Posted by Michelle Ryer on August 1, 2021
Hey Mama ! I Miss you Soooo Much ! I know how happy you must be to have daddy with you ! I know your dancing in heaven now ! I wish you were here ! So many things have happened & I know you know but it breaks my heart ! You always made it better ! I wish I could of known~ things would of been so different! Im sooo sorry ! I love you mama! Give my love to daddy & I know your loving my kitties  Michelle
Posted by Michelle Ryer on July 8, 2019
Happy Birthday to my mama in Heaven! not a day goes by that you are not thought of or missed! You may not be here with us~ but your in our hearts We celebrate you and. All the memories you gave us.... Love you Always Always...
Posted by Michelle Ryer on July 9, 2015
Happy Birthday Mama! Isn't a day goes by I don't think about you& wish you were here! Did you like the flowers of the Moo Cow? I know how much you liked moo cows! Love you Mama!
Posted by Bambi Sorenson on May 4, 2014
I bring you this flower that you may remember to all the good memories we shared together. You taught me so many things and I'm grateful. You may be gone from our lives here on earth but your memories are with us forever. We find your notes and cherish ever word. Thank you. Love you always xoxo
Posted by Michelle Ryer on July 9, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom!!! Brought you some roses today, pretty pink ones... I know you would like them. <3 I wish that I could of sung to you today on the phone... to bake you a cake or bring you your favorite coconut cream pie... I hope you get the messages, I send you on your balloons... I love you mom... Miss you soooo much!!! Happy birthday. OXOXO <3
Posted by Bambi Sorenson on July 8, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom! Love and Huggs always,,,
Posted by Michelle Ryer on July 9, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom... I brought you your favorite flower, and placed them next to your cross.. Your stone says paradise, because that is where you are... I know its beautiful there...I know your happy and not in pain...We celebrated your day,today we sent you love to heaven...We Miss You Sooo Much! I love you mom...
Posted by Bambi Sorenson on July 8, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you. Please know I love you very much.
Posted by Michelle Ryer on May 4, 2012
Its been a year tomorrow... I Miss you SOOOO MUCH!!! I miss our talks, your hugs, and your words of encouragement... Today has been so tough... But I know you are there, and you hear me... I love you mom.... Thank you for being the most Amazing woman I have ever known... You will Never be forgotten, I LOVE YOU MOM... <3 :O(...
Posted by Bambi Sorenson on May 4, 2012
It has been a long year... I miss my mom so much. I visited her grave site today and left pink roses just like she had for her funeral. I also took a couple and placed them on her mom and dads grave site. They know. Life will never be the same... I lost my go to best friend. I know you are watching over me... I love you Mom.
Posted by Bambi Sorenson on May 31, 2011
Today I brought flowers to your place of rest.To my loving mom/friend/teacher. You gave so much of yourself. As I am now a mother/grandmother myself I have an understanding of all you did. You gave me the gift of understanding and love. I miss you so
Posted by Michelle Ryer on May 30, 2011
To my amazing mom, my strength,the person I knew I could always go to. For all the times I should of done things different. You loved me non the less...Thank you for how you made my life so special, for putting us always first,for loving me so much..

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