Posted by Jodie Astin on October 4, 2016
Missing u Nanna. U always had the biggest smile seeing tyler boy when we lived next door. Now there's 3 more u never got to see. I have passed down that green froggie toy to all of my babies now and tell them that u got it for tyler just before u passed. I hope grand dad is with u and u both r happy and at peace. <3
Posted by Jem Chown on April 10, 2014
Thinking happy thoughts of picking you up from work at the train station with dad (back when you had to buy a ticket from the booth)

R.I.P grandma xoxo
Posted by marlena chown on November 24, 2012
its been year since join the holy choir i miss you
Posted by Mel Chown on November 23, 2012
1 Year today God took you away, We never got to say Goodbye. We can no longer see your beautiful smile your long black hair sprinkled with silver your sense of humour we can never hold you and hug you we can tell you we love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday but since that day you have never been forgotten we miss you and love you mum xxx
Posted by Mel Chown on October 24, 2012
Mum never a breath goes by that I don't think of you each and every day its been 11months today that god took you from us we never got to say goodbye and thats the hardest thing of all. If I could change things I would in a heart beat. I love you always and Johnathan loves you and will never forget you I hope you are at peace Mum love always Mel & Johnathan xxxxxxx
Posted by Mel Chown on September 6, 2012
Happy Birthday Mum,,,, we miss you very much mosh.....your always in our thoughts all my love Mel and Johnathan
Posted by Mel Chown on August 20, 2012
Hi Mum, I really Miss you and wish that day hadn't come for God to take you away I really wish you were here its been hard to wake up every day knowing that your not here. I love you Mum and will remember you always love Mel & Johnboy xxxxx
Posted by Mel Chown on April 25, 2012
Hi Mum, I can't believe that its 5 mths today that God took you away I miss you each and very day and wish you were here I love you Mum say hello to everyone for me...Lots of love Mel and Johnathan xxxxxx He misses you even more xxxxxxx
Posted by Mel Chown on February 1, 2012
Hey Mum, I miss you each day more and more I can't believe your gone...I will always love you. Mel xxxxxxxx
Posted by Mel Chown on January 28, 2012
Hi Mum, I really miss you and wish you could come back not a day goes by that I don't think of you I see your photos everywhere and my heart breaks I love you Mum. xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Mel Chown on January 17, 2012
I thought of you today but that is nothing new I thought of you yesterday and the days before that too i think of you in silence i often i speak your name All I have are memories and a picture in a frame Your memory is a keep sake that i will never part God has you in his arms I Have you in my Heart I love you mum always mel & Johnbo
Posted by Mel Chown on November 30, 2011
I miss you mum everyday since you passed I will always be blessed having you as my mum and best friend may you rest in peace among the flowers of life as you will be remembered in everything I do you were the apple of my son's eye and he misses you so much I love you Mum. Goodbye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx until we meet again save a place there at the table..xxxxxxxxx
Posted by emily mcwhinney on November 29, 2011
I still can't believe your gone it's not real someone needs to wake me up from this bad nightmare. It was only the other day I seen you and Diana at the shops and you were fine. I'm gonna miss you like crazy going to the shops will never be the same again. RIP Aunty Betty I will always love and miss you. Xoxo
Posted by marlena chown on November 28, 2011
i love you and will miss you every day until we meet again!!! xxx
ALWAYS IN MY HEART, and great grandchildren , you will always be in my mind forever and ever!! love you nana B xxxx
Posted by marlena chown on November 28, 2011
i will miss you mum going to the farm won't be same

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