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A Friend With A Good Wit To Him

Shared by Stephen Rouke on August 25, 2019
I knew of Fixer back in 2008 on YouTube. He was the type of guy that knew how to get under your skin in a good way and cause you to fire back. He also was a nice guy but could get you with his wit. Rest In Peace my friend.

Fixer lives on

Shared by Crazed H-town on August 13, 2019
Fixer was a good dude who has morals and intelligence. his way of video fighting was relentless in it's charm. I think the world went thru a very day when Ben Nichols passed on to Heaven. What a great man and father to his only son Derek. RIP FIXER.. Sicerely yours, Chad...

A legend is right and a very good friend

Shared by Harold Shirley on August 13, 2019
I met Ben back in 2007 to 2008. I never really butted heads with the guy at all. He was a real cool dude and I'm glad to have known him. Was there through his ups and downs. He was there for mine as well. When he went from 300-plus pounds to ripped and fit he was very proud of that I was very proud of him. I talked to him all the way up until about February or March of this year, almost three or four times a week. we stayed in contact even well after the YouTube days. I got to know him as a man and as a person not just the online persona stuff. There was way more to that man than that. I love you man I miss you more than you'll ever know. You mean more to others as well more then you'll ever know. I know lots of people who are grieving right now because you're not with us anymore. I'm sorry it's hard for me to write this right now because I'm still in shock and I can't believe it. But I know that wherever you are buddy that you're looking down on us. I'm very happy and very glad to have known you in life. You were straight up with me the whole time I've known you. You actually helped me through some very troubled things in my life with your advice and just being there for me. I love you bro I'm going to miss you terribly. Definitely taken too soon.
You'll always be my brother man.

A Legend, and a friend.

Shared by Penny Wise on August 13, 2019
I became acquainted with fixer in mid 2008, he and I crossed paths a time, or two prior. Once I had the opportunity to get to know him, the more I came to realize he was a genuine individual. He played a significant role in mine, and so many others trolling days on you-tube. To me, you were a legend, and a fiend...
You will forever be missed

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