Our tears are words from our hearts that cannot be spoken...
  • 51 years old
  • Born on October 28, 1962 in Surrey, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on November 30, 2013 in Bournemouth, DORSET, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Elizabeth (Beth) Marshall, 51, born on October 28, 1962 and passed away on November 30, 2013. A beautiful soul, full of love and joy. Gone too soon. We never had a chance to say goodbye. We shall love you and miss you forever, Beth.

Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 30th November 2018
Love and miss you Bethers.
Posted by Sara Russell on 28th October 2018
Happy Birthday Beth... I lit a candle for you today, and one for Dad, as I do every Sunday. It seems like yesterday sometimes; those days when we were going to Rocky Horror Show parties or walking around Brighton's shops in The Lanes, or riding on that old painted horses carousel (Brighton), or playing cards with Mum down in Corfe Castle. Think of us tied to this mortal sphere as you fly free with the elements. Lots of love, Sara, Tom and Lucy the cat xxx
Posted by Rab Murray on 28th October 2018
Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 30th November 2017
Missing your smile and twinkly eyes . Miss your fierce Texas Holdem and your coffee breaks. Miss our walks , smoking cloves and goofing off on the swings at the park. Miss you dearly. Love you Bethers.
Posted by Rab Murray on 30th November 2017
another year has passed and the leaves on the willows have disappeared yet again. I know they will return in the spring & I'll see them again, just as I'll see you again <3
Posted by Alan Larson on 30th November 2017
Still in my thoughts and heart.
Posted by Baron (Alex) Von Poogle on 28th October 2016
I long for the yesterday when you were still here. I miss our conversations. I miss not seeing your "happily ever after" And i cry at the unjust world that brought us to this place. I miss you. You'll be my "big sis" forever.
Posted by Alan Larson on 28th October 2016
Not forgotten. Beth was so wonderful to know.
Posted by Sara Russell on 28th October 2016
When You Were There (for Elizabeth, 1962-2013 Sara L. Russell, 16th December 2013, 17:14 Somewhere out of reach in memory's inner eye is a windswept sandy beach with an endless summer sky and a mischievous light breeze always messing up my hair and always calmer seas in the days when you were there. Somewhere in childhood days there was so much to believe always so much to amaze it was never time to leave there was always time to run to let imagination fly no harm came to anyone no-one ever said goodbye Sometime long ago when the warmest summers blazed or when winter brought the snow we were endlessly amazed and everything seemed light as a snowflake on the air and the whole world seemed all right in the days when you were there.
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 28th October 2016
I saw a Woo Hoo man YouTube video about making a costume and I thought, 'Now that is something Beth would dress up as.' It made me smile and then I was at work and a woman asked me to ' cut the stringy fatty part' from her salmon and I got a wave of you . I could picture you with that face as you said, " That's not bacon. You Americans eat the stringy fatty tail that hangs off the real bacon." I must have looked crazy to my customer as I chuckled and mumbled ' well you eat a snicker bar with a fork and knife you freak." I know I share the same stories but they are dear to me and it makes me feel close to her again. Miss you buddy.
Posted by Sara Russell on 1st December 2015
Last Rite of Passage (for Elizabeth) 30th January 03:11am Through towering colonnades of stars She rises with the daybreak's fire, As angels strum on lute and lyre And frost sparkles like fractured glass; And when dark clouds have filled your eyes Pray do not yield to let them cry; For she is where the white doves fly Amid the glades of Paradise.
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 30th November 2015
Happy Angelversary Bethers, I miss you so.
Posted by Rab Murray on 28th October 2015
Since age is just a number, I gave up celebrating my birthday many moons ago. Beth would always remind me that my birthday was not to celebrate me getting older but for her to celebrate me being born - if I hadn't been, we'd never have met. . Today,I especially celebrate and give thanks that fate brought us together. Happy Birthday, darling. I love and miss you
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 28th October 2015
"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson-
Posted by Alan Larson on 27th October 2015
We never met, yet you touched my life. I was proud to call you a friend, That I didn't know saddens me as much as your passing. Game on, Moon Willow!
Posted by Baron (Alex) Von Poogle on 27th October 2015
On your birthday.. You are remembered, loved, and missed dearly.
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 30th November 2014
One year ..... Of memories and missing you. Happy Angelversary.
Posted by Rab Murray on 30th November 2014
A year on and the grief does not get any easier to bear. As autumn arrived & the leaves disappeared from the willows I planted in the garden, it brought back floods of memories & floods of tears with them........ but also happy memories too. When I feel down, I only have to think of all the love and joy you brought me and so many others & that usually brings a smile back to my face. You know I'm no good with words..... suffice to say:- I miss & love you so much <3 Till we meet again, stay with me, in my heart - I promised to love you forever & I do To be someone's first love is special but pales into insignificance with being someone's last love - thank you, my darling <3
Posted by Iain Turner on 24th June 2014
Where to begin. My life began with you. Throughout my young childhood, my worst fear had been losing you. When you left I was shattered. I kept it together enough to get by and finally last summer had the happiest time of my life seeing you. Laughing with you, sharing experiences and overall being together. Last December after the delayed news, I fell apart for some time. Now my life is more about the laughs and fun, like what you had given to me. I try to help my friends Wyo need it and try to keep happy. I have no idea what to do with myself without you anymore. I see letters you sent me and pictures of you and nearly breakdown. I miss you more than any words can express.
Posted by Baron (Alex) Von Poogle on 23rd March 2014
So many things I still wanted to tell you.. So many things I still want to say. I'm left with "why?" I miss you,sis. I hope there is another realm, and you are ruling up high. That you smile down at us and know you were loved. And you still are.
Posted by Robyn Teare on 6th January 2014
Liz, I can't believe you're gone but you will never be forgotten.
Posted by Sally Harrington on 6th January 2014
The world will be duller, for the lack of your incomparable sense of humour.
Posted by Sarah Lewis on 6th January 2014
LIz was zany, and eccentric, Clever and kind. She loved Alice Cooper; Omelettes, And pizza topping on toast. She lusted after Avon in Blakes Seven For his lovely leather trousers She out danced the dancers at the discos In the eighties She loved the sound of oysters As heard on month python The parrot sketch was a favourite And so was top of the pops, 70s style We celebrated our eighteenth together Both of us fancied the same man He was painted silver like a space man I ended up with silver handprints on my black velvet skirt She had silver kiss marks on her face Glitter was everywhere I miss liz Marshall she was an amazing friend Loving, kind, funny and eccentric And very missed
Posted by Lisa Warmack on 22nd December 2013
As you take your place in Heaven, know that you are missed by many here on Earth. You've earned your wings!
Posted by Amanda Ryan on 22nd December 2013
Although I never met you, you were such a kind woman. Talking with you on Facebook and sharing stories while playing various games was so much fun. I'm saddened by your passing, but you are now in a far better place. Fly high little dove! <3
Posted by DeAnna Harvey on 21st December 2013
Rest in Peace Beth.
Posted by Rebekah Alfano on 20th December 2013
Oh my Bethers, you are my kindred spirit, there are no 'goodbyes' , I can't speak them. My words won't come, I am flooded with images of our friendship. I will hold on to this at the moment. I will do my best to continue helping Iain. "Dammit Janet, I Love You..."
Posted by Becky Hammond on 13th December 2013
Even though we never met I will miss you and your help in the games that we played <3
Posted by Nathalie Lesne on 11th December 2013
Beth, I am deeply saddened by your loss,i still can't believe you're gone. I will miss you a lot and cherish all the moments we shared, You will remain in my heart forever, till we meet again in the other world. Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and always dear. Rest in Peace my dear Friend <3
Posted by Cynder Bear on 10th December 2013
Beth, you were a light in any darkness to everyone who knew you. I shall miss you, truly, and there will be a star shining to remind me of you always. <3
Posted by Marty Winstead on 8th December 2013
Beth, you never failed to make me smile......I will fondly remember you forever :)
Posted by Jane Tyrer on 8th December 2013
A Rainbow Lights the Way I have not turned my back on you So there is no need to cry. I'm watching you from heaven Just beyond the morning sky. I've seen you almost fall apart When you could barely stand. I asked an angel to comfort you And watched her take your hand. She told me you are in more pain Than I could ever be. She wiped her eyes and swallowed hard Then gave your hand to me. Although you may not feel my touch Or see me by your side. I've whispered that I love you While I wiped each tear you cried. So please try not to ache for me We'll meet again one day. Beyond the dark and stormy sky A rainbow lights the way. R.I.P Beth Forever in our hearts, forever missed
Posted by Sara Russell on 7th December 2013
Elizabeth, I can hardly believe you're gone. I'm still in shock. On the day you were born I was four. Dad took me to feed the swans, then we went home and you had arrived in the world. We grew up with the usual happy times and occasional fall-outs that sisters often have. Once you told me to shut up, and I didn't speak to you for four months. Those lost months can never come back. Thank God nothing like that happened in the recent years when you lived in Dorset. So glad I was able to see you this summer... none of us had any idea it would be your last summer. It's heartbreaking. I will think of you every time I light a candle. We Christians light candles for prayers, and you Wiccans light candles for spells. It all comes down to exerting our force of will to make something happen, through faith. I hope and pray we will all meet up again one day on the other side, free from all earthbound duties and cares. And may the light beings of love - the angels - bless and keep your soul for always.
Posted by Archit Choudhary on 7th December 2013
I never met her in person but i really am thankful for her presence...i still refuse to believe this happened...and the way she helped me through my bad days 1 and a half year back..always having my back and tolerating my funny crap with humor..i still remember all thhose times...she was a lovable person and a very good friend...i dont wanna believe in what happened...we will always miss you <3 Rest In Peace lady Beth
Posted by Tania Kelekian on 6th December 2013
I wanted to say to Iain how very special your mother was. She loved you dearly and when you came to visit her she was overjoyed. If there was anyway for her candle to burn brighter, she did when she spoke of you; be it via facebook post or message. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope that you cherish the moments you had with her. I know she treasured every second. I hope when you are able to, you can look back and take comfort in those memories.
Posted by Tania Kelekian on 6th December 2013
Here we were catching up again, and now you're gone. A harsh reminder of the unfairness of life is losing a good friend who was a great person with a sick and twisted sense of humor and great taste in birthday cards. I shall treasure it forever. I miss you. Thank you for the laughs, the music, the friendship, and being there.
Posted by Betsy Giuffrida on 6th December 2013
What an amazing and unique lady... miss you, Beth. <3
Posted by Penny Willow on 5th December 2013
There are many things I never got to learn about Beth but this I know - you can tell a lot about the quality of a person by the sorrow their passing leaves. The brighter the light - the darker it seems when it's gone. There is one other thing I know with certainty - Beth loved her son with all her heart. She had a mother's pride in everything he did and everything he was. A mother's love begins before her child has taken his first breath in this world and lasts long after she has taken the last of hers. Mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend. Gone too soon.
Posted by Antonette VanStrien on 4th December 2013
I miss you so much Beth. Each day that passes makes me miss your laughter and loving friendship more. You will always be in my heart. <3
Posted by Andrea Andritsis on 4th December 2013
I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. RIP Beth. You have touched my heart and for that I will always be grateful.
Posted by Nyita Doria on 4th December 2013
Will forever miss you Beth, your words, your joy. You've touched so many lives and knowing the kind of person you were I guess you had finally completed your journey on earth and heaven has taken another angel from us. I just want you to know wherever you go, a part of me has gone with you. Until we meet again my friend. <3
Posted by Jamie Faine on 4th December 2013
Although I only knew Beth for a short time she embraced my friendship by introducing me to her" salted nuts" and shared her son with us. She was warm,caring and definitely unforgettable. She will be missed but not forgotten.
Posted by Rab Murray on 3rd December 2013
A light has gone out in my life, I've lost my soulmate. You will live forever in my heart
Posted by Baron (Alex) Von Poogle on 3rd December 2013
Beth.. I was not ready to say goodbye. <3

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