Dads Lunches

Shared by Linda Guerrero on January 5, 2012

I remember you would come home from work with concrete and dust all over your work clothes and boots. I know you were a hard worker dad just so we could have it all. You would lay brick all day and come home with your lunch pail still with a few things because we would all get to take turns and get what you left so now i realize you probably were hungry from working in hot sun or the cold snow but you would still leave something for us kids to munch before dinner. Oh man i have so many memories of our family picnics at city park in fort collins and we would have a big turnout with all of the Guerreros and other families would join us. Those were the best times in my life and no one can take them away from me. I miss you dad even tho its been so long and i was just a little girl i still have pain and i pray you and mom are together with baby brother Joseph, with Jesus in Heaven!  Rest In Peace Dad!

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