This tribute was added by Johnson Kaba on July 9, 2020
Chaii Ben, just like a joke you decided to leave us so unceremoniously. So my Meeting you Last December 2019 was going to be the last. I remember the good times we had  both in Cameroon as youths and the rare ones we had in Germany. Always with a smile, we will forever Miss your smile. May Your Gentle Soul Rest in Peace. Farewell Bro, Bebeto.
This tribute was added by Coudus Ngume Akame on July 2, 2020
Oh Benjo,l still can't believe you are gone.when l last spoke to you when you were still in the hospital,l thought things were getting better not knowing that will be the last time l am talking to you.Bro, l can't get an explanation of this but l think God alone knows better.may your soul rest in peace
This tribute was added by Yufanyi Ambrose on June 24, 2020
Farewell Benjo! You will be heavily missed! I recall the fun times we shared in Germany. Was looking forward to visiting you but God had a different plan. May your gentle soul rest with the Lord! RIP Benjo!
This tribute was added by Theodore Futu on June 23, 2020
RIP Ben 

Benjo Benjo what happened? It was with a great shock that I got the sad new that you were no more. Rest in peace bro till we meet again. We will for ever miss you. RIP.
This tribute was added by Sharely Naura on June 23, 2020
Life is indeed Nada.

You died on my very own birthday. The memory of that your dance-step is in my head. Thanks to Aunty Eveline, I had one last chance to behold your presence before your sudden demise. What else can we say? May the soil be gentle to your body and soul as you journey to meet our lord. R.I.P Uncle Benjo.
This tribute was added by Sammy Motuba on June 23, 2020
Oh Benjos (Manager)...manja

So unreal. Those things that happen to others is now happening to me. Will always feel your presence in your mighty absence though. . Oh really, life is a funny short thing that occurred on the way to the grave.
Herr Diyen, rest in peace
SAMMY - "Manja"
This tribute was added by Martin Shiyla on June 23, 2020
Banjo! Papa yaweh don decide say make you callam now, prepare road for we for follow. You go waka fine fine kognahkongnah, when you dey go you sweep road fine fine. We whe we remain for back, we go make sure say we follow the good thing dem whe you been practice for this ngrong. Salute we people dem whe dem been don callam before. Waka fine fine bros!
This tribute was added by Joli Kala on June 23, 2020
Jesus big ben what is the meaning of this where re you going....Jesus my heart is brocken...make your soul rest in peace darling...who will i cook ndolai for it again?
This tribute was added by Remitus Elad on June 22, 2020
My dearest Benjo,
it is really sad to get this sad message that you have gone too soon at this critical time. My heart bleeds but God alone knew His plans for you. May he take you safely into His Kingdom where every tear will be wiped away for you to stay with His angels and saints.
Adieu, Big Bro and see you when we meet in His Kingdom.

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