Shared by Jyoti Khetal on April 27, 2021
Babliji has set an example for all of us how to lead our lives,a person who would always have a smile on his face and a pillar of strength for so many people, we come across people who help their relatives, there are very few souls who go beyond their capacity to help everyone without having any blood relation encouragement to pray harder and believe in the divine power, ardaas karwa lo woh zaroor sunega....bhaut kuch seekh na baaki tha aapse, hope you are in better place, Om shanti 

My Darling....

Shared by Tanoo Saahel on April 27, 2021
You haven't been just a pillar to papa or mummy but to all your three nephew and nieces. Our Mango man, our SOS, our guide, mamu it's difficult still to accept that you are  gone. We will  love you always and wish God knew that we needed you more than him..... BEST MAMU, BEST SON, BEST BROTHER, BEST HUSBANDS, BEST FATHER.... Will be missed immensely.......

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