Let the memory of Bernie be with us forever!

This site was created to provide a place to share your pictures, videos, stories and memories of Bern.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on May 25, 1944 in Hamtramck, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on December 9, 2010 in Naples, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bernard Simmons 66 years old , born on May 25, 1944 and passed away on December 9, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 29th May 2017
Happy 73th Birthday Bernie... From Don & Debbie
Posted by George Bastardo on 11th December 2015
Amigo Miss u still, talk about u still, Merry Christmas my friend!
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 9th December 2015
Hey Bernie yes I still think about you everyday No one has ever made a lasting impression like you I love you Bernie and will never forget
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 9th December 2015
"Bernie, Its been "Five years." Your memory will always be with us"
Posted by Bill & Dana McShane on 9th December 2015
Five years and it seems like yesterday. Just the other day several of us were chuckling over the pranks and jokes you pulled on us (and how we returned them in kind ;) ). Great memories! Know you are still missed and have piece of our hearts.
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 9th December 2015
Hey Bernman there is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. we either see something or hear a song that reminds us how you touched our lives thank you
Posted by Dick Cupka on 15th December 2014
I always remember Bernie on May 25th because we share a Birthday and again on the Tiger's home opener. Bernie and I went to the first game at Comerica Park together in the ice and snow. Years later I found a poster of the first pitch and you can see where we are sitting. Fond memories my friend!
Posted by Bill & Dana McShane on 10th December 2014
Can't believe it has been 4 years, Bernie, we miss your playful sense of humor... and your magic!
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 10th December 2014
" Your Memory will always be with us "
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 9th December 2014
Wow has it been 4 years so hard to believe sure miss the cards and your magic hope you have been practicing. Sure has been a void for a lot of us, but such good memories are here, love ya Bern-man Ron & Roberto
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 9th December 2014
Bernie 4 years and I still get a tear when I think of you. Every time I see a Digitial Clock and it says 1:11 or 2:22 etc. I say Hi to my Best Friend Remember, You will never be forgotten and I will ALWAYS miss you.
Posted by William McShane on 9th December 2014
Bernie, I am here at Cedar Hamock and it is not the same without you. Forever missed. Always a very somber day.
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 26th May 2014
" Bernie, Can't believe 4 years now since you been gone. " Your Memory will always be with us" Cheers!"
Posted by William McShane on 26th May 2014
Remembering you on your birthday. Friends forever!
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 26th May 2014
Bernman we hope you know how much you touched our lives. We think of you often happy birthday . Ron &Roberto
Posted by Lynn Carmody on 25th May 2014
Bernie, You are gone but not forgotten...Happy birthday friend..By now I think you have all the golf courses in heaven scouted out, and i'm sure you have introduced the crazy games to your new friends up there. I miss your smile and all the fun we had on and off the course. Remember to save a spot up there for me, and our other friends at Cedar Hammock. Your the best. Your Friend, Lynn
Posted by Dana McShane on 25th May 2014
Happy 70th Birthday, my friend! Wish we could celebrate with you! You are missed! Cheers!
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 25th May 2014
My Friend today you are 70 and you are so missed you told me once I was your angel I think not You are the Angel I miss you everyday Love Your Friend Gary
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 9th December 2013
"Bernie, Can't believe 3 years now since you been gone. "Your memory will always be with us."
Posted by Diane Simmons on 9th December 2013
Hi Bern, Three years and I still miss you and think of you everyday All your friends still talk about you and miss your Magic. Love you. Diane
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 9th December 2013
My Good Friend Bernie wow three years and I still talk to you everyday I cannot and will not ever forget you and the great talks we had I could trust you with my life Thanks Friend
Posted by William McShane on 9th December 2013
Bernie, it has been 3 years now since your passing. I am sitting here at Cedar Hammock, overlooking the eight fairway. The sun just came up and I am just saying good morning old friend. I will visit you on the courcte today.
Posted by Janie Cox on 19th November 2013
""♥†Sorry4ur loss...""
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 25th May 2013
My Friend Bernie, well Bernie, it is now May 2013. Everyday of my life I see your face and talk to you. As always you listen and hear what I say. Most of all you try to help me with your advice and you are the Most Trustworthy. Someday(Not To Soon Bern I Hope) to see you again. We will drink the Vodka, sing the Johnny Cash Songs and laugh forever.
Posted by William McShane on 11th December 2012
Bernie, I still miss you.It now has been 2 years since your departure, but your spirit and smile will be forever with me. Dana and I shared a dinner with Diane on the anniversary.We are all doing well, but it not the same without you in our lifes.This outreach only shows we are still connected and miss you so much.You are in a better place and we still need your guidance.
Posted by Dana McShane on 10th December 2012
Bernie, Can't believe it's been 2 years two years already. We had your fave cocktail at dinner with Diane last night and talked about you. You are still in our hearts and we miss you!!!
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 9th December 2012
Well Bern-man it has been 2 yrs now and we still can't believe you are gone. I put up the tree and of course your name comes up every year and always will and it is still the ugliest tree but we love it anyhow. Miss you. Much Love Ron & Roberto
Posted by Diane Simmons on 9th December 2012
Hi Bern, It has been 2 years already and I don't know where the time as gone. It seems like only yesterday and you were here. I hope you are playing golf and doing your magic tricks for everyone. Had dinner with Dana and Bill tonight and we are still sharing stories. Still miss you everyday. Love you always
Posted by Denise Lacy on 15th June 2012
Diane, please call me. I was afraid to leave a message. I'm so sorry for so many things. You were good to my dad and I didn't appreciate it. I was always so mad that my mom and him divorced. I'm not anymore. I look at you're pictures most days and see how happy he was. I'm so sorry. After working with the children that I do life has taken on new meanin
Posted by Denise Lacy on 15th June 2012
Dad, I love you. I wish I would of got to know you better. I thought I had more time. Happy farthers day. Actually, I knew you pretty well. Were a lot alike, which is a complent. I've become a special ed teacher and Andrew is at Michigan, now doing an intership in Chicago. Tyler is attending Michigan State. Megan really misses you and Diane. Happy Fathers day, I love you.
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 26th May 2012
Let's the memory of Bernie be with us forever! You will never be forgotten.....
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 25th May 2012
Well Bernman today would have been your 68th birthday can't believe you have been gone a year and a half we miss you and your wit, and of course the magic. As the saying goes"Gone but not forgotten" Love Ya Ron and Roberto
Posted by George Bastardo on 9th December 2011
Hey Buddy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in your new home.. Bernie your missed and loved and I hope you bless us all from which ever area you are working relaxing or playing Golf in Love u Amigo! George in AZ
Posted by Diane Simmons on 9th December 2011
Hi Bernie, Well it has been a year already. And I have thought about you and missed you everyday. I still share lots of great stories about you with our friends. You have not been forgotten and will always be missed. Having dinner with a friend tonight and will be having a drink and lighting a candle for you. Love you always.
Posted by PAUL BERARDI on 9th December 2011
Was thinking of you last night at a dinner with the Phoenix Automotive Press Association. Lincoln and Wixom were discussed heavily. Lots of good memories!! Watch over us down here we need all the help we can get!!
Posted by Gary Phillip Miles on 18th January 2011
I knew Bernie for about 8 years. We shared Old Stories about each other, that no one will ever know. We shared a few drinks,sung Johnny Cash songs and sometimes we cried. Always happy cries, because we felt so Blessed to have known each other, even if it was for such a short time. Bernie will always be my friend. He will always be in my heart. I love you Bernie and will see you one day Gary Miles
Posted by PAUL BERARDI on 11th January 2011
Bernie you didn't get enough time retired. The good thing was that you always had fun at work and it was more than a job to you. We always had good times and great challanges. Please watch donw on me, see you later and tell Randy I said HI!!
Posted by Michael Pettegrew on 8th January 2011
Bernie was a great friend, he and Ray Nouhan actual interviewed me when I 1st had an opportunity to work at Wixom Assy. as a Q-press Supervisor and later as a product dev. section supervisor for PVT. We had numerous events involving assy. plant and launch issues that as a team, we always resolved. I feel fortunate to have talked to Bernie this fall, great conversation. He will be missed...
Posted by John Grebinski on 7th January 2011
Bernie, You were a good man that would listen to the input others had....even when it did not agree with your opinion. Thanks for believing in and appreciating my input. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by Jim Carrier on 4th January 2011
Bernie, although we only spent several brief moments with you your warm, friendly persona always made those moments special. I have no doubt that your new angel buddies are getting as much of a kick out of your magic and card tricks as I did.
Posted by Susan Leach on 30th December 2010
I worked for Bernie in the Trim Department at Ford Wixom. I truly enjoyed the department while he was in charge because he was professional, fair, and yet personal with a friendly touch. Quite Refreshing for a man in his position. I also experienced many great laughs at the Starkey summer party as he was the life of the party at times. Rest in Peace Bernie...
Posted by Mike & Mary Stanley on 24th December 2010
BERNARDO - We will always hold a special place in our heart for your memory. Cruiser, golfer, magician, canoer, co-worker, and mostly FRIEND. We will look forward to the day when you'll be showing us all tricks up in heaven.
Posted by Debbie Starkey on 23rd December 2010
Bernie,What a way to honor your life by recording your goodbyes.We are so greatful to be a part of your Life, We have shared many years of laughter and good times - We will miss you our Friend, Rest in Peace
Posted by Dana McShane on 19th December 2010
Thank you for your friendship, Bern. We are broken hearted you have left us but comforted knowing you are in good hands. You always offered your support(that 10 pounds has really helped your golf game…), your guidance(I now know how to get the cabbage leaves off for galumpkis…).We had fun & I knew that was your way of showing you cared. You will never be forgotten; always missed. Love you, Bern."
Posted by William McShane on 19th December 2010
To be a good magician, one must have the ability to attract people, engage them and leaving them wanting for more. Bernie,as a magician you were the best. Your life parallels your magic, with or without a deck of cards in hand. How did you do that? How did he ever do all of that and done so well, is how I remember you. You amazed us all with your spirit, love of life, and causing us to want
Posted by Lynn Carmody on 17th December 2010
Bern, Know that all your Cedar Hammock friends were there for you. You were a true friend. My only regret is that we did not meet fifty years ago. How good would that have been ? I will forever miss you, your humor, your smile, your strength...but mostly just you. Please save a place for me up there and we will meet again someday.
Posted by Ronald&Roberta Mester on 12th December 2010
Bernman we have had many a talk about numerous things, the one I will always remember is about friendship you are truly my one of five. Thank you for being my friend and confidant. Your memory will always be with me.
Posted by Jason Peach on 12th December 2010
Bernie, I'll miss you everyday. The golf course will never be the same without you. You have left an impact on me that can never be taken away. You said it how it was and you let me know when I was wrong. You were never afraid to lead and stand up for what you thought was right. I will try to take all your best qualities and use them to make myself a better person. You know I loved you Bern

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