Can someone care too much

Shared by Maynard Witvoet on March 11, 2020
Written by Bert
Shared by Maynard Witvoet on March 11, 2020
This Tribute attached below was written by Stan de Jong in the book by Tymen E. Hofman The Canadian Story of the CRC It’s First Century.

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To the West Coast on a wing and a prayer

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Dad was also a regular columnist of the St. Catharines Standard. Between his first Article of February 3, 2001 and His last article of August 7, 2005, dad shared the Faithwatch religious beat.

“To the West Coast on a wing and a prayer” ... Continued on separate post

To the West Coast on a wing and a prayer - cont’d

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... continued

Praise The Lord Anway

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I share this article by Bert with you as it reminds me of the time he was a part-time mail courier and part-time writer.  At the time, dad was not in the financial position to support his growing family of 5 kids.  He had left his 18 year teaching career behind, burnt out on the experiences that eventually left him exhausted and ready to pursue his other passion: writing.  Dad was the managing editor of Vanguard, and needed to supplement his income.  He found the perfect solution. He purchased a mail courier business, and a blue van with it.  The work of mail delivery in the morning and mail pick up in the afternoon allowed him the midday to write.  On top of that he had mom, Ed and I trained as mail courier back up for days when he was under the weather, for as we know mail must move rain or shine.  It was these everyday experiences that dad wrote about, and reflected on that I enjoyed then and admire now.

He Has a Good Memory, Only He Forgets

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Here is an article Bert wrote for The Banner February 2, 1981. I share this article, as it exemplifies dad’s ability to write about humorous family moments exposing the human condition and his own shortcomings.  Re-reading these now bring back fond memories

Canaries I Have Known - September 21, 1981 The Banner

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Bert loved God’s creation and it’s many beautiful creatures, perhaps none more so than the canaries he bred, raised and cared for as an amateur breeder. This article provides a glimpse of his love of God’s creatures, the joy he had raising birds and his life long desire to explore and understand the mysteries of creation.
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During the years of 1979 through 1982 Dad wrote articles in The Woodbridge and Vaughan News under his handle: “Welcome to my perch”. Anyone who visited us for coffee at 104 Riverside Drive, Pine Grove after the morning church service (Fellowship CRC) may remember getting a tour of the backyard where the East Humber River runs through it, as well as dad’s outdoor aviary and shed where he bred and raised canaries, finches and quails (the tour being our usual tactic of distraction to buy time to tidy up the home before guests might settle down to coffee and cookies). Dad would bread up to 60 canaries a season, selling and trading with a local pet store to increase the variety of colour canaries. This article is one I always remembered and enjoyed.   I hope you enjoy it too.

Bert’s recognizable tenor voice

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An echo of our dad's voice. These are from 1982. The recording balance is off but Bert's tenor voice comes through clearly in these two polyphonic settings by Claude Goudimel. 
Our mom (Alice) is singing here as well during this worship service at Taunton Rd.

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