to escape."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 3rd February 2012

"Missing Lynn so much.  I am going to the grocery store today.  If Lynn were here she would be totally stressed by the prospect that I am going to the store. My girls have the nerve to think that I am cheap. Can you imagine that!  Anyway I made a list and marked "no generics" on most items. I even made out a menu. Lynn would be so proud of me. I'm trying to hold it together for ya - Mommie"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 29th January 2012

"Just thinking about Lynn today.  I know she is present with the Lord, although absent in the body. There are so many memories of her in my heart and in our home.  Lynn loved this home and worked to make it a place of love and comfort.  I miss her so much but I am thankful for the memories from the day she was born until she went home to be with the Lord.  I will always love Lynn, - Mommie."

This tribute was added by Stacy Robinson on 26th January 2012

"I'm thankful for the memories I have of you.  It's still hard to believe you're really gone.  I love & miss you Lynn Rush...that's all 4 now
Stacy Mae"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 25th January 2012

"The sound of her name, makes me smile. The tears that I shed for her make me smile. The songs that she wrote make me smile. The life that she lived makes me smile. Her soul being saved makes me smile and the love that she gave makes me smile. Her laughter and strength make me smile.Her joy in eternity makes me smile. To think that God gave her to all of us makes me smile. Love, Mommie."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 22nd January 2012

"Just thinking of how much I miss Lynn.  She was such a special person and a beautiful daughter. Lynn  placed the needs of the family before her own needs.  She not only talked about love but she put her love into action, always looking to do something for someone else.  Lynn's life was about loving  and she showed her love for Christ by continually loving others.  I Love Ya 4ever  "Mommie""

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 16th January 2012

"Cuz I'm your sister and always for ya andI don't know what I'd ever do without you From the beginning to the end
You've always been here by my sideSo I'll call you my best friend
Through the good times and the bad ones Whether I lose or if I win
I know one thing that never changes andThat's you as my best friend"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 16th January 2012

"Lynn was a precious jewel given 2 us by God.  Though God extended her life by at least 25 years a part of me didn't want 2 let her go. She was so giving and always sacrificed for her family, 4 the last 12 months she suffered many added afflictions, yet we had some very special moments. Thank U Lord 4  the priviledge to know, love and care for her until the end. I "sho" do miss her - Mommie"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 16th January 2012

"I wish you was still here. I have to remind myself in the morning that you are gone and it hurts a lot. At first it just felt like a bad dream but I know it is reality. I love you forever. Besides I don't got nobody to talk about these people with. Yes we talked about y'all.(lol). I miss your big eyes but at least I can look at my son and see you."

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 11th January 2012

"Remember the Lord has the key to death and hell and He conquered death and the grave while Lynn was living and even more important when she passed from death to eternal life.  Ps 24:9 Lift up your heads O ye gates; even lift them up ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.  Who is this King of glory? The Lord of host, he is the King of glory.  Lynn  is a winner!"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 11th January 2012

"I was listening 2 my pastor, Bishop Jeremiah Reed during an AON broadcast as the Lord used him 2 bring 2 my rememberance a scripture from Psalms 24: 9 - 8. Each time the Lord raised Lynn up from her bed of affliction during her life this scripture served as a reminder that The Lord was/is in control and that He is a great and mighty conquerer of death.  See the tribute above - From Mommie"

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 9th January 2012

"Happy Birthday LynnLynn.  Now everybody is calling you LynnLynn. That is a Lynn and Niecy thing they wouldn't understand.  I love you sunshine & I miss you so bad I don't know what to do with myself sometime.  Sometimes I forget and go upstairs to pop in and ask you what you think about this or that.  I have to remind myself that my compass (you) are not here physically.  See u n heaven;)"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 7th January 2012

"Happy 40th Birthday in memory of the life you spent here on earth.
What a beautiful Saint of God! What a special gift from God! What a champion!  We miss Lynn so much but we will carry on this fight both spiritually and naturally.  From all of us, Bobbie, Niecy, Trina, Markie, Sydney, Elder Brewer, Daddy Butts & especially from me.  - Mommie"

This tribute was added by Lionel Rush on 7th January 2012

"Hey Lynn-Lynn this is your daddy. I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTH/SOUL DAY in your new home with Christ!
I Love You and I Miss You"

This tribute was added by Bethany Rush on 6th January 2012

""Member Dat Time"
"Member Dat Time" when Lynn cussed everybody out to invite them to church & had the most visitors.
"Member Dat Time" when Lynn Rush rang the Sunday
School bell (weekly) 30 minute before church so we could go to Buddys & Uncle Hershell & Sis Davis would chase us back to True Victory down 3302 N. Arsenal. Niecy Rush"

This tribute was added by jerry johnson on 4th January 2012

"Lynn you were always a pleasure to be around and a "Rock" in our family. I am going to miss the family news- you were Mike Ahern the second. Love you dearly Aunt Jerry"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 3rd January 2012

"Hi family: I was reflecting back on the many "works" of "Lynn Rush". She was so full of life and never stopped being busy and bossey.  The punch-line is she was always working for the good of the whole - she was so unselfish! Well ok Lynn "stole" my car at the age of 12 to take all of her sisters for a ride but after all she had to entertain them. It was her job.  She was "Ma - tha" Mommie"

This tribute was added by trina brewer on 3rd January 2012

"I just want to ask a throw back question. Who remembers old TV when Lynn tied the soprano sections choir robes together? We used have a ball. Me and Lynn was always catching stuff on fire with our science experiments. We could talk Niecy into it but Bobbie was always looking at all of us as her underlings. Rush Girls forever! Love you Lynn"

This tribute was added by Tiffany Reed on 1st January 2012

"Big Cousin Lynn
I love you so much.  Your strength and happiness are two things that everyone in this family will continue to look up to you for.  I remember you singing "You are the Sunshine" and laughing sitting in Papa's chair laughing with me.  I miss you so much, but and you continue to encourage me everyday. I love you, Tiffany."

This tribute was added by Erin Barnes on 1st January 2012

"I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of a true soldier. I have rarely seen anyone perservere through intense and oftentimes excruciating pain the way she did. Lynn was truly a gem and will forever be missed. To the family, I offer you my most heartfelt sympathy as you grieve your loss."

This tribute was added by Richard Fields on 31st December 2011

"I was sadden to hear that Lynn had transitioned! She was always a warm spirit and a bright light. She knew how to make you smile no matter her pain. I was reflecting on my life a few days ago and spent about 15 minutes telling my eldest daughter about Lynn. My heart is heavy but I praise God that she is at rest with the Master. My prayers are with the family! See you on the other side Lynn"

This tribute was added by Janelle Freeman on 31st December 2011

"Lynn I don't have alot of moments to speak about, but I will say this you and Bobbie have the strength of Job. To be able to weather storms that I don't think I could have. I love you and wish I was able to spend more time with you. To my other cousins aunt and uncle Bobbie, Trina, Neicey, Aunt Beleeta, Uncle Lionel. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matt 5:4 God Ble"

This tribute was added by Stacy Robinson on 30th December 2011

"Lynn Rush, my heart is so sad & missing u so much, words can't even express.  But I rejoice in knowing you are in God's loving hands, singing & shouting your VICTORY! I love you girl, my cousin, songwriting partner, sister, friend.

Stacy Lynn"

This tribute was added by Barbara Story on 30th December 2011

"I was reading the Bible the other night and was comforted when I read " to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."  I love you and already missin you.   Auntie Barbara"

This tribute was added by Beleta Butts on 30th December 2011

""Joy cometh in the morning"  Lynn's morning arrived amidst the tears  shed within the gallows of my soul. Yet God allows the ray of hope to warm my heart because I know she rest with him, now whole.  Oh yes I miss her and I own a void no word or song for now has filled. So I stand in God's power assured that through his grace I will find peace and my hurt will be healed.  (Mommie) Beleta"

This tribute was added by Lionel Rush on 30th December 2011


This tribute was added by Loretta Thames on 30th December 2011

"We were sadness to hear of Sis Lynn's passing.  I wanted you to know that we are praying that God will mend your broken hearts and comfort you at this time.  We love you and may God give you peace.  We love you for real and if you need someone to pray, please know that we are already doing that!"

This tribute was added by ermil thompson on 30th December 2011

""Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. Henseforth now they shall rest from their labor and thier works do follow them." I will always treasure the memory of Lynn's beautiful spirit, words of inspiration, and melodious voice. I will remember her great gift of sharing words of love and inspiration with everyone. I love Lynn, but I know God loves her more. With love auntie ED"

This tribute was added by vikki wallace on 30th December 2011

"May her life's journey be a reminder that she was a living miracle and a walking tetimony for all to see.  "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning Great is thy Faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23"

This tribute was added by Monica durham on 30th December 2011

"Lynn I will always remember you for who you are in my life. I thank God for having a big cousin like you in,my life to be my director in the Sun Shine Band as well as the Pator's Choir. Most of all I'm Thankful for allowing, showing, and teaching me a lil of your life journey with Sickle Cell. You showed me how to fight, to be strong, and have much faith in God. Love ya Monica "Goosey""

This tribute was added by Lionel Rush on 30th December 2011

"Yes, Lynn Lynn, I wanted to say one more thing. You know that you always had a Big Mouth. But that is ok because you always had something to say.  I love you and I am so proud that I am your Father. I miss you and I have been crying but I know  that you are with your Heavenly Father and He is a Billion Times Better than I could ever Be. I Miss you very much, at least you have NO MORE PAIN."

This tribute was added by Lionel Rush on 30th December 2011

"Lynn--Lynn you are my oldest daughter. You made me proud of you as your strove for excellence in what ever you did.  You thought that you were my boss but I just let you boss me sometimes. You showed us all how to fight and how to face adversity with dignity. I want you to know that your father loves you an I have always, always been so proud of you. Thank you for always being My Lynn--Dad"

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