Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo Akinrelere
  • 76 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 9, 1937
  • Place of birth:
    Ile-Oluji, Ondo, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Mar 6, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Lagos, Nigeria
Sleep on Beloved Father. Take your well deserved rest until we meet again at Jesus' Feet. We will always hold you dear in our hearts.

“I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” - Jesus Christ - John 11:25

Dearest Dad,

We will always love & continue to hold you dear in our hearts.

Take your rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ - the One Whom you loved & served till the end.

Goodnight our dear Dad; see you at the feet of Jesus. 

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me ... blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." - Rev. 14:13

Indeed "The memory of the just is blessed ..." - Prov. 10:7  

Come Celebrate the Life of this Exceptional Man of God with Us!  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Abbey Akinrelere on 9th September 2017

"Continue to rest peacefully Uncle Ben"

This tribute was added by ade afon on 9th September 2017

"We thank God for another year not mourning but celebrating the life of what would have been 80 years. All glory to God for the life you lived and the beautiful children you and grandma raised. See you guys soon!"

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 9th September 2017

"Dearest Dad,

I woke up this morning to see that my phone had sent a reminder of your 80th birthday! However, you are not here on this planet to celebrate it, but on the other side - where everlasting joy and peace abound, with no pain or sorrow. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Till we meet again at the feet of Christ. You'll forever be in our hearts.

Love you dad.

Your very own daughter,

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2017

"Daddy Dear Daddy,

You would have been 80 today & we most likely would have been over at your place celebrating your milestone. We celebrate you even in death, for we know of a certainty that you are alive, only not here physically with us.

Continue to enjoy your well deserved rest in the presence of our Father.

We love & miss you still dad. You live forever in our hearts.

Your Daughter,

This tribute was added by Abbey Akinrelere on 8th March 2017

"I look at you and I sigh,....Uncle you will never be forgotten neither will God Almighty forsake you....
           May your soul Rest In Peace.
                   Love ❤️ Uncle Ben"

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 7th March 2017

"You are forever missed daddy! You indeed left too soon! The fun memories will always remind me of the wonderful life you lived and the exemplary life you led. Love you forever or always, whichever comes first!"

This tribute was added by ade afon on 6th March 2017

"We do not mourn, but we celebrate a wonderful life lived. We love you Grandpa!"

This tribute was added by Ade Afon on 9th September 2016

"Dear Grandpa,

I thank God for the great life you lived and for what you were able to pass down to your children. Thank you for you amazing life and the different attributes that wore off on your beautiful daughter, Tope Afon.

Ade Afon"

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 9th September 2016

"Dearest Dad,

I remembered your birthday today, but rather than placing a call to you (which was not possible), I said a prayer in my heart – that God will give us all the grace to finish well like you did.

I look forward to seeing you again, dad. Rest on in the bosom of our dear Lord.

We love & miss you dearly.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by OlamipejuninuOluwa Fajinmi on 9th September 2016

"It would have been your 79th birthday Dad!

Your grandsons here says happy birthday Grandpa in Heaven!

We miss you!

Love always.


This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2016

"Darling Dad,

We miss you still. You would have been 79 today but we know you'd rather spend time with the Lord rejoicing in His presence than have a share of what would have been your birthday cake.

Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until we meet again at His appearing. Even so come Lord Jesus.

Loving You - Your Daughter,

This tribute was added by Rolake Latunde on 7th March 2016

"Dad,it  is very difficult for me to believe that it is two years since you departed this terrestrial atmosphere as no single day passes without reference to you and your good works thus keeping your memory vibrant alive.I am happy because of Rev.7:15b.Continue to rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 6th March 2016

"Daddy dearest,

The second anniversary of your passage coincides with Mothers' Day - a day that would have also been mum's birthday on this side of eternity.
We remember you both with fondness and gratitude to God for the good legacies you left behind. We are comforted that you both rest in the bosom of the Lord, free from all of life's toils. Rest on beloved parents, until we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Indeed "the memory of the just is blessed: - Prov. 10:7

Love you forever ...
Your daughter,

This tribute was added by Omotayo Akinrelere on 6th November 2015

"Rest On Dad"

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 17th September 2015

"It is never easy to come to this site and see all the pictures. When people say words cannot express something, this is one of those times I know what it really means... words really fail me. It has always failed me to be able to express how much I miss you Daddy!

Its over a year you have been gone. We still celebrate your birthday like you were here. I still see you in my dreams like you were close. I still see your smiles beam like you were near.

I miss you daddy! So much! So so much!"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 9th September 2015

"9/9/2015  such a special anniversary of that day 78 yrs ago when the earth was blessed by Saint Benjamin Akinbanjo. Of course my calendar reminded me, like I could forget, that it is your special day. We rest in hope of the love of Jesus and the opportunity to have a part of you living on in us.
9/12/2015 marks mom's 40 yr anniversary of being a citizen of heaven. I guess you are a jjc compared to her. My prayer is that we shall all reunite at the feet of Jesus at the end of time in Jesus' name.
You are forever in our hearts, forever loved! Temitope Ibereola"

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 9th September 2015

"Precious Daddy,

You're always remembered with great fondness and especially today that'd have been your 78th birthday. Never forgotten and never will be. Indeed you have passed from darkness to light. What a glorious thought!

We miss you so. Enjoy your well deserved rest dearest daddy.

Love you as always - Your Daughter,

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 9th September 2015

"Dearest & ever-loving dad,

Just 2 years from today, and it would have been your 80th! I woke up this morning, with my phone reminding me of dad's birthday, but you would not have been there to take the call, if I had tried to call you.

We are comforted that you are in a better place - with Jesus, worshipping him together with the other saints.

Thank God again for living us a good legacy.

We miss you today as always.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by OlamipejuninuOluwa Fajinmi on 9th September 2015

"Dearest dad!

It would have been your 78th!

We miss you sooo much.

Love you now and always!"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 15th May 2015

"Dearest dad,

Today will make it one year since we last saw your face on this side of heaven. We spent the wake keeping service a year ago yesterday with the tremendous number of people who came out to pay their last respect, who braved the big outpouring of rain (of course we were singing "there shall be showers of blessings...but for the showers we plead"). I wondered if you had joined the angels in giving us what we asked for, the showers, not mercy drops!!
After the service, we stayed up all night for "ko jomonu". Many of our dear elders joined us, including Mam Wally, who refused to go to bed. We all sang praises to God and danced till almost daybreak. Then when we were all ready the pall bearers arrived and the sense of finality hit me between the eyes - once this casket is closed, we can never see your face anymore on this side of heaven! We made excuses to keep them off for just one more minute, I needed to spray inside to keep the eventual decay away for a little while, Titi and Mope needed to say one more thing, Ty Labs, Aunty Aduks, Rolake, Dolapo.... Please let us tell him again how much we loved and appreciated him, say hello to mom, say hello to Jesus. Please just one more moment, please!! Daddy!!!!!
This is still difficult and tough to accept, but we know you (and mom) are in the cloud of witnesses, cheering us on. The gates of hell shall not prevail in Jesus' name!
Reign on with Jesus, gentle saint of God. Forever grateful for you. Forever in our hearts! Forever loving you!

This tribute was added by Funsho Olamigoke on 8th March 2015

"I thought it'd be as easy to write my tribute as to READ other tributes, I was wrong, very wrong, it is the hard part, even you will CRY like a baby after a couple of lines. Let's all take solace in the fact that Uncle Ben is fine, indeed very fine and happier than ever being at the feet of Jesus. We just need to make him live in our hearts by doing our bits to emulate his great and loving examples. All is well folks, all is well."

This tribute was added by Funsho Olamigoke on 8th March 2015

"It's been 365 Days you' been gone Home to be with the Lord
No gimmicks, you sure are at the Feet of Christ
And in the company of your soul-mate, inseparable forever
Bi o ti nri fun awon ayanfe Jesu kristi Omo Olorun

This is the morning after, we still miss you so much

Since the day the skies turned gray
It was then I thought of you
As the rain pondered upon my tin-roof
Tears from my eyes shown how much you meant to me

It never crossed my mind that I'd feel so blue
That on that very day I'd lose a piece of you inside of me
Who would have thought it'd be you to leave so soon?
Leaving behind the ones you love and memories

I'm sure you've gone to a better place
Garnished with angel wings, halo, harps and other things
You're probably looking down from heaven up above
Sending out smiles with days of sunshine and showers of love

365 Days have gone by without you around here anymore
How I wished you were still here to stay
All the time I took for granted thinking the likes of you don’t ever leave town
How wrong I was; You went to be with your Lord and your soul-mate

Sweet memories at Curtis Adeniyi Jones I cherish and hold so dear
Moments spent and everlasting memories
Even though it's hard to accept the fact that you're gone
The distance between you and me are only only temporarily!
We shall meet to part no more ..someday soon."

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 6th March 2015

"Dearest Dad,

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since you left us to be with Jesus, mum & the innumerable company of angels. The pain remains indelible but we're grateful for the comfort Jesus has provided.

Thank you for the legacy of love you left us. We will always cherish the fond memories of the best & most loving dad anyone could ever have had.

We will always love you dad. Keep resting in Jesus' bosom.

Your Daughter - Mopelola"

This tribute was added by Dayo Afon on 6th March 2015

"We will forever miss you dad.
I can't believe it's been a year since you passed on to glory to be with Jesus.
It is painful for us to bear but you are in a better place and you  will always be in our heart
Love you.
Dayo & Family"

This tribute was added by Debbie O Daniel on 6th March 2015

"My Dearie Uncle Beni

I couldn't believe it is a year death snatched you away from us, gone yet not forgotten as your Spirit lives within us and forever in our heart.

Your gentle Nature, your smile and thoughts of your warmth & Love you had for Everybody Cannot Be forgotten.
Many thanks for those Beautiful memories you left us and We're Very proud to Own Those Beautiful Memories.

Uncle Beni you have left this World of Sin & Sorrow and Peacefully free from pain and harm but "you're among the Great Multitude that no-one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, language and standing before the Throne and in Front of The Lamb. Wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands, cried out in a Loud Voice Salvation belongs to Our God, who sits on The Throne and to The Lamb", Rev 7: 9-10.

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an Indelible Imprint In Our Memories and we find Comfort in knowing that Our Lives have Been Enriched by having shared their love" - Leo Buscaglia..

Uncle Beni we'll always remember you and the following late members in our thoughts and prayers, Aunty Eli Akinrelere, my sweet Mother, Grandma, Sister Abigail, Olalekan, In-law Fadayini, Maam Bolajoko, Pa Isaiah, Aunty Logbade, Aunty Remi. We miss you all dearly and nothing can fill the Voids.

One thing in life is that God calls us individually and I pray that the 'Chain will Link Again', till then May The Lamb of God Hold you all  in The Palm of His Holy Hand and may you all continue to sleep well in God's Beautiful Garden of Peace IJMN amen..

Funlayo & Family.."

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 6th March 2015

"Dearest Dad,

I can't believe a whole year has passed by already since you left us and changed your address to the heavenly abode. I also can't explain how we have managed over the last 365 days, but God being faithful, has kept us in the hollow of his hands. Although they say time heals wounds, ours is taking so long to heal. However, we trust that God who gave you to us, and now has you with him, will perfect the healing. As you ran the race faithfully and patiently to the very end, we pray that we also will so run.

Dad, you'll forever be in our hearts, even as we remember you today. Continue to take your rest in  Christ's bosom until we meet to part no more.

Loving & Missing you dearly.
Always in my heart.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 6th March 2015


It doesn't get easier with time... loosing you after over 40 privileged years of being your son!

Our hearts are still heavy and our eyes are still dripping.
You remain forever engraved in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Mummy... I Miss you Daddy!

Your Proud Son,


This tribute was added by Rolake Latunde on 6th March 2015

"Exactly a year ago,daddy you left this world but you left a great legacy of faith.We thank God in all things,continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This tribute was added by Seyi FAJINMI on 6th March 2015

"Dear Papa, what a day you joined the Church triumphant!

With fondest memories, we recall your valiant strides amongst us...continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ…till we meet at His feet!"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 6th March 2015

"One year today, you joined mom in the heavenly city!! Ah daddy!! We miss you so much. I will always be grateful to God for such a gentle, caring and wonderful father God gave me and my siblings.
It's not difficult to imagine the love of Father God, having experienced a touch of it through you! I will always hold you forever in my heart! I love you daddy!! Tope"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 11th February 2015

"Coming to this website is the toughest thing ever for me!! It opens up the wound of loss all over again. I can't help the tears and the ache of my heart.
I wish you were still with us, in better health, with opportunity to love, care for you and give back of the love you lavished on us in your gentle way.
First year anniversary rolls in, just a few weeks away!! You've been gone that long??  Thank God it's good night; that softens the hurt. May Jesus keep us strong and in the faith as He helped you, so we may greet each other "good morning"!
I will always be grateful for being our dad, I'll choose you over and over again if I could. Thank you for fulfilling the call of God as a father.
Thank you daddy, thank you Jesus!!
Always in my heart, Tope"

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 30th October 2014

"My Precious Daddy,

I keep myself busy with the things I do, but every time I pause, I still think of you.

I love you Daddy, and I really miss you.

Always in my heart,

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 10th September 2014

"Dearest Dad,

I remembered your birthday yesterday with such fond memories, especially the prayers, besides the get-together. You would have been 77, but you chose to answer the call of God, so you could celebrate in His presence. Now that all pains are gone, we know that you are beholding the face of our Father, Creator and God.

We’re forever grateful for the legacy you left behind.

Loving & missing you dearly.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 10th September 2014

"Darling Dad,

So much around remind me of what a wonderful dad you were. Yesterday was so much more. No cakes ordered, no phone calls, no visits! Bami Beeni! How we miss you.

Our loss maybe but Heaven's gain you are. You'll always hold a special place in my heart dad and we remain grateful for your loving example. You remain the best.

Always & Forever,
Your daughter - Mopelola"

This tribute was added by Gboyega Akinrelere on 9th September 2014

"It is true that you have gone back to your creator and there is no doubt that you are resting in His Bosom. We would have been celebrating your 77th birthday today but who are we to query the Almighty God for calling you home. Even in death, we love you but surely the Lord Jesus  to whom we surrender all, loves you most, Adieu brother mi till the resurrection day when we shall meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 9th September 2014

"Dearest baami,
We would have celebrated 77 beautiful years today if you were here with us! But I guess the heavenly host get to celebrate it with you!
My usual feel of glee getting into September was dulled by the knowledge that we won't be able to call you this year as usual.
In fact my phone reminder alerted me that its pop's birthday. What number will I call you at daddy? How will I hear you say haaloo?
We take refuge and solace in knowing that you are with Jesus!
I will forever be grateful for your love. Thank you daddy, thank you Jesus!  Your daughter, Tope"

This tribute was added by Debbie O Daniel on 9th September 2014

"My dearie late Uncle, today you would have been 77 years old, its hard to believe it has been 6months you left us! Im always saddened by the death of a nice and kind uncle like you, wish you're Here but must now fully accept that you're Gone but thankful for fond memories you left with us as it leaves forever.
Eventhough you're Physically gone but do have a Strong Conviction of Hope that The Lamb of God will Bring You into a New Existence of Everlasting Love & Peace with your Father In Heaven amen..
Death leaves a heartache and flowers withers but the "Seed" remains and forever you will remain in our hearts.
Sleep well 'brother mi' as you're Safe in the Hand of God where Lamb of God shall Lead you Unto Living Fountains of water and shall wipe away all tears from your eyes (Rev 7:16-17), IJMN amen.. I and my family will always remember you with lots of love & warm regards, Funlayo & Family.."

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 15th May 2014

"Tearful day today
Painful day today
Saying good night... See you in the morning
to the one you love so dearly
is not an easy task!

You are up there in glory now
your physical body laid to rest today
It's sad, it hurts, it pains but it is well

You have left so many wonderful memories
So many joyful memories
You live forever in our hearts and in our mind
Such a wonderful father you were
Such a wonderful mentor you were

Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord
Where there is no hurt and no pain
Continue to enjoy the presence of the King
Until we meet to part no more.

I love you daddy... from the bottom of my heart.

With tears of joy,
Forever and Always!

Your Proud Son

- Arowosola"

This tribute was added by Remi Afon on 15th May 2014

"After our lonely heartaches and our silent tears,
We will always have beautiful memories of the one we loved so dear.
Servant of God, well done! Rest in the bosom of the Most High God.
The battle is fought, the victory won.
Enter thy Master’s joy Pa Ben Akinrelere!"

This tribute was added by Dayo Afon on 4th May 2014

I remember your gentleness and humility;a man of God indeed.You will be missed greatly,good night sir."

This tribute was added by Ase Opasanya on 3rd May 2014

"To my grandfather: Thank you for raising my mother, she is the best Mum partly because emulated you in many ways. Your life remains an example for me as I become a father, mentor and community influence.

I will never forget the fun memories of coming over to visit you. Your many counsels on embracing life and many challenges.

Thank you for leading from the front."

This tribute was added by Dayo Afon on 3rd May 2014

"Mama Dorcas' Afon Tribute to Daddy Akinrelere:
I thank God for his life. He was instrumental to my being able to read my bible while I was with Tope and Rotimi in South Africa. He was always thankful and grateful for the way I helped take care of the grandchildren."

This tribute was added by Aderonke Akisanmi on 28th April 2014


Am so glad to know that you served The Lord, and God has taken you away from this sinful world! I fondly remember your smiling face, and gentle voice. Rest in The Lord, even as we celebrate the sweet memories you left behind. May your blessed soul continue to rest in peace...Adieus.....till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Adedayo Adesuyi on 28th April 2014

"Dear Daddy,  

As i write my tribute to a man that was known to my family as "Baba Tope"...
He was  an amazing father to us the children of Mr Joel Adewaire Adesuyi .

I could remember vividly that he personally encouraged and helped me to secure a  job at A J SEWARDS after i finished my secondary education at that time.

I am eternally grateful to you for your support and love.

Daddy you fought the battle and ran the race of life to the very end. Rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ   till will meet to part no more .odigba   o


This tribute was added by Labake Abraham on 21st April 2014

"Tribute to Bro Ben

Booda is what I call you when we meet face to face.  Bro Ben or Booda Beeni is what I call you when talking about you with my siblings and other members of the family.  Daddy shell club is what my children call you.  I joined them calling daddy shell club.

Booda, I still find it difficult to believe that you are no more on this planet earth.
I give God the glory for the opportunity He gave me to be by you during the period of your illness.  I can't forget the good time we shared together in High Wycombe, UK when you came on holidays, especially when sharing the Word of God. This you enjoyed. The Bible says how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things (Rm10:15).

Thank you for being there for me. You took me from Ile-Oluji to Lagos to complete
my Pry school, later to St Louis Secondary school Ondo. You took me up as your child, never was I sent out for default in school fees.You secured me a job in N. E. T. after my secondary education , where I met my husband.  I cannot forget your fatherly advice to me to be well behaved as NET was just a bus stop and that I needed to further my education. Indeed you saw to it that I gained admission .  You were always there to guide and nurture me.

You were interested in building the future lives of those that came across your path. This you did not only to your family members both immediate and extended, you did it to house helps. I can't forget how you used to wake us all up  to coach us in preparation for entrance examinations into secondary schools. Two of the girls, who were house helpers, gained admission.

With the resources God gave you, you made sure you shared it out. If you were to build mansions you could afford it but as The Lord blessed you, you
were a source of blessing to many.

Booda mi,you were of quiet, gentle and humble characters. I never saw you raising your voice or quarreling with aunt Elizabeth your dutiful wife who nurtured and modeled me to be a woman, no wonder you chose to be with her on her birthday and she herself departed this world on  your birth Month, What a Match!!.

Booda, I didn't know you wanted to break bread with us on March 4, just as our
Lord Jesus broke bread with His disciples before He went to the Cross. I brought you  akara ,and you insisted that all us present should eat of it as you took a piece.
At that time, I had a different expectation. I was very happy thinking that given what appeared to be a significant improvement in your health, I was certain that by wed 5 or Thursday 6 of March you would be discharged from the hospital.

On that wonderful Thursday 6 of March, I called at about 7:30am to ask of your general well being and to let you I would be with you shortly. Your response was that you would be expecting me. There was nothing to suggest that that would be my last conversation with you. It was unbelievable to me by the time I got to the hospital some two hours after that only to meet your lifeless body.

Who am I to question God.He is an unquestionable God. He is the greatest stakeholder in your life. He created you for a purpose.You have fulfilled that
purpose to your family, friends at large and also on earth. You swallowed pride, you swallowed insults, you carried your cross for the sake of eternity.

Only God the creator of everything knows the day a man would be born and the day to die,but man is giving the opportunity to choose JESUS CHRIST or not while he lives.  I give the Almighty God glory that you chose JESUS CHRIST, that is why I have the assurance that you are resting at His bosom.

Rest in perfect peace my dear brother. I have the conviction that you are with the Lord. One day we will meet to part no more. Bami ki Bawa ati Yewa, anti Logbade ati anti Eeli oo.

You have left a good legacy and my prayer is that those of us left behind will live the life that will bring honor and glory to God.

Labake (Labs as you fondly called me)."

This tribute was added by Dele Akinrelere on 19th April 2014

"Dear Daddy .You were a wonderful Dad during your lifetime. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord . Amen !!!."

This tribute was added by olaleye durodola on 17th April 2014

"Beloved Dadd!!!
You are Dad in Millions of way. Your worth is simply in explainable from little things to the Biggest you are a Giver, the only things you could not give is that when u did not possess. Daddy, You have left a vacuum no mortal can fill all our last conversation is still fresh in my memory i will tell of you to my unborn generation the role you have played in my life. What give me joy is that God has helped you to fulfill your destine i.e drawing people into almost all the days of your life. Daddy, i have no doubt in me that  you have gone home to rest and to be with the Lord.
RIP Daddy.
Akinrelere. Benjamin Akinbenjo
REV: 21 VS 4"

This tribute was added by Dolapo Komolafe on 14th April 2014

"Tribute to Daddy

Daddy was a man of greatness and inspiration. This man was a blessing to me, my siblings and to everyone that had been around him in his life time. He was a man of substance, a man who built lives and not mansions. A man that feared God. He was a role model, no matter the situation, daddy always had a positive attitude. Daddy would be greatly missed and his memory will live on in all of us forever. I will miss daddy dearly and will never forget him.
Sun re o, baba o ninu rere, sun re o, THE WORLD'S GREATEST UNCLE till we meet to part no more.

This tribute was added by Phemmy Iyanda on 10th April 2014

"From bunmi osifeso.  . Dear dad.u were a wonderful father during ur lifetime. Continue to rest in perfect peace.amen."

This tribute was added by Omoyemi akinmayowa,olasokan on 8th April 2014

"I cannot believe it but I know you will rest in perfect peace. God Loves you more than we do. He will protect all that you left behind. Eyin e a dara o boda Beeni."

This tribute was added by Nike Adesuyi Ojeikere on 8th April 2014

"Dear Daddy,

It's past a month already! Time indeed flies on this side of life!

I will always remember that day when Lolu broke the news...It was on that day that I ran into Broda Johnson (whom I had not seen in several, several years), on Demurin Street, Ketu. This is important because I had introduced Bro Johnson to my husband and his friend - in reference to YOU; not knowing that 'isele ti sele'. Lolu's call came barely an hour after.

It was also barely an hour to when would be ushering my Dad-in-law, Pa JD Okhai Ojeikere, to immortality with a service of songs. The news from Lolu was totally confounding... Ironically, you  & Mummy Dele had called to commiserate with me only about 2 weeks before!

Daddy, I have known you almost as long as I've known myself.... I remember you for your life-long friendship with my Dad, Mr. Joel Adewaire Adesuyi, your humorous  nature, sound intellect, soft-spokeness, gentlemanliness, humility, good naturedness, and your dedicated service to the Lord.

We were always totally at ease in your company and your visits to our home in Games Village were always a treat of laughter, smiles, insight & enlightenment. You would greet us all by your special nicknames:  'Superman', 'AliBaba', 'Super girl', 'Princess Adebimpe' and you would sometimes tease me with that Igbo song: Nike, Nike  ka anyi ji alu olu, bia  nunu Nike-Nike!  

I remember when you were taking French lessons - preparatory to a trip to France. You would share what you were taught, speak French to me, ask to be reminded about a word, or ask its equivalent in English- and if I fluffed it, we would  together conjugate the verb so the answer would be clear! I found it remarkable that you did not think yourself 'too old' to learn. I was also quietly impressed when much later in life, you took up the challenge to train as a Yoruba language interpreter in a bid to better serve the Lord! And after you found the Lord, your visits were always rounded off with prayers which I always looked forward to and appreciated.

I remember when I rode with you to Ile-Oluji and you shared many details about my family history and tree (being a long-standing friend of Dad and relation of Mum). I wished later, that I had recorded it all.

I remember other things:  Sir: Sept 9, The Pensioners' Fellowship; your several street-based evangelism; DLBC and the Ayobo journeys; NEPA, Shell Club; your encounter with the computer; your interesting stories about your SA trip; singing the IleOluji Anthem; Curtis Adeniyi Jones Close's role as a nurturing spot and melting pot  for many... and your dogged care for all your children and others' alike.

Adupe SIr, For everything. We thank God for your fatherly care, exemplary life, good impact and Godly legacy.

On behalf of all my siblings, Soji, Dayo, Deola and Princess Adebimpe, here's wishing you a well-deserved rest with the Saints Triumphant.

Requiescat in pace!"

This tribute was added by ola sokunbi on 7th April 2014

"Heaven gained a great one! We missed a lot as we never got to physically meet you but we are truly blessed to have met your fruits.
May your legacy of loyalty,love and intergrity never die. You are truly alive in the hearts of your loved ones. Rest in Perfect Peace  from Ola and Bayo Sokunbi(friends of the Afon family)"

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 6th April 2014

"Dearest Daddy:

As we read our devotional this morning at church, I realized it was April 6 already... exactly a month ago you have been gone... exactly a month we haven't spoken with you... exactly a month ago you have been with God in heaven! I wondered for a second if my siblings felt the same way at that moment only to see text messages flowing in showing we were all thinking the same things at the same time! I couldn't help but tear in church!

Daddy, even though we knew you were a great man while you were here and we celebrated you, yet the things I have learnt that you did in many people's lives even from way back before I was born really makes me very very proud to be your son! Such a wonderful man I call my daddy!
I reflect on these testimonies and my life and I just pray my impact in my world and sphere of influence, by the help of the Holy Spirit, will be as resounding!

I love you daddy! I miss you daddy! It deeply hurts that you are gone but we know you are in a better place.
Say hello to Mummy for me! Let her know I miss her so much and she really really was gone too soon!"

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 6th April 2014

"Dearest Dad,

It's so hard to believe you've been gone a whole month! How have we survived it? God alone! With all the tributes that have been pouring in, it got me thinking why such a good man who gave of the little he had to better the life of others had to pass through such travails later in life, leading to your early departure. But as it is written in the scriptures, God had a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

And although our tears continue to freely flow, we know you've only gone ahead of us, beholding the face of our God and worshipping together with the saints.

God helping us, we will continue with the godly legacy you left behind - of love, humility & righteousness.

Loving & missing you greatly,

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 6th April 2014

"Darlng Dad,

You've been gone one whole month already! The tears are still flowing & sweet memories of you make me smile.I can't help wondering what you're up to sometimes. Praising God? Worshipping? Simply standing in awe of Him? Watching over us? Cheering us all on as we run the race?

You have indeed run the race & have won yourself a crown of righteousness. Whatever you're up to, I can only imagine dad, but this one thing gladdens my heart; you have ceased from all your struggles & now walk the streets of gold.

All the tributes pouring in for you just confirm what we always knew - you had a heart of gold. I pray the Lord helps me to live a life that will testify of Him just like yours did.

Good night dad. See you on that glorious morning!

Love you Always & Forever,

This tribute was added by Feyi Olamigoke on 6th April 2014

"Dear Daddy Akinrelere, fondly called " Booda Beeni", though you have gone, so it seems but you are still very much with us, when we look around we can see that you are very much around, your hand work, your hard work, your legacy and the love you shared will forever remain and we will all take solace in these. It is written "Surely he shall not be moved: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.   Ps. 112: 6.
Shortly before you were called to glory, my husband who is very much fond of you and his aunt of blessed memory, your darling wife that you have gone to reunite with in glory " Mrs. Elizabeth Akinrelere" was talking about you, how you have positively affected his life and was looking forward to seeing you again after a long time, thank God he had the opportunity of speaking with you on phone shortly before you were called home, though he desired more'.

It is not how long we live, but how well, Sir, you have touched so many lives, you have planted, you have watered, you have sown, you have gone extra miles that the Lord may be glorified, you gave your all so that Christ will have His way.

The works of your hands are testifying to your actions and your good works are speaking that you have preached the Word, have already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of your departure has come. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the course, you have kept the faith; and there laid up for you is the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to you on that day; and not only to you, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

"This world is not my home I'm just a-passin' through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore

Oh Lord, You know I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore

I have a loving "(wife") just over in glory land
And I don't expect to stop until I shake her hand
She's waiting now for me in heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore

Oh Lord, You know I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore

Just over in glory land we'll live eternally
The saints on every hand are shouting victory
Their songs of sweetest praise drift back from heaven's shore
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore

Oh Lord, You know I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore"
Jim Reeves -  MetroLyrics

You have been a loving husband, a great dad, a caring and compassionate brother, in-law and dear friend to many, you will be greatly missed.

As we are all saying good night to you, a devoted child of God, we pray the Lord will give your darling children, who are very much fond of you the fortitude to bear this great loss and comfort the entire family and friends you have left behind.
Sir, Sun re o, 'majo lehin, omo 'luji oi'jefon ye jah'ein"

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 6th April 2014

"One month today daddy since we last had you with us on this side of heaven!! Unbelievable! With an aching heart, I say thank you Jesus for blessing and enriching our lives with such an exemplary and Godly father (and indeed mother in many ways). Like my mother-in-law calls him, "abiamo tooto". What a joy, what a glorious memory!
I lay this flower in honor of my precious dad! Father help me live a life of purpose as my dad obviously did in Jesus' name. Good night dad, see you in the morning!! Forever loved. Tope"

This tribute was added by yinka oshodi on 5th April 2014

"Daddy, as i call you because you were like a father to me. I remember when i moved to the U.S.A, how you were concerned for me and my safety. A true father who cares deeply about his children. I was hoping i will see you when you get to the U.S.A, but God knows best. Our only consolation is knowing that you are now in a better place where there is no more pain and suffering. Eyin yin a da ni oruko Jesu."

This tribute was added by Eni Obadan on 5th April 2014

"Amidst cloudy eyes and a heavy heart, I lay this flower as a token of my solidarity to the Akinrelere family. I grieve with you as you mourn the passing of our dear Daddy! He was indeed a father to us all and a great example of a believer to the young christian that I was while growing up in Animashaun district. Getting to know you personally through my beloved friend 'Peju helped me understand that one's christian life in public can and should mirror one's christian life in private/family. I know you will be missed dearly but our consolation is that you died in the Lord. Till we meet again, never to part no more....Adieu"

This tribute was added by Debbie O Daniel on 5th April 2014

"Wa oh "Buoda mi Beenii, My Dearie Uncle - Alias Baba Jeje"!

Its so hard to believe you were gone. I'm happy that i spoke with you over telephone two weeks before you answered the Glorious call.
Uncle you were one of a Kind who meant a lot to me and my family in each and every way. My Uncle was someone who always preached the word of God, cherished peace, cracked sensible jokes, always had good stories to tell but more importantly he knew how to be a good listener as well.
Many thanks for being there for me and my family, showing us the way and believing in me, empowering and encouraging me in my dreams. You were a Great uncle with sense of humour and "HUMBLE" was your Nature to Achieve the Goal.
If i could have one lifetime wish to choose uncle like you i'll definately go for you as i'll Always Cherish the Wisdom in your Advice and the stories of your life. You were such a "Strong Dependable Figure, Strong Model" in your childrens lives and in the family . Uncle of good "cheer and beared a "Kind Hearted Soul", and what you have left is a "Legacy" for us to follow, Ecclesiastes 7:1 declares, "A good Name is better than Precious Ointment and the Day of Death than the Day of Birth". Many thanks again for your moral support and been there with me through my ups and downs just to help me get through and most especially the role you played while my lovely late Nephew "Lekan Fadayini' whose life was cut shot", also your support while my lovely  Mother, my lovely inlaw and my lovely Sister passed away. Families are like Puzzles and when a piece is missing, it throws everything off!!! Sometimes we live with Great sadness in our hearts, but you just have to move and get on with life. Please greet them for me including my lovely Grandma Eunice, lovely Papa Isaiah, lovely Aunty Elizabeth Agbeke, lovely Aunty Logbade and lovely Aunty Remi. May the Lamb of God Rest their souls and your soul in Perfect Peace and may the Perpetual Light shine upon you all IJMN amen..It is my belief that we will be re-united with the departed souls, amen..
Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, for as long as there is Memory they will live On In Our Hearts for ever. I love you buoda mi because love leaves a memory no one can steal and we bless the time we had with you and leave the rest to God....We miss you Uncle and always will.. Funlayo Fagbore & family.."

This tribute was added by Seyi FAJINMI on 5th April 2014

"He Who Would Valiant Be…byJohn Bunyan

He who would valiant be ’gainst all disaster,
Let him in constancy follow the Master.
There’s no discouragement shall make him once relent
His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim.

Who so beset him round with dismal stories
Do but themselves confound - his strength the more is.
No foes shall stay his might; though he with giants fight,
He will make good his right to be a pilgrim.

Since, Lord, Thou dost defend us with Thy Spirit,
We know we at the end, shall life inherit.
Then fancies flee away! I’ll fear not what men say,
I’ll labor night and day to be a (Christian) pilgrim.


This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 4th April 2014

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose. It is dangerous to be alive and not know why you were given life
---Myles Munroe

It is Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.
--Ephesians 1:11 MSG

So be careful how you live. Don't live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what The Lord wants you to do.
--Ephesians 5:15-17 NLT"

This tribute was added by Junior . on 4th April 2014

"To my Greatest Uncle...

May God bless your soul and your good heart that has touched many people all over. I'm proud to call you my Uncle. It was a joy to speak to you late last year over the phone. You taught my Mum and I many life long lessons (wisdom) that will stay with us forever.

I remember when I was in my junior years I would come for holiday from London to Lagos with my Mum every other year and we'd spend quality time together by giving praise to God at Church. The time I spent with you I will cherish forever. You taught me how to be young respectful man and to look after my Mum at all times. For those lessons, I thank and love you with all my heart.

Although, you've left the earth your soul will continue to live on and you are seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven.  

I won't say goodbye because we'll meet again in heaven in Jesus name. Amen

Love Always, Junior."

This tribute was added by Funsho Olamigoke on 4th April 2014

"Today I say goodnight, see you in the morning to Uncle Ben; “Banjo” to my dear Aunt Eli, who to Uncle Ben is “Beth. To these two who unquestionably are as loved as we have witnessed since the translation of Uncle Ben, the heaven stands still in celebration of a special re-union. Though we mourn still, hard as it may we ought to rejoice and be happy for Uncle Banjo and Aunt ‘Beth – two hearts that beat as one. Uncle Ben chose to leave town to be with the Lord instead of the United States, and the appointed day was Aunt ‘Beth’s birthday! So heaven celebrated two strong souls that day, Uncle Ben’s arrival and Aunt ‘Beth’s birthday. I am sure they wouldn’t want it any other way.

We all have found that Uncle Ben meant a lot to us all as individuals and collectively; he’s touched us in many ways and perhaps in different ways but all in great ways for which today, we sing his praise and mourn his departure. For me, he was my Champion, my Rescuer, my Helper, and my Mentor. Those are no empty words; let me start from when as a kid in Primary School, he gave me rides in his LG 8706 (I hope my memory isn’t playing any trick on me with that Lagos Plate Number, about 50 years after so pardon me if I miss the mark) often 3 or less houses away from my grand-pa’s house at Odosikan. He gave you recognition even when you’re s’posed to be insignificant, that’s Uncle Ben. How we enjoyed those rides. After High School, I chose to head to the North instead of Lagos that was in vogue and my parents prepared me padding me with funds that was handed over to my uncle Kamaru and we headed to Maiduguri but detoured at Ilorin because uncle Kamaru found out Maiduguri was worse than Ilorin that at the time was unbearably hot you had to spray water on your bed a number of times before morning broke. After 2 weeks Uncle Kumaru left me in his friend’s (Uncle Ambrose) house and vanished leaving me with no money. After a couple of months, in response to my letter, my sister Fola sent me money to head to Lagos (which I had loathed but accepted, better than returning to Ileoluji); and who took me in: Uncle Ben. Not only that, he contacted His Highness then Engr. Adedugbe at the Fed. Ministry of Works & Housing and pronto I was employed. He then gave me a daily ride to work while my Aunt ‘Beth provided me “Bus Money” for a year before I moved to Sister Fola’s.

Let me say this real quick. If you’re from my generation, those were the days you were practically afraid (in reverence) to be in the presence of folks like your Uncles and Aunts especially because they are much older than you, not used to them and not wanting to disrespect them by being in their presence when you’re not called in. The routine with Uncle Ben and my Aunt put you at ease. From day one, I felt at ease to say “Anti, Bus Money” when I become low; at the same time, when Uncle Ben returned home, he wanted to know how your day had been and whether or not you were doing ok on the job. Without saying, the daily rapport he instituted loosened my otherwise tensed nerves which endeared me to him.

Hey! When I moved to my sister Fola’s place, you know, she did report me to Uncle Ben once for not behaving and I loathed that making sure I didn’t give her any reason after that to report me. Of course you probably know he wasn’t going to yell at you or anything like that, his words were always soft and easy, advisory and guidance. Knowing that, reference to Uncle Ben was all she had to do to get me to do stuffs her way. Finally, there’s no way you lived with Uncle Ben that you don’t get a chip off the block. He was a very loving, kind, helpful and gentle (to a fault).

I dare say that the passing away of my Aunt ‘Beth and the resulting challenges is a string of events that would have broken a lesser man. And it would have been easy for him to let himself become bitter and hardened; surrender to self-pity and regret; but that was not Uncle Ben. He rose to the challenges, gird his loins and became both father and mother to my cousins who as you all know today are very proud of the job their Dad did on them. I am PROUD of him too; and thankful to the Lord for His exemplary life not just as Uncle Ben, Bami Beeni, Booda Beni, and so on but as a born again Christian and lover and preacher of Christ. This I guess you all know is the most important piece of our lives as well and the guarantee that we shall meet him again.

As a child perhaps at age 8 or 9, grand-pa Daniel Akintade led us to “Adura Owuro” at St. Peter’s Church every week-day which meant we woke up earlier than 5:00 AM to be in Church at 5 AM and returned home to prepare for school that resumed at 8:00 AM. One take-away even as I developed in Christianity in life is the memory of the songs we sang as we left Church those days until we got home each day. One of the most salient of them was the one that has “…ao pade lese Jesu” – “we shall meet at the Feet of Christ”. One thing I have learned though is the fact some will be seated closer to the Feet of Christ than others, Uncle Ben is sure one of those closer to the Feet of Christ. How do I know? Every Christian who makes heaven is saved by grace not by work, so there, we are all equal. However we all (as Christians, don’t be surprised) shall be judged by the works of our hands here on earth whether good or bad; more so by how many we led to the Kingdom which I believe gets us a closer seat to the Feet of Christ.

“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad”. II Cor. 5:10.

Albeit, it is Uncle Ben’s historic body of love and kindness we will remember, it is his giving heart that we will miss. He was the father who looked after not only his own children, but extended family members as well.

I cannot end this piece without thanking cuz Titi Eme for giving me the privilege of calling and speaking with Uncle Ben before he passed. His voice was clear and unmistakable, and it resonates still in my head the way he called me: "Funsho da e yen?"; and I said 'Bee ni Sir" and he went into prayers for me. I love and cherish that, I will, forever. Thank you Uncle Ben; and thank you Cuz-Cuz.

Uncle Ben has gone home now, guided by his faith and by the light of those he has loved and nurtured; and the one he had loved and lost. At last he is with her once more, leaving those of us who grieve his passing with the memories he gave, the good he did, and a single, enduring image - the image of a gentleman. Adieu Sir. Ba mi ki Anti mi o, ati Bami n'Odosikan, ati Bami no'Ekengbe, ati Mama Laro ati Yemi n'Odosikan ati Uncle Joe too. Wo se o."

This tribute was added by Moses Akinfolarin Akinsanmoye on 2nd April 2014

"Bami Beeni, when beggars die there are no comets seen, the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of the princes, courtesy of Shakespeare. Your demise generated different reactions from different people from all walks of life.  I was indeed happy to read the good comments people wrote about you and more happier when your real person was clearly identified. I tried to hold back my tears but alas! It dropped like a rain and I said no doubt, death has surely robbed us of a good and God fearing man, philanthropist, gentle and caring father. Your concept and philosophy of life will forever remain an evergreen. I also share the view that death is a necessary end that comes when it will come but how I wish u are alive sir to read the oceans of comments from your children, grandchildren, friends, relativers, brothers and sisters etc u will definitely agree with me that your earhly deeds had spoken good of you. It makes me to believe again, that world is just like a looking glass(mirror) and gives back to everyman the reflection of his own face. Again, as we are celebrating the life of this great man of God, helper and motivator, its absolutely necessary at this jucture to ask ourselves the following heart touching questions. What do u want people to say about u after your demise? What will u be remembered? How many people have you helped with your wealth, money and postion? How many people have u imparted positively? and How many people have you restored hope back into their lives? As we are still thinking and pounding these questions in our minds, let us remind ourselves that the fall of a dried leaf is a great warning to the green ones that they too will actually fall one day. It's my hope that the death of Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo Akinrelere will remind us of that glorious kindom and the needs for u and I to do good for our fellow beings, to love one another and to use our God's given substance to make life more meaningful to that man next to our doors. Truly, by doing these, we are promoting the will of God as it required of u and me. Sir, the life u lived has taught me of how to help my neighbors and the zeal to serve God the more. Now that your earthly deeds had earned u both the passport and visa to the heavenly kingdom, that glorious mansion where there is no more sorrow or pain, a place of joy. The only thing I can say now is to bid u good night and continue to rest in the bossom of your creator.
Sweet, so would I:
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Lord when thou sees that my work is done.
Let me not linger, with failing powers,
A down the weary hours,
A workless worker in a world of work,
But with a word, just bid me home,
And I will come right gladly,
Yea, right gladly will I come. Amen."

This tribute was added by Olumide Olamigoke on 1st April 2014

"Buoda Beeni. My loving Uncle,

The year was 1972, I was admitted to the Federal School of Science, Onikan Lagos. There was a problem. One little but big problem for a child just out of high school. I needed twenty pounds sterling to pay my tuition.

After going all around, even as far as to Ilesha without receiving the help I needed I came back to Lagos. My Aunt Elizabeth heard about my need, passed the information on to Buoda Beeni. The next day I was the happiest Soul on earth as Dr. Ray signed my Student ID Card. My Uncle gave me the twenty pounds immediately and gracefully with words of encouragement.

He used to take me with him on his journeys to Ile-Oluji in the late sixties and early seventies. We would talk and talk. He loved to speak French with me and tried to encourage me to learn it.

Uncle, the love you shared will remain in our memories forever. Love is all there is. GOD is Love, and we exist because of God's love for us.

As a Soul Traveler of The Far Countries of God, sailing on the Sound Current of the Holy Spirit to the endless mansions above, like I have been blessed to meet with my Grandpa Akintade in the Second Heaven many years ago, like St. Paul on his journey to the third heaven, I KNOW FOR SURE that we shall meet again. You have only changed your perspective, as Soul, a Divine Immortal Spark of GOD, you LIVE ON in one of those beautiful places I have visited many times. You will meet with us soon, in the Dream State and during one of those Soul Travel experiences. We are always together in the Spiritual Bond of Divine Love.

With all my love and gratitude,

Olumide Kehinde Olamigoke"

This tribute was added by Olayinka Femi-Akinrelere on 1st April 2014

"Dearest Daddy,

I was at work when I got the call. its still like a dream!  The few years I have known you have been heavenly. You are ever so loving and caring. I am so blessed to have met such a great and wonderful man.

Your kind and soft words still ring in ears "Yinka wa bami jeun". It's such a great privilege meeting you daddy.

The confidence I have By God's Grace is that we will meet again when the trumpet sounds. Now I am certain you will meet my dad. Kindly say hello to him for me.

I will forever cherish the times and moments we shared as a family.

E Sun re Daddy.............. You will forever be in my heart!!!!"

This tribute was added by Adewale Adesoye on 1st April 2014


I can't believe that you are gone!!! You took us as your children and always prayed for us!!!  We will always miss you. One thing I am forever grateful about is that you lived fully for the Lord. We will always miss you!!!"

This tribute was added by Moses Akinfolarin Akinsanmoye on 31st March 2014

"Bami Beeni, I received the news of your demise from this sinful world with a rude shock and a heavy heart but with total and absolute confidence that u had gone to rest with your Lord and the finishers of your faith. I was grieved and sorrowful but I am indeed comforted and builds my solace around God who has the power to give and take. Truly, your death was devastating and a great loss to the entire family but we are rejoicing in the Lord that u have truly and sincerely played your roles, leaving the earthly stage when the oviation was loud. Daddy, it's not an accident of mouth to say those who loved u while alive didn't want u to die but to continue to live in their hearts forever. Who are we then to question God, your maker? We loved u dearly but He loves u more. Those who were opportune to know u we surely agree with me that you were a lover of all, helper and builder of greater tomorrow. You were an epitome of love and paragon of virtues. In your life time, you were a shining example, a front runner, a great leader, emulator and a television that many wished to watch. Your success and achievement brought prestige, honour and respect not only to yourself but to the Ifabehinje and Akinrelere's families. U were a citadel of enlightenment, a mirror that members of our families wished to look. The series of cars u were bringing home in those days were  just too fantastic to forget. I didn't know anyone in the family or around me that owned one then. However, my joy was not limited to the car alone but also included the honour and the sense of belongings that my Uncle owned one. Sir, we will miss your soft and gentle voice, we will miss your advice that sounds good and terrific, very distinct which was an antidote of inspiration and a reinforcement of goals actualization. I have come to realize that it's not how long that one lives that matters but how well. Again, I am of the opinion that the evils that men do live after them but as for you Sir, may your good work continue to linger on and live after you. You have come and gone! You have fought the good fight!! Finally, u have conquered!!!  Baii, continue to rest in the bossom of Almighty God until the resurrection day when we shall meet to part no more. Amen. May God grant your children and the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss that your death has caused. Amen.
Shall we gather at the river,
Where bright angel feet have trod,
With its crystal tide forever flowing by the throne of God?
Yes, we'll gather at the river,
The beautiful,the beautiful river,?
Gather with the saints at the river,
That flows by the throne of God.
Yoruba verses:
A o pade leti o odo.....
Adiue Baii and good night!!!"

This tribute was added by Seyi FAJINMI on 31st March 2014

"Dear Dad,

Words cannot describe how truly you were a practicing Christian and a good example for the coming generation!

Even in your gentleness, quietness, and an almost imperceptible but queer voices, your character and life taught us life’s most valuable lessons on humility, peace, spirit of oneness, selfless giving and praying without ceasing. We will try our best to hold the fort and emulate these Christian virtues.

We desire you stayed much longer with us, if possible throughout our lives…but the Omniscient Lord promoted you!

Now, we sorrow not as others who have no hope…but we comfort ourselves in these words that the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first….

Sleep on Dad…till we meet in the resurrection morning!

Ciao Papa!


This tribute was added by OlamipejuninuOluwa Fajinmi on 31st March 2014


Still can not put it into words the feelings I felt when I heard you had gone!

You had come to me at different times to say you were tired and ready to go and I had implored you each time to stay a little longer but this last time you were fully dressed in an agbada & a cap and you said you have packed your baggage and ready to go with a mind made up! Alas two weeks after you decided to go and rest in the bossom of our Lord! Am glad I spoke with you few minutes before you departed to the great beyond!

How do I begin to describe the values you have imbibed in  me. You thought us not to depend on people but to strive hard to be achievers - that silence was golden! - that we should put other people in our shoes before reacting! -that we shouldn't speak ill about people!  &most importantly to intercede for people around us!

You were an epitome of humility, a father & an older friend one could relate with! So so sad my children will not grow up to know the ever loving grandpa who loved to have & play with little children around!

Am glad to know you're in the bosom of our Lord! Away from the aches and pains of this sinful world!

You indeed have fought a good fight, you have finished your course, and kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give you at that day: and not to you only, but unto all of us also that love His appearing!"

This tribute was added by Rufus 'Bamiji AKINSANMOYE on 30th March 2014

"Profondément touchés pas la nouvelle de la disparition de Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo AKINRELERE, but with gratitude to God almighty for his life which was well spent.

I have Known bami Beeni right from my childhood memory as an indefatigable father, a father to the fatherless, a charismatic God chosen christian leader. A man known for his unconquerable benevolence and good will.

Bami Beeni have been my inspiration, he gave me the so - much needed fatherly support right from my secondary school days and moulded my life to become what i am.

He loved his family, and the entire family members loved him dearly. He understood his people and inspired all of us to great heights.
He was a man of God (full with the spirit of humility), superb and very successful.

Under the leadership of bami Beeni, our entire family has been so vibrant and enjoys the habit of togetherness. He has left a leadership standards in our family, of course indelible standards in which those who aspire to lead our family after him can be eternally measured.

No wonder, at his death i can see and even reads comments from so many people; his children, grand - children, families and friends far and near, coming together for the common purpose of honouring bami Beeni - A man to whom honour is due.

Now it is up to you bros. Akintade, bros. 'Gboyega and bros. Akinwumi to fill the leadership vaccum left behind by this honourable man of God.

Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo AKINRELERE, malgré la fatiigue, vous était si vivant, si cordial, et aussi souriant jusqu'a à la fin.

ADIEU bami BEENI !  ADIEU  Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo AKINRELERE !

Toute la famille vous aime, vos enfances, petits - enfances, les amis vous aime, mais Jésus vous aime de plus, alors, endormis dans la paix du SEIGNEUR, De profundis."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Eme on 29th March 2014

"Dear Grandpa,

You were a man of integrity so fun to be with God fearing and loving. I remember when you used to buy snacks  for me, took care of me like I was your son. Every time I come to see you, it is always a memory of joy and excitement. God took you through 76 years of life, smoothly and passionately. I can recall seeing you precisely on the 21st of February. God knew what he has done, but dear Beloved Grandpa I can promise you that from the bottom of my heart that I can never forget the good memories and good times we had together, those past memories we had together can never be forgotten. May God and his angels take charge of you. May the Lord be with you Grandpa Benjamin Akinrelere, and may your gentle soul rest in solitary and perfect peace.

Your grandson,

This tribute was added by Vincent Eme on 29th March 2014

"We will always miss and love you dad!

Even while we grieve though, we rejoice that you are once again reunited with the Lord and the Saints triumphant forever. Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours and their works follow them.

May the Lord grant all the remnant of your seed the grace to walk in the narrow way that leads to life.


This tribute was added by Rolake Latunde on 28th March 2014

"Apope!!!                                                                                                                                              You were a good father to "all". A great example that gave us hope, joy and teacher of His word. We can't forget you taught us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We admired your unquestionably humility that has become part of us, and instilled  in us good virtues through the word of the Lord  Proverbs 14v2. Your exit has  created a void  and a big challenge for us, but God will intervene IJN.
  When I called your phone that faithful morning of March 6th,2014 ; all l was expecting is the usual "le o Rolake". On rushing to the hospital I saw you lying on the bed helpless as if you were sleeping,  I was confused  and thought you would soon get up. Alas! that was not the case, l accepted in good faith and took solace in His Word   Psalm 89 v 48. No doubt, you have finished strong. May God keep all the loved ones you left behind.
                                                 Adieu Apope!!!                                                                                                                          

Thank you for everything, Daddy.                                                                                    "

This tribute was added by AMAIZE OJEIKERE on 28th March 2014

"To a gentle and wonderful soul who definitely is with the Lord. Goodbye! Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Akinlolu Akinrelere on 26th March 2014

"Daddy :

It still prickles my heart whenever I remember the fact that you are no more, but the most important thing is where you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I still saw you not up to a week and spoke to you a day before ...

I remember even if i saw you 2 days earlier, you will always say that it's been like 2 weeks we saw last. I remember when you'd say i should join you in eating your small meal or compulsorily you'd walk me to the gate even when you are not strong enough , when i am so busy and you will still call me to ask how i am doing and also ask after Yinka.

No Words to describe the way i really feel. We'd miss you.

Your death is an irreparable loss to us all. We Love you but God loves you best. Rest in perfect peace.


This tribute was added by tim afon on 24th March 2014

You are my hero because:
You were a very loving and protective father
You showed the joy of the Lord no matter what
You were a gentleman that feared the Lord
You were always peaceful and fun to be with
You wore patience, kindness, humility and temperance like a garment
You left a legacy that we all are proud of
Above all, you were faithful to the end
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

This tribute was added by Ileade Oyedeji on 24th March 2014


Iba Tope as you were fondly called, wo lani o. Majo lein, omo l’oson. Omo woo luje lumo. Linu ire j’opo,  ew’ola dubo. In lua amoju jege.

You came, you saw and you conquered. You struggled so much in life, but thank God it yielded very well. The very time you gave your life to Christ, you served Him with all your heart, soul and mind. You let go all things of the world. You became our family pastor.

Thank God for your life and the good care you gave your children after the death of your beloved wife Ibidun. You stood as father and mother for them.
A gentleman to the core is gone for ever.

You must have seen your inestimable jewel of so many years by now, no wonder you decided to join her on her birthday 06/03/2014. We shall surely meet on the Resurrection day in heaven where we shall  be singing Halleluyah.

Thank God I visited you on your sick bed on Wednesday 05/03/2014 not knowing it was the last time we will talk on this planet. You said I must see you when I returned from the camp, I would have regretted it for life.

Keep rejoicing at Jesus’ bosom, where there is no more pain nor death, till we meet again. You will be greatly missed. O digbose o ‘Kinbamijo.

From Ileade Oyedeji"

This tribute was added by Gboyega Akinrelere on 24th March 2014


Across the bridge
There is no more sorrow
Across the bridge
There is no pain
The sun that shines
Across the river
And you'll never be
Unhappy again

Broda mi Beni (as you were fondly called by all of us your junior ones), never did I know that my visit to you on Sunday 2nd February this year was the last time we would sit together to talk and discuss. During the course of our discussion, emotion set in and we both shed tears not knowing that you were bidding me farewell from this sinful world.

You laid a solid educational foundation for me and my younger ones. You inculcated discipline in me during my youthful days. One of such discipline was when you sent me to Hussey College, Warri even when we had no relative there to take care of me. You told me that it was the  beginning of self reliance. The discipline you instilled in me nurtured me and moulded my life to make me what I am today. Praise the Lord.
I start to wonder who the shoe of leadership will fit as your demise has left a vacuum in the family.

You were a practical believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as reflected in the way you nurtured in the Words of the Lord and also your desire to see many unbelievers come to the knowledge of the Lord our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Your selfless and untiring service to the Deeper Life Christian Church is another testimony of your belief in making Heaven.
Now that you have crossed to the other side of the bridge where there is neither sorrow nor pain, we believe that you have only slept and that your sleep is a loss only to this sinful world but a gain to Heaven.

Broda mi Beni, you have fought a good fight, you have fmished your course on planet earth, you have also kept the faith and there is no doubt that there is laid up for you a Crown of Righteousness which the Lord shall give you on that day.

Sun re o
Iba Tope, lba Titi, lba Mope, lba Sola, lba Dele, Iba Lolu, Iba Peju.
Linure jopo, ewu ola dubo
Wo lani o
Majo Lerin
Omo gbelerogun
Omo gbelesusi
Lerinla Bode
lye sogho ghaka ghaka
Agbeleku pa Kila
O deigho serin
E den jomo ugben gwere
Nule Erin
Duo ki bami Isaiah Kini ati yemi Esther Otumadeke komi o

Gboyega Akinrelere"

This tribute was added by jacob akinwumi Oladapo on 23rd March 2014

"It is time to say good bye.
Surely he shall not be moved: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance (Psalm 112 vs 6).Brother beeni as fondly addressed by all your junior; you have gone to the way of the earth and to be seen no more. Indeed you fought a good fight and finally won your self a crown of glory. You had the opporyunities to enjoy alone but you did not, you tolerated and accepted both close and distance relations and helped to the best of your ability. The resources you woulld have kept and enjoyed till death with yourself and immediate family, you joyfully shared among the lucky ones who came across you during your sojourn on earth, all for the kingdom sake. You have gone to a better place, a place where the wicked cease from troubling and where the weary are at rest, a place where you feel your pains no more. Sleep on till that day of resurrection. Brother Beeni we missed you ( wo lani o logho shia lu, lino ire jopo, ewu ola dubo) continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more.
From Akin & Ade Oladapo"

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 22nd March 2014

"If tears could build a stairwell
and memories were a lane
Daddy, I would walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You were gone before I knew it
Yet I only spoke with you the day before.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow
What it really means to lose you
even though many try to guess
No one will ever know
My solace is in God
The one who sees all and knows all
I tear, not like the heathen that has no hope
I tear because I miss and love you so!

Adieu Daddy!
Say hello to Mummy!
Till we meet at the feet of Jesus!"

This tribute was added by Toyin Akinrelere on 22nd March 2014

"Dearest Daddy Akinrelere,

Words fail me in describing how phenomenal of person you are.
I can only testify of the great ,inspirational, beautiful/handsome, caring, passionate, compassionate, loving, and lovable children you have brought up, and I'm a part of their lives.  
Thanks you so much sir for your Sacrifices, your support, and most importantly your integrity in the faith.
Though I didn't get to spend as much time with you as I would have loved to, I longed so much to get to see you again, and love on you so much too. The kids and I even made meal plans, and the kids promised they will do anything for you.

The memories I have of spending my Mondays with you after youth coppers meetings are still very fresh, your gentle smile, your welcoming arms, your humility. The times we talked on phone, your priority was the kids and my happiness. Thank you Sir!!

Ha!!! Daddy!! ' iku Ma daaá órò'  I'm still very tearful when I even try to imagine you are gone, but calmed by the Spirit saying to me "He Lives on in the bosom of our Lord".
Daddy you will forever be missed!!!
Indeed the memory of the righteousness is blessed.
Till we meet to part no more.
Sūn rē Sir."

This tribute was added by ade afon on 22nd March 2014

"Dear Grandpa Ben,
I can vividly recall the time that we went to Nigeria in 2005 when you came to see us in Lagos and picked me up as soon as you saw me. This is the most memorable time that i can remember because I was too young to remember the other times. I am extremely happy to have this image in my head. I know i wasn't able to get to know you as much as one would hope to but I can tell that there were many good traits in you that were passed on to my mom.

It was tough hearing about this loss, but I was very sure of God's plans when i heard that you were called up to heaven to celebrate Grandma's birthday with her.

This is surely not good-bye. See you soon Grandpa, I love you!

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 21st March 2014

"Good Night or Good-Bye?

Dr. Langdale of New York tells of a Christian businessman who was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. He was told he had only two hours to live. Calling his family together, he spoke to each in turn.

“Good night, dear wife. Through sunshine and shadow we have walked together. You have been my inspiration in everything I have undertaken. Many times I have seen the Spirit of God shining in your face. I love you far more than the day you became my bride. Good night, dear; I’ll see you in the morning; good night.”

“Good night, Mary. You are our firstborn. What a joy you have been to your father. What a Christian you are, Mary; you will never forget how your father loved you. Good night, Mary, good night.”

He turned to his oldest son. “Good night, Will. Your coming into our home has been an unmixed blessing. You love the God of your father. You will continue to grow in every Christian grace and virtue. You have your father’s love and blessing. Good night, Will, good night.”

Charlie was next in line. He had gotten into bad company and bitterly disappointed his father and mother. The dying man skipped him and spoke to the youngest child, a beautiful young girl.

“Gracie, you have long been a song of gladness, a ray of light. When not long ago you surrendered your life to Christ, my cup of happiness was full to overflowing. Good night, little girl, good night.”

“Good-bye, Charlie.” He then called Charlie to his side. “Charlie, what a fine, promising boy you were. Your father and mother believed you would develop into a noble man. We gave you all the opportunities we gave to the other children. If there has been any difference, you yourself must admit that difference was all in your own favor. You have disappointed us. You have followed the broad and downward road. You have not heeded the warnings of God’s holy Word. You have not listened to the call of the Saviour. But I have always loved you and love you still, Charlie. God only knows how much I love you. Good-bye, Charlie, good-bye, good-bye.”

Charlie seized his father’s hand and between sobs he cried out, “Father, why have you said good night to the others and goodbye to me?”

“For the simple reason that I shall meet the other members of the family ‘in the morning,’ but by all the promises that assure us of a reunion, by those same statements of God’s Word I can have no hope of seeing you ‘over there.’ Good-bye, Charlie, good-bye.”

Charlie fell on his knees by his dying father’s bed and cried out in agony of his soul, praying God to forgive his sins.

“Do you mean it, Charlie? Are you in earnest?”

“God knows I am,” said the heartbroken young man.

“Then God will hear you and save you, Charlie, and it is good night and not goodbye. Good night, Charlie, good night, my boy.” And he was gone.

“Behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

“I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him” (Revelation 3:20).

“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation?” (Hebrews 2:3).

“What must I do to be saved? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:30-31)."

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 21st March 2014


Eachtime I come here and see your pictures, the exuberance, the grace, the peace that has always been synonymous with you, I cannot but shed tears. Inasmuch as I try, I still find myself opening the site first thing every morning.

Thank you for your visit the other day... the hard tap to wake me up and the deep smile you gave me. It just confirms what we already know... that you are happier in heaven in the presence of the Lord. For that, I am very very grateful to God!

Others reference you in so many ways... popsy, pop, baami beeni etc but I just find myself referring to you as simply 'Daddy' because you were that to me in all totality. I miss you so much daddy! I remember back in the day when we were selfish youths where somethings grew legs and disappeared, your words then still resonates with me today. You had called me and said 'I am your daddy and all you need to do is ask' and you went ahead and gave me more than I took originally. That marked a significant turn around in my youthful life then. I play that experience/encounter back over and over again in my life and the same wisdom guides me with my little boys now. Just like my daddy, I am their daddy now... what you taught me, I will continue to teach them... the wisdom, the love, the patience, the sacrifice, the care and the Jesus you preached!

Extend my love to mummy! She had left too soon but I can only thank God for the siblings I have. They were mummy to me while they were still teenagers themselves...  but you, daddy, kept us together through all this. You are forever engraved in our hearts and minds daddy!

I love you very dearly!
I am so proud to be your son. I will choose you over and again as my Daddy!
- Arowosola"

This tribute was added by Ibukun Afon on 21st March 2014

"Dear Grandpa,
I am extremely proud to be your first grandchild, as well as the first child of your first child. Over these past two, I have felt your spirit on me, almost as if you have been watching from Heaven all this time. Looking through all the pictures posted on this site, it was amazing to see how a "young grandpa" , but my, what a handsome young man you were Oga! Even though we did not get the full grandfather-grandson physical bond and relationship, God knows that our relationship was more than a blessing and I will forever be grateful for experiences that we did share together. I thank God for your life, your love, your dedication, your everything, for we all know it was a life well lived. The way my mom describes your meekness and kindness is something that I strive to obtain, and God-willing, I will follow in the footsteps of you, Benjamin Akinrelere, humble servant of the Most High.
Ese Gramps!"

This tribute was added by Ore Afon on 20th March 2014

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I have the honor and the  privilege to be your first granddaughter. Thank you for being the wonderful, sweet man that you were, and thank you for being an example for each and every one of us (kids and grandkids) to follow. I can only pray that I will marry a man one day that will be half the man that you were. Though I didn't get the opportunity to spend as much time with you as I would have liked, I am forever grateful for the time that we did have together.

Thank you for raising my mom in the way that you did because you did an excellent job. She is so hard-working and compassionate and such a devoted Christian, and I am sure that it was you who instilled those values into her. So for that, thank you.

I love you, Grandpa Ben! Say hi to Grandma for me--and to Jesus, as well. LOL!

Love you forever,
your granddaughter, Oreoluwa"

This tribute was added by Babs Fapohunda on 20th March 2014

"Dear Dad,

Knowing you was a treasure; a treasure I'll keep for ever.

You were a gracious, thankful, humble father. Very caring, almost to a fault; you would go to any length for peace to reign, even to the detriment of your health and finances. You gave your all so that the Prince of peace will have His way. You accommodated all in your stride for Jesus.

I always thought you should have done things differently until l got closer to you and found a heart full of humility, love and a heart that will do everything to be in line with Jesus.

That is the treasure that will be with me forever - an opportunity to get closer to Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for the exemplary life of daddy- Pa Benjamin Akinbanjo Akinrelere."

This tribute was added by Titi Eme on 19th March 2014

"Darling Dad,

I still can’t believe you’re gone. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face. I still think it’s a dream, not until I see your pictures all over the place, and realize that it isn’t usual. You mean you won’t be able to answer your phone if I call that number again? Calling you used to be one of my key action items for the day. If I didn’t call you, you would call me. And then you would ask: have you heard from Tope today, and Sola, and Peju, and Mope? What of Lolu? When last did you speak with him? Not necessarily in this order, but you did make sure we kept up with each other. I looked forward to each call and was always excited to hear your voice. And although we didn’t really have too much to say sometimes, you never wanted me to drop off the phone.  You would say “there’s something else I want to tell you …”.  You demonstrated true love and ensured we were united.

Dad, you taught me patience. I remember even as a child, when provoked, you would say to me “silence is golden”. I still haven’t forgotten that, dad. Thank you for such a great lesson.

Dad, you were always thirsty for the word of God. You would always ask me to share with you messages from each Sunday service, when you could no longer go to church. I always looked forward to those moments after church, because it was an opportunity for me to practice being a preacher. You would ask me to buy you CDs from the church-organized retreats, and when we visited you at home, you were either listening to the bible on CDs, playing inspirational music or just relaxing.

But dad, you chose to join the saints triumphant on that glorious and special day, and just a few days to my birthday.

Although our hearts are now filled with sadness and tears, they are also filled with many good memories of you. If we had to live life over, we would choose you once more.

We take solace in God’s word, and not sorrow like those that have no hope. God helping us, we will also run the race with patience, so we can be united on the last day.

Good night, dad. Till we meet again at Jesus’ feet.  

Much love.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by Mope Fapohunda on 19th March 2014

"Dearest & Ever Loving Dad (remember those starting lines from Kazaure?),

Bami Beeni! How I miss you. My alarm until yesterday kept beeping at the preset times telling me to call "Dad Akinz".

The last time I wrote you a letter was probably many years ago when I was in boarding house. I’m writing this now with great sorrow & heaviness of heart, yet with gratitude to God & joy in my heart that you now rest from all your labours. No more medication, no more undue concerns. All that is now over. Praise the Lord!

I remember you with so much love & gratitude – for what you meant to me & indeed all of us. Firm, yet loving; never forcing your views on anyone. You were not just daddy, you were mummy, friend & confidant. You were so humble, kind & considerate, and sometimes, I wished you would say no to certain requests, even ones I made. You were willing to play the fool, for the love of Christ & for peace to reign. You taught us love, forbearance & the need to trust the Lord even when the winds were contrary.

Thank you for the many lessons you acted out by the life you lived: lessons of humility, patience, perseverance, love, kind consideration for others and great faith! What a man! Memories of your life and example put me in check even while you were yet with us. Knowing you cared to see us all united, looking out for each other, caring for ourselves and making excuses where the other fell short helped us to do those things, even when we didn’t feel like sometimes. You were indeed the best father we could ever have had.

Thank you for building us up on the Rock & remaining steadfast upon that Rock, even the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that you have joined the cloud of witnesses, I can almost hear you urging us all to make it to the finish line. That’s one more reason to work out my salvation with fear & trembling even as I look forward to a glorious reunion someday - with you & mummy too. What a truly glorious day that will be! And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

I will always love & hold you dear in my heart daddy. You remain my hero.

Bami Beeni, o digba e o.

Your daughter,

This tribute was added by Tope Afon on 18th March 2014

"Dearest and the best Dad!!
Iba Tope, Baami Beeni, Apope!! Is it for real that we won't hear you say "heelloo"?? I wonder if I can truly believe that.
I love the fact though that you chose to join Mom on her birthday. Were you trying to make the birthday party? LOL Dad. Now you have seen the face of Jesus. What a blessing!

Sharing life with you as your daughter was a great privilege. You demonstrated the person of Jesus to me, in gentleness, forgiveness and endurance. Thank you for being a father. As I often told you, your ministry was that of a father and you did it gracefully. You nurtured not only your biological children, but your siblings, and anyone else who the Lord out in your pathway. Thank you for making me and my siblings who we are today with the help of Jesus.  Forever in my heart!! I love you!"

This tribute was added by Sola Akinrelere on 18th March 2014

"Daddy: Your sacrifices, your love, your gentleness, the Jesus you preached and the life you lived has made ME what I am today!
I still don't believe you are gone. As I breakdown in uncontrollable tears, I still want someone to wake me up from this unpleasant dream. I still long to hear you reassure me, as you always did, that you are fine! Daddy!!! Trying to be a man and swallow it all just hasn't worked. I miss you Daddy!"

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