Let the memory of our mother and grandmother be with us forever
  • 89 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1922 .
  • Passed away on December 8, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Betty Jeanne Waddell Duncan, 89, born on May 2, 1922, in Tulsa, OK, and passed away on December 8, 2011, in Plano, TX.  Her joy was her family and she loved sports.  Once a dance skater, figure skater and avid bowler, she loved watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers on TV. When I was very small she slammed her left (bowling) hand in the car door, but went on to bowl with it in league play the same day.  She loved watching ice skating competitions on TV and even took figure skating lessons (on roller skates) when she was in her 50's.  She loved dancing in the latter part of her life, and this past time was no doubt the key to her long life and good health.  Mother played the piano by ear in spite of the fact she was profoundly deaf half of her life.  She loved expressing her opinions in local newspaper editorials defending the underdogs like herself.  She loved to brag about her kids to anyone who would listen. Her dark brown hair at the time of her death had only a minimum of gray hair which is amazing since she lived to be 89 years of age.

Posted by Janet Karr on 3rd May 2017
You left us five years ago, but you are not forgotten, mother. I hope you have looked down and seen your first great grand baby, Penny Grace Karr, born to Joey and Kelly two months ago. She looks a lot like you, mom, and she is so strong, healthy and beautiful. I hope your heavenly 95th birthday was wonderful. Love you, mother, till we meet again.
Posted by Janet Karr on 8th December 2014
I remember December 8, 2011, like it was yesterday. It was the sad day my mother, Betty Duncan, passed from this earth to the gates of Heaven where she would suffer no more. I was 58 when I lost her. She lost her mother when she was only 14 as my grandmother was 45 when she had my mom. Unbelievable how grandma Waddell had three children, all girls, each approximately 10 years apart. My only cousin, Jacqueline, was a year younger than my mother so they grew up together like sisters. Mother's parents died 20 years before I was born so I hardly knew my mother's side of the family. But one day when my journey on this earth is done, I will get to meet the grandparents I missed out on. Rest in peace, mother, till we meet again. I do, however, see you every time I look in the mirror! And it feels like you're looking right back at me!!!
Posted by Cassandra Hafter on 13th December 2013
Gma Betty will surely be missed! It is difficult not seeing her around the holidays.
Posted by Janet Karr on 8th December 2013
Two years ago today my mother passed away at the age of 89. Her circumstances were such that there was no funeral nor was there a burial. I needed to personally honor her memory so I created this page so her passing would not be without recognition. I know mother would be delighted with this remembrance of her life so I felt more at peace with her passing, as I put this together. I hope she is looking down here and seeing me busy with my cattery as mother loved her own cats so deeply. I would say rest in peace but I'm guessing mother is dance skating her way around heaven dressed in purple and enjoying being active once again!!! Love you mother!!! Till we meet again.....xoxoxo. Janilu
Posted by Janet Karr on 2nd May 2013
Happy Heavenly 91st Birthday, Mother! I bet you're roller skating through fields of purple flowers today!!!! May 2nd has become quite a date on my calendar for many reasons. Wish you could see all the beautiful kitties I have now and you'd really love my baby kittens when they arrive this summer. Love You, Janilu
Posted by Kathy Bass on 11th February 2013
Betty was a sweet person that seemed to enjoy her life when I knew her. I didn't realize she was a talented dancer and skater that takes a lot of work. I remember her at our last Christmas she was happy and really enjoyed it. The only thing that kept her from taking more of a part in things was her hearing deficit. I always enjoyed seeing her and miss her when we have celebrations.
Posted by Janet Karr on 9th December 2012
I am sad to lose my mother especially close to the Christmas holidays. Her quality of life had disappeared in the fall rapidly and I knew from seeing her that she was in a lot of pain. Her passing one year ago with all her family around her in her hospital room seemed to be her final wish as she clung to life with barely any vital signs. She made sure we were all there before leaving us.
Posted by Janet Karr on 11th December 2011
The background music you hear on this tribute to my mother was music my mean old dance teacher played over and over in ballet class when I was 5 in Tulsa. Mother used to walk me several blocks up Harvard Blvd. from 28th Street to Dameroff's Dance Studio to my ballet classes. She couldn't drive yet, but she was determined to make a dancer out of me. I think she got her wish.
Posted by Janet Karr on 9th December 2011
I already knew that my little mother was a feisty little scrapper, but at the end of her life the past few days, she proved beyond a doubt that even with hardly any vital signs, unconcious and unable to move, she wasn't going anywhere from CCU just yet. Her family gathered in her room and I feel like she was very aware of our presence. Rest in peace dear mother until we meet again. XOXO

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