Forever in my heart

Shared by Fr. Basile Sede on June 23, 2020
My dear friend and brother,
Baulo, we called ourselves,
We have journeyed for long. Seldom did I know you were to leave me half way. The last time I was to meet you, your exams made it impossible. As our brother Nchipu Martin M. Lebou accommodated me, you kept calling and asking us to eat and drink and pray your share.
Then the rendezvous was to be during my next visit for the Fiango conversation. My invitation letter is surely still lying on your desk. Corona virus incapacitated this program.
I will always continue to thank God for having had a friend and brother like you Baulo!!!
I have been celebrating Masses for your eternal repose bro! Till we meet again in eternity!!!

R I P benji

Shared by Magdalen Sengeh on June 23, 2020
<We have so many plan ahead of us,but God plan for your life to call you home become the best, good bye, you will be forever in our hearts , 

We´ll miss you bro !

Shared by El Hajj Shabazz on June 23, 2020
Rest in peace Big Benjo. You was sooo an amazing & peacefull big brother ! I can´t still not realise, you are realy gone !! :( 
Shared by Warui Njeri on June 23, 2020
Es ist so schwer zu verstehen,dass wir uns nie mehr wiedersehen.
Its so difficult to understand,that we will never see you again.

R.I.P Benjo

From Amacaro

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