Shared by Tom Daniel on January 17, 2011

The effort this guy would go to, to prove a point or better yet have a good "belly" laugh was amazing. This photo was taken after a challenging round at the golf course and as usual, Bern was the victor and he made sure it was recorded for prosperity. He not only sneakedly had the photo taken but went home and framed it for distribution. It was a game that you never tired of, the joking, kidding and theĀ  gett'n back was the foundation for a great relationship and we all enjoyed it, George, Bernie and myself, the "Three Amigos"., live on!

Shared by Tom Daniel on January 17, 2011

Bernie gave this to George Bastardo and myself a long time ago. It's faded from the sun but the memories and love is still there, you'll be missed my friend!

Fox Hills

Shared by Tom Daniel on January 17, 2011

Wow, where to start. These were such great times, the "male bonding" that you couldn't experience anywhere but a golf course and as his friends know, Bernie would have chosen the golf course over most other places to be.. Our tee time was about 7:45 and we would arrive well before to have breakfast and arrange the bets for the day and decide who would be partners. This was never an easy task, especially with Bernie as one of the four because Bern was always figuring out the angles and how the advantage would lie slightly on his side. He'd get there even earlier than the rest sometimes and change the handicap postings that were calculated from the previous Sunday to help with that little edge he was seeking. We would sometimes catch him and laugh about it and be guarded for awhile until he found another method to conspire. After our round we would have a pitcher of beer, continuing the battle of who would pay for it and who owed money for the bets, Bernie always seemed to come out on top. Joe was the only honest oneĀ  in the bunch so he eventually was put in charge of bet translations. We had fun and these memories wil be with us all for a very, very long time. Bernie's gone from this course but I am certain that he is still figuring the angles on the heavenly course, God Bless Bern!

Shared by William Pregitzer on December 19, 2010

For the short time that I knew Bernie, we had grown to be very close when we were together. It seemed he had been part of my life for along time.

These canoe trips will always bring back good memories. We met a lot of new friends because of Bernie. We will miss you dearly. Bill and Sue Pregitzer

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