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March 12, 2016

Another year goes by and we again sit down and raise a glass or two to toast you on your 69th birthday. 

Happy Birthday my love. 

Beautiful memories never leave us and my love for you will never fade.

Love John xx

Birthday wishes

March 12, 2015

Today is a day for quiet reflection, recalling memories, little chuckles, out loud laughs and a few tears. Happy Birthday Mum. We miss you. Xxxx

March 11, 2015

My Beth, today is your birthday and the fourth we have celebrated with you not being with us. Missing you every day and birthdays make it so much harder.  Love John.

Time heals

January 11, 2014
People say "time heals". No it doesn't. You just learn to live with the hurt. You find ways to cope, to deal with the sharp ache when out of the blue you think "I'll ask Mum" before realising that you can't. When I have a problem to discuss and there isnt the listening ear, strong shoulder or wise advice that i always relied upon. I smile at memories and photos more than I cry. I can remember the fun times and laugh without getting a lump in my throat too often. I tell stories to people who never had the opportunity to meet you so they can know how amazing you were, how kind, loving, and generous you were. But sometimes, late at night, I sit here and cry at just how much I miss you. I miss your hugs, your smile, your laugh and more than anything I miss your love. It has been a tough two years without you Mum. I know you would be so proud of all of us. I miss you
December 15, 2013
Two years have passed since that terrible phone call. Still having trouble coming to terms you are no longer around. Love Joyce xx
December 14, 2013
Two years of missing you everyday my Darling. We shall celebrate Christmas and the new year with a heavy heart, however, we know you will be with us. All my love John. XX

It's a mystery

October 8, 2013
Yesterday I was challenged by a little alarm going off every 10 minutes. It drove me nuts, I couldn't find it anywhere. I came to the conclusion that it was in the apartment above of below us and would be fixed when they got home. It didn't. Here is what happened as detailed by myself on Facebook last night. 11:18pm OK an update on the alarm clock. It is late, 28 degrees and 77% humidity, so a little alarm going off every 10 minutes is enough to drive you bat crap crazy. I was sitting in the lounge when it went off again. Given it was dark and quiet, I could hear it better. I got down on my hands and knees and saw a light coming from the drawer under the day bed. Turns out it was the alarm from an old phone of mine. When I say old, it was 3 phones ago, from 2010. By rights this phone should have no battery, by rights if it did, the alarm should have been going off every weekday since 2010. So why did it start today? Today would have been Mum and Dads 46th Wedding Anniversay and I can only think Mum had something to do with this as there is no logical explanation at all. At all! I am wide awake now! Love you Mama Thanks for letting us know you are still with us and watching over us. Xxxx
June 15, 2013
My Beth,  It is difficult to believe 18 months have passed since you left us so suddenly in the early hours of that terrible Thursday.  The loneliness and pain continue to grow, they say things get easier and better - they dont, however my love for you is everlasting. Love John

Top day in the Top End

May 5, 2013
Hi Mum Well we had a great day out exploring the Top End today and you were with us every step of the way. Especially when we were at the lookout. We could hear you saying "dont go near the edge!" dont worry we didnt get close. There was a drongonfly sitting on a branch watching us just to make sure. We feel you with us each and every day and we were so glad you were with us today enjoying the secluded rockpool we swam in, the watefalls, the silence and the openess of the National Park. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Love you and miss you Your Top End Girls

12th March 2013

March 12, 2013

Missing you today as ever Mum ,happy birthay to the best of Mothers .

"Age will not dim her loving face

Her sparkling eyes and happy face

She fell asleep and left us sad     

We will never forget the beautiful Mother we had.   " 

All our love forever Ma...

Andy ,Lee and Your girls   xxxx     

Birthday thoughts

March 11, 2013
Hi Mum Well today, 12th March, is your birthday. We think of you everyday but even more so today. We will sign Happy Coconuts but its not the same without you singing along with gusto. We will sit on the balcony tonight, watching the sunset and having some bubbles in your honour. Love you so much and miss you even more. Narelle
January 23, 2013

My Dear Beth

Its now 13 months since you left us so suddenly.

The longest, most lonely 13 months of my life.

I miss you so much every day, the love, the laughter, the fun, sitting out on the patio with a wine having wonderful discussions.

The memories keep me going.

Love you forever


New Year

December 31, 2012
Beth, Thinking of you a lot as I always do, especially this New Years Eve. We all had so much fun at the park....well we always had fun....but New Year? You, as our party planner had the party in full swing by now! I know it has been a long & sad year for John & all your family, as it has been for your friends who love & miss you so much. I am going to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo tonight in memory of you, it meant so much to you & now me. Whenever I hear the bagpipes, you are there. Love & miss you always Bethie xxxxxxxx Pat

One Long Year

December 14, 2012

One long year of missing you

The way you laugh, the things you do

Your smile, the food, your love, your ways

We’ve ached for you for all these days.


There was no time to say goodbye

And even now we wonder why,

But here we are a year moved on

And wonder what we could have done.


We sat that day with broken hearts

Around the country all apart.

It shattered us to know you’d gone

But brought us close and made us strong.


The pain still hits us all some days

But we go on through all the haze,

And think of you to get us through

And know you really love us too.


We sense you’ve been around us here

And seen our pain and seen our tears

We know that you’re proud of us all

And love us even when we fall.


We miss you more than words can say

And think of you still every day

You’re missed more than you’d ever know

Our love for you just overflows


Our beloved Mum, Nan, friend and wife

We treasure you being in our life.

And even though we are apart

You are always in our hearts.


15 December 2012
Love you Beth x x x 

Early Christmas

November 10, 2012
This time last year we got together as a family to celebrate christmas early as we werent going to be together. Little did we know. It was a wonderful weekend of love and laughter. You sat at the table telling Dad what to say in a speech, he said for you to do it and we all agreed. Instead of talking you burst into tears saying how happy you were to have us all there and how much you loved us. Kasey told us all off "Don't make Nanny cry". It was typical of you. You always preferred to be in the backgroud, always pushing others to be in the limelight ... But always loving us so much every step of the way. We love you Mum and still miss you each and everyday. Thank you for getting us all together as a family this time last year. Your loving daughters Rell and Louise Its not the same without you

Dear Mum

October 20, 2012

Thinking of You today, as every day,I miss you dearly Mum

Your loving Son       


June 15, 2012

Our Dear Mum,
Six long ,painful months ,but through the tears We smile at the many treasured memories We all have .
All our love always .

Andy, Lee and your little Angels    

My Beth

June 15, 2012
My Beth, Six sad and lonely months have now passed since I held you in my arms. Missing you everyday. My love always and forever John


June 15, 2012
Dear Mum Well its been six very long months without you. You have been checking in on us often we know but we still miss you every day. All our love Narelle and Louise

Mothers Day

May 13, 2012

Hi Mum
Well we all got together today for Mothers Day and Grans Birthday except neither of you were there with us.
It was a beautiful day down by the River, with lovely food and atmosphere but it wasn't the same without you. We know you were there with us in spirit though as we saw the dragonfly at the waters edge. As always you are watching over us.
You would be so proud of us all, especially Dad.
We miss you more than words can say, each and every day but today was particularly tough. its not just your words and actions we miss ut your presence. When we get together it is missing you that makes it hard.
Love you so much Mamma

Mothers Day

May 12, 2012

Mothers Day , memories of Chrysanthmums , long leisurely lunch lots of laughs, love and family fun.

Miss you lots                         Marg.


April 30, 2012

Hey Ma , back from a trip to Broome ,told the little girls" Nannie once rode these camels " and we all had a chuckle and knew you would have been giggling at throwing a leg over the saddle.
Im off on my fishing trip and Yes Ill be carefull !!

Wishing you were here , Our love always . 

Andy,Lee ,Makie and Kasey   xoxox   


March 12, 2012

Happy birthday Mum , Im sure many people are having a special thought for you today as you always did for everyone ,missing you dearly ,my love forever,.

   Andrew  xxx


March 11, 2012

Beth, today is your 65th birthday.
You always loved a party so we couldn't let this opportunity pass.
Yesterday we all got together, as you would have wanted, and we celebrated you and the love we have for you.
There was cake, decorated to Beth, Mum and Nan. Wonderful food made with love.
Naturally there was champagne too.
Many stories were told along with laughs and some tears. The love we feel for you is strong and we miss you everyday.

makenzies story to nannie

March 2, 2012

To my lovely Nan,

I will never forget the fantastic times we had together they are in my heart.We will all really miss you.Don't worry about pa, we will take lot's of care of him.I miss you because i will never get a hug,your the only one i ever think about.You were a lovely lady Nan,in fact the nicest person in the world. I will always have memories in my terribily sad heart.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Daily chats

March 2, 2012
I'm a talker not a writer. You were the person I spoke to most on the phone. Always a phone call in the morning and often one a night. What did we find to talk about so often? Everything and nothing. The little mundane things that happen in our days but also updates on what family and friends were doing. You were the link to information on everyone. It was also you who i spoke to when i was troubled or had a problem. There have been occasions we have had to deal with without you that have made them so much harder. We have lost Gran and our beloved Jasper. You would have been there with a phone call, a card, words of wisdom and the best hug in the world. You would have cried with us and then found a cheerful memory for us all to laugh with. You did this better than anyone i know. These past months have been so hard without you Mum. We struggle through but miss you each and every day. We have photos of you everywhere and talk to you each day. Asking ourselves "what would Befie do or say" its not the same. I miss those talks more than anyone could imagine. I miss you Mum!

My Friend

February 27, 2012

You were always there & I am missing you so much.
God Bless 
Pat x

My Dear Mum

February 26, 2012
Its been just over 2 months since I last heard your beautiful voice ,but time hasn't eased the pain of losing you Mum . Not being able to call You for a chat ,some advice or simply spending time with You is something We miss dearly . Your little girls speak of You daily and give their Nannie a kiss goodnight on your ring I wear proudly close to my heart when I put them to bed at night. I think of you constantly and shed a tear often ,but remember all the great times and memories we shared. Love always Your proud son . Andrew

My Beloved

January 16, 2012

One month ago I lost my beautiful Beth. The heartache and sorrow increases each day.

Thank you for the 50 years of wonderful love and support and treasured memories. I'd have never believed a person could miss another person as much as I miss you everyday.

I'd trade the memories and everything possible to have you back in my arms.


Loving you forever


January 15, 2012

Most people have inlaws - I had Bethie.

I knew I was lucky to know Beth, even before I moved to Perth.  Bethie somehow made being away from my own mum easier.  My own mum took comfort in knowing that I had Beth.  So welcoming and thoughtful, always only a phone call away.  People that I would talk to about my relationship 'with Andy's mum" would say how nice it was that i could be friends with my me that was normal, and if they meet Beth, and lots of them did, they would know why she was not just Andy's Mum, she was also my friend.

I cant find the words to say truly what you mean to me.  My heart hurts when I think of not seeing you again.  Its been one month today since you went away and I have missed you every day.

Thank you for your love and support, your guidance and friendship.  Until we meet again, I will remind my children of their beautiful Nannie as they grow and I will think of you often and I will love you always. xx

At The Van

December 22, 2011

Beth wasn't just our treasured friend but our Party Planner as well. Who could ever forget the New Years Eves spent at The Sea & Cee, organised by Beth? It took us a week to recover

.She was our Wedding Planner. Remember Anne & Graeme's 2nd wedding & Kathy & Roy's pre wedding party!! Frank's 70th & the list goes on.

She was our Cruise Director on the cruise from Phuket, insisting that we wear the same bright shirts so that we looked good & wouldn't get lost! One lady asked Beth who we were. Beth replied "Australian Synchronised Swimming Team, of course" I can still see the look on the woman's face!

The best parties though were 4sys every weekend at Brian Ginbey's Beer Garden under the tree.

Thanks for the memories Beth, for all you did to create those memories.

Ray & I had a ball!!! x


Early Family Christmas - 2011

December 21, 2011

A month before Beth so unexpectedly passed away, we all spent a weekend away together as our Christmas present.

The families in the Morrison clan (Beth, John, Narelle, Louise, Andy, Lee, Makenzie and Kasey) were due to spend Christmas Day 2011 going our separate ways across various parts of Australia, enjoying time with extended family and friends.

Beth decided early in the year that she’d like us all to have a weekend away together, to spend time with each other and celebrate the year because we wouldn’t be together for Christmas Day.  What a prophetic insight it was.

Beth and John’s Christmas present to us all was a weekend away, a family gathering we could all enjoy.  Beth found a fantastic and luxurious house on the Mandurah Canals and we all gathered on a Friday night in mid November, armed with games, fishing rods, wave skis, colouring books and food, food, food!  We’d followed the map to “Aztec Island” which Beth had printed on our official invitation.

We shared a great evening sitting together around the glass table, nibbling on meats, cheeses, crispy roast potatoes.  We shared the stories of our week and teased each other as we always did.  We planned on venturing out the next morning before having a pub lunch.  It was a great night, good atmosphere, good food and good fun.

During the evening Beth kept telling John that we were going to have a special dinner on Saturday night so he’d have to make a speech.  “Now Darl – just thank everyone for being here.  And say we love them.  And it’s so good to have them here.  And say I love having my family close to me.  By this time John’s eyebrows were raised, he smiled and told Beth she might as well make the bloody speech.  We all laughed, ate some more, drank some more, teased some more and hoped that the man on the other side of the canal would turn on his Christmas lights for us.  We went to be tired and happy.

We explored during the next day, visiting the Miniature Village and the Peel Zoo where Mak and Kasey fed animals and touched a snake!!!  Beth shuddered at the thought but was proud of her little ones and their courage.  We had a pub lunch and headed back to the Canal House to relax.  Beth marvelled at the family getting ready to paddle through the canals on the wave skis and while they were gone we tried, unsuccessfully, to work out how to play the electronic piano in the foyer.

Later in the afternoon we all watched the girls catch blowfish and hoped their wild casting didn’t result in any hook injuries.  They set some crab nets and hauled them in a few times, squealing at the crab that hastily escaped the net and threatened to latch on to a toe.  We sat out on the verandah and watched another neighbour assemble his Christmas lights, obviously trying to outdo the other.

We got ready for our special dinner and Beth dressed up – she was always elegant.  We shared another wonderful meal and Beth prodded John to make “the speech”.  John insisted Beth say what she wanted to say.  Beth looked around the table at everyone present, so thankful we could all be there and she just started to cry.  She could hardly speak for tears but managed to say “I just love having you all here with me”.  It was never more true.  The girls hugged their Nannie and Kasey told us all off for making her cry!!

Before leaving for home on Sunday we ate, cleaned and shared coffee and cake at the new marina.  I’m so thankful we had that weekend together – it was something Beth had wanted to do for ages and it made her so incredibly proud and happy.  It was the last Christmas we’ll spend with her but it was one of the most special and unforgettable.  A truly wonderful gift.


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