This tribute was added by Liz Rochefort on March 5, 2020
Happy birthday in Heaven, Bernie! We miss your kind, gentle presence here on earth.
This tribute was added by Shelly Waterman on February 12, 2019
Anyone who was fortunate enough to grow up in the Denton house like I was is feeling the tremendous loss of this beautiful man. Bumpy was a father to all of us. Always a kind smile and a heart of gold. Would give you the shirt off his back kind of man. Will spend a week gutting your kitchen and making it beautiful and ask for nothing in return. A man who would laugh at mine and Sara’s antics, which were endless, and swell with pride watching our girls become close, dear friends just like their mothers. Life coming full circle. A family man, a friend, and a generous man. Bumpy, I love you so very much. Thank you for everything, because everything is what you gave us. I will miss you every day until my last day. 
Love you Sara, Maddie, and Nanny. And love to your family.
This tribute was added by Jay Miller on February 12, 2019
I am sorry that I cannot properly express my condolences for your loss. That skill I leave to my wife. Compared to all who have known Bernie, I have known him for only a short period time, just under a quarter of a century. Bernie was not only a great guy, but even accepting of this outsider from Pennsylvania. I remember the kids playing in the old pool and especially the kid-size house that he built. Not a playhouse, a kid-size house. There was a work of art. The craftsmanship and detail were a tribute to how he ran his life. Focused on perfection in all things. Michelle and I will always miss him. We love you.
This tribute was added by Roger Cartee on February 12, 2019
I have known Bernie since we played basketball in high school. He was a wonderful human being and famiy man who played with incredible heart and drive. He was a fair and honest opponent and a wonderful teammate when we played together on the Border Bandits with his brother "Rollie". My thoughts and prayers go out to the family for their loss. Another one of the good guys is gone and I will miss him.
This tribute was added by Kimberly-Ann Coe on February 11, 2019
To the Denton and Audette Family,
I can only imagine how your hearts must be hurting. I am so sorry for your loss. When I think about Bumpie these are the words that come to mind: Family, Hard Work, Generosity. Bumpie’s love for his family was tangible. You could see it, feel it and know it just by being near him. His love for family brought him so much joy that was written on his face. He was also one of the hardest working people I know, he seemed to love work and always gave 110%. These values were so evident and have manifested themselves in all the family members. I know from spending time with my dearest friend, Wanda and hearing about the other family members. Like her father, Wanda works tirelessly, with enthusiasm and commitment, always giving 110% percent. I have been so fortunate to have experienced the generosity of this exceptional family, they have stood by me and my family through good times and bad. I am so grateful to have experienced their love and support. The world lost an extraordinary man in Bumpie, but his legacy lives on in his children and grandchildren. I hope that by his example and those of his family, I can pass these values to my children and grandchildren. Please know my gratitude, love and prayers are all with you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with all of us, the family that he built with all of you is an example of all that is good and I will honor his memory by always trying to pay it forward.
This tribute was added by Edwin Lord on February 11, 2019
Bernie was a great guy. His generosity was boundless. I remember he and Sandy opening their home for us for Christmas parties and the pool in the summer. He was always there for his family and so many others. God bless you Bernie!
This tribute was added by Lawrence And Andree Berg... on February 11, 2019
Our deepest sympathy for your loss. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
This tribute was added by Liz Rochefort on February 11, 2019
Love, hugs and our deepest condolences to Sandy, Wanda, Marc, Sara and the extensive circle of family and friends who knew and loved Bernie/Bumpie. We were so fortunate to inherit him and his lovely family when Wanda married Bruce. His smile was infectious, his love all-encompassing and his adoration of Sandy inspiring. We all wanted to be them when we grew up and found our mates!
Bernie’s gentle presence will be missed beyond the ability of words to express. May his memory forever be a blessing.
This tribute was added by Kim Audette on February 11, 2019
Bernie was such a wonderful man, I know that my family and myself consider ourselves so very lucky to have known him. He is resting in a better place now, free of pain and no doubt keeping busy watching over all his family and loved ones. We will miss you Mr. Denton and redoubtably will think of you often. God Bless!
This tribute was added by Lloyd Hulburd on February 10, 2019
Me again. I sent a copy of the photo of you and Bernie to Earl's wife Marilyn.
This tribute was added by Lloyd Hulburd on February 10, 2019
The Hulburd family of North Troy, Burlington and Mass. send our condolences. I have notified Earl's children who remember you and Bernie form the Jay Country Store. I have also let my brother John and sister Elaine know. They send their love and prayers. I always enjoyed my conversations with Bernie at the Rice gym! May God bless you and your family in this most difficult of times!! Lloyd
This tribute was added by Steve Garbarino on February 10, 2019
Sandy, Sara and Madi:
We are so sorry for your loss. Bernie was one of a kind and it sad to know he has passed on at such a young age. I enjoyed our conversations and his sense of humor. He was so easy to talk to. He was a skilled carpenter and his work on my parent's home was much appreciated as his attention to detail was amazing. I'll never forget his constant presence at Madi's sporting events and it is comforting to know he will still be there supporting her and her teams. He will be missed but he left many great memories behind for a large number of people. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know him and his family.
This tribute was added by Katelynn Beth on February 10, 2019
Who knew that 30 years ago I would meet a real life super hero. An amazing husband, a father, a grandfather, a coworker,a boss, a friend, a cousin, an uncle but everyone knew him as Bumpie. A name I gave him at a young age but a name that stuck for decades. He may have called himself, many times a “dumb carpenter” but to everyone he came in contact with, knew he was the man who could fix anything, the man who would put a smile on anyones face, the man who loved his family and friends to the fullest and would do anything for them, this man my Bumpie is my hero. At a very young age he seemed to be someone I always wants to be around, he taught me the gift of imagination with millions of hours playing dolls, dress up, playing school and so much more. He even built me a life size doll house so one day I can teach my own kids the gifts he taught me. He also taught me that Family comes first and together we can do anything. He showed me what true love looks like. Each and every day he was the best husband to my nana, holding hands every time they were walking, dancing in their living room, a wink from across the room. He was the strongest most kind hearted person I know.
From our countless trips to the cape, playing on the beach, deep sea fishing, shopping and going to providence town to the memories we shared here. I don’t think I ever had anything but a smile on my face when I was around him. When anyone would meet me within minutes you would know who my Bumpie was. This man had something about him, his name, his face, or even his smile from across the room could put a smile on your face no matter the occasion. 
My Bumpie was the strongest person I knew. I have said many times he has had nine lives but on February 7th, he was called to heaven. A piece of me feels like it’s missing but Bumpie, I know just like you told me you will be watching over us, and continue to guide us. Your memories and lessons will continue to shape and move us all. You will be missed so much and words can not explain how much I miss you. I love you so much Bumpie.
Bumpie I promise to make you proud till the day I see you again. I promise to show and teach Gabby and Sebastian every lesson every game you taught me. I promise to show Erin the love you showed my nana for 55 years, that unconditional love and never stop holding her hand, kissing her before bed and telling her I love her. I promise to hold the whole family close to my heart. I promise to continue to make nana smile and enjoy all the goods in the world.
Bumpie I love you! Always and forever!
This tribute was added by Sara Denton on February 9, 2019
Dad, words cannot express how much you mean to me. The pride that I feel being your daughter is immeasurable. Thank you for everything you have taught me and for the memories that I will hold dear to my heart forever. Thank you for the trust you ensued in me to take care of you during this past year. Our countless sleepless nights and stories we shared mean more to me than you can ever know. You are the strongest, most loving, hardworking, dedicated and loyal man there is. I promise to make you proud and to take care of Mom and Madi forever the way you asked me to. Thank you for being the best godfather and grandfather to Madi. She loved you like a dad. Your promise to be with her forever has helped her to feel your presence each day. She will walk through life caring the you values you instilled in her. You are one of a kind dad. Everywhere I look I see a part of you. Your legacy will live on! I love you Dad

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