Papa in his element
Benedict Mpa Tarh (BM or Pa Tarh)
  • 77 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 3, 1935
  • Place of birth:
    Kendem, Manyu Division, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Jan 15, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Mt Mary Hospital Buea, Fako Division, Cameroon
"If we live, it is for the Lord that we live, and if we die, it is for the Lord that we die. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." Romans 14:8

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved father:

Benedict  MPA TARH,

known to many as "Pa Tarh"

Papa you will be remembered forever!!!

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Born: 3rd April 1935 ~ Died: 15th January 2013

Thursday, 21st February 2013

1.00 p.m. Removal of corpse from the Mortuary of the Regional Hospital Annex,  Buea

2.00 p.m. Requiem Mass at St. Charles Lwanga Parish, Molyko, Buea

5.00 .p.m. Laying in state at the Tarh Family residence in Bonduma, Buea

All-night Vigil with Christian, cultural and traditional animation

Friday, 22nd February 2013

4.00 a.m. Departure for Kendem village, Upper Banyang Sub-Division

10.00 a.m. Stop-over in Mamfe Blessing of Corpse at St Joseph’s Cathedral, Mamfe.

10.30 a.m. Continuation of trip to Kendem village

11.30 a.m. Arrival of corpse in Kendem Village

Laying in State at the Tarh Family residence at Mile 36, Kendem

6.00 p.m. All-night vigil with Christian, cultural and traditional animation

 Saturday, 23rd February 2013

9.00 a.m. Requiem Mass at SS. Peter & Paul Parish, Mbeme (Mile 37)

11.00 a.m. Return to grave at the Tarh Family residence, Mile 36


Refreshments and Departure of guests

Sunday, 24th February 2013

9.00 a.m. Thanksgiving mass at SS. Peter & Paul Parish, Mbeme (Mile 37)

11.00 a.m. Traditional Rites continue.




Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 3rd April 2017

"Dear Papa,

As we, who you left behind to bear the torch of life grapple with its travails, we continue to find strength in the evergreen memories of lessons you bequeathed to us from your exemplary deeds.
Keri ya kuzaliwa Baba!!!
Pumzika kwa amani kamilifu..."

This tribute was added by makem asuarrey on 3rd April 2017

"Happy birthday grandpa,it's been four years since you left us but the love I have for you is still strong and fresh ,love you forever,I can still feel you and hear the echoes' of your many advices in my mind.Pray for me."

This tribute was added by Jayne Tabot on 3rd April 2017

"82 years young eh and four years since you went to join all the others.  Rest in Peace and continue to show us the right way. happy birthday as you celebrate up there with all your people"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 15th January 2017

The years roll by but your memory lives on. Rest in the eternal peace of our Lord!!!"

This tribute was added by Enow Tabot on 4th April 2016

"Papa, I always think of happy times we shared, I know we will meet again and never to say goodbye."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 15th January 2016

"Papa on this day 3 years you were called home by the Good Lord. Please continue to watch over and protect us left behind in this world of sin. Fare thee well and greet Mami, Uncle Bawak, Uncle Agbor, Pa Edjua and all the family members and friends who have also been called home.
Your memory leaves on and your this candle will never go out. RiP Papa"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 15th January 2016

Three years ago, you transitioned into the realm of eternal repose and felicity. As you sit by the side of your Maker, may you continue to intercede for each and every one of us, asking that our needs be granted accordingly to His divine design.
Rest in peace with all our departed loved ones!!!"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 6th April 2015

"Papa, As we celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour and your 80th birthday, we continue to pray that the Lord shines His divine light on you and grants your endless intercessions for us. Rest in peace for eternity."

This tribute was added by Jane Tarh Takang on 3rd April 2015

"A Special Good Friday 80th Birthday for you, Papa. How you would have said' Let's hold on to the celebrations till Easter Sunday! Thanks for your continued prayers and intercession for us! Amen"

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 3rd April 2015

"Happy birthday Papa. I know you ate celebrating your 80th birthday with Mami, grand parents, your friends, the angels and The most high. Enjoy and please keep praying and interceding for us. We miss your physical presence but know you are still with us."

This tribute was added by Doris Et on 15th January 2015

"Papa, it's funny how though far from sight, you are still so present in my thoughts. Espacially as I wonder what you would say infront of certain situations... It actually dawned on me about a month on Dec. 18th, and it made me weep.... as I still weep now... at the thought of who or what made my marriage successful... then I realised I hadn't the opportunity to say "Thank You," to you or your friend, Daddy Bawak. Yes Daddy RIP. Papa, I will forever miss the love and special consideration you showed me. The father-inlaw to daugher-inlaw moments we shared and the stories of how Mami Monica's appreciation of my person caused you to have more confidence in me. Mami, thank you for believing in your class 6 pupil that I was. Mami RIP. Papa, you have left the scen... but your role will never be forgottent, for in our heart, you are forever present. May our compationate Lord Jesus grant you peaceful rest in his bossom."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 15th January 2015

"Papa I can't believe it is now 2 years today since you answered that call we all dreaded. I still remember clearly receiving Emman's call at 2.15pm asking me if I had been called from buea. I called buea and heard Bruno Difand Tarh  praying and asking me to pray that papa is going. I was scared and relieved that you were no longer in pain but wondering what life without you will be like? I now realize that you are still here though not physically but still live with us in our hearts. In tough times your words come to mind just like you would have done either on the phone or in person. I miss you, we miss you but I know you are resting with the angels and singing your favorite. Hymn. "Come Holy Ghost  creator come come from thy bright heavenly throne..." Take care and rest in peace. Eternal rest grant unto Papa oh Lord.....""

This tribute was added by soter agbaw-Ebai on 15th January 2015

"The Tarh empire that you personally built remains an empire where the sun never sets!! Continue to rest in peace Dad and plead to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ to watch over us"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 15th January 2015

"Papa, You have passed on to the realm of timelessness and spacelessness, a land of perfect bliss, where you are resting and interceding for your countless children. May the Good Lord continue to grant you eternal rest and bless all you pray for.
You live on in our hearts!!!"

This tribute was added by Lawrence Enongene on 15th January 2015

"Pa Tarh, You live in your progeny like you live in the many lives you touched!"

This tribute was added by Jayne Tabot on 15th January 2015

"2 years gone already!! Papa you  are gone but not forgotten! Rest in peace papa and please watch over  us as usual.  We live everyday remembering your words and try to emulate the life you lived. If we can do just a fraction of what you did  then our job is done.  Sleep well Pa  and  hug mami for us."

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 3rd April 2014

"Another birthday celebrated in God's eternal kingdom... We pray that you may continue to rest in perfect peace and to intercede for us before our Father. May perpetual light shine upon you now and always... Love from us all"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 3rd April 2014

"Papa, As we continue to celebrate your life, we give thanks to God for all the blessings He showered on us through you.
Rest in peace!!!"

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 3rd April 2014

"Happy Birthday Papa, i know you are watching over us as you always did. I hope you have a splendid celebrations with Mami, Justic BB, Lawyer Edjua and all the Angels and saints.

Untill we meet again take care and be blessed.


This tribute was added by francis Ayuk on 16th January 2014

"Pa ,
Thanks for the shelter and advises. It still rings a thousand bells today. I am grateful you finally found eternal rest in the hands of the lord. Until we meet again, you shall always remain in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Jane Tarh Takang on 16th January 2014

"Papa, after one year it still feels like yesterday when we had our last conversation that Sunday January 13.It is the kind a vacuum that,  as Mami once said, 'we live with, until when our day comes'. But in your absence the life lessons you both imprinted in us now make sense, serving as a daily guide, in addition to our prayers and trust in God.Thank you for the foundation of prayer, selflessness and fortitude you laid in us. It lives on...Till we meet again, Bye for now Papa, we truly miss you, but feel your presence  are reassured you are with your maker and happy too."

This tribute was added by Enow Tabot on 15th January 2014

"Papa, it’s exactly one year since the Lord called you and I still feel like it’s today. You will remain in our thoughts forever. May the Almighty grant you eternal rest until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Tanyi Tabeson on 15th January 2014

"Ah! Papa! You are still there! its a year yet its like yesterday! I can feel you smiling and rejoicing because your work on earth was not in vain. We, your children are trying to keep the flag flying - to remain the salt of the earth and the light of the World. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the exemplary life.
in our hearts forever! Fr Tabeson"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 15th January 2014

You groomed us to live together in a spirit  of LOVE. We pledge to continue the work you started.  Love from All of us...."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 15th January 2014


You went back to your Creator a year ago

Leaving behind a family you brought up to be God-fearing

The life lessons you taught have continued being our guiding principle,

Keeping us united and living in a spirit of love and sharing.

We thank all those who have contributed in various ways to your eternal flame burning."

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 15th January 2014

The year has rolled by and the memories of your peaceful passing are still fresh in our minds as if it was yesterday. They will remain green forever and your legacy of love, unity and steadfast faith will continue to guide our steps as we pursue our earthly journey.
We know that you, Mami and all the departed members of the family are by your maker, interceding for us.
Rest in perfect peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 15th January 2014

"Your spirit lives on..."

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 15th January 2014

"Papa, it's exactly one year ago since you completed your earthly journey and returned to your Father. The void you left has not and cannot be filled. However, your legacy still lives on, and we remember your teachings and selfless love for us, which we continue to share with one another. We also rely on our Lord for His daily guidance, mercies, blessings and protection, trusting that He will fulfil His word written in Psalm 146:9. He will remain our rock, refuge and strength as we trudge along life's path, until we meet to part no more. May you and Mami continue to intercede for us as you always have. Eternal rest to you both, and let perpetual light shine upon you... AMEN"

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 14th January 2014

"Today Tuesday exactly 1 year ago to the day you returned to your maker at approximately 2.33PM. Thanks you for all you did while alive and all you are still doing. May the Lord forgive your sins and grant you eternal rest by his side. We miss you but you are forever in our hearts. Thank You Papa."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 15th October 2013

"Exactly 9 months ago to the day today you breathed your last breath and left this sinful place.  I had always dreaded the thought of that day, but when it came, the calmness and peace that I felt after receiving receiving the call from Emman, still give me joy today that you are in a better place. No more pain or sorrow. thank you for taking care of us and for still watching over us. Adieu"

This tribute was added by tarh rismond on 14th October 2013


This tribute was added by Peter Nsenkeng on 5th April 2013

"Fond memories of when I would make time to pay Pa short visits at home to counter his regular accusation " wuna di kam only when Ojong dey";

You were a father to too many including me. We have a duty to uphold your legacy. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Christy Tarh on 4th April 2013

"papa it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. happy birthday. we miss you so dearly but note  that the MTN family misses you so dearly already. ariverderchi xty"

This tribute was added by Asuarrey Asuarrey on 4th April 2013

"Grandpa,yesterday was your birthday but it was rather unfortunate we couldn't celebrate it with you. Fortunate enough it was destined you had to spent this birthday in heaven. Hope you had a great celebration with the heavenly companions? HBD grandpa."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 4th April 2013

We remember and celebrate yesterday. Even though you are not physically here we take comfort in knowing, you are celebrting with MAMI, your beloved your friends Pa Edjua (My Namesake), Justice Bawak and the Angels. Hope you had a great day. HBD> From Bobo, Jayne, Lisa & Me"

This tribute was added by Jane Tarh Takang on 3rd April 2013

"Happy Birthday in Heaven! God had spoken and so this year is different....we cannot call you on our cellphones as we always did, neither can we offer you the funny cakes or your favourite foods on this special day, but we can still talk to you in our still heaving hearts....From all of us, Jane, Jonathan, Bawak and your Mbombo, Mpanyo, with love"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 3rd April 2013

"Papa, our wives planned to make you a special present for this day. Too bad you could not wait to receive it. All the same "Happy Birthday" as you dwell with all those who have gone ahead. Keep on interceding for the family you left behind."

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 3rd April 2013


This tribute was added by Pantaleon Ebai on 21st February 2013

"Deeply saddened upon learning the news of the death of our beloved Papa Tarh, after a long life of total dedication to God and service to our family, region and country… In these moments of pain, I join you, my venerable brothers and sisters in the prayers of thanksgiving for the life of this praiseworthy father and servant of God.

Truth is: every great man has in his life a unique sourc"

This tribute was added by constance tanga on 20th February 2013

"Mr.Tarh/family, my condolences to you. I was lucky to meet Pa Tarh once at the family house in Buea when we went to get a piece of land in Liongo. He was such a nice, soft spoken and caring person. I must say you guys are lucky & opportuned to see your dad to this stage. Yes he will be missed but his legacy leaves on. I joint you in thanking God for a life well fulfilled on earth."

This tribute was added by Lucy Agbor on 19th February 2013

"Dear Family,

May the Holy Spirit comfort you all during this difficult time. Papa has done a good job and has gone to his rest. He will be missed but his legacy lives on. God bless you all!"

This tribute was added by Olive ADA on 18th February 2013

"Uncle Jude & Family, few lucky people like you are opportune  to see their dad to this age. I join you in thanking God for his favour to Papa's life. he lived a fulfilled life seeing his children grow up successfully. Yes we join you in celebrating the life of a man who raised up his children successfully in the absence of his beloved wife. Pa Tarh you did a good job.  RIP."

This tribute was added by David Musgrave on 18th February 2013

"Benedict was a dear friend from the time we first met at Community Development HQ in Buea. He encouraged and supported me through my time in Cameroon and particularly in my marriage to Madeleine, and years later shared in my loss.  Mary, Ben and Sophie join me in expressing our gratitude for his life and our condolences at his departing."

This tribute was added by Harrison Ngayap on 11th February 2013

"Pa Tarh was poised with honesty right to His last days. He never found it funny, if the truth was not spoken outrightly. Thank you Pa for setting the standards high for us to follow. Your resilience in life, strenght and and fear of God remains your legacy for us to follow."

This tribute was added by augusta epuli anjoh on 7th February 2013

we had a lengthy conversation just two weeks before your passing on. you were a father yet a friend!!! I have always wondered why you treated me so specially and we were able to discuss deep things!!!
all i can say is your will  be greatly missed.
your will forever be in our hearts and your candle shin"

This tribute was added by Julius Abosi on 7th February 2013

"Jude, my condolences to you and your siblings during what must be very sad times for you. I was only lucky to meet your old man once and he came across as a very loving and caring person indeed. As you mourn, I know you will thank God for all the time you spent with him, learning from his rich experience and gentle ways. A very gracious gentleman has passed on. May his soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Sammy Akombi on 6th February 2013

"The spirit’s gone! Gone out of the wings of the one,
      the one who tirelessly fought for community spirit.
      This fight took him to the north, east, west and south.
      Wherever  he went, he kept his smile. No matter how long was the mile.
      Even when he retired, he wasn’t tired. He held on to the good fight
      For a sustained community spirit. And now the spirit’s gone."

This tribute was added by Raphaël Onana on 6th February 2013

"Mes sincères condoléances à la toute la Famille Tarh. Que Dieu vous donne la force et le courage de supporter cette séparation et surtout de continuer l'oeuvre commencée et menée avec beaucoup de sagesse par Papa Tarh.
Je suis de tout coeur avec vous."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 4th February 2013

"Tribute to our patron who was always there for us

Papa God’s precious child you were
Now walks hand in hand with the Lord,
This we know.
While earth has one gentle soul less
And heaven one special angel more,
We have another patron to intercede
For us from above.
Rest in peace for all Eternity

Christ the King Choir (CKC) Molyko"

This tribute was added by makem asuarrey on 3rd February 2013

"Grandpa!i never knew death was  going to separate us so  soon.I have no one  to correct and advice me now that your gone.Its God who gives  and he has taken,i know you are resting in his heavenly kingdom.may you continue praying for us.Rest in peace papa!  From  Ojong Migranch."

This tribute was added by Mary Maimo on 1st February 2013

"Dear Jane/Tarhs, accept my heartfelt condolence at this difficult moment of Pa’s passing on to glory. Yes, Pa Tarh was unique and was a true father & friend to his children and their friends without discrimination. Thank you Pa Tarh, for all your fatherly love and invaluable advice and May God grant you eternal rest as you travel to meet Ma Tarh. May the entire family be consoled now and always."

This tribute was added by Ndiep Larissa Assam on 1st February 2013

"Papa, You were always so sweet to me and it's sad to know you're gone. You treated me like your own granddaughter. I remember seeing you last summer when I visited in Yaounde not knowing that that was my final good bye.You were an exceptional man. Caring, kind, prayerful, respectable, wise and jovial. I pray that someday, I can be half the sage you were. Rest in the peaceful peace Papa"

This tribute was added by Playne B Ebai on 31st January 2013

"Papa, thank you for being a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. A dad to us when daddy was alive and when he left us. We came to you for words of wisdom and you were always there for us. You were a strong pillar of our community and will be solely missed by us all. Tell daddy that we are as stoical as he taught us to be. I know that you were ready to join Mami so farewell. RIP"

This tribute was added by Nathalie Ewane Nonga on 31st January 2013

"""Pa, I haven't got a chance to know you, but I spend 3 years with one of your daughter Jane T. she was my chief and I was her assistant, she was too good for me that in deed I notice all her strenght and hope come from you, you have been a good pa for her, she will missed you..........."""

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 31st January 2013

"Pa Tarh
You were distinct as a devoted Father, a loyal and Committed Friend.
In you we have experienced the meaning of being devoted to those you call yours.
Yes Papa, the Bisongs will forever be grateful to you for stepping in when our dad, your friend, moved on to Eternity.
Papa, you will forever remain in our hearts.
For the family"

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 31st January 2013

"Papa, you lived a neat, quiet and God-fearing life. You were a good person, advising, reprimanding and praying for all your children. The last time I visited you, you gave me a prayer. Although we are going to miss all of these, we are not sad, because you are with the Almighty, interceding for all of us. May God grant you eternal rest. From Asta and Flo Morh"

This tribute was added by Mabelle Chimi on 31st January 2013

"Mon cher Jude,
Sincères condoléances et beaucoup de courage dans cette épreuve! Le Seigneur donne et il reprend. Votre papa sera toujours vivant dans vos coeurs. Paix à son âme."

This tribute was added by Stephen Tanyi on 30th January 2013

"Pa Tarh, you touched the lives of many. Spent most of your time teaching humility and holiness. God must be very proud of you and awaits you with open arms. I cannot tell it all.

This tribute was added by Asuarrey Asuarrey on 29th January 2013

""Grand Pa,you were such an adorable father and grand father to us all. I see you like an idol which every one should take as a role model for you were a remarkable person showing unending love to all till the very end. The only consolation I have is that you are resting in the Heavenly Kingdom where you belong and I see you in each and every one of your children left behind. Farewell""

This tribute was added by TAKOR Martin on 29th January 2013

"The loss of Pa Tarh is a very big blow to us (TAKOR, MBOH & AKO) and those who know him.  May the Lord guard and keep you in peace as you journey back to your maker.  We pray that God gives all of us the fortitude to bear the loss, particularly his dear children whose love for him was even made more manifest in the magnitude of their care. Adieu Pa Tarh! May God grant you eternal rest Amen."

This tribute was added by Marie Akem on 28th January 2013

"Papa you lived a blessed and fulfilled life!! You have gone to be with the Lord, because it is His way for all, but your life here on earth was well spent. You were an inspiration to many, and you lived an exemplery life which will be rememberd by many. It is a temporary seperation and i know we will meet someday. Thank you for all the advice. Bye Bye Papa,and may you RIP"

This tribute was added by Caroline Asongwe ChoNji on 28th January 2013

""Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty". Pa Tarh you were an inspiration to all who came across your path. There was always a joke to crack or some advice  to be given. My son will never forget that he savored  his first "nyamagoro" in your house because you left your doors open to all. May the angels lead you into paradise. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.... Adieu Pa"

This tribute was added by Manyo Besong on 28th January 2013

""Pa Tarh, You have been an inspiration from the day I knew you till the day of your passing. One of the things I learnt from you is that you stayed true to yourself and beliefs and remained an example in an environment where there were no many examples to learn from.
Thank you for all what you did to shape my life and the future. Adieu""

This tribute was added by Danielle Nkoum Dimala on 28th January 2013

""Papa,I may not have known you for years, but the few hours i spent with you was enough to notice that you were a righteous and generous man, full of wisdom and humor. For my part you will always be remembered as the lovely Pa'Tarh. We should bless God in any time, for he is the one who gives and takes, as he has taken you to be with him. Rest in Peace Pa, you will be sorely missed ever.""

This tribute was added by Susan Ekollo on 28th January 2013

"Sir, May God bless you and take you straight home to Heaven as your wonderful legacy of fine children, friends and family achieved through hard work and abnegation, lives on to mourn and continue. Jude and family,ashiya, please be strong and keep the faith...the Savior understands and He will send the balm of Gilead. God bless you all."

This tribute was added by Ma-Bejuh Tarkem on 27th January 2013

"Grand pa,you were not only a grand father but you were an angel that lived amongst men.Your passing away with respect to the life you have lived here on earth taught me to have courage and trust in GOD for in every thing you do your reward must come.Thank you for being a good director and your words will for ever ring like music in my heart.Go and rest in peace with the LORD"

This tribute was added by soter agbaw-ebai on 27th January 2013

"You are the man from whom I am name!
You walked into me when the whole world walked out!
Your name will often be spoken
My thoughts are with you still
And what is more!! You shall never be forgotten!!
You the Rock of Awanchi-Betieku
Speak me fair to Euphemia, Eyang and your Pal- MPA"

This tribute was added by Marie McMoli on 27th January 2013

"Jude, my friend, on behalf of me, Karl and the rest of the Mondoa family please accept our sincere condolences in this time of grief. I am sure you and your siblings made your dad very happy and proud of his legacy during his life time. We thank God for his life."

This tribute was added by Ndando Family on 26th January 2013

"Rest in Peace Papa,
You have fought your fight and completed your race.  We wish you well as you make the transition to heaven and continue to enjoy the peace that passes all understanding."

This tribute was added by Geraldine Caspa Fossung on 26th January 2013

"Papa you lived your life to the fullest but it was time, the Lord called and you answered, May your  light continue to shine as you watch over the loved ones you have left behind.Rest in peace  for you will now be reunited with your darling wife.We all loved you BUT God loves you more."

This tribute was added by jonathan takang on 26th January 2013

"Grandpa, you used to hug us and ask us how we are doing in school. You always told us to work hard in school and you used to share your breakfast with us and I will massage your hands that were paining. I want to promise you grandpa that I will work hard in school.
From Jennifer Bawak-Ako Takang (granddaughter and Big mami)"

This tribute was added by jonathan takang on 26th January 2013

"Grandpa, you were the best grandpa in the whole world. I always liked how you called me "mbombo' and we shared your  breakfast, and you told us to work hard in school so that we would get a good grades in school, I love you grand pa,
From Julius Mpanyo-TarhTakang (your grandson and "mbombo")"

This tribute was added by Otang Peter on 26th January 2013

"Tarh’s Family, please accept our heartfelt condolences. The memories of Pa Tarh will leave in our hearts forever.
I remember when I went to greet Pa Tarh at OJ’s wedding ceremony, Pa surprised me by bringing up the story my childhood puppy dog that went missing, this was a story I didn’t even know Pa knew about but Pa did and could still remember 18years later. Adieu to you Pa, RIP."

This tribute was added by Dilys Fossung - Ibrahim on 25th January 2013

""Papa", May you Rest in Peace now for your journey on this earth is over but your eternal life is just beginning where you will be joined with your darling wife who left you before to prepare a place.... To all you have left behind, be reassured and know the Lord has plans to prosper and not harm you. You have "ANGELS" watching over you. Please accept our deepest sympathies. Hang in there!"

This tribute was added by Obasi Maurice Mohesieh on 25th January 2013

"Pa Tarh ,We thank God for the fuffilled and accomplished earthly sojourned.The world,your family and especially your children and grand children will miss you,but rest joyfully  in peace because you adequately prepared them for this inevitable exit.Give all our love to Mami and all fallen members of this great family and together continue to inspire us all from the great beyond.AGWEH PAPA!"

This tribute was added by Arah Oben on 25th January 2013

"Papa, God hath not promised sun without rain, joy without sorrow or peace without pain. But he hath promised strength for the day, rest for the laborer, light for the way and Grace for the trails. So may he grant you eternal rest.
You remain in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by jonathan takang on 25th January 2013

"Tribute from Patience Wanobi
I loved my father and father loved me, there is nothing I would have done without him. May  you rest in Peace, papa, till we meet again.
Your  Daughter, Patience"

This tribute was added by Akem Forkusam on 25th January 2013

"Pa Tarh, "fought the good fight, he finished the race, he kept the faith. Now there is in store for him the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to him...(2 Timothy 4:7-8)." He will be ever missed by those whose lives he touched in different ways."

This tribute was added by Samuel Dimite on 25th January 2013

"Pa Tarh marked my life with his uncompromising attachment to God, love, humility, discipline, simplicity and family as the true sources of fulfilment and greatness. Besides, his notion of family extended way beyond blood lines. This is a tremendous and very challenging legacy to live up to in these times."

This tribute was added by Tanyi Tabeson on 24th January 2013

""Papa, you were a strong pillar of encouragment, an icon of faith and trust to us throughout our ten years of seminary formation and for all these years as priests. You always told us to be good and holy priests and so you spent your whole life praying for priests. Papa, you lived a good life, and you were always ready for the Master's call. Papa, we will live to remember you! Rest in pea"

This tribute was added by Julius Taku on 24th January 2013

"Pa Tarh, thanks for the love and attention as well as all the encouragement. Our story is incomplete without you. Our kids remember how much attention you accorded them after Mass on Sundays in Molyko. May your gentle soul RIP! To the rest of the family, accept our heartfelt condolences. It is well.  Pa has returned to his Father whom he loved and served so well while on earth; take heart!"

This tribute was added by Jean Noundou on 24th January 2013

"Regrets éternels"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 24th January 2013

"I learnt of Papa's passage to the Glory Beyond.
Accept my condolence and we pray for the repose of his soul.
Ako Kingsley"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 24th January 2013

"Tarh Family, Accept our sincere condolences. May the good God see you through this moment.
Hoil, Enny and Briony"

This tribute was added by Ernest Tonka on 24th January 2013

"Baggio and family, may the Lord give you the strenght to bear this great loss. Your Dad has played his role, and did so well. It is left for you to preserve his legacy. May his kind and gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Ernest, Mireille, Dorel & Maida-Pearl."

This tribute was added by Clement Nneme on 23rd January 2013

"Courage Jude,
Je ne l'ai rencontré qu'une ou deux fois, mais cela a été suffisant pour capter l'image d'un homme affable et génereux. Le témoignage de ceux qui ont eu la chance de mieux le connaître est éloquent à ce sujet.
Sincères condoléances."

This tribute was added by Ralph Ashley on 23rd January 2013

"Pa, heaven's gain is our loss. You have fulfilled your destiny - a return to heaven. Your humility will raise you high in the realm of angels. Now you can truly rest where Mommy Tarh awaits you. May heaven's light shine perpetually on your face.  Rest in peace. let it be."

This tribute was added by Judith Lah on 23rd January 2013

"Papa, you always had kind words and a smile. You lived an exemplary life of simplicity, discipline, love, sharing and had the kindest heart. I know, I was blessed like many others to have known you and will always cherish every moment we had. We will miss you, as we celebrate your homegoing to join the heavenly angels and mami, where there is always peace, and joy. RIP Papa!"

This tribute was added by Rollin LOWOLONG on 23rd January 2013

"Toutes mes condoléances Jude.

Que son âme repose en paix.
Beaucoup de courage à ta famille dans cette dure épreuve qu'elle traverse."

This tribute was added by Lisa Tarh on 23rd January 2013

"Grandfather, you were such a blessing to me. You were more than a father in law! You were always advising me and knew how to correct without hurting. You taught me how to pray like a true Catholic! I will truly miss you. May the Lord receive you into his Kingdom, may He comfort us and turn our mourning into dancing till we meet again. Rest in the Lord's bossom. Adieu Papa!"

This tribute was added by Patience Ntemgwa on 23rd January 2013

"Pa Tarh, even though I met you just once, I know your gentle soul is now resting  in Perfect Peace. You are with the angels now and are watching over your family and much more. I remember your smile when you met us last July. You embodied wisdom."

This tribute was added by Lawrence Francis Agbor Tambe on 23rd January 2013

"Pa Tarh, your passing leaves a hole in the hearts of all who knew you, but you remain alive in those same hearts regardless, you were a father, a friend , a mentor, a source of inspiration and a very strong personality to those of us privileged to have known you. Your principled nature was infectious, personally that is what I will miss most about you. You will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 23rd January 2013

""As  said in the Bible, There is a time to come and go.  Pa Tarh, you have been there for us at all times. You did what God wanted you to, and have left a mark that will always remain forever. You are in the best place now. No more pains, worries and sorrows.  Just keep on watching over us with the angels above.  Wish you a peaceful rest."

This tribute was added by Eneke Etta on 23rd January 2013

"Papa, we thank God for your life. You were a father to us a role which you did exceptionally. The news of your passing away was a shock to me but i find comfort in the hope that you are now in a better place. I remember how you fondly call me Ma Eneke all the time. May you find peace in the bossom of the Lord. Greetings to your freind/brother Papa & Aunty. Forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Blaise Ngome on 23rd January 2013

"Pa Tarh
I knew you for a very short time but in no time i understood you are a great man.Why? Because you gave respect where it is due and above all you always made sure the slate is clean.In my eyes you are even greater now for reconciling your family before your departure to heaven the way my father did.Say hi to God on our behalf"

This tribute was added by Adeline Ekaney on 22nd January 2013

""Pa Tarh", After living a fulfilled life on earth, I'm very confident God saw that the mission he sent you on was satisfactorily completed and called you home to re-unite with your most loved ones. Rest in eternal bliss with the choirs of angels and continue to watch over your own."

This tribute was added by florence bawak on 22nd January 2013

"Pa Tarh, uncle Tarh as you were known in our house hold. I shall always remember how supportive and loving you were to all of us and your friendship with our family was always cherished. I am so grateful I got the chance to see you last year and have taken the advice you gave me on that day and I'm still putting it to practice. Regards to daddy and aunty from us all. REST IN PEACE."

This tribute was added by evala alice on 22nd January 2013

""Papa, truly this world is a stage where  every body must play his/her part", you have  done your best  to teach us the realities of this world ,that all is vanity, the best is to LOVE one another as our selves; yes Papa you didn't  just  say , but you demonstrated the Love. you made all of us who knew u as  Grand Pa benefit   the Blessings God gave u.thanks for connecting us to u. R I P.P"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 22nd January 2013

"Uncle Pa Tarh, it’s not an easy road for I know you are journeying to heaven and there are many thorns on the way. Never mind dear father our lord Jesus walks beside you and brightens the journey and lightens every heavy load.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Christy Tarh"

This tribute was added by Lionel Egbe on 22nd January 2013

"Pa Tarh, I know you died a very happy man, especially after having lived life to its fullest and being part of the great accomplishments of your children before passing away...I'm confident that wherever you are, you are looking down on them and smiling...May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by carl etah on 22nd January 2013

"Grandpa, your passing has only made us realize how much difference a person can make in the world, you gave your best in almost every situation, and it was amazing how you always found time to give counsel to all those you came across. You were inextricably linked to the struggles of folks you barely knew and your constant advice and prayers,we will forever miss.May your soul rest in Peace"

This tribute was added by Nkongho Benson on 22nd January 2013

"Pa Tarh, is a Great man. The Almighty granted him the possibility to live to this day, we can only give Him glory and rejoice. Pa, I recall the advice you gave me when started working in the Far North that I initially refused going. I remember what you said and all I can say is thank you.For your advice was very helpful, not on that situation alone but on several.You are a Patriot, a hero."

This tribute was added by Peter Paul Ibeagha on 22nd January 2013

""Pa Tarh, you took me like your own child and gave me very good advice how to survive in the priesthood, in Mamfe diocese and in Yaounde. You told me that even if the road as difficult as what, I should have faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church. I loved you but God love you more, blessed be the name the Lord. Requiescat in pace.""

This tribute was added by Larry Cumber on 22nd January 2013

You did your best to bring up your children with your sweat, confidence,dedication and dignity. In all these things you never failed as a father. Surely your children know this and will always remember you for giving them the life today. May you peacefully rest in the LORD'S hands and when there shower blessings to all of us here."

This tribute was added by Charles Mfortow on 22nd January 2013

"It was just like yeaterday that we met, your loving heart you shared, but now you are gone to rest.   You took the responsibility of my late dad to go execute my traditional wedding in my absence.  How much can I say thank you.  We will miss you, we will stay together and emuliate your examples moving forward, rest in peace, papa."

This tribute was added by Etchu Ebott Jr on 22nd January 2013

"Pa Tarh lived a fulfilled and accomplished  life that can only call for celebration, celebration not because he departed us, but for the life he lived while on earth. We can only pray and hope that while we live on in his physical absence, the values instilled, by him, continue to resonate in us, and thus he lives on, even to the next generations."

This tribute was added by Peter . Njang on 21st January 2013

"Pa Tarh was a very disciplined man who held no grudge against anyone no matter how much you hurt him. He was a true Christian. I believe when offended, he always asked himself, “What would Christ have done?” He was a true family man as he aspired to love everyone in the family even when we offended him. His response was to love us in return just as Christ did."

This tribute was added by Felix Oben on 21st January 2013

"Pa, we thank the Almighty for gracing us with your life! You were such an incredible father figure to us all, always there to offer advice and a comforting word.
Your legacy lives on in your children and grandchildren and may the father almighty grant you the eternal rest you always desired!"

This tribute was added by Anne Oben on 21st January 2013

"Our Saviour tells us in John 14:2 that in His Father's house, there are many mansions... Papa, I'm absolutely convinced you are now in one of those mansions. You worked hard, lived well, and even prayed harder. The angels rejoice at your passage to glory. Though we mourn, we rejoice that you are in a better place where there is no pain, only JOY ETERNAL. You are forever in our hearts. LOVE"

This tribute was added by Jude Tarh on 21st January 2013

"Papa, it is not the length of life but rather its plenitude that matters. You have taught us that living is loving, giving, sharing, helping, being there when one is needed. You embodied the principles you stood for. Today, despite the sadness of your passing, we are proud of you, and shall celebrate and thank God for your life. Greet Mami, Uncle Bawack, Aunty Irene. Rest in Peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Emma Akem on 21st January 2013

"My Dear Papa. Your memories will forever remain in my mind as I reflect on the advice and unconditional love you showed to us. I will miss your wise words and stories. May the almighty God lead you to eternity? Adieu Papa"

This tribute was added by Belinda Assam on 21st January 2013

"Papa, you were a father to us all and we will sorely miss you. Your
heart was so tender and ready to embrace us all. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to visit with you twice during your confinement even though I did not know that was the last time I'd see you. Papa, may God be merciful to you and grant you eternal rest free from your labor"

This tribute was added by Daniel Asua on 21st January 2013

""Pa Tarh was a father to all and what a loss to everyone who knew him. He will be missed forever.""

This tribute was added by Doris Et on 21st January 2013

"Papa, if I ever wondered the power of prayers, you've thought me to be steadfast & hold on to it. Am grateful to God for the cherished moments we shared. Say me well to Mami Monica, tell her I found my steps back home. Remember to tell Daddy Bawak of God's wonders on Sis Oben. Papa, you've gone but your words leave on & I'll practice, as they sure lead to a long healthy life. Love u always"

This tribute was added by Austin Achunkwe on 21st January 2013

"Pa Tarh, you treated all "your children" in the same way and without exception. I remember these words of yours to me late last year " Austin, are you still in this Buea? I know when you will pay me a visit. but I will not be there..." I didn't pay that visit before the year ended. I wish I had. But rest assured that you are still a father to me and I will heed to all your advice. Adieu Pa"

This tribute was added by Didier B Bikok Dimala on 21st January 2013

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him (Prov 20:7). You've been and will remain a role model; a Dad indeed. All thanks and glory be to God for the exemplary life you lived."

This tribute was added by Jane Tarh Takang on 21st January 2013

"Papa, you lived striving to stay on the right path, even when it was rugged; trudging  along all around you, ensuring  none was left behind, like the good shepherd. We now have to continue the journey without you. But, in your strategic style, you exit the stage to reunite with Mami, convinced we are armed to continue by ourselves, Thank you Papa for all you have been to us, so long....""

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Tarh on 21st January 2013

"Papa, Thanks for the good times we shared. Thanks for also helping me to go through the bad ones too. You taught us to share and cherish all, be they good or bad, friend or foe. You stayed long enough, fearing we might not be able to bear the burden alone. And, when you felt were ready for it, you took your bow. Farewell, our regards to Mami and may God reward you for your labours..."

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 21st January 2013

"Papa , you were papa to all who knew you. You lived a full life and saw all your childrens' Children. What better blessing can one hope for?. I thank you for guidance and love you gave us all. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bury you. It is hard to let go, but we all have to. But I know you will never be faraway and this time you will be with Mami. Aways in our hearts."

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