Let the memory of Beverly Williams Karibo be with us forever.
  • 28 years old
  • Born on August 11, 1990 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on July 5, 2019 in United Kingdom.
On Friday, July 5 2019, Beverly went to be with our Lord Jesus alongside her beautiful daughter Gabrielle. The Lord took these beautiful, bright shining lights home, and left a hole in the hearts of their loved ones. Beverly was born in London to the Williams - Hart family and for the 28 years that she lived on earth, she was a bright light to many and was deeply loved. 

Beverly's young life was lived in Port Harcourt with her parents and sisters and she moved on in 2008 to Covenant University where she graduated top in her class as a Mircobiologist. She was very hardworking and super dedicated to her work, family and friends. In April 2016, she married the love of her life Engr. Tammy Karibo in one of the most beautiful weddings ever. For the 3 years she was married before her demise, she lived a life dedicated to her family and shone bright because of the love she enjoyed. She was passionate about design and party decorations and ran a business; "The Party Villa" where she used her God-given talent in design to bring life to parties. 

We are grateful to God that she got to experience the joy of motherhood, even though for a short time, but we know that Beverly would have made an amazing mother to baby Gabrielle. Today, they are both resting in God's arms and even though we can never understand this, we rest in the fact that she lived a beautiful life that blessed many people. Her persistence and fighting strength will never be forgotten. 

Beverly leaves behind her husband Tammy, her parents, brother, sisters and a host of amazing friends who desperately need our prayers in this painful season. She was a perfect wife, daughter, sister and friend who gave her time and heart to everyone. She loved God with her whole heart and lived a life worthy of emulation. She will be sorely missed by everyone and the impact of her loss will be felt tremendously but we know that heaven has gained an angel. It still seems so surreal and it will be hard for everyone who loved her and most importantly her family, to come to terms with her sudden demise. We are constantly praying for God's comfort and peace in this season. Till we meet to part no more!

Goodnight IB….For the time we all shared with you, the memories created, we will forever be grateful.  

Rest Easy Dear One and continue watching over us!

Proverbs 10:7a; "The memory of the righteous is blessed..."

If you would like to share a picture, leave a comment, or share a story about this kind and amazing young woman, please do so on this site, which will remain here forever as her tribute. And then come back and visit from time to time as Beverly would love that. She will never ever be forgotten. Please feel free to use the hashtag #BeverlyKariboforever.

Love and Light.  

Posted by Dorcas Ibikunle on August 22, 2019
Beverly, I recall days in covenant university and how kind you were when I needed help with the course I was taking with the lower class your set and you were ever ready to help. Rest on dearest am sure you are in a safer and better place with your baby.
Posted by Ola Akinola on August 20, 2019
Praying that God comforts the entire family in this season. Rest in the bosom of God, Beverly and Gabrielle.
Posted by Adeyinka Adebayo-Sanni on August 15, 2019
Words cannot explain this painful loss, but God knows best. I pray the family receive the strength to carry on in your absence. It is well B! You will indeed be missed.
Posted by TEMILOLU OMOYANMOLA on August 15, 2019
Thank God for the good life you spent, it is not how long but how well, I read most of the comments here and I am that you were a Christian which is the most important. Continue to rest in the bosom of Abraham your father, till the end of time when we will all meet to part no more. May the Holy spirit continue to comfort your husband and the rest of the family. Amen
Posted by Judith Ezeonwu on August 15, 2019
Bee as I fondly call you. U have fought well a good fight. Rest on my dear friend. To God be the glory , u my dear friend are in a better place out of this wicked world. U now rest In the arms of your heavenly father where u truly belong.
Posted by Seun Omotehinwa on August 15, 2019
Hello Bev,

I love you and you are such an amazing soul, full of smiles, kind and humble. You will forever live in our heart.
Posted by Emily Asobie on August 14, 2019
Dear Beverly,you were such an amazing person.i admired your strength. You were so cheerful and calm.
I appreciate our time in CU and our little conversation we had in Abuja.
The news of your demise came as a shock.
You will surely be missed.
Continue to rest in the bossom of your creator .
Posted by Shalom Igwe on August 12, 2019
Posted by Sherry Love on August 12, 2019
Hi Bev,

I never got to tell you how much I admired you, from the days of Access high to Covenant and after you graduated. You were an inspiration, a beautiful and blessed soul. I hope you're resting In heavens bossom with your beautiful baby. On hearing about your sudden departure, I was in shock, but I know not to question God and what he allows. Even in death you continue to teach and inspire. I choose to celebrate the life you lived cause it was an inspiring and blessed one.
I pray for God's peace to all that mourn you. It is well.

Rest well and in Gods love. ♥️
Posted by Stephanie Odili on August 12, 2019
Bev darling
If only you could see how much we miss you. We wish you can come back to us; you and Gabrielle. Speak to Tammy and your family/friends however way you can. Please .
Posted by Maureen O on August 11, 2019
I don't know you,I've never had contact with you but tru a mutual friend of ours,I was touched. .You're a Ruby and virtuous woman.Rest in the Lord a rare gem..till we all meet to part no more.
Posted by Iwari Brown on August 10, 2019
It's taken me so long to find my words to write this. I've admired you for such a long time from your work ethic to the way you carried yourself to your relationship with God, your family& your friends... I told everyone that you were the best of us and truthfully you were. Very kind very nice always warm, always gracious and I never left a conversation with you empty.
You were amazing, you still are....
My dearest IB...God only knows how and why this happened... We have truly lost an angel, a part of us died when we lost you. I'm sure you're in Heaven singing Hallelujah to the Master.... You will never ever be forgotten....❤️
We forever will miss you,
Rest on Sweetie
Rest On!!!
Posted by Moyo Falade-Ruhle on August 9, 2019
I never got to meet you in person. However I saw the joy you brought to Tammy. There was this glow when he spoke about you and the way He lit up on anything that had to do with you was just amazing.

Tammy never joked about you. You were a rare find. You brought him so much happiness. I remember when he called to tell me He had found the one and was going to propose.

You made Tammy a very happy man. Beverley the joy showed how much an amazing person you were.

You left a legacy one not a lot of people ever get to live.

You and baby Gabrielle will be so missed. God know why He needed you more with Him but it is a painful one to come to terms with.

God comfort your husband, family and friends.

Taweh and Dunsin
Posted by Tammy Karibo on August 6, 2019
Boo, Our life together was one full of love, respect, joy and peace, the peace that passeth all understanding. You are
my pillar, my support, my prayer partner and my helpmeet. Your unshaken faith in God, the rugged zeal to serve Him
and your ability to always depend on the Holy Spirit strengthened me. You were the iron that sharpened me. Your life
brought peace to everyone you came in contact with.

You were in every sense a virtuous woman who brought
peace and joy to her home. And it is that peace I will carry about for the rest of my life, knowing that you are in the
bosom of the Lord, Our God. We were overjoyed when we found out that God had blessed us with an angel. We
named her Gabrielle. But God, in His ultimate plan, called you both home. I am broken, pained, confused and
disoriented. Sometimes I ask God why. It’s so difficult to understand His ways. But in all things I give thanks for this is His will concerning us in Christ Jesus. For though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

But I take solace in the many lives you
touched, your passion for God and the joy we shared as a family. For His strength and power is made perfect in our
weaknesses. Though God deemed it fit to take you away, you were a blessing to this generation. I will always love
you and miss you so much, my boo. Our baby Gabrielle, Oh how I awaited your arrival! Daddy loves you forever and
Goodbye my babies, till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Akudo Eteng on August 4, 2019
Your hubby and I were friends first when I contacted @thepartyvilla for a job. I got to meet you later and we all became family friends. Then you would leave your Account officer and worry me for any bank issue *smiles* which I try my best to resolve. I remember how we call each other's spouse 'boo/beau' . It was funny because when we are all together and anyone hears 'boo', we will all respond. I was truly looking forward to the birth of Gabrielle,especially when I heard it was a girl, I was even making arrangements for my gift for the baby before leaving the country. Oh,how I will tease your hubby - Tammy about the baby. It's indeed a tough pill to swallow. Within the short time my family and yours became friends,I could tell that you and your hubby could pull through anything together because you looked up to Jesus. Like we know,He knows best. We find solace in the fact that you took Him as Lord and Saviour. To my friend Tammy, I have nothing to say other than 'God is your Rock, like I've been saying to you. I know the Holy Spirit will keep on comforting you. Rest on Bev and Gabrielle, Rest on.
Posted by Nduenso Ntimin on August 4, 2019
My darling Ib,
Words cannot express this deep pain ushered by your sudden death. I've not been able to process this whole thing, but it is well. We spoke at length days after your surprise baby shower by your sisters and you told me how you and Tammy are planning to move to Australia when I told you about Esther and then you said you were travelling to lodon to give birth and we prayed together and I told you I was going call back but never deed. News flash 'beverly is sick and needs prayers' we started praying, next thing, 'beverly is dead. I mean how???? I've not been able to figure it out till date. I have so many memories of your life while you were here; the most humble, friendly, calm, accommodating and caring soul have ever met. It is so painful that you didn't even get to enjoy your marriage to the fullest. Well, it is often said that 'good people don't last long enough but their good deed does' I will never forget your good life in a hurry. But, Beverly who's going to ask me if I've eaten when ever we're in a party at your house of your father's? who's going to keep requesting for recharge card that I've already sent? Who's going to keep asking and reminding me of Tammy's clothes whenever there's an order? Who's going to reminding that I'm suppose to be married by now? Who's going to ask if I have a girl friend? Who's going to say 'Nduenso you've started growing white beard, hope you know'? Beverly who.......???
Well, it's so painful to believe that you're gone to be with the Lord, but, who are mine to question God's time. Yes, you may be gone but, your memory lives on..... You're such a beautiful soul........ Rest on my dear Beverly williams-hart karibo till we meet again in eternity.

Nduenso Ntimin
Posted by Boma Daminaboclaudson on August 4, 2019
I am so touched, felt so bad when I heard about your passing away, never had the opportunity to meet you but so much of nice things were said about you , this really had attest the fact that, you were really a nice person, that will forever be missed. I feel so so bad when ever I see your husband's post , I just wonder how life will be with him with your spice and presence but with the pure love you shared with him , will forever strengthen him and give him the fortitude to carry on while you watch over him until the day you will meet again, where you will path no more. I believe that your legacy and principles as you exhibited it shall ever be carried on, by everyone you had made an indelible mark on . Continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty God.
Posted by Leah Aragbada on August 3, 2019
There are a few good people and Beverley is definitely one. Your death is still a shock to me and its really sad knowing i'll never see you or hear your voice again.
Our last conversation was about the best time for you and baby gabrielle to return after delivery but its so sad knowing that it's never going to happen.
We had a long conversation that day and i promised to call back but i never did. If i knew that was the last time i would hear your voice i definitely wouldn't have ended that call.
You have a very beautiful heart and your kind is rare. I keep imagining how you laugh out loud and say ooh! Mama you are too funny.
May your gentle soul and that of our baby continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty God.
Posted by Fummy Falope on August 3, 2019
My beautiful IB.... my friend, my G, such a super star ... you were such an angel on earth... my solace is in the fact that you are resting in the bosom of the lord,
sincerely words fail me to express how I feel but I am glad I got a chance to show you how much I loved you, love you and always will . You lived a life worthy of emulation.. you were so pure and kindhearted... your smile brightens every room, truly a friend indeed .. indeed you left your footprints on the sands of time .. Rest on Bev of the universe like I fondly call you ...
Posted by Stephanie Odili on August 2, 2019
Dear Bev,
I wrote an article inspired by you. You are so wonderful and greatly missed. https://link.medium.com/FfcKkY0TPY
Posted by Habeeba Uanikhehi on August 2, 2019
Bervvvvv like I always call you
You’ll forever live on in my heart
To say I’m deeply hurt is an understatement
You were an angel on earth
But I know God knows best and I’m comforted by the fact that I know you’re in a better place
Love you sister
Posted by Lucia Ejoh on July 31, 2019
Hi Bev,
Memories of you will be etched in my heart. We weren't best of friends and distance did drive us apart, but I always thought I will see you again someday, and boy was I wrong! I still ask myself why, why you had to go but I know God has a plan and I will try not to question things. You were the sweetest, kindest, most adorable! I remember your smile and how you would listen with so much interest. I wish I got a chance to see you again here on earth but I know you are in a better place. You will be missed sorely! Have a blast up there until we meet again. Rest in peace sweet girl. Love you.
Posted by Victor Akinmade on July 31, 2019
Am still shocked about your death. All I can still see now is your beautiful smile when we meet at Exterran office till 2017. God knows best, we can't question God. You we forver be remembered continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by Araloyin Oluwaseun on July 31, 2019
Even if i have only met you once and we have never spoken before, It is always a thing of joy when i here you on the line with my mentor ( Engr karibo) because i always envy the kind of love and Joy between you both. You brought life into his life and when he his on the phone with u, I see dimension of him that i rarely see in the office . u Will forever be missed in our heart, we love u ma.
Posted by Aswei Tayo on July 30, 2019
Can never forget the smiles and laughter on your wedding day. I told myself that i wouldn't miss your wedding for anything, as your hubby would not forgive me. It was beautiful. Love, laughter and peace filled the atmosphere. Im glad i will remember you with those smiles, laughter and old skool dance steps with your dad... Imagining Baby Gabrielle(such a beauty for one to behold)... Sleep on pretty Angels. I know you are watching over my brother... Sleep on...
Posted by Chinyere Ugorji on July 30, 2019
Very painful for this sudden death but thank God in everything. Iz not gonna be easy but time will Heal you all. Good night dearies till we all meet again.
Posted by Godknows Chindah on July 30, 2019
Am still shocked about your death.we can't question God he said in all things we should give him thanks you we forver be remembered.rest on wify
Posted by Uche Abah on July 30, 2019
Sleep well
Posted by Anastasia Ogochukwu on July 29, 2019
Beloved Beverly, I thank God I was privileged to make your hair while in school. You were such an Angel in human form. So nice and always smiling. I was looking forward to planning an event with you but God knows best. I miss you so much and I pray that God Almighty will continue to grant yoi eternal rest. Amen.
Posted by Isioma Kayla on July 29, 2019
One of the sweetest souls I've had the opportunity to meet in this life. Beverly was always smiling and friendly at a glance. Whenever i'm singing in church and my eyes meets hers, she would always give me a smile... May God bless you and baby Gabby and may your sweet souls rest easy in the Lord. Forever in our hearts till we meet on the Resurrection morning. Smile and dance with the Angels.
Posted by AdaOma Anayochukwu on July 29, 2019
Rest in peace Angel . I knew you as the sweetest of persons from Access High Schools, Calabar. You remained a remarkable person. You’ll be sorely missed. May God comfort your family in this dark period.
Posted by Bola Adesina on July 29, 2019
I heard of your death via your IG page. I do not know you however the praise of your hushand of you really captured me and tell the kind of person you are. It was really sad to see you go. We know you are in a better place. God bless and continue to rest in peace with your beautiful daughter.
God will give your family the fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by Ukeme Mbaba on July 28, 2019
In High school back in 2001, Seeing Beverly for the first time, she had a very gentle and friendly heart. I rememeber she always told me Marian Loan was also from New York because I always boasted about my life in the New York City lol which was adorable of her. I missed those days. No matter how proud or boastful I had seemed to be,Beverly was always friendly and kind to me. She knew how hard it was for me to be seperated from my parents in New York to be in High school all alone with no parent to go home to during holidays. . She admired my confidence and outlook in things, she always smiled.After I left back to New York. I rememebr to contact beverly, I never forgot about her. I contacted her on facebook and she acknowledged me right away. I remember telling her I will send her some perfumes from New York although I didnt keep to that promise which hurts me now. Years forward when Instagram became a thing I instantly saw that she was engaged to be married. She wad looking more beautiful and matured in her photos I couldnt believe it. She has grown to be a wife. I noticed she made her instagram private and I hadnt gotten the chance to follow her. When i sent her a request, she hadnt responded. I did message her about 4 months ago from now  and she messaged me back but she never accepted my Instagram request. I felt a lil bad but I didnt think she was going through something serious. I was told by a friend that Bev is no longer on earth and that she was due to have a baby as well. I screamed and I was in tears. I couldnt believe it. I wish I was by her bed side to help to save her life but now she is no longer with us. It hurts. It truely hurts my heart. Beverly may your soul rest in peace. Rest well in heaven's blossom. You will never be forgoten
Posted by Georgina Idam on July 28, 2019
I remember the first time I met Beverly very vividly. It was 100l resumption and they were assigning rooms to us in chapel. I saw Beverly on the line. She was pretty, tall. She was someone I liked instantly. You know when you see someone for the first time and you like them for no reason, yea that’s how I liked Beverly. I was hoping we would eventually be friends and lucky for me her room was next to mine. When we got to the hostel I introduced myself and from that day we were friends. I remember when she fell during a basketball game, she broke her leg but Beverly was so strong, omg she always smiled, I don’t think I could be half as strong as she was during that time. She was always in my room around that period because Ada my roommate was coursemates with her and she was helping her out with getting to class. Different people would come to say hi and sign her cast. This was because she was such a sweet girl. We didn’t remain friends after 100l because she had to go home for a while because of her leg, but when she came back she came strong and better, I would see her once in a while and say hi. I may not have been extremely close to her but I always tried to say hi from time to time on social media. When she was getting married I was so happy for her and I knew she was so happy and it seemed like Tammy really loved her. It’s just sad that she gone. I will always remember her.
Posted by Kele-Nzeh Princess on July 28, 2019
I knew you in Uni but we never spoke. Fate brought us together in 2016 shortly before your wedding and you were very sweet.
We spoke from time to time and every time we did, I was happier.
Thank you Bev for been a friend. You will be sorely missed
Posted by Eucharia Okoro on July 28, 2019
Jeesus! It's not true!!
 These were my exclamations when the news of your departure to heaven came to me. Ber Ber darling as I fondly call you in our covenant university days, where you usually fold my ears because we always sit in front of the class together saying you enjoy doing that just for fun and am always happy to sit beside you. You are too kind to a fault to the extent that you dashed me one of your bags after our graduation ceremony just to always remember you, and before the ugly news came to me I was telling my husband the previous day that my very nice class mate gave me the bag not knowing you were saying bye bye through those words of mine. Oh how I was pained in my heart to hear that you also left with your newly born baby girl. Many memories of you came to me but they are not going to bring you back but more tears and pain in my heart, Till we meet again.
You are highly missed, Keep resting easy on the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ dear One.
Posted by Alice Anthony Ogunya on July 28, 2019
Dear Beverly, I stumbled on your page on IG back in 2016 i guess cause of how seeet and beautiful your wedding was. I also saw you at the bank same year December when i attended my best friends sisters wedding in port harcourt, God you looked so beautiful in person than your pictures and classy and damn tall!! But was too shy to walk to you and say i know you from IG I mean you probably would have not taken me serious, I just admired you from afar... I kept on stalking you from there cause you had so much positive vibe from your posts... I also remember the song you used when you posted your proposal/engagement video on IG “dreams are dreams” you inspired me in so many ways that i kept on checking your page from time to time but didn’t follow... Fast forward to a post i saw on your page about you being sick... i was so emotional as to what would make such a beautiful soul so sick like this cause your caption sounded like your illness was very serious. I just said a prayer for you in my heart and hoped you get better soon. Fast forward to 2019 when i went to your page to check on my beautiful crush, your page was now on private and i immediately requested to follow you... not until recently when i came across your passing on someone’s story on my TL i was so shocked and i immediately went to check your page to see if you had accepted my request, but you didn’t i felt so bad i never followed you right from the moment i found you on IG. Funny enough you were a sister to my best friends friend, and one day I went visiting her she told me about her friend sister passing and i said I knew you from IG cause of how sweet your wedding was and how i planned on using some of your wedding ideas for mine. It’s funny how a stranger can mean so much to you and that’s the absolute truth!! I feel like I know you and if i had the chance and opportunity to be friends with you in real life, I would loved that chance. May the good lord continue to give your husband Tammy and family the strength to bear this terrible loss...Rest on sweet soul.
Posted by Julius Afolalu on July 28, 2019
Bev, typing this I still can’t believe this. The past days have changed my narrative about everything. When I saw your sisters update I almost ran crazy. The good lord will keep all of us and your family. Sleep well my dear friend.
Posted by Dumebi Onochie on July 28, 2019
I will miss you very much IB. I loved you so much from afar. Am still not over the fact your no one. I still cry when i come across ur pic. When i heard you had left us i broke down that morning but God knows why. May ur perfect soul rest in peace
Posted by Tolu Michaels on July 27, 2019
Bev, you are so sweet and I remember you with very fond memories. I remember those night devotions in 100L; you never missed it, whether we were 3 or 13, Beverly was there! If anyone upset you, we would all get angry on your behalf because you had a smile and kind word for everybody. You hardly frowned. Oh and your warm hugs Bev! Even when you broke your leg, you would smile and tease us for stressing about you. Your calm demeanor was so precious, it was as if you deliberately chose to maintain the wonder in your heart like a child. You were never too busy for anyone and very quick to help. You loved well.. You fought well.. You lived well. I love you Bev!
Posted by Ezinne Okereke on July 27, 2019
I didn't meet you in CU, though I passed through. I stumbled on your page on IG, I followed your wedding and everything, it was such a beautiful ceremony. 2017 my elder sister was getting married, I reached out to you to help me out with props for her bridal shower, called your number you later sent me a message that you were ill and have bee
in the hospital that your husband Tammy would reach out to me and he did. Unfortunately you guys are based in PH, and I was in Lagos. I remember responding to your message and saying a prayer for you. You were such a sweet soul. I remember screaming when I saw a post of your passing. I couldn't believe such a sweet soul is no more. You lived a very short life but you touched alot of people in some many ways. I really wish we met, I had and still have some many things I would have told you and above all give you a hug. I still look at photos of you and shudder asking God why, but then we can't question the Almighty. I still go back to look at video of you dancing during your traditional wedding. Rest well my darling till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Sandra Toyobo on July 27, 2019
We can't question God, I feel so much pain. It's so hard to believe that you are no longer with us. I hold on to the memories we shared together back in School(2008).i believe your are in a better place smiling at us.love you forever Bev.
#Beverlykaribo forever
Posted by Chika Nwachukwu on July 27, 2019
Beverly....bev bev as I fondly called you in our days in CU. You were always cheerful and playful and super nice. The night I heard of your death I was so cold and could not sleep. It was surreal! Why you? Why the good people? But I cannot question God or understand why it is you and at this young age. All I have said to my self is that you are definitely in a good place and smiling down at us. Till we meet again. You are loved! I will never forget you Bev. God bless your soul and grant you eternal peace. Amen
Posted by Jael Yoroms on July 27, 2019
I was just about rounding up secondary school in 2016, when I stumbled on your beautiful wedding picturesss. I followed you and basically stalked you! You were so graceful! Fast forward to 2018 I felt I should unfollow people that weren’t following me back and I unfollowed you. I’m soooo painned I wish I never did! When I stumbled on your picture on someone’s insta story, I screamed and kept shouting ‘I know her’ everyone around me thought I actually knew you personally. I just wonder if I, that you didn’t know is in so much pain to hear of your passing I wonder how Tammy, your sisters and mum and Dad are feeling. Bev I actually always said you and Tammy’s marriage inspired me to want to get married to someone that actually loves me! You guys were sooooo in love and that was beautiful! I don’t know you but I’m actually sooo painned writing this I can’t even explain it. I’m so sorry Bev! The world lost an angel this time! We didn’t deserve you one bit! We miss you so much Bev! No more party villa updates! It hurts! It really does! I pray God gives us the fortitude to bear this lost! The summary of this is ‘You were too perfect for earth’ you were just too perfect!! I love youuu and someday we will meet to part no more! And I’ll finally give you a big hug and tell you now much you inspired me and you’ll accept my request and maybe follow me back!! Thank you for inspiring me!
Love you Bev ❤️
Posted by Tope Chikkychoc on July 27, 2019
I remember when I heard you passed ... I screamed my lungs out. You were the last person I thought this would happen to. I’m so sorry I never reached out in the past few days/months before you passed. God knew you were on my mind all through. You were such a light in this world. You were too soft spoken , you were too good. You were almost as perfect darling IB.
We would never understand why you had to leave but I’ll hold on to God. There’s no day that pass and I’m still not scared you’ve actually gone to be with the Lord.
Adieu my darling IB, I miss you.
We know you’re being an amazing mama up there and watching over us.

Till we meet to part no more ❤️
Posted by Uloma Nwanganga on July 27, 2019
Bev with the good heart....It feels so unreal.We met when we went to write Access High School entrance exam in Ph,and that was the beginning of a friendship that lasted through distance and physical absence.Bev had a good heart....quote me anywhere.I pray your family finds the strength to bear this loss.We love you Bev...God Loves you more.Fly on beautiful Angel.
Posted by Bomcee Abel-tariah on July 27, 2019
Beverly was such a sweet soul...I admired her from a distance it hurts me so much that i was not close to her and she’s gone..May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace...May Give her family and friends the fortitude to bear this loss..this is a great shock to us
Posted by Funmilola Ajagunna on July 27, 2019
Beverly was such a beautiful soul. I visibly remember you are one of the few that called me “Funmi” “troublemaker” you were such a sweet beautiful soul. Your smile, laughter, calmness, dedication to God, intelligence. You were everything beautiful and beyond. Can’t believe we said our final goodbyes on 25/07/2019. See you in Heaven. Enjoy to enjoy a holy life with whom you lovest most, Jesus Christ.
Sleep well Bev
Posted by Yinka Coker-Madu on July 25, 2019
Beverly! I remember her tall, elegant, graceful self. She was certainly one of the best dressed in her class which I always admired. Got to know her while I was running my masters programme, and she, in her final year at the time.
I can't even wrap my head around this but I know God knows best and He's indeed got all your loved ones in the hollow of His palm. We love you Bev, but the angels couldn't wait to have u over. Rest on, beautiful one.
Posted by Olaniyi Adetutu on July 24, 2019
came across your page on IG ...and i was captured by the aura you exudes even on pictures ...i just knew you were a good soul ...so i followed you...was always checking your page ...i love your style ...your creative designs ...you were good ...i got a few inspiration from you when it was time for me to get married...
Just imagine my shock when i found out on twitter that you had gone to be with the Lord ...Bev i really prayed it wasn't you ...that it was a mistake ...i felt the loss as if i had made acquaintance...
I am still looking for answers and why it had to be you
Rest in peace Bev

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