Let the memory of Bhavna be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on April 7, 1961 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Passed away on May 12, 2001 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bhavna Visharia, 40, born on April 7, 1961 and passed away on May 12, 2001. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Hardik Mehta on 7th April 2018
Bhavna Aunty....Symbol of love, care, and affection for me. I still remember my childhood days with rushabh and how Aunty used to treat me with same affection as rushabh. She was always full of life and providing some value of life always. On this special day, Aunty I would wish you a very happy birthday and do keep showering your blessings on us.
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 7th April 2018
Happy bday mom!!!
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 7th April 2017
Happy birthday mummy!!! Miss you...
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 6th April 2016
Happy birthday Mummy!!
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 7th April 2015
Happy Birthday Mummy !!
Posted by Deepa Shag on 14th May 2014
"उड़ते वही हैँ, जिनके सपनोँ मेँ जान होती है..... पंखो से कुछ नहीँ होता, हौँसलो मेँ उड़ान होती है.., “हम मरने के बाद स्वर्ग जाएँ यह महत्वपूर्ण नहीं,.,,, पर मरने के पहले स्वर्ग बना जाएँ यह महत्वपूर्ण है…!!!” Dear, Bhavana Mami, You have made your heaven here only . Your lived in many of ours memories . Many of us had witnessed your magnetic personality ur kind n humble nature . You will always been missed Mami!
Posted by Kashmira Gala on 13th May 2014
From childhood Bhavna and myself had spent most of our vacations together, she was much more than a cousin to me, a special friend who understood what was going on in my mind without me even expressing it verbally. Always having a twinkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile, she didn’t spare her dad too with her pranks and he too just loved it! She was caring towards everyone, soft spoken, always concerned about her dear ones, I think she was the ideal daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, mother, aunt, friend…played each role to perfection…responsible, extremely thoughtful & loving. I still remember fondly our trip to Madras (now Chennai), just the two of us, to our masi’s house and the fun times we had during the journey or going to watch matinee shows, our walks at chowpatty, doing all sorts of silly n girly stuff. Even when she was suffering from cancer, she never complained and fought till the end like a true spirited leader. She wanted to give the best to her son Rushabh and ensured he was an all-rounder. I can write endlessly about her but the fact is, anyone who had the opportunity to meet her even once would always have love, regards and respect for her, such was the charisma of Bhavna! Her thoughts almost always bring a smile on my face…love you Bhavna for now and forever!
Posted by Varun Agrawal on 13th May 2014
Bhavna Aunt:- The moment i think about Bhavna Aunt the first thing that comes in to my mind is her beautiful smiling face.A loving mother, a person who loved her son and cared for him so much. I still remember whenever i used to have conversation with her, i can gauge the love and affection she had for Rushabh.A jolly and a young person by heart, she would always encourage us to participate and enjoy all the festivals that we celeberated. She was an inspiration to all of us and as i write about her i can actually relate the kind of profound love she had for Rushabh.I would also like to add Like Mother - Like Son, Rushabh (A proud son) is also an inspiration to all of us and i believe its Uncle and Aunt's blessings and her Sanskars that has made Rushabh such a great, motivational and inspirational personality.We would always miss you Aunt and we all are so proud of Rushabh. - Varun Agrawal
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 13th May 2014
I have many childhood memories with Bhavna. We used to wait for our vacations when we ewnt to stay at mama's house. we used to really chill out.we always used to fight on one thing that is her habit of thumb sucking. I used to tell her u will suck your thumb in front of your children ? She used to laugh and tell Yes. I always remember her as a loving and doting mother who inspite of her illness never gave up. Her memories will always linger in my heart forever. ARUNA
Posted by Payal Shah on 12th May 2014
She is my living angel. I still cannot accept the fact without anger and pain that she's physically gone. She was not only my masi, but my best friend, my mother, my teacher and my guiding light... she meant the world to me... I don't know where or what I would be today without her. She is the best person that I have known till date, a very strong human being, overflowing with love, full of life and wonder, so beautiful, always eager to learn... she was the best example of living like a flower, who only spread joy and fragrance everywhere she went.. Her words echo in my mind now and always and I still try to live the way she taught me to... her amazing smile made everything right for me... She gave me confidence which I needed so very badly... words will never do justice to how I feel for her... She created an irreplaceable void in my life... I miss her so much and so badly... I feel immensely blessed to have spent time with her, to have had her love and affection and to have known her.... She is my strength... Miss you too much masi....
Posted by Charmi Chheda on 12th May 2014
Bhavna aunty...I wish me and Nirav could get a chance to meet you
Posted by Vishakha Nagda on 12th May 2014
Whenever I met bhavna mami I found her to be very soft spoken, kind hearted, beautiful and courageous women with lots of will power..! Vishakha
Posted by Sheela Pasad on 12th May 2014
Reading everyones tribute, I wish I was lucky enough to meet such an amazing person..
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
I also have missed the chance to be around you. I would like all of to share the memorial with all as many ppl you can ..Thank you all.. DIMPLE
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
You touched our hearts with your warmth and love you were the symbol of courage and strength that inspires all of us.. We cherish your memories left behind … May your soul rest in peace.. MAYUR
Posted by Karishma Ninnu on 12th May 2014
I miss the chance to be around her
Posted by Urmila Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna, Jo bhavnao se bhara ho Hirday jiska sanvedna ka ghar ho Man se saf aur tan se sunder ho HARISH Aur RUSHABH ki CHAHAT Aj aapko pyar bhara pranam Aapki urmila
Posted by Sagar Shah on 12th May 2014
Maa Dukh me sukh ka eshaas hai, Har pal mere aas paas hai, Ghar ki aatma hai, Saakshaat parmaatma hai, Maa jeevan me prakash hai, Niraasha me aas hai, Maa, sabse jyaad khas haii, Hearty thanks to ur mom for given me such a special , lovely , a good human being n a wonderful person as a friend.I just wish ur mother rest in peace.. Aunty I want to say u dat I can make ur son smile, cry, dance, bur cannot give him the love , the care, d adoreness like u..ur d d angel no one can take ur place in d world but I promise u aunty I will always be there for your lovely son as a best friend forever forever forever... will take care. Wid lots of love SAGAR
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
તમને ઝગમગતો દીપ કહીએ કે સૂરજ નો નિખાર, તમને મધમધતું ફૂલ કહીએ કે વસંત ની વિહાર, તમને માનવતા ની મસીહા કહીએ કે દુખિયો નો આધાર, તમને ઈશ્વર ના ફરિશ્તા કહીએ કે કુદરત નો ઉપહાર, કેટલી આપીએ ઉપમાઓ કે શબ્દ ઓછા પડે છે, સૌની ભાવના સમજી શકે......એવી અમારી "ભાવના" નાગડા અને હરિયા પરિવાર તરફથી…. The most loving person with caring nature for all.The most dynamic person who has inspired us all in variou walks of life..On todays most memorable day..we miss all the precious moments spent with you.. We all love you mami NAGDA & HARIA FAMILY
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna mami was very soft spoken, caring , sharing and guide to me. Infact a mother figure fr me. As I hd spend plenty of times with her I found she was helpful to needy persons in way of free education/medical/food etc. She was very beautiful lady. Its hard to find A soul as pure as morning dew, so selfless, so divine so full of life, your heart so caring, warm as ever, you were a freind philosopher and a true guiding spirit to me.....your courage still inspiring us all long after you were set free of this undeserving world ......may your soul rest in peace....... AKSHAY
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
I was in my 4th Grade when i first saw her.. I call her the Angel Aunty.. She looked so prtety... I still remember her beauty spot and her flawless skin.. Just like her looks she was beautiful at heart too.. very kind and sweet..We miss you Angel Aunty.. I know she is always with us in spirit.. -SONAM PATEL
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna, Wat should i tell about her how muchevr I say would be less..We were like sisters.. I remember our first trip to matheran with her I had enjoyed a lot.. She was the one to encourage me to wear punjabi suits. She was very caring. She was the first woman in our times to keep an exhibition of sarees and she's had gifted me the best saree which I have still preserved and would always be there. -DAYA FAI
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
I have many memories of her but would like to share few which i cannot forget in my life. When i was small my first overnight trip without my mom was to Baroda at her place..She was loving and very caring. I remember she had gifted me a toy fridge from there and i dint feel like coming back home from there. She was full of energy and wanted to live life to the fullest. When I came in my teens she was my inspiration.. She was very beautiful and I always used to admire her clothes and jewellery. I remember our overnight trips a dahisar during ganpati.. we all use to have lots of fun. we used to wait for Rakshabandhan..And last not the least i still remember her green chutney and jowar rotla for breakfast.. I love u mami and you will always be in my love. -BOSKY
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna kaki.... First thing dat comes to my mind is her cute sweet smile... An ever smiling face.... Shes been an inspiration for all of us.... For her patience, d courage d strength she had ........ "When life gives u a hundred reasons to cry... Show life dt u have a thousand reasons to smile...." This is exactly wat she followed thruout her life. You will alwys remain in our hearts n bring a smile on our face bhavna kaki...... Love u loads... DISHA VISHARIA
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Favorite of Bai, Papa and her siblings was Bhavana. People at Tarabaug adored her. Used to suck her thumb in the class and was one of the best students... In school Prinicpal would call Bai and complain about me but always had good things to say about Bhavana. I would be very jiddhi and take stuff but Bhavana and Bina would always let go for the others. She was everyone's fav even during festival time as she would always participate in Ganesh chaturti and Navratri and used to enjoy dancing and dressing up for the occasion. A star in making in sports as she loved playing all the sports in Tarabaug and was amazing in Carrom which she ultimately became a champion. A lot of adjustments she made even after getting married and she did it all with a smile on her face... Even in her cancer period she only wanted to give others and learnt Reiki so she could be of help to someone. A fighter to the end and gave the bravest fight to such a painful disease with a smile on the face. She manage to give the best childhood to Rushabh and we can see Bhavana in Rushabh. God needs people like her and hence may be they called her early. She was the best. My Bhavana. I miss her. - FROM NANALAL
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Have known Bhavna since her college days.. Have learnt many lessons of life from a brave hearted woman like her ..Her smiling face is in front of my eyes as I write this..I thank god for giving me such wonderful friend. Bhavna ,Binita, Mayuri & me we were the best friends from teen age. We all loved vadapav, Rasraj food & Tarabaug Panipuri.. She was the most independent & brave friend of mine..Love you - HARSHA
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
I have been given the toughest task of writing few lines about Bhavna Masi.. To describe such a loving personality in few words is almost impossible.. She was one person who signified strength, perseverance and compassion towards life.. She was such a good soul and so strong that even God could not break her down with the dreaded illness as she fought it till the end with a loving smile on her face .. I remember how she would support my mother and us in our difficult times in every way she could.. I have loving memories of you Bhavna Masi and I will always cherish them .. As I am writing this I have tears in my eyes and it brings back to life the wonderful memories.. I know Masi you are somewhere out there and like an angel taking care of all of us .. Will love u always and you are terribly missed .. SHWETA GANDHI
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Hearing someone saying anything about bhavna kaki gets a smile on my face because of her EVER-SMILING face which just flashes in front of me. I love her and also the amazing food that she prepared wenevr we used to go to borivali. Isalute her for fighting against her illness and pain and still keeping that smile on her face. She has been a wonderful person and i really thank her for giving me such a wonderful brother.. I will love you always and forever… RUTU
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna Masi was one of the most generous and helpful soul. Never ever must have said no to help anyone and its her nature that reflects in Rushabh.. She has fought like a warrior with her disease and always smile on her face..She was an inspiration then and still she is.. -AMISH
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
In a memory of Bhavna Bhabhi I feel so pleasure to write a few words on such a lady who had a very affectionate and pleasing personality. She was very caring and had a loving person. She was so strong that she took her illness so positively and fought bravely till the last breath. She knew the value of good and purposeful life and she wanted to live fully whatever years she had. She started visiting cancer patients and spreading awareness and giving them mental and moral support and also prepared them to accept the fate happily. - HASMUKH VISHARIA
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
She was my best friend since childhood and did schooling together. She was very innocent by heart.. She was very helpful and was ready to sacrifice anything for everyone.. - BINITA MEHTA
Posted by Rushabh Visharia on 12th May 2014
Bhavna: The name says it all. A caring mother, a loving aunt and a compassionate human being. One of my oldest memories of being with her is when she used to come to stay at our place during vacations. I was quite young back then, around 7-8 years I guess. It was quite a forgetful and uncanny coincidence me and bhavna fui had – We were both bald at the same time! Somehow we had a great connection, with her being the youngest of the siblings and I being the only son of her only brother. So during the days of our baldness, she had this habit of making me a girl! Yes a girl! She so enjoyed the stint that almost every day of that vacation, she applied make up on my face with the darkest of lipsticks available and made me wear her wig. A wig which was bigger than my entire face. I don’t remember my reactions to this assault back then, but today after almost 2 decades when I recollect those days, I can only afford to smile. But I am sure it must have been a lot of fun. And the mother of all coincidences is that today after almost 20 years, I have again turned bald, not by choice but by age! Would have been fun if she was still here. I am sure she would have loved to make me and the now naturally bald Amish, wear that wig. We kids were quite young when she left us and Rushabh the youngest. I can’t even imagine what he went through at that time, but for once, I know that I wasn’t ready when she breathed her last with her hand in mine. But life is like that isn’t it? People come, perform their duties and go back. We all play our roles in the script written by God himself - ‘Destiny’! - BITTU

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