This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Benco Babatope. We will remember him forever.
Posted by ayotunde .O. Ale on April 20, 2021
I thank God for your life. A man who touched life. Humble, sincere, a man of integrity. May the Good Lord comfort your spouse and family.

May your gentle soul rest in peace,
Posted by Duke Oputa on April 19, 2021
Benco, my gentleman's tailor. You dressed me elagantly. But more than that, you were a great friend. Rest in Peace old man.
Posted by Roli Omayuku on April 19, 2021
My husband and I met daddy on Charles 40th birthday. And it’s was our pleasure to spend time with him. He was a pleasant and a social person to be with. We will surely miss you and our condolences goes to the family
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 16, 2021
A Tribute by Niyi Kolawole's family.

Bros Ben.!!! He was a man of INTEGRITY .He did not take No for an answer. He was a lover of his people. He was very accommodating and very very social.
Adieu, good night. Rest in perfect peace in Jesus' name. Amen.
From Niyi Kolawole's family.
Posted by Preciosa Babatope on April 15, 2021
I met Mr. Benco Idowu Babatope on the occasion of my daughter's wedding with the Babatope son, Charles. Excellent person. I liked him immediately, to the point of not doubting that my daughter would be well accepted in Mr. Benco's family. He was a notoriously good person. My family and I will keep happy memories of Mr. Benco Idowu Babatope.

Luanda, April 15, 2021.

Pedro Fançony
Posted by Preciosa Babatope on April 15, 2021
From your grand-children Eriife & Alexis Babatope (the Babatope Ibeji):

We will miss you grandpa Benco. Daddy's dad. May God protect you. We love you!
Posted by Preciosa Babatope on April 15, 2021
"Helloooo!!!" Always this happy greeting from daddy Benco. Every time we spoke... always that cheerful "Hellooo!" that I already miss.
Such a sweet and kind father, that was very patient when teaching me a few Yoruba words. I wish I was a better student. I know he would be very proud.
We were very much loved by all of us, your extended Angolan family. I will miss your happy greeting during our video chats, your stories about your culture and youth, and your bright smile and great sense of humor. We are grateful to have met you and to be part of your family.
Rest in peace dear daddy Benco.
Posted by Clotilde Fancony on April 15, 2021
May God give him eternal rest in the radiance of perpetual light and may his soul rest in peace.
Godmother Tinha
(Godmother of Charles Babatope's father-in-law).
Posted by Clotilde Fancony on April 15, 2021
It was 6 years ago that our families met during the marriage of our children Preciosa and Charles Babatope.
It was a union blessed by God. We are now left with wonderful memories of you, compadre, a caring friend, attentive... A great father, grandfather, uncle, brother.
You will be eternally missed.
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 15, 2021


Dear grandpa, I wish you had not died. When you were alive, you took so much care of everyone around you, especially your wife, my grandma. It is painful that you are no more, and I will really miss your sweet company. I am consoled that you will rise and sit at the feet of Jesus. Love you so much. R.I.P my super grandpa.

Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 15, 2021


It has been so hard for me to come to the realization that you are gone. A thousand questions run through my mind. We cannot question God for whatever he does but thank him. Grandpa you died in peace and I feel so happy that I served you water that morning. You taught me how to defend myself whenever I came crying that my mate beat me. I can never forget your instructions and advices and they all form good memories. Why does it have to be this time? Grandma would have loved to celebrate her 70th birthday with you. I keep the memories of your smile and it makes me happy. I loved you the way you loved me. Rest in God’s bosom. See you on the resurrection morning. ADIEU! You are such an important person in my life. Goodnight Grandpa.
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 15, 2021


You were such a great and loving Grandpa to me. You took a lot of care of grandma. I will greatly miss you. I still cannot believe you are gone. Grandpa, I remember how you always asked me to bring you water whenever you came visiting. We cannot question God for taking you from us but we know surely you are in a better place. I just wish you stayed alive for many more years, only God knows why you had to go at this time. Grandpa, whenever I remember your death, I feel teary. Your exit is so painful, but we thank God for the life well spent. May the lord console the family at this time in the mighty name of Jesus. I will miss your presence here on earth, but I know you are resting in heaven. When you wake up and we see each other on that day, we have a lot to talk about, my Grandpa, my hero! 
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 12, 2021
Tribute to Grandpa By Motade Babatope

Grandpa, we will miss you and all the great laughs, smiles, and good times we spent together.

You were always there for us, supporting us every step of the way and never allowing us to give up.

God only knows why you had to go. You may have lost the battle but you won the war.
Lest we forgot our joyous moments with you, we will cherish them for years to come.

From your beloved grandson,
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 12, 2021

Grandpa, Grandpa to me you were a guest,
Grandpa, Grandpa now you are the real best.

Grandpa, Grandpa you are the opposite of a rumor,
Grandpa, Grandpa you had soo much humor.

Grandpa, Grandpa you told no lie,
Grandpa, Grandpa only God knows why you had to die.

Rest with the angels in Heaven.

From your awesome,spectacular
JJ .
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 12, 2021

Grandpa, Grandpa when you were nigh,
everything was alright, now bye.

Grandpa, Grandpa now you have died,
we will remember you still in our lives.

Grandpa, Grandpa you told no lies,
so only God knows why you had to die.

You will be missed, rest in peace.

From your favorite grandson,
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 11, 2021

Our dear daddy Babatope, we are going to miss your pleasantries and the good moments we had together. As much as we love you, God loves you more. You will always be cherished and remembered in the Oluwasanmi family for your love and kindness.
May your soul rest in perfect peace as you sleep in the Lord IJN.
FAREWELL to a wonderful in law.

Mummy Oluwasanmi
(Bolu’s Mum)
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 11, 2021

We give glory to God for the life of daddy Benjamin Ajibola Babatope. By providence, the two families were united together through the marriage of my first daughter to the Babatope family, and ever since the bond of love and unity of the two families have grown tremendously.
Daddy as I fondly called him was a very pleasant man with a huge sense of humor. He was always frank and proffer solution to situations
He touched the lives of those who came across him positively and a blessing to the Babatope family.
You have fought a good fight of faith to take hold of eternal life.
You will be greatly missed by all of us particularly the Oluwasanmi family. Rest in peace in the bossom of God. Adieu
- Pst C A Oluwasanmi
Bolu's daddy
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 11, 2021
Special Tribute To Our Pioneer President, Mr Benjamin Idowu Ajibola Babatope, A.K.A."BENCO STITCHES." By Mr Johnson Borisade, General Secretary for The SUNRISE CLUB EFON ALAAYE. Lagos.

How are the Mighty Falling, and the Weapon of War Perished! BENCO, Your Life was full of highly commendable lessons.
We met ourselves at the early age of life, without a vote, we unanimously chose you to be our President. You effectively led us on the right paths throughout your tenure for many years.
A fashion designer of Integrity. A devout Christian. A Principled Man of honour. We Love you, but JESUS Loves you better. Rest in the Bossom of your Lord till we meet to part no more.
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 11, 2021
A Tribute By Elder & Mrs D. O. Ajayi, President SUNRISE CLUB EFON ALAAYE. Lagos,

HA!, Mr Ajibola Idowu Babatope, O se bi ere O kuro Larin Wa, Papa Ninu Egbe SUNRISE CLUB EFON ALAAYE,Lagos. Iku doro, Iku Sika O mu Ore Wa lo Larin Wa. Odigba, Odi gbere, Odi Arinako, Odi Oju Ala. Ha! O ma se o BENCO!
The Lord giveth and Taketh Glory to His Name. It's well with Your Soul Great Benco. God Almighty Will grant You Eternal Rest In JESUS' NAME. Amen. But God knows why You have to go home now, God willll take care of All Your Children and Wife. We love you but God loves You More. Awe, Rest In Peace until we meet and part no more.
Posted by Stella Odunwa on April 9, 2021
My Uncle Benco,

Mentor, enthusiast, wise, easy going, intelligent, creative, loving, kind, tolerant, humble, humane, humorous, generous and yet you were more than these. All of these come to my mind as I struggle to put down my thoughts. You were entirely unique and a shinning beacon to all. It is hard to believe you are gone and I can never walk into your shop and see you again and spend hours when I only planned to spend 30 minutes.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal"
Albert Pike

Uncle, you will surely be forever missed by me.
God will give comfort to all that you left behind dear. He will bless and care for mummy and all your children and generations
Good night. Rest in the warm embrace of God.
Posted by Bolu Babatope on April 9, 2021
         A Rare Gem departs!

Over the years, I have come to realise that any good and responsible man can be a father. He does not necessarily have to be biological. This was the story of ‘Dadi’ as I fondly call him. I have only known him for 14 years and I can say he was a humble and people-oriented person.

Dadi, an epitome of brilliance, a man with a photographic memory, a solution finder, always had a resolution to every challenge. He would always say ‘’Bolu, it’s not difficult, let us try it this way.’’ Mmh, what a loss to this world!

He would always bring out the humor in every situation. Nothing ever stressed him out. I was always at ease whenever Dadi was around.

I will miss our early morning talks on Nigerian politics, religion, and your straightforward responses to controversial topics.
You fought a good fight, but God knows best!

You will surely be missed by us all.

Adieu, till we meet at the feet of Jesus.

Sun re ooo, Grandpa.

Bolu Babatope
Posted by Ayo Babatope on April 9, 2021
Fondly remembered on behalf of JOSEPH BOLARINWA DESCENDANTS by:-
Luke, Michael, Victoria, Phebean and Stella.


Only God knows how devastated l was, when the news of your homecall filtered in that fateful Saturday as l was about entering the church for the requiem mass for our niece Mrs Rofina Adedeji.
You're a very pleasant and loving brother who l had known since 1975. In the BOLARINWA family, you're not an inlaw but a true son whose vacant position within the family looks impossible to fill.
You're a complete amiable gentleman of altruistic disposition, a man that sacrificed all he had for his family and friends. Though death has killed your body, we have the consolation that the holy spirit will surely reunite us once again perpetually on the last day.
You deserve your peaceful rest my beloved BEN AJIBOLA IDOWU BABATOPE.
You're known nationwide in Nigeria, London and Namibia for the noble profession you practised dexterously throughout your life.
Rest on oko Alake, old soldier of Christ.
May God console your children and wife who did all that was humanly possible to keep you alive until you succumbed to the cold hands of death that fateful day.
Alake, Ayo, Seun, Dolapo and Damilola, we share in your irreparable loss and distress.
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 7, 2021
A Tribute By: By Mr Michael Oluwole Bolarinwa.

Glory be to God for the life of Mr Benco Babatope. I remembered when I got to Lagos living with late brother Matthew who maltreated me. I crossed to Mr Benco who taught me how to sew women's clothes because I only knew how to sew men's clothing.
He really contributed to my success in fashion designing and was so much good to me during his life time. A good soul has ascended into heaven. During his trying time, his wife and children really cared and stood by him.
May God be with them all and may the comfort of God help them through this difficult time.
May he find solace in the Lord. May God give him eternal rest. Amen.

By Mr Michael Oluwole Bolarinwa.
His wife's elder brother.
Posted by Segun Olu-Young on April 7, 2021
The Bible aptly describes life on earth as a fast runner, a breath, a mist, a shadow, and a wisp of smoke in which the Dramatis personae are recognised as pilgrims, aliens, visitors, travellers, strangers, and foreigners. The entirety of life on earth therefore is brief, transient, and ephemeral. This is further accentuated in Ecclesiastes 9:12 where the Bible says "For Man also does not know his time. Like fish taken in a cruel net, like birds caught in a snare, so the sons of men are snared in an evil time, when it falls suddenly upon them."
My Buoda, as I fondly called him, had exited gloriously and resplendently. The story was told of how he had shown visible signs of recuperation and had mauled down his last meal to the amazement and euphoria of his wife and grandchildren. Although his transition to glory had come "rather prematurely", we are comforted by the fact that his eyes never saw corruption. His eyes were never dim nor his natural vigour diminished. He was neither incapacitated nor rendered vegetable.
He brought me to Lagos from Osogbo in the 70's and gave me shelter and comfort at a time many struggling and up- and-coming Uncles and Aunts characteristically loathed harbouring family dependants. This singular act of benevolence has positively impacted my life irreversibly and laid the foundation for the giant strides God has enabled me and my family to make today.
After all is said and done, everyone of us shall leave only four things behind after we have left this world. These are memories, souvenirs, trophies, and legacies. While the first three are relatively temporary, transient, and fleeting, legacies are long lasting and enduring, typically out-living and out-lasting the change agent. Buoda had left legacies of diligence, perseverance, doggedness, self-confidence, simplicity, humility, and devotion to family members. He had a beautiful and unassuming spirit. He was a man of peace and a symbol of whatever is good. He shall be greatly missed.
To the family left behind, please take solace from 2Cor.4:17-18 "For our light affliction which is but for a moment, is working for us a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."
I pray, as promised by Rev 21:4, that God will wipe away every tear from your eyes. There shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away IJN.

Johnson O. Olu-Young
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 7, 2021

Eeyio' Laaye, Eeyio' Laaye, Eeyio' Laaye. KILODE ! AWE ! To Fi Wa Sile To Lo Ni Akoko yi,
Ha! Iku Doro, Iku Sika, Iku Mu Ore Mi Lo, Ko Buru o. 
BENCO, BENCO, BENCO. Erin Wo, Ajanaku Subu Lule, Ko Ledide, Asa Gidigbi Lo Lawujo Awon Eiye.
   In our club, the Sunrise club of Efon-Alaaye, you were the club President for many years. You were a good friend indeed. I knew you for only 45 years, it's a pity.
  You came and fought a good fight of faith. You struggled with the world but death did not allow you to live long.
I still give thanks to God because you have gone to be in your Father's Kingdom where you will struggle no more.
  BENCO, you were a good father to your family. You loved your wife and children. No doubt about that.
  " The dust shall return to the earth as it was " ( Ecclesiastes 12:7)
" Thou takest away their breath, they die " ( Psalm 104:29)
" Death is the dissolution of " our earthly house of this tabernacle" ( 2 Corinthians 5:1)
So, sleep well my former President,
I say good bye to you "Awe".
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

By: Elder & Deaconess J . AFOLABI OLATUNBOSUN.
The Treasurer of Sunrise club Efon-Alaaye Lagos .
Posted by Anthonia Ayeni on April 6, 2021
You were a great uncle and a great father to us, very lively and fun to be with. While we mourn, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth had been fulfilled. You were indeed an amazing father, passionate about success and also helped people with there dreams by trying to encourage them with your words . You will be greatly missed sir, we thank the Lord for your life and bid you farewell until we meet again.

Taiwo Ayeni(Nee Ola)
Posted by Mrs Mary Babatope on April 4, 2021
Idowu, like a colossus your transition on to glory has hit me. Yet I take solace in the futility of life and in the inevitability of death. The world feels diminished but we are comforted by the way of peace and love you charted and taught us to tread. You gave no hint that Saturday morning, that calmly and with an air of indifference in the presence of some children and grandchildren, you were going to end the chapter we opened together forty-four years ago. That pretty much was a unilateral decision because our resolve at the inception was that running with our significant others would make us run far. You came into my life in a dramatic way and exited in no less dramatic manner. Just when we were celebrating how interestingly you had demolished your meal the night before the curtains fell giving us the excitement you were on your way to full recovery, you bade us farewell.
Our marriage was divinely ordained since we did not know each other much before our first encounter. By His grace, we were compatible. We had our high and low sides but the solid foundation of God stood firm. You were the apple in my eyes and a doting father to your children and grandchildren. You kept us warm, safe, and confident in God's divine provision.
Life was not perfect, as indeed with all mortals, yet we endured, stay focused, and made meaning of our companionship. We travelled together and you broadened my horizon even beyond the narrow confines of our country.
You were always willing to support creativity and innovation. Your creative instincts, as epitomised in your fashion acumen and sense, had adorned the high and mighty in society not only in Nigeria, but also in Namibia, and the United Kingdom. You also showed prowess in Angola, Ghana, South Africa, United States of America, to mention a few.

You had so many sterling qualities but one stood out prominently- your unwavering optimism, enduring passing, and ardent belief in the value of education, not only for me, but also for your children.
Before our marriage, I had been fed with stories that men in marriage who are less educated than their spouses feel threatened and are usually reluctant to support, and may even overtly block opportunities for the academic and intellectual advancement of their spouses. But I make bold to say that there are exceptions to the rule. Rather than douse the spirit, you stoked the fire and enthusiasm. The result is the feeling of self actualisation I have today in all areas of human endeavour. You were my irreplaceable friend, confidant, father, inspirator, encourager, and energiser.
I take solace in the fact that you gave your life to Christ before your call to glory and I am comforted you are resting in the bosom of the LORD until we meet to part no more in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Your best chorus songs are:
A. Verily, Verily You are good, (3ce)
   Jesus, You are good.

B. Thank You Jesus, thank You my Lord
   Whatever I am now, it is by Your grace
   Many are dying, many are perishing
   Whatever I am now, it is by Your grace.

   Yours to the end of ages.
Posted by Ola Victoria on April 3, 2021

My brother like father. Your exit brought so much pain,sadness and disillusion to me and indeed the entire family,you showed me so much care and love, you stood by me watched me through school,you prepared me so well for this reality yet your departure remains unbearable.

Even in grief i cannot ignore the positive impact your love and wisdom has played in my marital journey, you gave me unrestricted attention ,you were always open to listen with kind and wise advice you were truly a brother and a father to me.

  Your passing is a further confirmation of the inevitability of death and the mortality of all creatures on earth. In life we live in Christ and in death we live in Christ as proclaimed by faith.
We seek solace in the above to bear your exit as the will of GOD. Rest on my beloved brother.

(Younger Sister)
Posted by Joel Omoniyi on April 2, 2021
Uncle Benco, your death came to me as a surprise. This shocking. You are humane, humorous, friendly, accommodating and Godly. You lived a very impactful life. A nice family man. We shall miss you. We take solace in the Lord that you have gone to rest at bosom of Christ. May the Lord grant the family fortitude to bear this colossal loss. May God console and uphold the family you left behind. Rest on Uncle Benco.
Posted by Tolu Shoneye on April 2, 2021
May his soul rest in perfect peace from Deaconess E.F Shoneye
Posted by MAYOWA MOSES on April 1, 2021
In true words, I saw in you many attributes of a rare gem. You were fearless, sincere, practical, and always as precise as possible in your truths. You really never beat around the bush.

Daddy, I never felt less than a son before you, though I became one only 10 years ago. This is a testament of how freely you related with everyone you came across. Indeed I miss a father and a friend.

Rest in Peace and continue to be gentle in the bossom of your maker and father as when you breathed your last. You never wanted any one bothered for your sake, and you left in a quiet manner that bore a great witness to your persona. I only wish I can recall your last words to me.

May the Almighty God console the family, friends and large admirers that you left behind. They come in their numbers to show how much impact you had and how much more they miss your presence. 'E sun re laya Jesu o'. I love you and I know I will miss you forever. I know just enough of your favourite words and lines and I will continue to mimick you to keep your sweet memory alive.

Good Night Grand Pa. Your 'Kiis' miss you too.

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Posted by ayotunde .O. Ale on April 20, 2021
I thank God for your life. A man who touched life. Humble, sincere, a man of integrity. May the Good Lord comfort your spouse and family.

May your gentle soul rest in peace,
Posted by Duke Oputa on April 19, 2021
Benco, my gentleman's tailor. You dressed me elagantly. But more than that, you were a great friend. Rest in Peace old man.
Posted by Roli Omayuku on April 19, 2021
My husband and I met daddy on Charles 40th birthday. And it’s was our pleasure to spend time with him. He was a pleasant and a social person to be with. We will surely miss you and our condolences goes to the family
his Life

Benco Babatope - The Biography



Mr. Benjamin Sunday Idowu Ajibola Babatope (affectionately known as ‘Benco’) was born on the 18th of December 1948 in Efon-Alaye LGA of the old Western State , now Ekiti state, to Pa Jacob Taiwo and Madam Lydia Omolayo, both of blessed memory. Benco was born into a devout Christian family and they were members of the Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C.) in Efon-Alaye. The late madam Esther Oluwasola, (maternal grandmother) was known town wide as an early morning street evangelist who would walk the streets each morning as early as 5AM sounding the call to prayers- “E ji iji ododo, E gba ara yin k’ale l’owo orun iku at ese” (Wake up in righteousness, shake yourselves away from the sleep of sin and death!). This earned her the moniker of ‘Jiji Ododo’, and her children and grandchildren earned ‘children of ‘Jiji Ododo’. Pa Taiwo and madam Lydia were both from the Elewere Dynasty in Haye quarters of Efon-Alaye, their marriage was the very first marriage ceremony in the CAC group of churches world over, officiated by none other than the late Apostle Ayo Babalola, founder of the CAC movement. Madam Lydia was one of the many missionaries who toured with the late apostle to neighboring towns to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Benco had 2 surviving siblings with whom he grew; his older brother late Chief S.T. Babatope and his younger sister Mrs V.B Ola. Unfortunately, pa Taiwo died in 1957 while Benco was in primary three and madam Lydia had to raise him and his siblings mostly by herself. 


Benco, started his formal education at the St. Stephens C.A.C. primary school, in Erekesan area of Efon-Alaye and later on to the St. Charles Grammar School in Osogbo for his secondary school education. He however, could not complete his course of study due to financial challenges. His father’s earlier death meant he often had to live with relatives at a time; Pa Oluwatayo Akinyemi of blessed memory, who then was a teacher in western Nigeria, was a prominent figure in his early life and he moved often with him on his work transfers across the region.

On the choice of a career, post his secondary school, madam Lydia considered the main artisan vocations of the time and decided that skills in tailoring were the most enduring as there will always be a basic need for clothing and a near insatiable desire for current clothing trends. She thus enrolled him as an apprentice with Ajayi Tailors in Oshogbo, then Oyo state, where he learnt to make trendy clothes for men.

Benco graduated from his apprenticeship arrangement in 1967 and opened his own tailoring shop in Oshogbo. From his early forays in the industry, Benco realized that women clothing were more varied and in demand as women were multiple times more likely to make new clothes than the average man. Thus he moved to Lagos in 1969 where he enrolled with the late Pa Ayodeji to learn female clothe design and sewing.

Benco would later on open his own ‘feminine fashion design’ outfit at 23 Moloney Street , Ebutemetta East. He coined the name ‘Benco Stitches’ for the outfit which reflected his own forward thinking and vision for the profession. In the early 80s, he opened a second shop at 44 McCullum street, Ebutemetta to serve mainly as a show-room for his designs and latest works. Special care was taken with the interior décor of wooden wall panels and sliding glass doors to match the level of his designs. The main workshop was later moved to 44 McCullum street following the sale of the initial property in 2010.

Benco married Mrs Mary Alake Babatope (nee Bolarinwa), a trained teacher in July 1977. Despite his own truncated formal education, and against conventional thought at the time, he was an ardent believer in the value that both formal and informal education had to offer; he thus encouraged his wife to pursue her formal education to a reasonable conclusion. Although she also learnt hair dressing, tie & die and fashion designing, she still later earned her Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from the University of Lagos. This same drive was transmitted to his children to ensure they all had formal education while they also learnt the basics of fashion designing in their free time.

His lack of a full formal education notwithstanding, Benco had an insatiable appetite for learning and new things. He was often seen in the fore front of design and thought for the profession. In the early 80s, Benco began the first of his many learning pilgrimages to the United Kingdom where he worked with various design and production houses to hone his skills.

Benco often retold the story of his first travel and skills test; the production factory rep had told him that he did not have the level of skill they needed and so could not work with them. Benco said he was stunned and humbled by the experience and it further showed him that indeed the world had moved on beyond what he had been taught and was practicing. Rather than choose a path of less resistance, Benco went back the following day and asked to work without pay- his goal was to see for himself what the others had and thus learn from observation and by doing.

Within a short while, he saw his own deficiencies; learnt new methods and worked with new tools and machinery. He was able to prove his worth and worked his way through the designing, cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging departments. These skills and machinery he brought back to Nigeria and reflected in his work and cadre of clientele.

His quest for knowledge was only matched by his passion to pass on the same to others. Benco took on many male and female apprentices over his decade long career who have all gone on to contribute to the development of the tailoring and fashion design sector of the country. In 2012, Benco was nominated by the National Directorate of Employment to be part of the Technical Aid Corp from Nigeria to Namibia as a Trainer. The objective of the Corp was skills transference; to tutor Namibian youth in the art and science of Fashion Designing and thus help build the nation of Namibia and strengthen diplomatic relations between the two nations. Benco left Namibia in 2014.


Over the years, Benco helped found and grow many organizations with diverse goals and diverse peoples from different walks of life.

He was the Pioneer President of the Sunrise Club of Efon-Alaaye,Lagos, position he held from 1971 to 1988. The club exists till date and the friendships forged there have indeed transcended time itself

The Pioneer President Lagos state Tailors and fashion designers Association (LASTFADA)- He was the pioneer President of the Lagos State Fashion Designers Association (LASTFADA) which inauguration took place in May 2001 when Mr. M. T. J. Oni was the President of the Lagos State Council of Artisans  and Tradesmen (LASCOTA). He was a Member of Trustees in Lagos State Tailors and Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (LASFADAN) until his death. 

He was the First Vice Chairman Lagos State Council of Artisans and Tradesmen (LASCOTA) from 2018 till death.

He maintained his Trainer/ mentor status with the National Directorate of Employment, Lagos, till his death.

Recent stories

25th December 2020, last Christmas

Shared by Dolapo Babatope - Moses on April 1, 2021
Grandpa had a nice time last Christmas with his Family in Lagos Nigeria , few weeks after his return from the UK . We miss you hrandpa