Sleep on Beloved Father. Take your well deserved rest until we meet again at Jesus' Feet.
We will always hold you dear in our hearts.
  • 76 years old
  • Born on September 9, 1937 in Ile-Oluji, Ondo, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 6, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria.

“I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” - Jesus Christ - John 11:25

Dearest Dad,

We will always love & continue to hold you dear in our hearts.

Take your rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ - the One Whom you loved & served till the end.

Goodnight our dear Dad; see you at the feet of Jesus. 

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me ... blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." - Rev. 14:13

Indeed "The memory of the just is blessed ..." - Prov. 10:7  

Come Celebrate the Life of this Exceptional Man of God with Us!  

Posted by Titi Eme on 6th March 2018
Dearest Dad, It’s almost impossible to believe that 4 years have already gone by, since you left us and crossed over to the other side. We take consolation in the fact that you are rejoicing at the feet of CHRIST, where there is no more sorrow, but joy everlasting. Being now part of the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on, we too shall make it in the name of Jesus. Forever in our hearts dearest dad. Love always, Titi
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 6th March 2018
We miss you dad - your voice, warmth, love, the joy and peace you exude. I can almost still hear your voice, yet you've been gone 4 years! Such a joy to know you now rest in the bosom of the Lord - free from all life's labours. Love you forever dad.
Posted by Abbey Akinrelere on 6th March 2018
Uncle Ben....your soul will continue to rest peacefully,amen
Posted by Seyi FAJINMI on 6th March 2018
And I heard a voice from heaven, saying, write, 'blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on, yes, says the Spirit, so that they may rest from their labours, for their deeds follow after on Papa!
Posted by Sola Akinrelere on 6th March 2018
4 years and it still feels you are here. The impact you made in our lives live with us forever... cos You live forever in our hearts!
Posted by Abbey Akinrelere on 9th September 2017
Continue to rest peacefully Uncle Ben
Posted by Ade Afon on 9th September 2017
We thank God for another year not mourning but celebrating the life of what would have been 80 years. All glory to God for the life you lived and the beautiful children you and grandma raised. See you guys soon!
Posted by Titi Eme on 9th September 2017
Dearest Dad, I woke up this morning to see that my phone had sent a reminder of your 80th birthday! However, you are not here on this planet to celebrate it, but on the other side - where everlasting joy and peace abound, with no pain or sorrow. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Till we meet again at the feet of Christ. You'll forever be in our hearts. Love you dad. Your very own daughter, Titilola
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2017
Daddy Dear Daddy, You would have been 80 today & we most likely would have been over at your place celebrating your milestone. We celebrate you even in death, for we know of a certainty that you are alive, only not here physically with us. Continue to enjoy your well deserved rest in the presence of our Father. We love & miss you still dad. You live forever in our hearts. Your Daughter, Mopelola
Posted by Abbey Akinrelere on 8th March 2017
I look at you and I sigh,....Uncle you will never be forgotten neither will God Almighty forsake you.... May your soul Rest In Peace. Love ❤️ Uncle Ben
Posted by Sola Akinrelere on 7th March 2017
You are forever missed daddy! You indeed left too soon! The fun memories will always remind me of the wonderful life you lived and the exemplary life you led. Love you forever or always, whichever comes first!
Posted by Ade Afon on 6th March 2017
We do not mourn, but we celebrate a wonderful life lived. We love you Grandpa!
Posted by Ade Afon on 9th September 2016
Dear Grandpa, I thank God for the great life you lived and for what you were able to pass down to your children. Thank you for you amazing life and the different attributes that wore off on your beautiful daughter, Tope Afon. Sincerely, Ade Afon
Posted by Titi Eme on 9th September 2016
Dearest Dad, I remembered your birthday today, but rather than placing a call to you (which was not possible), I said a prayer in my heart – that God will give us all the grace to finish well like you did. I look forward to seeing you again, dad. Rest on in the bosom of our dear Lord. We love & miss you dearly. Your daughter, Titilola
Posted by OlamipejuninuOluwa Fajinm... on 9th September 2016
It would have been your 79th birthday Dad! Your grandsons here says happy birthday Grandpa in Heaven! We miss you! Love always. P
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2016
Darling Dad, We miss you still. You would have been 79 today but we know you'd rather spend time with the Lord rejoicing in His presence than have a share of what would have been your birthday cake. Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until we meet again at His appearing. Even so come Lord Jesus. Loving You - Your Daughter, Mopelola
Posted by Rolake Latunde on 7th March 2016
Dad,it is very difficult for me to believe that it is two years since you departed this terrestrial atmosphere as no single day passes without reference to you and your good works thus keeping your memory vibrant alive.I am happy because of Rev.7:15b.Continue to rest in perfect peace
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 6th March 2016
Daddy dearest, The second anniversary of your passage coincides with Mothers' Day - a day that would have also been mum's birthday on this side of eternity. We remember you both with fondness and gratitude to God for the good legacies you left behind. We are comforted that you both rest in the bosom of the Lord, free from all of life's toils. Rest on beloved parents, until we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed "the memory of the just is blessed: - Prov. 10:7 Love you forever ... Your daughter, Mope
Posted by Omotayo Akinrelere on 6th November 2015
Rest On Dad
Posted by Sola Akinrelere on 17th September 2015
It is never easy to come to this site and see all the pictures. When people say words cannot express something, this is one of those times I know what it really means... words really fail me. It has always failed me to be able to express how much I miss you Daddy! Its over a year you have been gone. We still celebrate your birthday like you were here. I still see you in my dreams like you were close. I still see your smiles beam like you were near. I miss you daddy! So much! So so much!
Posted by Tope Afon on 9th September 2015
9/9/2015 such a special anniversary of that day 78 yrs ago when the earth was blessed by Saint Benjamin Akinbanjo. Of course my calendar reminded me, like I could forget, that it is your special day. We rest in hope of the love of Jesus and the opportunity to have a part of you living on in us. 9/12/2015 marks mom's 40 yr anniversary of being a citizen of heaven. I guess you are a jjc compared to her. My prayer is that we shall all reunite at the feet of Jesus at the end of time in Jesus' name. You are forever in our hearts, forever loved! Temitope Ibereola
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2015
Precious Daddy, You're always remembered with great fondness and especially today that'd have been your 78th birthday. Never forgotten and never will be. Indeed you have passed from darkness to light. What a glorious thought! We miss you so. Enjoy your well deserved rest dearest daddy. Love you as always - Your Daughter, Mope
Posted by Titi Eme on 9th September 2015
Dearest & ever-loving dad, Just 2 years from today, and it would have been your 80th! I woke up this morning, with my phone reminding me of dad's birthday, but you would not have been there to take the call, if I had tried to call you. We are comforted that you are in a better place - with Jesus, worshipping him together with the other saints. Thank God again for living us a good legacy. We miss you today as always. Your daughter, Titilola
Posted by OlamipejuninuOluwa Fajinm... on 9th September 2015
Dearest dad! It would have been your 78th! We miss you sooo much. Love you now and always!
Posted by Tope Afon on 15th May 2015
Dearest dad, Today will make it one year since we last saw your face on this side of heaven. We spent the wake keeping service a year ago yesterday with the tremendous number of people who came out to pay their last respect, who braved the big outpouring of rain (of course we were singing "there shall be showers of blessings...but for the showers we plead"). I wondered if you had joined the angels in giving us what we asked for, the showers, not mercy drops!! After the service, we stayed up all night for "ko jomonu". Many of our dear elders joined us, including Mam Wally, who refused to go to bed. We all sang praises to God and danced till almost daybreak. Then when we were all ready the pall bearers arrived and the sense of finality hit me between the eyes - once this casket is closed, we can never see your face anymore on this side of heaven! We made excuses to keep them off for just one more minute, I needed to spray inside to keep the eventual decay away for a little while, Titi and Mope needed to say one more thing, Ty Labs, Aunty Aduks, Rolake, Dolapo.... Please let us tell him again how much we loved and appreciated him, say hello to mom, say hello to Jesus. Please just one more moment, please!! Daddy!!!!! This is still difficult and tough to accept, but we know you (and mom) are in the cloud of witnesses, cheering us on. The gates of hell shall not prevail in Jesus' name! Reign on with Jesus, gentle saint of God. Forever grateful for you. Forever in our hearts! Forever loving you! Temitope
Posted by Funsho Olamigoke on 8th March 2015
I thought it'd be as easy to write my tribute as to READ other tributes, I was wrong, very wrong, it is the hard part, even you will CRY like a baby after a couple of lines. Let's all take solace in the fact that Uncle Ben is fine, indeed very fine and happier than ever being at the feet of Jesus. We just need to make him live in our hearts by doing our bits to emulate his great and loving examples. All is well folks, all is well.
Posted by Funsho Olamigoke on 8th March 2015
It's been 365 Days you' been gone Home to be with the Lord No gimmicks, you sure are at the Feet of Christ And in the company of your soul-mate, inseparable forever Bi o ti nri fun awon ayanfe Jesu kristi Omo Olorun This is the morning after, we still miss you so much Since the day the skies turned gray It was then I thought of you As the rain pondered upon my tin-roof Tears from my eyes shown how much you meant to me It never crossed my mind that I'd feel so blue That on that very day I'd lose a piece of you inside of me Who would have thought it'd be you to leave so soon? Leaving behind the ones you love and memories I'm sure you've gone to a better place Garnished with angel wings, halo, harps and other things You're probably looking down from heaven up above Sending out smiles with days of sunshine and showers of love 365 Days have gone by without you around here anymore How I wished you were still here to stay All the time I took for granted thinking the likes of you don’t ever leave town How wrong I was; You went to be with your Lord and your soul-mate Sweet memories at Curtis Adeniyi Jones I cherish and hold so dear Moments spent and everlasting memories Even though it's hard to accept the fact that you're gone The distance between you and me are only only temporarily! We shall meet to part no more ..someday soon.
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 6th March 2015
Dearest Dad, It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since you left us to be with Jesus, mum & the innumerable company of angels. The pain remains indelible but we're grateful for the comfort Jesus has provided. Thank you for the legacy of love you left us. We will always cherish the fond memories of the best & most loving dad anyone could ever have had. We will always love you dad. Keep resting in Jesus' bosom. Affectionately, Your Daughter - Mopelola
Posted by Dayo Afon on 6th March 2015
We will forever miss you dad. I can't believe it's been a year since you passed on to glory to be with Jesus. It is painful for us to bear but you are in a better place and you will always be in our heart Love you. Dayo & Family
Posted by Debbie O Daniel on 6th March 2015
My Dearie Uncle Beni I couldn't believe it is a year death snatched you away from us, gone yet not forgotten as your Spirit lives within us and forever in our heart. Your gentle Nature, your smile and thoughts of your warmth & Love you had for Everybody Cannot Be forgotten. Many thanks for those Beautiful memories you left us and We're Very proud to Own Those Beautiful Memories. Uncle Beni you have left this World of Sin & Sorrow and Peacefully free from pain and harm but "you're among the Great Multitude that no-one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, language and standing before the Throne and in Front of The Lamb. Wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands, cried out in a Loud Voice Salvation belongs to Our God, who sits on The Throne and to The Lamb", Rev 7: 9-10. "I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an Indelible Imprint In Our Memories and we find Comfort in knowing that Our Lives have Been Enriched by having shared their love" - Leo Buscaglia.. Uncle Beni we'll always remember you and the following late members in our thoughts and prayers, Aunty Eli Akinrelere, my sweet Mother, Grandma, Sister Abigail, Olalekan, In-law Fadayini, Maam Bolajoko, Pa Isaiah, Aunty Logbade, Aunty Remi. We miss you all dearly and nothing can fill the Voids. One thing in life is that God calls us individually and I pray that the 'Chain will Link Again', till then May The Lamb of God Hold you all in The Palm of His Holy Hand and may you all continue to sleep well in God's Beautiful Garden of Peace IJMN amen.. Funlayo & Family..
Posted by Titi Eme on 6th March 2015
Dearest Dad, I can't believe a whole year has passed by already since you left us and changed your address to the heavenly abode. I also can't explain how we have managed over the last 365 days, but God being faithful, has kept us in the hollow of his hands. Although they say time heals wounds, ours is taking so long to heal. However, we trust that God who gave you to us, and now has you with him, will perfect the healing. As you ran the race faithfully and patiently to the very end, we pray that we also will so run. Dad, you'll forever be in our hearts, even as we remember you today. Continue to take your rest in Christ's bosom until we meet to part no more. Loving & Missing you dearly. Always in my heart. Your daughter, Titilola
Posted by Sola Akinrelere on 6th March 2015
Daddy: It doesn't get easier with time... loosing you after over 40 privileged years of being your son! Our hearts are still heavy and our eyes are still dripping. You remain forever engraved in our hearts. Happy Birthday Mummy... I Miss you Daddy! Your Proud Son, Arowosola
Posted by Rolake Latunde on 6th March 2015
Exactly a year ago,daddy you left this world but you left a great legacy of faith.We thank God in all things,continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Seyi FAJINMI on 6th March 2015
Dear Papa, what a day you joined the Church triumphant! With fondest memories, we recall your valiant strides amongst us...continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ…till we meet at His feet!
Posted by Tope Afon on 6th March 2015
One year today, you joined mom in the heavenly city!! Ah daddy!! We miss you so much. I will always be grateful to God for such a gentle, caring and wonderful father God gave me and my siblings. It's not difficult to imagine the love of Father God, having experienced a touch of it through you! I will always hold you forever in my heart! I love you daddy!! Tope
Posted by Tope Afon on 11th February 2015
Coming to this website is the toughest thing ever for me!! It opens up the wound of loss all over again. I can't help the tears and the ache of my heart. I wish you were still with us, in better health, with opportunity to love, care for you and give back of the love you lavished on us in your gentle way. First year anniversary rolls in, just a few weeks away!! You've been gone that long?? Thank God it's good night; that softens the hurt. May Jesus keep us strong and in the faith as He helped you, so we may greet each other "good morning"! I will always be grateful for being our dad, I'll choose you over and over again if I could. Thank you for fulfilling the call of God as a father. Thank you daddy, thank you Jesus!! Always in my heart, Tope
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 30th October 2014
My Precious Daddy, I keep myself busy with the things I do, but every time I pause, I still think of you. I love you Daddy, and I really miss you. Always in my heart, Mope
Posted by Titi Eme on 10th September 2014
Dearest Dad, I remembered your birthday yesterday with such fond memories, especially the prayers, besides the get-together. You would have been 77, but you chose to answer the call of God, so you could celebrate in His presence. Now that all pains are gone, we know that you are beholding the face of our Father, Creator and God. We’re forever grateful for the legacy you left behind. Loving & missing you dearly. Your daughter, Titilola
Posted by Mope Fapohunda on 10th September 2014
Darling Dad, So much around remind me of what a wonderful dad you were. Yesterday was so much more. No cakes ordered, no phone calls, no visits! Bami Beeni! How we miss you. Our loss maybe but Heaven's gain you are. You'll always hold a special place in my heart dad and we remain grateful for your loving example. You remain the best. Always & Forever, Your daughter - Mopelola
Posted by Gboyega Akinrelere on 9th September 2014
It is true that you have gone back to your creator and there is no doubt that you are resting in His Bosom. We would have been celebrating your 77th birthday today but who are we to query the Almighty God for calling you home. Even in death, we love you but surely the Lord Jesus to whom we surrender all, loves you most, Adieu brother mi till the resurrection day when we shall meet to part no more
Posted by Tope Afon on 9th September 2014
Dearest baami, We would have celebrated 77 beautiful years today if you were here with us! But I guess the heavenly host get to celebrate it with you! My usual feel of glee getting into September was dulled by the knowledge that we won't be able to call you this year as usual. In fact my phone reminder alerted me that its pop's birthday. What number will I call you at daddy? How will I hear you say haaloo? We take refuge and solace in knowing that you are with Jesus! I will forever be grateful for your love. Thank you daddy, thank you Jesus! Your daughter, Tope
Posted by Debbie O Daniel on 9th September 2014
My dearie late Uncle, today you would have been 77 years old, its hard to believe it has been 6months you left us! Im always saddened by the death of a nice and kind uncle like you, wish you're Here but must now fully accept that you're Gone but thankful for fond memories you left with us as it leaves forever. Eventhough you're Physically gone but do have a Strong Conviction of Hope that The Lamb of God will Bring You into a New Existence of Everlasting Love & Peace with your Father In Heaven amen.. Death leaves a heartache and flowers withers but the "Seed" remains and forever you will remain in our hearts. Sleep well 'brother mi' as you're Safe in the Hand of God where Lamb of God shall Lead you Unto Living Fountains of water and shall wipe away all tears from your eyes (Rev 7:16-17), IJMN amen.. I and my family will always remember you with lots of love & warm regards, Funlayo & Family..
Posted by Sola Akinrelere on 15th May 2014
Tearful day today Painful day today Saying good night... See you in the morning to the one you love so dearly is not an easy task! Daddy... You are up there in glory now your physical body laid to rest today It's sad, it hurts, it pains but it is well You have left so many wonderful memories So many joyful memories You live forever in our hearts and in our mind Such a wonderful father you were Such a wonderful mentor you were Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord Where there is no hurt and no pain Continue to enjoy the presence of the King Until we meet to part no more. I love you daddy... from the bottom of my heart. With tears of joy, Forever and Always! Your Proud Son - Arowosola
Posted by Remi Afon on 15th May 2014
After our lonely heartaches and our silent tears, We will always have beautiful memories of the one we loved so dear. Servant of God, well done! Rest in the bosom of the Most High God. The battle is fought, the victory won. Enter thy Master’s joy Pa Ben Akinrelere!
Posted by Dayo Afon on 4th May 2014
Daddy I remember your gentleness and humility;a man of God indeed.You will be missed greatly,good night sir.
Posted by Ase Opasanya on 3rd May 2014
To my grandfather: Thank you for raising my mother, she is the best Mum partly because emulated you in many ways. Your life remains an example for me as I become a father, mentor and community influence. I will never forget the fun memories of coming over to visit you. Your many counsels on embracing life and many challenges. Thank you for leading from the front.
Posted by Dayo Afon on 3rd May 2014
Mama Dorcas' Afon Tribute to Daddy Akinrelere: I thank God for his life. He was instrumental to my being able to read my bible while I was with Tope and Rotimi in South Africa. He was always thankful and grateful for the way I helped take care of the grandchildren.
Posted by Aderonke Akisanmi on 28th April 2014
Daddy, Am so glad to know that you served The Lord, and God has taken you away from this sinful world! I fondly remember your smiling face, and gentle voice. Rest in The Lord, even as we celebrate the sweet memories you left behind. May your blessed soul continue to rest in peace...Adieus.....till we meet again!
Posted by Adedayo Adesuyi on 28th April 2014
Dear Daddy, As i write my tribute to a man that was known to my family as "Baba Tope"... He was an amazing father to us the children of Mr Joel Adewaire Adesuyi . I could remember vividly that he personally encouraged and helped me to secure a job at A J SEWARDS after i finished my secondary education at that time. I am eternally grateful to you for your support and love. Daddy you fought the battle and ran the race of life to the very end. Rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ till will meet to part no more .odigba o ADEDAYO ADESUYI
Posted by Labake Abraham on 21st April 2014
Tribute to Bro Ben Booda is what I call you when we meet face to face. Bro Ben or Booda Beeni is what I call you when talking about you with my siblings and other members of the family. Daddy shell club is what my children call you. I joined them calling daddy shell club. Booda, I still find it difficult to believe that you are no more on this planet earth. I give God the glory for the opportunity He gave me to be by you during the period of your illness. I can't forget the good time we shared together in High Wycombe, UK when you came on holidays, especially when sharing the Word of God. This you enjoyed. The Bible says how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things (Rm10:15). Thank you for being there for me. You took me from Ile-Oluji to Lagos to complete my Pry school, later to St Louis Secondary school Ondo. You took me up as your child, never was I sent out for default in school fees.You secured me a job in N. E. T. after my secondary education , where I met my husband. I cannot forget your fatherly advice to me to be well behaved as NET was just a bus stop and that I needed to further my education. Indeed you saw to it that I gained admission . You were always there to guide and nurture me. You were interested in building the future lives of those that came across your path. This you did not only to your family members both immediate and extended, you did it to house helps. I can't forget how you used to wake us all up to coach us in preparation for entrance examinations into secondary schools. Two of the girls, who were house helpers, gained admission. With the resources God gave you, you made sure you shared it out. If you were to build mansions you could afford it but as The Lord blessed you, you were a source of blessing to many. Booda mi,you were of quiet, gentle and humble characters. I never saw you raising your voice or quarreling with aunt Elizabeth your dutiful wife who nurtured and modeled me to be a woman, no wonder you chose to be with her on her birthday and she herself departed this world on your birth Month, What a Match!!. Booda, I didn't know you wanted to break bread with us on March 4, just as our Lord Jesus broke bread with His disciples before He went to the Cross. I brought you akara ,and you insisted that all us present should eat of it as you took a piece. At that time, I had a different expectation. I was very happy thinking that given what appeared to be a significant improvement in your health, I was certain that by wed 5 or Thursday 6 of March you would be discharged from the hospital. On that wonderful Thursday 6 of March, I called at about 7:30am to ask of your general well being and to let you I would be with you shortly. Your response was that you would be expecting me. There was nothing to suggest that that would be my last conversation with you. It was unbelievable to me by the time I got to the hospital some two hours after that only to meet your lifeless body. Who am I to question God.He is an unquestionable God. He is the greatest stakeholder in your life. He created you for a purpose.You have fulfilled that purpose to your family, friends at large and also on earth. You swallowed pride, you swallowed insults, you carried your cross for the sake of eternity. Only God the creator of everything knows the day a man would be born and the day to die,but man is giving the opportunity to choose JESUS CHRIST or not while he lives. I give the Almighty God glory that you chose JESUS CHRIST, that is why I have the assurance that you are resting at His bosom. Rest in perfect peace my dear brother. I have the conviction that you are with the Lord. One day we will meet to part no more. Bami ki Bawa ati Yewa, anti Logbade ati anti Eeli oo. You have left a good legacy and my prayer is that those of us left behind will live the life that will bring honor and glory to God. Labake (Labs as you fondly called me).

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