This memorial website was created in memory of Beverly June (Foster) Williams, and Albert LeeRoy Williams.  They were both born in 1937 and left this Earth six weeks apart in 2021.   Married for 63 wonderful years, they are now together forever in heaven.
Posted by Jo Anne Hartl on June 7, 2022
I still miss Lee and Bev's phone calls.
Posted by Helen Foster on May 30, 2022
Although this is the first time writing on this site for you Bev and Lee but it doesn't mean I am not thinking of you both. I can't believe it's a year already but time goes by so very fast. Love you both and please hug my other half lots for me. Rest in Peace
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on May 27, 2022
I am late in sending this note, but have been thinking of you all week, knowing it had been a year since you left us. Over these last months, I would think of you and want to talk with you, so I would say a prayer instead, hoping that all was well in heaven missing you both. Mary Lee
Posted by Cindy Volpe on January 22, 2022
It's your birthday and I can't hug you, hold your hand, or even hear your voice. I miss you so much, Mom. I know that you had a wonderful life filled with many precious moments, and all of those memories live on in me and the rest of your family. Please know that I am thinking of you this day and every day and that I am so very grateful for the times we had together and the beautiful life you have given to me.
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on January 22, 2022
Today, Bev would have been 85 years young, she never looked or acted as old as she actually was. I have missed her much these last few months, but know she is resting peacefully and hopefully enjoying each sunny new day. Certainly hope there is a Featherweight sewing machine and fabric for her to create some beautiful items to share with others. Pocket purses full of good wishes to share with old and new friends. Covid is still among us and lifestyles have changed, we are cautious and stay in much of the time. Your family is well for the most part, hope Dan will share his wonderful news with you. Missing both of you and wishing we had time for more trips and get togethers, even just to play Catch Phrase. XOXO Mary Lee
Posted by Daniel Volpe on October 12, 2021
I'm very luck to have spent time with Bev and Lee. They introduced me and gave me a guided tour to my favorite place in the country, Colorado. I'll always remember taking a week from Orlando to travel down and take care of Grandpa in his last few months. His smile when he saw me everyday made it all worth it. Love you both!
Posted by Haley Oldson on October 12, 2021
I miss you both so much!! I am wearing my shirt from The Taco House today, which always makes me happy. It reminds me how much we all loved eating there. Mostly loving the grease and cheese in every menu item!
I'll never forget when Grandpa brought us our favorite meals from The Taco House and drove them in a cooler the entire 8 hours from Colorado to Kansas as a surprise! Grandpa always did spontaneous things like that! Thank you for being the best Grandpa I could ever ask for!! Its memories like these that I will treasure and share. I think about you and Grandma everyday and know your not in any pain and that your happy, reunited again!! Please know we all miss you and are blessed to have had you both touch our lives!! Love you!!
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on October 4, 2021
Today would have been Lee's 84th birthday. Surely there is room for Blue Bell ice cream and cake in heaven, so they can celebrate in a special way. Boy, did Lee love Blue Bell!!! I think all flavors were GREAT to him, but Bev was strictly a vanilla person, no chocolate, no sprinkles, just vanilla. Hope they can celebrate in style and enjoy their time together in paradise. Missing you both. Mary Lee
Posted by Cindy Volpe on September 29, 2021
My mother is in heaven. Of this, I am certain. Mom was decent and kind. Mom was patient and forgiving. Mom was loyal. Mom lived her life to serve everyone she loved. Everyone she touched.
Mom was “good people”. Those gates would have opened wide.
I think of her constantly. I think of her in heaven. She feels no discomfort, no confusion. Mom can walk without falter, her movements confident and sure.
I imagine her planning the day.
Mom would start with a cup of instant coffee. Perhaps a single piece of toast or a peach yogurt.
She would watch over Dad, her heart full for the man she loved deeply. Tenderly using angel powers to give him a nudge, here and there. Just to help him along. Mom would understand that “us” kids are doing our best. That we will take care of Dad. We will help her watch, until they are together again.
Mom would be catching up with family and old friends. I can see her smiling and chatting, sharing stories. Becoming reacquainted.
I envision Mom the Organizer and Mom the Inspiration. Ready to take on any task. To lend a hand. She would jump right in, busily getting down to it. Whatever was asked of her.
Day’s end would find Mom relaxing with a good puzzle, a challenging Sudoku – perhaps a bit of sewing. Celestial pocket purses. Someday, she’ll make one for me.
I don’t think there is Fox News in heaven, though.
Posted by Cindy Volpe on September 29, 2021
My Loving Grandma Bev,
I have so many fond memories. Her kind and adoring personality, overall.
I remember when I was a little girl, I would stay in the upstairs guest room at the Golden house. I remember, she would always read to me before bedtime, tucking me in with a goodnight kiss.
I would always wake to some kind of mouthwatering smell coming from downstairs, of either cheesy egg casserole or her amazing and famous hash brown casserole, which is now a passed down tradition of mine – at every Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I remember I would look over the balcony and see Grandpa reading his newspaper in his recliner and would peek my head, upside down, at the top of the stairs, (as not to be noticed) to see what Grandma was doing in the kitchen. She would continue to clean or cook, and I would pretend not to be there. I always thought I was being so sneaky, but now, looking back, I’m sure she knew I was there all along.
She knew how mysterious the crawl space was to me and anytime we needed anything from it, she would ask if I would go grab it. I’d always explore the entire thing, and I am sure, took way too much time, but Grandma was so patient. She would never get mad!
I have to thank her for teaching me to wrap presents, ever so neatly and how to make the bed so tightly, your feet could get stuck.
She taught me that family is most important and that anything I put my mind to can be accomplished if I do it with love. Even when I got pregnant at a young age, she never looked down on me.
She helped show me what a true relationship looks like. She and Grandpa would do anything for each other.
She showed me how to be patient and that you truly can take ALL day to open Christmas presents, one person at a time. She taught me to always be grateful and appreciate anything from anyone, and that the Thank You card better be sent in a timely manner, as well.

I have so many good memories of you, Grandma. I wish you were still here, to make just one more, or give one more hug, or even to meet and hold your newest great granddaughter. I’m mad that COVID-19 had the timing that it did. I feel it stole some of the last healthy months you had with us on earth.

But I refuse to stay sad. I know that is not what you would have wanted.

Your granddaughter,
Haley Oldson
Posted by Jo Burke on September 27, 2021
Cathie, Cindy, and Randy,
How lucky we all were to have Bev and Lee in our lives. My memories are many and remind me of how rich my life has been for the shared adventures with my dear friends.

We did have grand adventures together!: climbing on and inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt; shopping in a small grocery store in China where Lee bought a preserved snake in a jar (ugh); having a meal, singing songs and drinking beer in the Rathskeller in Munich, Germany; and so many other wonderful trips all around the world.

And then closer to home we shared pancake breakfasts at the Golden Fire Station on Buffalo Bill Days; drinking champagne at Randy and Tonya's wedding; listening to concerts in the park during a summer evening and most importantly the sharing of love and friendship for more than three decades.

I miss knowing they aren't just a phone call away anymore but rejoice that they are together forever on an another adventure. My love always to Bev and Lee and their family. 

Jo Burke
Evergreen, CO
Posted by Kristan Lundquist on August 25, 2021
Dear Cindy, Cathie, Randy and Friends,

My wife Harriette and I are blessed to call Lee and Bev our friends for over 60 years. They will be forever missed in our lifetime.

I first met Lee in 1961 when I was hired by Monroe Calculator Company, fresh out of the University of Denver Business School. At that time, Lee was already excelling in sales for Monroe in Denver. He qualified for Monroe’s Sales Convention held at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia in his first year.

Lee and I loved selling Monroe Calculators. Monroe had great products and we were able to make a decent living in the 1960’s. We had excellent mentors, Charlie Mauvauis and Jerry Cudney. The company offered a career path for those who excelled in sales and had the ability to train other sales reps. We both took advantage of those career opportunities and we were promoted to other parts of the country in ensuing years. At one point I followed Lee to Santa Fe, New Mexico on one of my career stops. When Lee lived in Santa Fe, he had a beautiful red convertible Volkswagen. He loved that car!

While in Denver, Lee and I became closer friends. We both had a lot in common. We were both college athletes; Lee at Colorado College playing basketball and me at Denver University on the ski and baseball teams. We always talked about sports. We even played a few pickup games of basketball at the YMCA with Jerry Cudney, one of our Monroe managers and good friends. We were both avid Bronco fans and often attended their practices and games together.  Lee was part of our wedding party in 1966 when Harriette and I married in Denver.

We both loved fishing, especially Lee. We often drove up to Echo Lake, Mt. Evans, and the Blue River at Dillon Reservoir. At a Monroe Convention in Florida, I was sitting next to Lee when he reeled in that beautiful sailfish! He later had it mounted. I was the golfer and he was the fisherman. The Williams family sure has fishing DNA in their blood. Lee was very proud of Randy and his fishing expertise.

Our careers eventually took us to different parts of the country. Some 40 years later, Harriette and my 2 daughters, Ann and Kristan, put together a surprise 65th birthday party for me in Las Vegas. Many of my friends and former co-workers from around the country were invited. Low and behold, there was Lee & Bev there to help me celebrate. What a great surprise! It was terrific to see them again after so many years. 

The Williams left us with wonderful lifelong memories. Thank you for sharing your family photos. Lee and Bev were perfect for each other. The BEST!!! What a beautiful family you have.

All the best to each of you,

Andy and Harriette Krall
Posted by Carole Rome on August 10, 2021
I went to school with Lee all of my school years in Golden. As my maiden name was Williams too, we had a special connection. When we got older Lee would call me "sis" when introducing me to someone new even though we weren't related. Bev and I were friends as well! We shared special times at all of the GHS reunions. I will truly miss our conversations!
Posted by Jo Anne Hartl on August 6, 2021
Two very special people. They are already missed by a lot of people.
Posted by David Klemm on August 4, 2021
I have known Lee and Bev all my life, we were together from kindergarten through high school, GHS Class of 1955. Lee was always a leader who set a good example for his classmates. Although we saw each other mostly at reunions it was good to see them both.
Lee has taken his last jump shot with nothing but net.

Posted by Jo Anne Hartl on August 4, 2021
I so enjoyed our phone conversations. You were overly kind when I was recuperating from open heart surgery. I thought that was very kind of you both. I already miss those calls. I know you are both together now forever and are looking down on me.
What a great job you did creating this memorial.
Posted by Cindy Volpe on July 28, 2021
Thinking of you two up there together. I am going to Kansas City tomorrow to see Cathie and get/give hugs. Cathie and I have grown very close over the last few years, and I am so grateful for that. You can know that we will take care of each other. Thanks for giving me such a loving sister.
Posted by Cindy Volpe on July 9, 2021
Dad has come up to join you now, Mom. Life will not be the same without you here. I miss both of you terribly already, but I'm hopeful that you are together and at peace. Love you always.
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on June 25, 2021
Bev, you left us one month ago. We are all missing you. Hoping things will improve with Lee, you were his strength and inspiration. Peace be with you. ML
Posted by Cindy Volpe on June 24, 2021
Tomorrow marks a month without you, mom. I'm trying hard to help dad through this but he's really struggling. I know you were everything to each other. I am grateful for all of the precious memories you shared. The two of you raised a loving family, traveled the world, and touched a thousand lives with your caring ways. Dad loved you with all his heart, and so do I. Your love lives on through all of us.
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on June 22, 2021
Missing our Sunday morning chats, was a positive way to start a new week. I think of you each day and still "talk" to you often and know you can hear me. You were more than a sister, but my closest friend, with great compassion and positive support always. Be at peace , you were loved dearly. ML
Posted by Cindy Volpe on May 31, 2021
Best. Mom. Ever.

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Posted by Jo Anne Hartl on June 7, 2022
I still miss Lee and Bev's phone calls.
Posted by Helen Foster on May 30, 2022
Although this is the first time writing on this site for you Bev and Lee but it doesn't mean I am not thinking of you both. I can't believe it's a year already but time goes by so very fast. Love you both and please hug my other half lots for me. Rest in Peace
Posted by Mary Lee Hamisch on May 27, 2022
I am late in sending this note, but have been thinking of you all week, knowing it had been a year since you left us. Over these last months, I would think of you and want to talk with you, so I would say a prayer instead, hoping that all was well in heaven missing you both. Mary Lee
her Life

Together in Life and now in Heaven

Albert LeeRoy Williams passed peacefully in Fort Myers, Florida on July 8, 2021 at the age of 83.  It was his greatest desire to join his beloved wife Beverly in heaven.

Lee is survived by his children Cathie Williams of Roeland Park, Kansas, Cindy Volpe of Fort Myers, Florida, Randy Williams of Henderson, Nevada, and his brother, Harley Williams of Auburn, California.  He is preceded in death by his parents Eurcal and John Harley Williams of Golden, Colorado and his wife Beverly.  Lee suffered a great loss with Beverly’s passing only 6 weeks before his own, on May 25, 2021.

Lee was born on October 4, 1937 in Denver Colorado to Eurcal La Verne (Ballou) and John Harley Williams.  He graduated from Golden High School in 1955.  LeeRoy was an accomplished basketball player in high school and college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Colorado College in 1960. He married Beverly June Foster, his high school sweetheart, in 1958 at the First Methodist Church in Golden, Colorado.  After college, Lee found his passion selling business equipment for Monroe Calculator Company.  He worked his way up through the company, managing branch offices in Denver, Santa Fe, Topeka,and Chicago.  Lee retired from Monroe in 1983 and he and Bev moved back to Colorado with their son Randy. They lived in Parker for several years and then moved back to Golden in the early 1990s.  Eight years ago Beverly and Lee moved to Fort Myers, Florida to be near their daughter, Cindy. Their life was full of travel, adventure and loving friends and family as they enjoyed 63 years of wedded bliss together.

Lee loved the mountains, fishing, and sports.  He was a people person and maintained strong relationships with many friends and family throughout the country over the years. 

A Beautiful Life

Beverly June Williams (Foster) passed peacefully in Fort Myers, Florida on May 25, 2021 at the age of 84.

Beverly is survived by her husband, Lee; her children Cathie Williams of Roeland Park, Kansas, Cindy Volpe of Fort Myers, Florida, Randy Williams of Henderson, Nevada; and her sister Mary Lee Hamisch of Mansfield, Texas. She is preceded in death by her parents Catherine and Theodore Foster of Golden, Colorado and her brother Ted Foster of Peoria, Arizona.

Beverly was born on January 22, 1937 in Cameron, Missouri to Catherine (Kate) and Theodore Foster. She graduated from Golden High School in 1955.She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. She married Albert LeeRoy (Lee) Williams, her high school sweetheart, in 1958 at the First Methodist Church in Golden, Colorado in 1958. The couple welcomed three children into their home as they moved around the country following Lee’s work with Monroe Calculator Company. Over the years, they lived in Denver and Green Mountain, Colorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Topeka, Kansas, Winnetka, Illinois, and Parker, Colorado before returning to Golden, Colorado in the early 1990s.In 2013, Beverly and Lee moved to Fort Myers, Florida to be near their daughter, Cindy.

Beverly was passionate about teaching children, reading, writing and music.One of her noteworthy accomplishments was chairing the Winnetka Congregational Church Rummage Sale, designated as the world’s largest at that time as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. While living in Golden in the 1990s she was exceptionally successful as a Regional Manager for House of Lloyd’s Christmas Around the World division, motivating others and earning many international trips that she and Lee enjoyed.

The family recognized her passing with a small gathering of family and friends at Cindy’s home in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Recent stories

My First Meeting with Lee

Shared by Cathie Williams on September 28, 2021
I was dating Harley and he took me to his home in Golden to meet his family. We sat down to dinner. First was the fruit cocktail. I reached for my spoon and it collapsed on my first bite. NEXT, I took a drink of water and due to the "holes" in the glass, it dripped down my chin. NEXT, dinner! Same situation, I took a bite, and my fork collapsed. All this "fun" was due to Lee! He had gone shopping with no knowledge of his family!
Mardy Williams

Your grandson turns 25 today.

Shared by Cindy Volpe on June 2, 2021
Sorry you weren't able to be here for Daniel's big 25 today, Mom.  I know you loved him very much.  When he heard you were so sick, he came down from Orlando just to see how he could help.  He wanted badly to go and see you in the hospital, but the "Covid rules" wouldn't allow it, so he helped out with Dad instead, visiting with him, taking him to his doctor's appointment, even bringing him Taco Bell for breakfast by special request. I hope you know how much he loved you.  I know he will remember you always.

White Water Rafting at 76!

Shared by Cindy Volpe on May 31, 2021
Mom’s zest for life was inspirational to me. When faced with an opportunity, she never hesitated, tackling everything in her path with confidence and determination. One of my precious memories of her is white water rafting with Cathie and I when we were celebrating my 50th birthday in Colorado. I was terrified, but she never flinched. She always encouraged me to go, do, have fun. She led an amazing life and taught me so much by example. Thank you, Mom, for being you.