Dad, you are the best Dad ever! Also the best doctor, rancher, sculptor, writer, scuba diver, conservative, wrestler, poet and story-teller ever!
  • 94 years old
  • Born on September 13, 1920 in Kokomo, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on February 14, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr Ben J Wilson, 94. It is our hope that many will enjoy the images and stories about Ben's life, and active participation is encouraged.

Posted by Renee Wilson on 28th July 2017
Dr. Ben Wilson was my gramps. I never knew about alot of his accomplishments. I'm happy to hear about them now. He always was a gentleman. He became very disappointed in me towards the end of his life and refused to talk to me. I understand this. I will always love him. And I'm extremely sorry I failed him. I hope now he can forgive me.
Posted by Julie Fisher on 15th February 2017
Two years have passed and I think of you every single day. I miss sharing our love of nature together..............I wish I could call you. I love my Daddy-o !!!
Posted by JD Wilson on 14th February 2017
Dad, it's been two years since your passing. I still think of you, things you did, things you taught me, experiences together that I realize now are so precious and endearing. I will always think of you - time will not steal the memories I have. You are truly forever missed.
Posted by JD Wilson on 13th September 2015
Happy Birthday, Dad. Oh man do we miss you! You're in our thoughts and conversations every day. I'm still going over your memoirs, poems, photographs and writings. I'm getting them organized and preserved to pass along to our bloodline. You were a truly great person, but more importantly, to me, DAD. Love you.
Posted by JD Wilson on 21st March 2015
For those who might wish to hear Ben's prepared speech given at the I Stand for Parkland fundraising event honoring the Giants of General Surgery, you can go to the YouTube link:
Posted by Richard Rolfe on 14th March 2015
i met Dr Ben & wife Nancy as a member of our Writers Group in Ahwatukee, AZ. He was as impressive as his son stated above! The best doctor, rancher, sculptor, writer, scuba diver, conservative, wrestler, poet and story-teller ever! I know this because I listened to his stories & read many of his hand written memories. He will be missed
Posted by Donal Steph on 26th February 2015
a true giant of surgery--the best surgeon and teacher ever. my number one mentor. donal steph, intern and parkland resident 1953-4 and1956-60
Posted by Donna Steph on 26th February 2015
I met Dr. Wilson at a Parkland event when I was accompanying my Dad, Dr. Donal Steph. I went with my Dad, mostly so he could have someone beside him and because it was fun for me, at age 20-plus to go to cool places. That's where I met Dr. Wilson. He was amazing, and more fun to talk to than anyone there…I think I fell in love with him a bit; and maybe he with me. Or maybe he just always made you think so…. He was one of the coolest men I've ever met. Could talk about everything -- love and life. And we did. When I was in my 20s, i was one of those people who asked a million questions; he always answered, and with great thoughtfulness. We became instant friends and talked for hours that night and on many other occasions when he would visit....I saw him many times afterwards, and we had long discussions regarding art, medicine, life, etc...He was an amazing man and I looked up to him always, yet also thought him as my friend. I was honored to write about him when I worked at UT Southwestern in the news department…. I saw him last, maybe a year ago (when he came to Dallas for Parkland Hospital's unveiling of its new soon-to-be hospital)….I hugged him like crazy. I could tell he was not doing as well as before; having trouble hearing; but he knew me and we laughed and hugged. I loved him…. What an amazing man!!!

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