• 74 years old
  • Born on September 29, 1939 in Wichita, Kansas, United States.
  • Passed away on June 3, 2014 in Garden Valley, Idaho, United States.

We have created this memorial website in honor of our Mom, Beverly Osborne. We would love for you to leave a memory that you have of Beverly.  She enjoyed hearing a funny story or a loving memory, so all stories of Mom are welcome.  


Posted by Joyce Silberling on 7th September 2015
"I met Bev and her family in 1968 when our boys (very little boys) were in T ball. Our families helped organize the first AYSO soccer league in Canoga Park. We saw one another at least once a week for many years and usually far more often as we spent innumerable dinners and evenings together. My cookbook is filled with Bev's recipes. She was such a treasure...a real friend...and always there beside you when times were difficult. Our family had a tragic occurrence in 1989 and it was Bev who called immediately to ask what she could do to help. There are so many pictures I will always carry of Bev in my mind...46 years of friendship creates wonderful memories. And thru all the difficult times Bev experienced, she always had a smile and loved to tell you of how amazing her children and grandchildren were. She was so blessed to have Heidi and Mike and they were so precious to her. Hold her close in your hearts forever as will I.
Posted by Suzan Ward on 23rd July 2015
Aunt Bev was very special to me. As a child, she was so kind and sweet to me. She always made me feel special and loved. With my Aunt Edie, they taught me how to sew and have confidence in myself. As an adult, she always sent me cards and notes throughout each year to keep in touch and let me know she loved me. Those notes often came when I needed them most! She loved my husband, then my children and finally my grand-daughter. I too, will and have missed my Aunt Bev!
Posted by Daine Carlson on 17th June 2015
Beverly, what a smile, what a sense of humor, what kindness, I could go on and on, she's one of the greats. She liked to look her best, not vain, but always wanted to present herself well, I had the pleasure of helping her do that. We referred to her perms as the "drownings" and had so much fun in the salon getting water everywhere, washing off her eyebrows and any makeup she'd tried to wear that day. We would get to laughing so hard my makeup would run. What a gem! I miss that ray of sunshine at the Sun Country Salon here in Crouch. Full of life til the last moment and then she carried that beautiful spirit into the the next realm, where she loves on and on. It' was my honor to know her a short time and dang was it fun!
Posted by Cindy Yates on 3rd June 2015
Our family lived next door to the Osborne's for close to 40 years. First we were neighbors, then friends, but it was a natural progression with Beverly and Stan to become a part of the family. We couldn't have asked for a more loving family to live next door to. Bev and I spent countless hours talking, laughing and sharing. I loved everything about my dear, sweet, kind friend and look forward to spending more time together where we left off someday. Until then may the beautiful memories that Bev left us carry us through. My heart is with the entire family! Gary and I love you All....
Posted by Gay Lynn Garcia on 3rd June 2015
Aunt Bevie was fun and generous! One of my favorite memories was when Bev took me to Pic 'N' Save. Wandering through the aisles of random products, we found the bargain of a century - WIGS! Oh, they weren't just ordinary wigs; they came in a nifty red box inscribed with "As advertised in Vogue"! We pulled them from the boxes, to find these blond wigs also had tinged dirty yellow highlights - much like sheep's wool after being outside all winter! Well, how could we resist? After much laughter, and smirking at those curious enough to gawk down OUR aisle, we scooped up our 'favorite' and headed for the counter. Getting to the car, we decided there was not a minute to lose, so we donned our treasures! Bev forgot that we had to stop at this little drive up to get a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. As we waited in line, Bev practiced her order - trying not to laugh. I'm sure the teenage clerk thought he had seen about everything when these bombshells drove up to his window. Those wigs were good for a couple more escapades! Another memory was Christmastime when we flew to LA for a visit. She encouraged my husband and I to go out for the evening while she and Heidi babysat our 6-mo-old daughter. While we were out, Z had her first photo shoot - involving several outfits and several rolls of film! Bev cared for her mother for years, chauffeured LA tours to many visitors, supported soccer activities, threw plant parties, and many other fruitful endeavors! She was amazing!
Posted by Todd York on 28th May 2015
I remember going to the Osborne home with my friend Heidi back in high school. The home was always full of joy and love because everything that happened there revolved around family and friends. Beverly and Stan made all feel welcome... We enjoyed having Beverly at our wedding in 2008. Her joyful spirit really added to our special day.
Posted by Carolyn Montgomery on 28th May 2015
What a wonderful letter that you all have sent out, sharing all of the great and lasting memories for your mom and family times. Lots of warm and loving memories of times at Heidi's house, whether it was just us girls getting together or even taking pictures at prom ( well banquet - LAB didn't have proms now did they LOL). Her joy and brightness sparkled in her eyes. My fondest memory was how amazing she was during the going away party when Heidi was moving - I am sure it was going to be hard for her - but as always, Bev supported her children in whatever they wanted to accomplish and do!
Posted by Jenny Loomis on 27th May 2015
I got to meet Mrs. Osborne only one time. She was such a lovely woman, full of energy, smiles and filled with love for her family. I'm so sorry she has passed. My prayers go out to the family and my dear friend Heidi. May your memories of her live on through this website and in your hearts.

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