Your grandson turns 25 today.

Shared by Cindy Volpe on June 2, 2021
Sorry you weren't able to be here for Daniel's big 25 today, Mom.  I know you loved him very much.  When he heard you were so sick, he came down from Orlando just to see how he could help.  He wanted badly to go and see you in the hospital, but the "Covid rules" wouldn't allow it, so he helped out with Dad instead, visiting with him, taking him to his doctor's appointment, even bringing him Taco Bell for breakfast by special request. I hope you know how much he loved you.  I know he will remember you always.

White Water Rafting at 76!

Shared by Cindy Volpe on May 31, 2021
Mom’s zest for life was inspirational to me. When faced with an opportunity, she never hesitated, tackling everything in her path with confidence and determination. One of my precious memories of her is white water rafting with Cathie and I when we were celebrating my 50th birthday in Colorado. I was terrified, but she never flinched. She always encouraged me to go, do, have fun. She led an amazing life and taught me so much by example. Thank you, Mom, for being you.

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