Shared by John Woodin on February 2, 2012

I love you sweet Benjamin. I know God is looking out for all of us. Please make sure that he helps your family get through this. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shared by Cathrine Forsyth on January 30, 2012

The days that I got the pleasure to visit with Benjamin were always days filled with happiness and hope. As I stood there watching him kick his little feet and holding his little hand and praying to God for him to make it and even crack a joke about him getting strong and old enough to celebrate our birthday together sometimes it was like he heard and understood you could almost see a little smile under the tubes. But you know with babies it was probably just gas. lol =,( I will love you always Benjamin Scott and thank you for making my birthday so much more special even though the gift of you was needed more in heaven with many other dearly missed family members. 

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