Big Al was the glue that kept the How Boys together—and he was the team captain for everyone else in his life, too.
  • 82 years old
  • Born on July 27, 1930 .
  • Passed away on August 30, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Alfred Kirkland, 82, born on July 27, 1930 and passed away on August 30, 2012. We will remember him forever.

The email invitations for the memorial service were sent the evening of September 5. If you would like to attend, but did not receive the email, check your junk-mail box before contacting me via the link with my name (Kelly Kirkland) on this page on the right side.

Posted by Jack Frost on 30th August 2018
I miss Al and his always thoughtful, encouraging and informative e-mails. My love and thanks to his family for keeping his memory alive. Tau Kappa Phi.
Posted by Janis Denison on 4th August 2018
Al & Jeanne were so supportive for me when I lost my last husband in Palm Desert when they lived here. I so appreciated their friendship and was sorry that Jeanne left the area. I also had an attachment to Stanford in my younger days. Love to the family.
Posted by ROBERT Fennessy on 3rd August 2018
Posted by Richard Munn on 2nd August 2018
I first knew Al when we both played football at Stanford. Unfortunately, I only played for two years because of a bad knee injury. so I never got to play with Al. I had the good fortune of maintaining my contact with Al after we graduated, both for business and football. I was always impressed with the effort he had to make to contact all of the old players, even me, for reunions'. Needless to say, I was shocked and saddened when I learned of the passing of such a classy guy. Rather belatedly, may I offer my condolences on the family's loss.
Posted by Linda Baughman on 2nd August 2018
I can't believe it's been 6 years - I can still hear his voice in my head and remember the twinkle in his eye when he shared a story. Truly forever missed.
Posted by Elsie Floriani on 30th August 2017
I love this idea of an on-site memorial. Al was truly one of the "good old guys," always with a gentle smile, open arms, and a helping hand. Miss you, Elsie
Posted by Don Armstrong on 30th August 2016
When the Good Ol' Boys gather for our annual lunch, Al is always there in spirit . .
Posted by Keith Wollenberg on 27th July 2016
Thinking of Big Al, and of Jeannie on his birthday.
Posted by Debra Dodson on 30th September 2015
Jeanne....I can't believe how the years have flown by, and I still think of you and Al. I get a good joke, recipe or e-mail to forward, and always think of Al and how I would like to forward it on to him. Never a July 27th passes that I don't think of him. I will remember always our good times in Cabo San Lucas. Please reach out to me, I have misplaced you phone number and would love to stay in touch. Love you!
Posted by Meg Tierney on 31st August 2015
Al always brightened my day at our office. I would see him on the computer just blasting real estate away. He had such a gentle smile and a story to share. Our office will never be the same without him. Think about you all the time. Jeanne…. we miss you.
Posted by John Thomas on 27th July 2015
Great example.Smooth. Constant smile. Great adapter. Fellow rugby player. He went from second row to fullback similar to football safety. Started at USC and Stanford. Extremely rare. Great friend. Will always be missed! Bwana
Posted by Matt Messinger on 15th October 2014
Al was my sophomore year advisor after I transferred to Stanford in 1995. Just today he came to mind and I googled him to get the latest. Please accept my very belated condolences. I have very fond memories of Al. He was always available to see us and always made time for us. Throughout my three years at Stanford Al would drop by and have lunch with us on almost a weekly basis. It was always great to chat with him and we shared a lot of laughs. And Al always gave great advice. Jeanne and Al were the only non-family guests at my graduation dinner. Jeanne and my grandmother really hit it off! Al was a wonderful guy. I will always remember him fondly. Kind regards, Matt
Posted by Kathy Wright on 30th August 2013
I asked Al to be an academic advisor to freshmen engineers, and he served for many years, sharing his wisdom and warm affection to appreciative students. And, it was a happy day for me when Al would show up for great conversation, punctuated by humor and laughs. He believed in heaven and I know he resides there now.
Posted by Jeff Jahnke on 29th July 2013
What a great guy! The world is missing a wonderful human being! Hope to see you again AL! My prayers and best wishes go out to all the Kirkland's and family! Best to you Kelly Miss you!
Posted by Bob Herd on 27th July 2013
Dear Jeanne, please know that the few years that you, Al, and I worked together at C & C are still remembered with great fondness for you both. I had so much fun swapping war stories with Al; and then getting a second chance to enjoy you both as friends again in Tucson was a true gift from God himself. Eileen and I think of you both often, and always with a smile.
Posted by Bob Buckley on 27th July 2013
i had the pleasure of playing for usc when big al was playing for stanford--we met on the austrailian rugby trip as teamates--and enjoyed kidding each other about the games we played--after our rugby trip i saw al a few times a year--until we got the internet--then we started to share stories and continued our kidding depending who won the sc-stanford game-i always enjoyed seeing big al-
Posted by John O'Connor on 27th July 2013
Take care Jeanne
Posted by Dick Gould on 27th July 2013
Thought of Big Al at Margaret Taylor's Memorial last weekend . . . BOTH greatly missed!
Posted by John C. Steinberg on 9th December 2012
Dear Jeanne and Al's family, I am so sorry for your loss. Al was a special guy and a terrific leader. I was a team mate at Stanford. I live in New York and don't get to the farm very often. So I especially appreciate Al's reaching out to us. Twenty years after I played, he found original art work from a Stanford Daily article and sent it to me. My wife loves it. Cheers to BIG AL!!
Posted by Marcy Moyer on 22nd October 2012
Jeanne, I am so sorry for your loss, and the loss to your family as well as the the rest of us who knew and loved Al. Unfortunately I was away the week-end of the memorial up here but my thoughts then and now are with you.
Posted by Chris Dyer on 12th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and family, Al was a very special gentleman who appreciated our family, kept us connected, and still loved us even if we didn't reply to his emails! Your visits to Mom and Dad meant so much to us, and we are so happy you and Al were able to share Alison's Wedding Day with us. Al will forever be in our hearts and prayers. We love you! Chris & Jim
Posted by Kevin White on 12th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and Family: I was greatly saddened to hear of Al's passing; he was truly one of the Great Ones! I'll always remember driving around Atherton in Big Blue drinking champagne with Big Al at the wheel. I will offer my daily Mass for Al. Be at peace knowing he is waiting for us in Heaven
Posted by Len Kaprielian on 10th September 2012
Dear Kirkland family - Leonard and I are in shock over learning that Al has passed. He was a very special person in too many ways to mention in this space. We enjoyed his visits during Len's first recovery and missed his wit and humor with the second fall and recovery, but, always enjoyed his emails keeping us informed about Stanford news and those wonderful email jokes and pictures.
Posted by Bruce Van Alstyne on 10th September 2012
I will miss seeing Al's smiling face at the Stanford football games and our visits at the pre-game events. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeanne, and your family.
Posted by Wilson Randick on 8th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and family, were soooo sorry to here about "Big Al's " passing. You all were a big part of our lifes with my mother and us and Al will be missed.... Wilson & Laurie Randick
Posted by Elaine Rossi on 8th September 2012
Dear Kelly, Condolences on the loss of your father and a true force of nature. When you and I lived 4 houses apart, I ate a lot of Al's cooking, and as a softball coach, he celebrated my few decent games with true enthusiasm. He and Jeanne danced at our wedding- we'll miss him. My parents send their sorrow as well. Love to the whole family.
Posted by Pat Englert on 7th September 2012
My heart, prayers and thoughts are with you, Jeanne. I have just returned from a trip to Canada and was not only disappointed that I had missed your telephone call, but shocked to learn of Al's passing. I will miss his e-mails and messages. Please know that he, as well as you, are in my prayers. Love and hugs, Pat
Posted by Joe Jacob on 7th September 2012
Dear Jeanne, Ruth and I are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Al's passing. We have always thought of Al as the true spirit of Stanford. He was the man who held us all together. The "How Boys" the Zete brothers and your multitude of friends. There will never be another like him. A true gentleman. We'll miss him deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Sally Baumgartner on 7th September 2012
Al was the "Chief of the Stanford Indians" and we will miss him and his communications and dedication. May he rest in peace. Sally and Henry Baumgartner
Posted by Margaret & Bob Maier/Whit... on 7th September 2012
Dear Kirkland Family, RC and I send our sincere condolences. I was surprised by Al's age - he seemed much younger! I know how hard it is to lose a parent. We wish you strength at this time and hope that the pain you feel now will be replaced in time by happy memories. All our love, MMM and RCW
Posted by Bonnie Day on 6th September 2012
Dear Jeanne, Kelly and Jim, I was so sad to hear of Al's passing. Kelly and I became best buddies at the age of six and I always thought she had a great Dad! From sleepovers at the Ladera house to RV adventures in the mountains, I have many wonderful childhood memories, courtesy of the Kirklands.
Posted by Dave Barca on 6th September 2012
It's the little's easiest and best asparagus recipe; heavy pours, especially Tequila; our New Orleans, Palm Desert and Menlo Park dinners...just being with the two of you and enjoying real friendship, love and faith. Miss you Big Al. Love to you Jeanne and family. Elyse and David
Posted by Ed Johannessen on 6th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and Family: I'm from the Wow Boy era ten years before Big Al and the How Boys. Al and I met at one of the early Legend meetings and became friends and email buddies. I was shocked and saddened to learn of his passing as we had talked by email only a few days earlier. The bells toll for all of us with his passing. I send my condolences and best wishes at this time of sorrow.
Posted by Marty Trieb on 6th September 2012
Perhaps we can have a gathering during the class of '53 reunion next year in Big Al's honor. He did such a great job in keeping us informed on the situation of so many of our friends. Jack Lauderbaugh
Posted by William Rogers on 6th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and family What a shock! I thought that Big Al was going to be around forever. He was the Glue for the "How Boys" I hope that without him we can still hold together. What a great asset he has been to Stanford and all of us. And now how are we all going to stay up on all of our teammates?
Posted by Hank Samosa on 6th September 2012
My sincere condolences to the Kirkland family. Al and I recently reconnected in May of this year after 64 years (High school at PCC). We exchanged e-mails and got caught up in these recent months about our school escapades. I was surprised to learn that he started USC while I went into the service and followed he and mutual friends at Stanford and the Rose Bowl. We'll all miss Big Al.
Posted by Hal Steuber on 6th September 2012
Jeanne Al loved football and rugby. He was a big supporter of both. We didn't get to know each other until later in life. Out of the blue, he would send advice how to improve Stanford Rugby. They were always good ideas. He was inspirational to all of us. We will miss him greatly. Hal Steuber
Posted by Ted Tanner on 6th September 2012
Al was a loyal teammate and a special friend. He was a primary source for keeping so many of our memories alive. We will miss him terribly. Ted
Posted by Andria Sievers on 6th September 2012
Kelly I am very sorry to hear the news about your Dad. Reading all of the tributes paint a beautiful picture of how loved he was by family and friends. He really did take advantage of all life has to offer. This really serves as an inspiration. My condolences to you and your family.
Posted by Mary Ann Worrell on 5th September 2012
Dear Jeanne, I am so sorry about Al's passing and pray that our Lord will bring you comfort. You spend so much time in the chapel with the Lord and I'm sure he will be reaching out to touch your heart. He will help you recall all the beautiful memories of Al and the time will come when those memories will bring you joy. May God bless you now.
Posted by Jack Frost on 5th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and Family---My posterior met the bad end of a paddle wielded by a hulking, black-caped creature at the Zete House in "52. In recent years I have come to know the real Big Al Kirkland and have loved him like a true brother. I feel very fortunate that he was part of my life.
Posted by Cliff Linda Lussier on 5th September 2012
Dear cousin Jeanne and family, So very sorry to learn about Big Al, our family connector and all around great fellow. Our deepest sympathy to all of you. Wouldn't be surprised to know that he was in the front row of the Julia Child cooking school on high! Our prayers are with you. Linda and Cliff (Buddy)
Posted by Kristi Arnold on 5th September 2012
Dear Aunt Jeanne...Steve and I are praying that God will give you peace at this tough time...We are here to help you in any way that we can as you and Uncle Al have always been there for us...we will dearly miss him but we know God has a special place for someone that has led such a kind and giving life...I bet he's in God's kitchen cooking those great potatoes!!! We love you...
Posted by Carolyn Crosby Collins on 5th September 2012
Dearest Jeannie, Al was the sweetest guy who has always kept me thinking and laughing through his daily e-mails. I will miss him so much. He made the best Manhattens ever! Love to you always, Carolyn
Posted by Leanne Lundquist on 5th September 2012
Dearest great aunt Jeanne, you are in my prayers! Al was an amazing and wonderful man, he will be missed! My heart is with you during this difficult time. Love and hugs.
Posted by Steve Player on 5th September 2012
I was saddened to learn of Al's me he will always be a symbol of what is best about Stanford and Stanford athletics. His enthusiasm for and commitment to his teammates on the "How Boys" and to the present athletes at Stanford will not be equaled. I treasure our friendship and the wonderful memories we shared..
Posted by Al Robertson on 5th September 2012
Dear Jeanne and Family Our condolences to all. Al was a good friend and will be missed by so many of us...thanks Al for your spirit and dedication. Tau Kappa Phi.
Posted by John O'Connor on 5th September 2012
Jeanne, lots of Great memories. The Big RV and our flight to Death Valley. Love you.
Posted by Monica St Geme on 5th September 2012
Jeanne and children -- No one can take his place for you or for us, the friends he so cheerfully nurtured & encouraged through the years. His touch crosses generations of Stanford football, as my sons and grandson passed the sad news to me. As he would say, there is now quite a party in heaven & they're all wearing red&white. love and prayers, Monica St.Geme
Posted by Lynn Sachs on 5th September 2012
A perpetual smile is not what you expect to find on a football field.Yet when 'Big Al' was there, that's exactly what you got.I think that he wore down his rivals with his contagious smile.I will miss that smile and his timely postings on email.The smile was present even there. I will miss my smiling teammate. Respectfully, Hal Sachs, '47 Pasadena Bullpup & Basketball manager.

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