Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints
  • 37 years old
  • Born on June 2, 1975 .
  • Passed away on August 27, 2012 .

Romans 14:8 For if  we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then,  whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Benedette Numfor, 37, born on June 2, 1975 and passed away on August 27, 2012. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Mubanung Njibamum on 4th June 2015
My dear Ben, you just had a birthday. You're 40years old today. Happy birthday. I don't know what to write because I am still lost. Please my dear sister, I know you are with the almighty. Please pray for all of us. Our family is nolonger the same.I love and Miss You. I will always pray for you. Say Hi to DAD.
Posted by Fotso Monique on 28th August 2014
Its been 4 years day to day since you left us....I still miss you so much and i see you everyday in Bradley. He is fine and am no longer in the country, want to become that doctor we talked of. Things are not the way you left it. I wish you could see what is going on...May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Maria-goretti Numfor on 31st October 2013
My dear Ben, my God I can't believe you have been gone for a year. Ben I can't lie. Your home going has kept a big void in my live. I still cry but I con't to pray for a good journey to meet our heavenly father. I know by now you have seen Dad. Tell him I missed him so much. Uncle Peter joined you and I know you all are very happy. I miss you a lot and I will continue to pray for you.
Posted by Mubanung Njibamum on 6th June 2013
Ben, today is june 5th & you just had a birthday. You would be 38yrs old today.I feel,hear and see you everyday.My dear I miss you so much. I keep praying that God should take you into his heavenly kingdom. People say so many nice things about u. I miss not being part of that. May God continue to bless you and I love u more. Say hello to dad & u have fun together till we meet again.
Posted by Jessy Fotso on 8th December 2012
Benny i hardly think u have gone bcos i see Bradley every day. he is doing just fine in school and as i pray for u to meet our LORD all i ask from u is tro always remember him to provide and care for us. times are so hard and it is chritmas just tell him to provide for us such that i can buy toys and clothings for Bradley. i know u are with him and papa. bye
Posted by Fotso Monique on 24th November 2012
Aunty Ben, its been I have not from you and its very strange.I believe i will pick the phone,call you and hear "mou,how?" Its like a dream.I miss you so much.I hope you are already at the end of your journey because you told me in a dream that it is very long and you are already tired. I will keep on praying for you to be strengthen to finish the journey.Rest in peace.I will not forget you
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 23rd November 2012
Dear,the holidays are coming up and I feel like picking up the phone to say, what are you doing for christmas?, as I always ask.I am really feeling your absence and that is difficult for me to deal with.I am learning to live without you, it is hard but we just have to deal with it. Love you baby your sister juliet.
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 12th November 2012
Ben, we still keep praying for you as any loving family will do for a beautiful sister like you.Where ever you are, be safe baby, we all love and miss you dearly.
Posted by Mubanung Njibamum on 27th October 2012
My dear Ben ,it is two months today since your passing. Things are not getting any lighter. It seems it just happened.I cry every day. i can still beleive that you are nolonger with us. My dear I pray that your travel be smooth and you be happy.I know u have met with Dad by now. Tell him I say hi. I love and miss u. God bless u. good bye good bye.
Posted by Mubanung Njibamum on 9th October 2012
My dear Ben, it over a month now since you parted from us & left this very very big hole & void unimagenable. I breaked down badly because of not being able to talk to you. I'm still in a dream mode still hoping that I'll see you or hear from you. I call your phone & when ma Doo answers, I immediately say "Ben". Ma Doo just sounds just like you.little sister travel well & rest in peace.
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 6th October 2012
I always have that feeling of picking up the phone to give you a call to ask you that Ben, what's up,many times it keeps happening because that I what we always did.I don't have that person who will tell me the new stories.I miss you and all the funny stories Ben.You will always remain close to my heart.your loving sister juliet.
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 5th October 2012
Ben,your family is still holding on. mama sister maria Doreen. Jacinta Juliet and Valentine.Honey, we love you and we are and will always pray for you and in the hands of the lord.
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 30th September 2012
Dear Ben, it is still like a dream to me even after a month of your passing away,I am still in denial.we loved you but the lord loved you more.All we have left are the good memories of you, the good little sister you were, always telling me that, ma ju, don't worry everything will be fine.May God bless your heart where you are and always.Ma ju.
Posted by Juliet Numfor on 30th September 2012
Dear Ben,it is a month since your passing away and I am still in denial.All we have left are the good memories of the good sister you were.Img don't have that person who will tell me that, ma ju, don't worry, everything will be just fine.That person who always brings that strong positive energy to make one feel you, ma ju.
Posted by Njeshu Nicoline on 13th September 2012
friend, somethings can be left undone, some words can be left unsaid, some feelings can also be left unexpressed, but then, someone like you will always be remembered eternally. I miss you dear friend MAY YOUR HUMBLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE . NICO(FRIEND)
Posted by Fotso Monique on 11th September 2012
I will forever miss you, your laughs, the small "gist" that we usually had and above all the encouragements you usually gave to me.You paid me a visit as if you knew it will be the last time we will be meeting.I know where you are now,you are fine and resting from all the pain you went through.May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Xe Ziggy on 9th September 2012
Ben I never met you but I have heard alot of good things about you.we will forever miss you.
Posted by Xe Ziggy on 9th September 2012
Hello dear, I am sorry I got to meet you at the end of your journey here on earth. I have heard great things about you. The most impressive is your intelligence. I know you are in a better place today with the Lord. You have left a huge gap in your family and no one can ever replace you. You will forever remain in our hearts.
Posted by Xe Ziggy on 7th September 2012
Our family chain is brokenand life is not the same. Part of our heartsforever,could we ever forget your sparkling eyes or the way you brightened each day or your toxic laugh which is etched in our memories wishing God could spared you just for a few more years. Baby sister Good bye till we meet again. Greet dad for me. love and will alway miss you.Good night my Angel ngum
Posted by Xe Ziggy on 6th September 2012
We would miss you forever

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