Posted by Olufemi Sanyaolu on September 2, 2022
My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved Brother, Dr. Benjamin Abolade Sanyaolu. He was a fine gentleman and a passionate medical practitioner. May the gracious Lord grant his gentle soul eternal peaceful rest.
Engr. Adeniyi Olusegun Abiola.
Posted by Clement Sanyaolu on August 17, 2022
Tribute to Dr Benjamin Abolade Sanyaolu.

It was a rude and devastating shock to learn from your wife of your sudden passing on to glory in the early hours of Saturday 16 July 2022, having had a lengthy phone conversation with you on various issues, in our characteristic manner two days earlier.
Prior to your demise you had been my only surviving sibling and I was really heartbroken by your sudden departure.
As a brother, you were also my mentor, confidant, benefactor in my growing up years and you monitored my progress strictly.
As a medical practitioner, you served mankind passionately and diligently. This was also in line with your personal qualities of hard work and rendering help to all and sundry, as situations necessitated.
You were a rallying point for the extended Sanyaolu family, especially after the demise of our older siblings.
The family will greatly miss your humane nature, mentoring, fantastic historical knowledge of the family tree and events.
My wife, children and I will miss your genuine love and affection for us. We thank God for the amazing relationship we had with you. Fond memories of you will for ever remain in our hearts.
Adieu my brother! Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
- Arc Clement and Mrs Jumoke Sanyaolu
Posted by Bernice Omoyemi Fasina on August 15, 2022
I just don't know what to say or how to start. Daddy your demise is very shocking to me. I woke up in the middle of the night to ease myself, my phone rang, I picked and I heard"Daddy is gone". And I asked which Daddy? The voice again said "my husband". It was as if I was dreaming. Daddy, I will forever remember your care and affection towards me and my family. Your house became a second home to my children. You took good care of them as your grand children. You dropped them in school whenever I was not around. With your help and encouragement, I became a Peri-Operative Nurse. I will always remember your greetings in a very soft and cheerful voice "How are you"? Anytime I called, you always asked about my family's welfare. You always attended to my Mom's medical care.Your demise was and is still very painful to me because I missed the opportunity to hear your voice three days before your death because you were busy with your visitor that day when I called. Daddy, I will miss you dearly, missing you is an understatement but I can't query God. Goodnight Daddy till we meet to part no more.You know how close I am to your darling wife I pray God will give me the Grace to take care of her and the children you left behind. Goodnight Daddyyyyyyyy 
Posted by Aderayo Fadare on August 13, 2022
Tribute to Dr. B. A. Sanyaolu

Uncle (as you were fondly called) your demise was so shocking and sad!

You were a warm person and loved smiling. There was never a dull moment with you. You were a complete gentleman; you appreciated sincerity and the truth.

You were always asking about the welfare and well-being of everyone. You always wished everyone well and wanted the best for everyone.

Uncle, you will be greatly missed.

May God comfort and uphold your family and your loved ones.

May your gentle soul rest peacefully in the Lord.

Good night uncle.

Aderayo Fadare
Posted by Grace Ogunrinde on August 13, 2022
Dear daddy,
Hmnnn,it is unbelievable on that early hours of Saturday 16th of July 2022,when mummy called to inform me about your demise,my husband and I and our children were confused,we started contact prayers through phone but alas you had journeyed very far,I left home few days earlier after a visit for the preparation of mom's 70th birthday which you fully supported and wish to witness aside the cold hand of death that took you to your Lord and savior Jesus Christ. What shall we then say,we are not to mourn like an unbeliever but to hold on to God during the period of grief.
You came,you saw you conquered, glory to God.To talk about the life you lived it was an examplary life ,you took me into your family as your first 'daughter', you never for once harassed me, you never drove me out of your home for one day since I came in in 1988, you accommodated our mummy mama Ajoko and all my siblings, their husbands, wives, children and grandchildren (Mama Felicia, Bayo,Mary and my self,siblings of your dear wife). You have a large heart,you tolerated all of us, you shared in our joyful mood and period of grief, you will ask about us one after the other, you ask about my husband, children, when we call you, you call back, you don't want to use our credit you prefer using your own. Your contributions towards my education is immeasurable and I appreciate it, you love education, you want all and sundary to be educated,I remembered how you took form for my late niece aunty Felicia and you and mummy drove to Lagos to deliver the form to her, you encouraged me to run my Bnsc nursing and my masters,you love God as you took us to anglican church Keesi, in the early years,you love reading your big medical books till date, you love telling us stories, you give medical advice freely, you don't want any one to fall sick near you,
I remember when you used to run your private clinic when I would come from Ibadan to assist during my off duties a lot of free consultations you do for people. l can go on and on.
Daddy it is hard for me to write this,but with total submission to the will of God,I wish you eternal rest in the bossom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. By the grace of God we promise to take care of your darling wife mama Dunke. Adieu sir!
Grace Mojisola Ogunrinde.
Posted by Tosin Sanyaolu on August 13, 2022
Nipa ife olugbala
ki yio si nkan
Ojurere re ki pada
ki yio si nkan
Owon l'eje t'owo wa san
Pipe ledidi or'ofe
Agbara l'owo t'ogba ni
Kole si nkan

That is one of the many hymns you loved to sing at home, dad, and this has been ringing in my ears since your demise. You loved to sing and tell stories. I watched you entertain your guests with so many beautiful stories of your early days. For years, you would always call me on my birthday to sing for me; of course, hearing your sonorous voice always got me smiling and feeling on top of the world. 

I remember all the times you would sit down with me to teach me arithmetic when I was younger; oh, you were so good at it. The days you would ask me to grade myself immediately after an exam and tell you if I felt I would get an 'A.' You would wake me up at night to study while you also go through your surgical textbooks just to keep yourself updated; most times, I would leave you at it. You were just so disciplined. You paid attention to every detail of my academics and career; you walked with me all the way, dad. We went on all my trips together because you would always call at intervals to know where I was until I arrived at my destination.

How can I forget the warm smiles you gave whenever I updated you that I had done some things we had discussed? And you would say, 'I know you love your daddy.' I sure loved my daddy! Thank you for the prayers, daddy. You would wake up so early to pray for your children and family, and every call you made to me always ended with 'Don't worry, I'm praying for you.' I'm glad you knew the lord and served him till the very end; the solace I have is that you are in a better place.

You were an embodiment of excellence; super intelligent and skillful, you loved your profession and would go to any length to help people. You would open your home to strangers who needed your help or consult. You were proud to be a Surgeon. Whenever you met someone or were stopped by Officers, you would say, 'Hello, Dr. Sanyaolu is my name.' And I always wondered if you felt saying your name would work magic, and of course, most times, it did! You labored in love, helped so many people, and were known for your good deeds.

I haven't seen anyone as determined and dogged as you, daddy; once you set your mind on something, you would not give up until you achieved it. You encouraged us all to be better versions of ourselves. I am really grateful for having you as my father, even if it was for a shorter period than we had hoped. Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord, Dr. Abolade Sanyaolu. Adieu, daddy.

Ma sun, Olufe; ko si ma simi
Gb’ori re le aya olugbala
A fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju,
Sun 're, sun ‘re, sun ‘re.
Posted by Kike Sanyaolu on August 13, 2022
Dear uncle, you cared about people, reaching out, looking to help and encourage. You always encouraged us in our studies and to be high achievers in life. You also set a strong example academically and as a hardworker.

You were interesting to listen to. We learned a lot not just by listening to you but also by watching you.

We were truly blessed to have had you as our uncle. We will miss your kind, encouraging words and jokes.

We’re truly sad you’re no longer with us. We will miss you.
Adieu uncle. Rest in the bosom of our Lord God

Kike & Titi Sanyaolu
Posted by Elizabeth Sanyaolu on August 12, 2022
All that we love becomes a part of us. It's hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember. This is really sad and difficult for me to do Dad!!! I left with the intention to return home with a precious gift but to my shock I came to hear of your demise. I meant it when I said I love you the last time I saw you, you smiled in belief. I will continue to Love you Dad. As the tears roll down and I seek peace to stop the pain, I pray God grants you peace as well. Thank you for the quality of love and life you gave to my husband and our family at large, despite the fact that I spent few years with you, yet also genuinely loved me as a daughter, it feels like I've known you forever. You're always the first person to pray and wish me happy anniversary, I waited for your call on our anniversary day but to no avail, then I realized I wasn't dreaming. Daddy, no one to call me that sweet name that I love to hear when I pick up your call. I can still hear your laughter and see your smiling face. I will treasure all the special moments. You'll always be our HERO. I'll bring my special gifts to you soon and I am sure you will smile on us from above. I couldn't have asked for a better Father-in-law. You're loved beyond words and missed beyond measures Dad. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven. We love you but God loves you most. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Babs Tunde Sanyaolu on August 9, 2022
Uncle , l will forever remember you for your gentle and encouraging words while you were in London . You are such a perfect gentle man and easy going man. We love you but l am sadden because l did not call you before you left this word . All in all thank God for the life spent upon this earth.
Posted by Olufemi Sanyaolu on August 8, 2022
‘The memory of the righteous is a blessing.’ I still can’t believe you are no longer with us. I still find myself looking at my phone at 7 o’clock every day to see if you have called. You were more than my father, you were also my mentor. I am privileged to have known you for as long as I have lived. You have taught me about love, resilience, contentment, and how to forgive.
I remember those days you come and pick us up in primary and secondary school, the two weekly trips you make down to Ago-Iwoye to bring my brother and myself, water and stew and our neighbours always looking forward to you coming, and when we got our phones you would call us every day and ask us ‘how are you? I hope you have eaten. Have you finished reading that textbook? Did you go to church today? And you would end this by praying for us.’
You loved God, and I am happy you served him until your dying day. Your love for education is something I admire, I remember you telling us that the most important thing you can leave us with is education, which you did and for which we will be eternally grateful. Your tenacity and resilience will continue to encourage me when faced with challenges. You were a gentleman to the core and kind to everyone. Your dedication to your work is worthy of emulation, I remember the hospital ambulance coming to pick you up in the dead of the night to go and operate on patients, this you do without hesitation. You have mentored a lot of doctors.
I am happy I was part of your success story, I and my wife (‘to-to’ as you fondly call her) are grateful for all you did for us.
‘Till we meet again, God be with us all.'
Rest in peace Dr B.A Sanyaolu.

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