Let the memory of Betty be with us forever.
  • 47 years old
  • Born on April 13, 1971 .
  • Passed away on March 19, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Betty Clark 47 years old , born on April 13, 1971 and passed away on March 19, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Solape Bamijoko on April 14, 2019
where do I start from? Except from the very beginning in 1982 when we met @ FGGC Bida as young form one girls in boarding school. We later attended UI together and it's been OREMI all the way. Yours I must say has been true friendship. One of the few that will see my cake posts and commend or critic as appropriate, one that would travel abroad and would see a cake item and buy it becos oremi nse cake. despite living in different cities you will make every effort to see that I get the item. You were a hard worker, entrepreneur par excellence, mentor of mentors, always a step ahead when it comes to creativity #craftspro CEO, If we didn't get in touch at all in any given year, January (on my birthday) and April (on your own birthday) was always an exception and we would then catch up on all the gist! Here I was waiting for 13th (a few days away) to perform this ritual only for me to hear this morning (wed 10th 'April) that you have joined the saints truimphant! Adieu Betty Clark, (of Lagos, as fondly called by my sibling) , rest on in the blossom of our Lord until that resurrection morning.
(Written on wednesday 10th April, 2019)
Posted by Ihuoma Njoku on April 12, 2019
Dear Betty,
I still cannot believe that this is true. You were always so full of life, fun to be around and made everyone around you feel better. Betty C you also always gave great, honest advise. You were a shinning star. This seems so unreal. I still cannot believe you are gone. My prayer is that God grants you rest in his kingdom. May he also give your loved ones the strength they need at this time. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Abisola Longe on April 11, 2019
My Loving,Lovely and Loved Friend Betty and My children's special Aunty Betty..It has taken me a while to write this..but the reality of your passing at the service of songs tonight hit me and hurt me..So it is True?? Betty Clark..Vibrant,Vivacious,Creative,Talented and Just an Amazing&Naughty friend..I have too many cherished memories of you and pieces of your creativity in my home and office..Last communication was the video call my sister Tobi&i made to you Feb23rd,presidential election day...it was fun to talk to you and we made orders of your Bamboo napkin holders..Wow!you delivered the sample as promised.Boisterous and Bubbly Betty..from your creative days of Bridesville to Celebrityfruits to Craftpro..i always had great respect for your unique creativity..you were a trailblazer!To live in the hearts of those that love you is not Goodbye..Love you girl&Wish you joyful activity as you are definately resting peacefully with your creator.xxx
Posted by Bisola Muri-Okunola on April 11, 2019
Rest in peace.
Posted by Titilayo Edet on April 11, 2019
Ah! Ah!Betty Clark, Creative and Ever ready to assist Betty Clark ! I heard the shocking news this morning, hum,! Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows!. Betty Clark,when the saints go marching in, may you be counted worthy in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Laja Ogundare on April 11, 2019
Betty kò yè mì ooooh, full of life....still in shock.....from UI days. Even when we don't see / communicate as often, but when we do see...it's endless gist.
We can't question Baba God, cos he knows best...that's our console. Rest in peace.....
Posted by Toyin Sola-Ojelade on April 10, 2019
Betty dear, its still a shock, the news of your passing!! My dear sister you were such a beautiful person, fun to be around, loving and caring. You will be so missed in the sisterhood, but we are comforted knowing you are resting in the bosom of your maker. Sleep on my aburo!!
Posted by Esimaje Ogor on April 10, 2019
I keep remembering your post and pictures about the cruise you went on with your brother and his family and how much fun you had then!!You were such a sweet- spirited person with no airs and always ready with a smile and a laugh for anyone who crossed your path.
Rest in peace Betty till we meet again. May the good Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear this loss! Amen
Posted by Gbadunade Ogunleye on April 9, 2019
Rest in peace, Betty.
You departed too soon but God knows best. This is quite shocking and painful.
Posted by Funlola Fowora on April 9, 2019
I remember our Bida days and all the pranks. Bet Bet Betsy. I formed a song with your name. I remember I used to trick you and tell you that you are in trouble. You will say to me Funlola, what have I done and I’ll just say I don’t know but it’s serious. that a teacher was calling you. I will walk down with you and along the way, you will see me running back telling you that I was only joking with you. You thought I was very naughty and try not to talk to me again but because of your nature, you will forgive me. I still called you that when I saw you at Mary-Hilda’s birthday. I did not know it was the last time I would see you here on earth. Beatrice, Rest In Peace till we meet again.
Posted by Caroline Odiawa on April 9, 2019
Dear Betty,who am I to Question God.God has taken you to a better place.God will give your family strength.Rest in peace sister.You are not forgotten.
Posted by Bidemi Omole on April 9, 2019
Betty, I still can't wrap my head around it that you are gone. It's like a dream I would love to wake up from. I miss our insightful discussion and wish we had one before this happened. You were always a breadth of fresh air when you come to the store. God knows and sees all and may He continue to console your family and all that miss you. Will miss your stories that you were never in a hurry to tell calling my name and tapping my shoulder intermittently. Sun Re o Ore mi until we meet at the feet of Jesus.
Posted by OLUFEMI FADAHUNSI on April 9, 2019
My Dear Betty,
I don't know where to start.
I did not know that the post valentine dinner we had at Pearl Garden on the 15th Of February,2019 and your visit to my office on International Womens Day, when I offered you drinks and even lunch and you refused (and I was surprised that you – W as I use to taunt you will not eat) and the following Friday -15th of March,2019 when you asked me for a favour of a personal nature was your own way of saying GOOD BYE to me.
Betty, your indomitable spirit, your liveliness and frank talk stands you out. You had your own fair share of life challenges but you met all of it with equanimity . You are highly principled but at the same time compassionate and loving.
It is in the nature of man to be born and to to die. As one of your confidants I pray for your soul to Rest in Peace and for God to forgive you all your trespasses IJN Amen.
Fare the well Beatrice Isimemen Clark (1971 - 2019 AD)
Posted by Ayo Adesina on April 8, 2019
Betty C! Your passing is a huge loss to us all. You were a burst of life and so full of vigor and creativity. I am glad to have shared a part of your life and you a part of mine. You will be dearly missed. Rest In Peace and may God comfort your family, friends and all that hold you dear.
Posted by Cordelia James on April 8, 2019
Rest in peace aunty Betty. You may be gone for now but you live forever in our memories and in my hearts, because you have given me a lifetime of memories filled with laughter, joy and happiness. Thank you so much for who you were, i love you but God loves you the most. I wish you a peaceful sleep.
Posted by Nkiruka Ugo-Okeke on April 8, 2019
Dear Betty,
I still can't believe you're gone! How? What? I'm consoled by the fact that you knew the Lord.
Betty C! The life of every event! Creative and innovative mama!! It is well!
Rest on friend.....
Posted by Keji Amusan on April 7, 2019
Dear Betty,
I cant believe it's you we are leaving tributes for! How! You with the larger than life attitude! I delayed writing this, I couldn't bring myself to leave a tribute as if that changed anything! Vivacious Betty Clark, always so full of life and nothing seemed to get you down! I will always remember you with a smile and though we think you should still be here, God knows best and we rest on that fact. Rest in peace my friend, may God comfort your family at this time and heal all our hearts. Amen! Sleep on Betty....
Posted by Owa Gillis - Harry on April 7, 2019
May your gentle soul rest in peace.
May God comfort all you have left behind.
Posted by Omoye Omozee on April 7, 2019
My Dearest Betty, where do l start. I still can't believe you are gone. You were a great friend, always there to show support whenever l ask. Always the life of the party,so funny and fun to be with. All the plans to hang out after retirement hmmmm. I will really miss you, your smile and great personality. I can't keep questioning why it happened, but pray for your sweet soul to rest in peace.
Posted by Emua Okiti on April 7, 2019
Beatrice Clark, You were authentic, loving, creative, vibrant, always looking for the next opportunity to grow. There’s never a dull moment with you. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for helping me reconnect with Bida girls. Your love for friendship is unwavering and rare.
Rest In Peace Betty Clark!
Posted by Rakiya Witwer on April 7, 2019
Dear Betty,
Where do I begin? From your vivaciousness to your larger than life energy, you always made your presence known. I remember our last conversation which was 30 plus years after Bida, we talked about you coming to our next Bida reunion in North America and you jokingly said you might surprise us. I will miss your creativity. I always looked forward to your posts on IG to see the newest latest craft from you the master guru of CraftPro. Your legacy will live on in your family and those you have shared your creativity with. I bid you farewell.
Till we meet again old friend.
Posted by Negbarin Negbarin on April 6, 2019
Ore mi, was how we always greeted each other. Still in shock, still can't comprehend you aren't here again. Sorry I took our friendship for granted. Miss your smile and gisting.
Rest In Peace, Betty C.
Posted by Funmi Ogundele - Oladiran on April 6, 2019
Betty Clark,
This is too shocking! Still couldn’t come to terms with your exit from this side to eternity .
My flat mate at Idia Hall, University of Ibadan. We had a memorable time together and we kept communicating through social media.
Ever lively Betty, we will miss you greatly..... Rest on my friend till me meet again at Jesus’ feet.... we are all missing you
Posted by Jolomi Dudu on April 6, 2019
My dearest Betty Clark or Betty Parker as my sister called you. Your passing on seems so surreal. You were so full of life, vivacious and full of creative ideas.
Gone too soon indeed..... this was never in any of the plans. It was never a dull moment with you.
I still hear your voice saying "Jay-lo, where's da parry at? Make we no dull o!"
O Betty.... rest well and soar on the wings of angels.
Posted by Angela Atanda on April 6, 2019
Dear Beatrice, bet I am one of the few people who actually call you Beatrice. We came a long way through our parents, through All Saints Church, Yaba and then through FGGC Bida. We did not see too often but whenever we did, we caught up fast on pending jist. Saw you last on March 02, 2019, jisted up a storm, laughed, sorrowed over another mutual friend's passing, teased each other and took pictures. Then barely 2 weeks later, I hear you are gone. It's still like a dream. I keep looking at that picture.... Our God is good and faithful and he knows best. Your years on earth might have been short, but you left your imprints clearly and you will be remembered, missed and always loved. Rest in peace my dear sister. God loves you more than we ever could......
Posted by Kumbi Tuakli-Lawson on April 6, 2019
Betty o Betty! your demise came as a rude shock. Friend of friends who became a friend. Little did I know that our meeting at Alero's fathers funeral was to be the last on this part of the divide. You ensured I got the best of food and missed not of any gift. Heard you answered the Masters call. We all will some day however only the Master knows when he calls and where and why.Who are we to question him? In all situations we should give him thanks and so from me it is Rest in Peace dear friend, We will miss you.
Posted by Gozie Udemba on April 6, 2019
How shocking it was to hear about your demise Betty. It was just a few days earlier that I liked and commented on your Instagram post. I admired and respected your creative genius and entrepreneurship and I let you know it. We were never close but we go wayyy back from the FGGC Bida and FGC Minna days then meeting in UI with common friends and still keeping in touch thanks to social media. May we keep on living by faith with hope and in love. Amen
Posted by Ekanem David on April 6, 2019
Betty Clark!! ( one of those names that the surname had to be included when called). Met you those days in U.I through my dear friend Alero and we remained friends for life. You were always so full of life and laughter. No quiet moment around you. I pray the Lord grants your family and friends the fortitude to bear this great loss!! Rest In Peace.
Posted by Alero Atsimene on April 5, 2019
Ms Clark,
You still asked me in January how come I called you that. It just seemed so classy like the owner. Looking back now I don't get how you found your way into my heart. We lived in 'flat' in UI and I had my friends but somehow you became a part of us. Then before I knew it you were friends with my course mates and next thing everyone in my home knew you. What you wanted you got. Nothing could limit you. Your creativity knew no bounds. You had so many dreams but alas, your journey came to an end. I never got a chance but know that I love you. I will carry you always in my heart. Thank you for now we all realise we must tell each other those 3 words often. Sun re ore mi.
Posted by Margaret Etukudo on April 5, 2019
Oh dear Betty. I met you a few weeks before you passed. In the few hours we spent together you were really nice to be with. You were so full of life. I thought that we will meet again to gist and laugh. Well. Rest well.
Posted by Motunrayo Bakare on April 5, 2019
I cannot believe I am leaving a tribute for you Betty at 47 years old!! The loss is ours, the gain is yours, you're with your Heavenly Father. See you at Jesus' feet beautiful Betty.
Posted by Shannu Ola on April 4, 2019
May your soul find peace in God's bosom, Betty.
Posted by Biodun Bakare on April 4, 2019
Dear Betty,
Don’t know what to say .... I’m still in shock and so sad to be writing this. 
You are really gone too soon......But GOD knows best.
As painful as it is for ur family and to us all ....HE allowed this to happen. And HE has all the answers. 
So We accept HIS Sovereignty. 
I will never forget the time we shared in IDIA Hall UI...... and how I liked ur smile and how we became friends. U made a difference in my life and I’m grateful.
The last time we chatted I didn’t know I’d never chat with u here on earth again. I never knew Sis. I never knew. Will miss u
May your soul rest in peace in the bosom of our dear LORD JESUS CHRIST
Posted by Ojelabi Adejoke on April 4, 2019
Dearly beloved Oremi.....
Your death was a rude shock and I still haven't come to terms with it.
You were such a vibrant person to be with, we talked so much before the news was broke. You will be truly missed. Love you and miss You Betty
Posted by Olubunmi Olajide on April 4, 2019
Dear Betty,
Betty Clark as we called you back then in UI...., my craftpro go to person......, your unique voice.., sleep on dear Betty....., too shocked for words...
Posted by Oluyemisi Ariyibi on April 4, 2019
Dear Betty,
Words fail us; we are only human.
Still, I will remember your joy of life, fearlessness and ability to take whatever life gave you and create beauty.
You empowered other people especially women to create and sustain themselves.
Your life though brief, was meaningful.
I remember the laughter; you at my wedding, the big and small ways you helped to make my day special.
our last phone conversation...we must have talked for over 2 hours...
I look at the pictures of you that have been put up  and I still can't really believe it.
Rest well Betty, really, it is not how long but how well.
Like Alero said, this has taught me to tell my loved ones everyday how much I love them and not take the times I share with them for granted.
One last lesson you taught us.
miss you, love you,
Posted by Helen Okonmah on April 4, 2019
Dearest "Miss B" words fail me at times like this.....what is this life after all....vanity upon vanity.....we take solace in the beautiful memories we had in U.I....those were truly wonderful memories. I cannot forget your warmth,your vivacious nature and of course those hot gists....whais this life after all....this minute you are here and next minute you are gone.
Sleep on my dearest Betty....may the angels of the Lord lead you home....may you continue to find perfect rest in the bosom of the Lord....you will forever be missed my dear friend......
Posted by TEMITAYO MOROHUNDIYA on April 4, 2019
Dear Betty,
I received the news of your passing with great shock, I could not and still cannot believe you are gone. From UI days you never changed, friendly, boisterous, giving, kind, gist-loving Betty. My wedding planner. I wish I had kept in touch more. Sleep on dear Betty, rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Tolu Junaid on April 4, 2019
I just got to know ....we used to be friends at the University of Ibadan and I haven't seen her since the 90s. Rest in peace Betty...what a shock

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