This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bilton "Bill" Lloyd Bramble. 

His life was celebrated in a home-going service on Tuesday, 27th July, 2021 and is available at the links below:

You can shed tears that he is gone. Or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back.
Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him.
Or you can be full of the love that you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday.
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him and only that he is gone.
Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
By: David Harkins
Posted by Joycelyn Stanley on July 28, 2021
Love to Auntie Gwen and the family. I very much appreciate the times I spent at yours, where Uncle Bill took the time and effort to help me with my maths and general techniques about learning. This laid the foundation to what I’ve been able to achieve years later. It will never be forgotten.
Posted by Yvonne Daley on July 27, 2021
I had the privilege of working under the leadership of Mr. Bramble during the early 1980's, specifically when he was Manager at the Montserrat Water Authority.
He was a great role model and a father figure to me. I always had the deepest respect for him.
He was always interested in my well-being and was very proud of me when I was successful in my studies.
Mr. Bramble was such a down-to-earth, humble soul. No one was ever beneath his notice. He always went out of his way to make everyone feel special and accepted.
He lived a full life and his time of rest has now come. May he rest in eternal peace.
On behalf of my mom and brothers Dudley and Algie, I extend deepest sympathies to Mrs. Bramble and his children Anthea, Veralyn and Lloyda whom we have grown to love and admire over the years.
May God grant you the strength and comfort you need during this difficult time.
Posted by Zelma White on July 27, 2021
Uncle Bill was so friendly and caring. I loved him and was proud of him. May his soul rest in Eternal peace. 
Posted by Thelma Gage on July 27, 2021
Mr B, as I affectionately called him, was a jolly individual - always smiling and full of life. He was like a father-figure to me. My connection to this family spans 40+ years - firstly through my classmate Veralyn and consequently Anthea and Lloyda. Mr B called me 'my darling Alo' or 'my daughter'. I felt truly part of this family. When they went away on summer vacations, they left me to run their bookstore in Chapel Street, Montserrat.

As a couple they loved travelling together, here in the UK and abroad. When they took a coach tour that stopped in Milton Keynes, they would come to my home and we would have a meal together. I also visited their home in Slough and enjoyed the warm fellowship.

Mr B is now resting, awaiting the Resurrection. Mrs B, your partner is no longer with you in the flesh, but I'm sure there'll be occasions when certain situations will trigger happy memories. Just know that God will carry you through. To Anthea, Veralyn and Lloyda, I share your grief on your dad's passing. This may affect each of you differently. Just know that God's arms of comfort are available to you.

On behalf on my sisters Thelma and Valory, I would like to extend our condolences to you all. You're in our thoughts and prayers for God's strength to see you through the days ahead.

Sincerely Alicia Gage
Posted by Brenda Thomas on July 25, 2021
Uncle Bill, Mr B., Mr. Bramble - he had many affectionate names. He meant a lot to me and my brother, Keith. In fact, he was a father figure in our lives. He cheered us on in our studies and our professions and always enquired about our families. No lesson was too small. For example, he taught me to turn the knives blade down in the dish drainer to eliminate the risk of getting cut - a lesson I remember and practice to this day. He was a wonderful role model - a man of utmost integrity, who cared deeply about his family, his people and his homeland. He lived a full life and he gave it his all. I will miss his booming voice and infectious laugh but I will always be grateful that I experienced his love, his affection and his wise counsel. On behalf of my mom Vereen, my brother Keith, and our entire family, I extend our deep condolences to Mrs Bramble, Verri and Lloyda who were the apple of his eye. May God grant you comfort and peace at this difficult time. Know that his spirit will always be with you. May Mr. Bramble always Rest In Perfect Peace.

Brenda Thomas
Posted by John Ramkissoon on July 25, 2021
I meet Bilton Lloyd Bramble in March of 1988 he was respectful reliable honousable an helpful.I will always remember his kindness he alwats did his best.
You will forever be miss.I always remember our times at M.W.A
Soldiers on my brother Old soldiers never die they just fade
Posted by Candis Hix on July 25, 2021
The Bramble's home was my 2nd home. He would always treat me like one of his daughters.
Each time we spoke he would always encourage me to do my best and would remind me that he was proud of me.
Sis B, we love you and are praying for you. Lloyda my dear friend and sister - I love you.
Sweet be your rest Bro B
Posted by Jennifer Fenton on July 23, 2021
A teacher a much loved brother in the Lord a great encourager for the young men. A real asset to the church as an adult Sunday school teacher a great support to the seniors Coffee Connect every Tuesday.. and a David he openly shared times in his life when he stumbled and fell but always sought forgiveness and rose again. He wil be sorely missed RIP my dear brother
Posted by Fiona Jeffrey on July 23, 2021
You were an inspiration to me and my family, you always encouraged me to teach them about the Lord, the times when you participated in the men's services were always a blessing, we shall miss hearing your sweet voice in the church, so take your rest now, having run your final race, until we meet again.
Posted by Chris Dolphin on July 21, 2021
“The quality of a Father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family." — Reed Markham,

You have for so many years stood as the lighthouse for us all and have been a good inspiration. I will forever cherish our chats, your thoughts on life and the drives we would take together in St Kitts where we would stop every 5 minutes for you to say hello to ‘a good friend’ - you made St Kitts seem a lot larger. While those days will not return, I have the memories that will live on.

There isn't a day that will go by that I will not think of you and smile. As you would say before we hang up “Boy, you’ve made my day, God Bless”

Your son.
Posted by Andrea Henry on July 21, 2021
Your legacy lives on in those who walk in your footsteps... Blessed journey. Love you Uncle Bill forever & always.
Posted by Beverley Cornish on July 20, 2021
You lived as more than an UNCLE: a parent's brother

Unwavering kindness and support
Never advice without consideration and thought
Careful to mold and develop
Listen, and in love envelop
Each word spoken to strengthen and grow

Building up and preparing for the world
Incredible people, your nieces and nephews, unfurled
Life lessons you taught for our success
Lessons from which we will never digress

Thank you, Uncle Bill, for living as more than an UNCLE.

- Beverley Bramble-Cornish, niece
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Our lives go on without him
But nothing is the same
We have to hide our heartache
When someone speaks his name

Sad are the hearts that love him
Silent are the tears that fall
Living here without him
Is the hardest part of all

He did so many things for us
His heart was kind and true
And when we needed someone
We could always count on him

The special years will not return
When we are all together
But with the love in our hearts
He walks with us forever

Forever in my heart.

- Anthea, daughter
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Uncle Bill was our first father. He represented all that a daddy should be. He had presence. He was formidable without being frightening. Whenever he visited us he brought with him hope, joy and love. Years later he was thought of with loads of love and gratitude that he gave of himself totally, without reservation and won the hearts of the little Henrys.

Uncle Bill we love you and we miss you.

- Love always your niece and nephews Andy, Tony, Ricky & Geron.
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
The Bramble family were good friends with the Richardsons who lived at Fiennes Avenue. The familial bonds which were sparked by Bill's mum, Mrs Isaac, were further strengthened by the relationship between Bill and Arthur.

In the very early days, one of the pair's rituals was taking an early morning swim at Frigate Bay. Bill had earned a degree in Economics and Arthur, at the time, was pursuing an Advanced Level certification in Economics.
The morning routine served to be more than exercise, as enroute, they would exchange ideas about education in general, and at times, specifically in the field of Economics.

Arthur was able to successfully matriculate from the University of Frigate Bay, with the supplemental information provided by Lecturer Bramble. Arthur would later go on to become Dr. Arthur Richardson, Professor Emeritus.

Professor Richardson on reflecting on Bill's influence, is grateful for his encouragement towards academia.

The Richardson family extends sincere condolences to Gwen and the children on the loss of their patriarch. May God provide comfort during this time of mourning.

- Clyde Richardson and family, godson
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
As the day fades the memories bloom. The light that once shone in life has now brightened the skies. 

There are many memories that I have of you but there are some that shine through. Your teaching skills transcended beyond the classroom.
You were not an Agriculturist but you planted seeds of Kindness, Encouragement and Love that have sprouted and helped to shape my view of the world.

You taught kindness, not by using mere words but actions that today has given value to my life.

A course in Encouragement is a favourite. Never give up was the take away from that lesson. You will find the missing number. The assets will outweigh the liabilities.

You showed love where others failed to do it. It is your attention to detail and your great
communication skills that made the equation easy.

Although your teaching is done you can smile as you have helped me to gain some assets and I can now balance that balance sheet of life.

Rest in peace Uncle Bill

-Barbara Bramble, niece
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021



- Kenley Edmeade and family, cousin
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
To Cousin Gwen: Sincere condolences to you and your family in this time of sorrow. We will always cherish the fond memories of our dear cousin Bill. He was unique in every way, a faithful friend and brother who displayed his love for God and family.

Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with you.

- Lyris Edmeade Roy and Family, cousin
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
I reflect on the words of this quote that reads” The best measure of life well lived has less to do with the number of years we live or by our accomplishments but more to do with how others lives were lovingly touched by our presence”.( Author Unknown)

This quote depicts my impression of Godfather Bill who during the time he resided in St. Kitts did in fact touch so many lives including mine specifically in his role as my God father …. I recall his demeanor was very approachable and made it easy to hold discussions with him, ask questions and have a laugh as his jokes. Despite the distance created by his migration…. The memories of Godfather Bill resonate as I reflect on the time shared … May his soul rest in eternal Peace.

- Shirmel Harris – God daughter and My Mom Pearlina Harris (St. Kitts)
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
My dear departed brother was many things to the innumerable people who knew him. Many called him: Teacher, Cousin, Friend

To me, he was:
-Brilliant , a brain like a steel trap
-Reliable, I could always count on him
-Overprotective to the point of frustrating me
-Trustworthy in all things
-Honorable and honest to a fault
-Elegant, a dapper dresser... military or civilian
-Respectful of all, regardless of their estate

We all must go the way he's gone
Loved ones left to soldier on
But good, old soldiers never die
They simply fade away and we say, "Bye".

Goodbye my brother, Bilton Lloyd Bramble

- Catherine 'Ada Isaac' Henry, sister
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
A funeral booklet for the late Bilton Bramble would be incomplete without a tribute from good friend The Rev. Cannon Emerson Richardson. Our friendship dates back as far as the 1950’s when many Anguillians lived and worked in St. Kitts – some as teachers.
It was as a teacher, that Bill and I became great friends. We did not teach at the same school, but we worked and studied together.
One of the things, which must be said about Bill, is that he loved Anguillians and had many Anguillian friends. One of the things I will always remember about Bill - He has a high-ranking officer in the St. Kitts Defence force; and during the “Anguilla Revolution”, he was expected to shoot and kill Anguillians, but he refused and was prepared to step down as Commander-in-Chief of the SKB Defence Force rather than kill any Anguillan.

Fortunately, a peaceful settlement was made, and it was agreed that Anguilla would secede from St. Kitts & Nevis. The secession of Anguilla from St. Kitts & Nevis did not affect the friendly relationship between Bill & Emerson, “Richie” (as he called me). We enjoyed many wonderful years of friendship before Bill and his family went off to the U.K.

Affectionately known to me as "Uncle Bill", he possessed the characteristics of a kind, loving, and humorous individual who treated me like one of his own kids. He always maintained a calm composure and I can still hear his deep voice resonating in any room he occupied with laughter when he and my dad got together sharing the good times of the good old days. Memories of Uncle Bill will live on, gone but certainly not forgotten.
To his wife Gwen, and his daughters who are left to mourn his loss, we, along with and, on behalf of Bill’s Anguillian & Antiguan friends, extend sincere and heartfelt sympathy to all who are left to mourn and regret that due to circumstances beyond our control (Covid-19 etc.) we cannot be present at the funeral.
May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory and may God strengthen and keep his family and all of us who mourn his loss.

-Emerson & Simeon, Dawn, Nikeosea & Simone.
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Bilton Lloyd Bramble




May You Rest In Peace My Brother

- Melrose, sister
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Long before I met Bro. Bill Bramble, I knew him through his voice on the radio station ZIZ in St Kitts in the early 1960s. I eventually met him in person in February of 1983. One afternoon when he and Gwen was leaving his office at the evergreen area in Plymouth. It was love at first sight; immediately, we just clicked. 

It was I who ordained him to serve as elder of the Bethel SDA church in Montserrat. Br. Bill Bramble was one of my most trusted advisors that enabled me to carry out a successful ministry on the island of Montserrat.
When the Montserrat radio station came to record the Sabbath service for the purpose of broadcasting, I carefully handpicked Bro. Bill Bramble to be the preacher. God blessed him tremendously with the message, and he did the Seventh-Day Adventist Church great honor.

The volcano separated us, so that I was not close enough to know about his faith at the end. But I trust that he died in the faith of Jesus Christ. May God bless Gwen, Anthea, Veralyn and Lloyda.

- Pastor Roosevelt Daniels

Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Death always conjures within me, bittersweet emotions of grief and joy.
- Grief, the obvious one because of the finality of it. There is no seeing you soon or video calls or voice calls. That is it!
- Joy by virtue of knowing the lives that were led by our loved ones. The legacy they left for us and some of which resides in us, one is filled with joy and an immense amount of gratitude.

Uncle Bilton for me is a timeless masterpiece, crafted by God and was on display for 80 years. You may not have known it but you have taught me that family is important, more than that, it is number 1 (after God of course). You are never too big or too insignificant to give a helping hand. Live life to the fullest, but always go back to your Source and remember that you serve Almighty God.

In this tribute, I felt moved to use your name as I end it
B- Be a blessing to those around you
I – Invest in yourself and in people
L – Live, love and laugh
T- Thoughtfulness goes a long way
O – Optimism is key
N- Noble, natural and neighbourly

-Love always Fayola, niece
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
A truly beautiful human being!

My brother Bilton Lloyd Bramble!

What a life lived - a life of love for family! A life of love and service to his fellow man! Bilton was a Master of many things.
An educator and encourager, he was very dependable, reliable and a confidante. He was also fun loving! So much to say, so little time in which to say it.

It is said that "Memories are the legacy of Love." Forever etched in my memory are the times we spent together in Trinidad, St. Kitts and the UK. Our conversations spanning a myriad of topics on LIFE, The most memorable being those related to biblical and spiritual matters which will continually enrich my soul and spirit.

Needless to say, your gift of the book, Sermons From the Black Pulpit, is now an extremely cherished and prized possession of mine, along with that letter you wrote me which is dated August 13, 1984.
Rest in eternal peace my Dearest Brother Bill. Your legacy will live on!

- Love always, Gloria, sister
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
My Uncle Bill the original dollar dollar Bill is on my mind. 

I am grateful to my cousins for calling my siblings and myself last Wednesday to see him for the last time and to say our goodbyes. That regular Wednesday call was a great thing that you did, not only for you but for the entire Canada, USA, St. Kitts, England, and Trinidad? and Montserrat?... not sure but I know you reached out to all his family... So yes My Uncle Bill I am here again.... woke with you on my mind and an empty belly and so my thoughts drifted to my earliest memories of you...those Saturday nights when you would drop by with #FOOD... Oh how I loved those nights... Loved when you called out, "Where's my Andilito?" And then you would call out to each and every one of my siblings and cousins. I always remembered thinking that Anthea, Verie and Lloyda had the best dad ever...rr!

My dad had migrated to the US when I was 4 so tag...Uncle Bill You were #It... Also Uncle Bill I wonder if you ever realised that it's because of you why the Ninja and her mom are still on the land of the living... Do you remember the day I was christened???? That Saturday in August of 1970.... That fateful Saturday when the Christena went down??? Well Mommy was all set to take baby Ninja to Nevis for the August Monday celebrations... but you had just arrived from University in Jamaica and you said, Hell no... probably you didn't use the word hell, never heard a bad word come out your mouth...but you get my meaning.... You were adamant that no way was your lil niece... I believe I am your first born niece...well on your mother's side anyway.... You said no way was mommy taking your Andilito to no Nevis not when you had just come home and you said we were gonna have a christening party and that's just what we did.... During the party is when y'all got the news that the Christena had gone down....without the Ninja on board.

And I'm so glad too because look how lil Ninja wuda got to save she can't-swim-to-save-her-life mother Ada from a watery grave eh???!!! Likkle Ninja wuda got to get her Ninja onnn at an early age. And so You became my dad and Tony's dad... I don't quite know what you were to Ricky, Geron, Tamie and Owen because they were the littlest little ones... but to Tony and I You were #God... our Everything. 

Anyway I believe it was you who made me love food the way I do... I think it's you who make me look at food like how a bride looks at her bridegroom....licking lips and shyte.. You would always show up bearing gifts.... gifts of food from Uncle T's or Fisherman's Wharf or Euclid... Man I so remember the taste of the chicken and hotdogs and burgers and johnny cake.... I don't remember if you had drink...maybe that's why to this day I don't think about drink...just food... And you would sit and talk and laugh and play with us... Our very own #FatherChristmas who was related by blood. You made our father's absence bearable.

 And don't talk about those same Saturday nights when you would show up and say get y'all stuff...y'all coming to spend the night by me. Happiest nights... We would get to go by your house to sleep.. #sleepover and spend time with Verie and Lloyda... And then wake to the glorious scent of salftish in the mornings.... Boy Uncle Bill you were the magic man who could do no wrong....not for granny and certainly not for me. I have never heard a bad word uttered about you by NOBODY. And I mean NOBODY!!! Not 1. So yh General.... You will live on in all of us... I guarantee that. Here begins another day without you....without knowing that yes even though you were all the way in England, you were still a call away. I'm going to drink one for you in my government enforced 24 hr lockdown, My Uncle Bill... We in this lockdown together My Uncle Bill...but I'm good cause you'll keep me company all day and everyday!!! Here's to you My Uncle Bill!!!

- Love always Andy, niece
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
An Inspiration, a Humble Man, a Man of Wisdom these are just a few phrases which exemplifies our uncle Mr Bilton Bramble.

On reflection we wish to say a hearty thank you, for your persistence in providing a gateway for our family to not only visit Montserrat but for your encouragement in making Montserrat our home. The seeds planted have today blossomed into many fruits which I know you were proud of.
we can still hear your voice say;
• Early to Bed Early to Rise
• Early Bird catches the Worm

These will forever be our guide. 

One trait of uncle Bill we personally admired - as it’s not every day you hear a grown man say, “I Love You” This we vow to carry on by telling all our loved ones how much we love them. Uncle Bill we love you too and thank you. 

- Rodney family
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Tribute to Bill Bramble

Herein lie the remains of a man! Who is this man? How will he be remembered?

Bill Bramble adored and loved his family and friends and  placed them on a pinnacle above all else. He was a man of Integrity, Principle, Decency, Love, Honour and Respect. He treasured and held sacred the values of Loyalty, Commitment, Honesty and Friendship.

Bill was one of my very close childhood friends. We did many things together and shared wonderful and cherished memories.
Knowledge and Virtue-Bill had both. He was
Disciplined and provided high ranking service in the St Kitts Nevis Cadet Corps and the Army. He was
Smart, Faithful, Sincere, Trustworthy, Committed and Dependable.

May the soul of my dear Brother Rest In Peace with the Angels of Heaven and may the Heavenly Father give Strength to the Family and friends to endure the loss of a Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Colleague and a dear Friend.

Written by Dr. Wycliffe Baird
Posted by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
Jim Bass
In many respects, the relationship between Bill and myself is in great measure summarized by the fact that when he was alive and even now that he has left us, whenever I thought of him then and in these times of his decease, I tend to smile or laugh to myself. This happy response to the act of thinking about him reflects the essence of his personality. Bilton as I usually called him most times partially in jest (as he would call me J.B.) was one of the more unique
personalities that I, my deceased wife Inez, and our three children have been blessed to know as a friend.

Bill and I first met in 1958 when a team of Montserrat Secondary School (M.S.S.) students visited St. Kitts to compete against the St. Kitts Grammar School in cricket, athletics, table
tennis, and netball. Other male members of the MSS team were John Wilson, Anthony Maloney, and Oswald Cassell to name a few. The netball team included Millicent Inez Daniel (who subsequently became my wife), Vera Roach, and Clarestine Piper, who subsequently married Bill’s brother Sam whom she also met at that sports event. Given their roots in Montserrat, it was something of a novel experience to have met Bill and his brother Sam at that point in our lives. Many friendships were formed during those interschool sports tournaments which have lasted for a lifetime. So, Bill and I kept in touch for many years after by the occasional letter and through mutual friends.

My friendship with Bill, and by extension his loving and devoted wife Gwen, solidified during his attendance at U.W.I., Mona, Jamaica, beginning in 1969. At that time, he was now married and living very close to campus. At the
same time, I was a graduate student having transferred from a Canadian university to do research at U.W.I. My close friend and colleague Dr. George Irish was then lecturing in the Department of Spanish, not having left U.W.I. Mona since he and I had first graduated in 1965. Thus, began an amazing and enduring friendship that has literally lasted all our lives.

Much will be said during this service of thanksgiving about the various aspects of Bill’s life as an accounting professional, a trade union executive, business manager, educator, a family man, and a humanitarian. I will only note that the success Bill and Dr. George Irish achieved in the areas of trade union development in Montserrat, education, and business development, flowed
naturally from the unconditional trust and confidence that they had in each other.

As a former Permanent Secretary in the service of the Government of Montserrat, I had to interact with Bill when he managed the Development, Finance, and Marketing Corporation (DFMC) and subsequently the Montserrat Water Authority, both Government statutory corporations. His management style reflected his personality, and in many respects his Christian faith. He was always very professional, always fair and respectful to both co-workers and
customers, and spoke truth to power if and whenever necessary.

In most circumstances, his engaging sense of humour would surface at some point. As I end this tribute to my colleague, I must make this observation. In the course of my entire life, I have noted that small children seem to have an innate capacity to assess human personality. From very early childhood, our three children, Maxine, Derek, and Lisa, regarded their ‘uncle Bill’ as a very special person, a sentiment that has prevailed throughout their lives
into responsible adulthood. He and Gwen would normally visit on a Sunday afternoon. Our children never forgot his booming voice as he announced their presence, and the laughter and the friendly banter that would pervade their visits. In essence, Bill was a happy person, something which children and adults could easily respond to and be embraced by.

Last of all, Bill was a man of deep Christian faith, and would discuss at length whatever God expected us to do as believers, and what Christ had done for us. On behalf of my children, Maxine, Lisa, Derek and myself, I wish to convey sincere condolences to Bill’s wife Gwen, his children, grandchildren, all his extended family and his many friends. We are fully persuaded that he rests in peace.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Joycelyn Stanley on July 28, 2021
Love to Auntie Gwen and the family. I very much appreciate the times I spent at yours, where Uncle Bill took the time and effort to help me with my maths and general techniques about learning. This laid the foundation to what I’ve been able to achieve years later. It will never be forgotten.
Posted by Yvonne Daley on July 27, 2021
I had the privilege of working under the leadership of Mr. Bramble during the early 1980's, specifically when he was Manager at the Montserrat Water Authority.
He was a great role model and a father figure to me. I always had the deepest respect for him.
He was always interested in my well-being and was very proud of me when I was successful in my studies.
Mr. Bramble was such a down-to-earth, humble soul. No one was ever beneath his notice. He always went out of his way to make everyone feel special and accepted.
He lived a full life and his time of rest has now come. May he rest in eternal peace.
On behalf of my mom and brothers Dudley and Algie, I extend deepest sympathies to Mrs. Bramble and his children Anthea, Veralyn and Lloyda whom we have grown to love and admire over the years.
May God grant you the strength and comfort you need during this difficult time.
Posted by Zelma White on July 27, 2021
Uncle Bill was so friendly and caring. I loved him and was proud of him. May his soul rest in Eternal peace. 
his Life

Sunset Service - Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 12:30pm BST.

Dear Family and Friends,
Celebration of the life of Bilton Lloyd Bramble will take place on TUESDAY, 27th July, 2021 at 12:30 PM BST or 7:30 AM EST.
Given Covid-19 precautions, attendance at the church is invitation only.

The service will be livestreamed from 12:15 PM BST at the following links:

Live Streaming is available via mobile device, PC, laptop or tablet.

If you cannot view the Live Stream, a recording will be available to watch at your convenience on "eyeSam" YouTube Channel. 
Many thanks to everyone for your love, words of encouragement and support.
Family of Bilton Lloyd Bramble.

Interment Service on July 27, 2021, at 2:15pm BST.

An Interment Service will occur at: Slough Cemetery, Stoke Road, Slough, SL2 5AX.

This service will be livestreamed at:
Recent stories

Video of Bill and Gwen speaking about Montserrat and Slough

Shared by Veralyn Alleyne on July 24, 2021
Click on link above for an interview excerpt where Gwen & Bill Bramble talk about the Irish influences on Montserrat and why they were forced to leave the island when the Soufrière Hills volcano erupted. Although the change was forced upon them, they have accepted and embraced their new life in Slough.

Taken from: Afro-Irish Links - Interviews with people from Slough
We do not have the rights to this video.

Humble Beginnings

Shared by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
On November 3rd, 1940 on the beautiful Caribbean island of Montserrat, Bilton Lloyd Bramble slipped into the life of the late Mary Bramble Isaac (Sister) and George Joseph Thomas (Joe Muscle).

Granny often said that “Bill”, as he was affectionately called, was her child of no pain – her only child born with no labour or birthing pain.

Dad spent his earliest years in Montserrat. As a child, one of his favourite hymns was the “The Lord’s My Shepherd”, which my grandmother said that he would often sing while doing his chores around the home.

As often happened, my grandmother spent several years working in Aruba.

During the years Granny was away, Dad often worked with his Aunt Looky, farming produce, and too often missed out on his early schooling.

A few years later, Granny moved to St. Kitts where she married Leonard Isaac and set up roots.


Shared by Veralyn Alleyne on July 20, 2021
In 1972, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

He also self-educated. He constantly read… there were always books around his bed and he would often be in bed by 6pm with a book in his hand.

I remember him and Mom coming to visit us in Canada, and he walked out of customs with the heaviest carry-on bag in his hand.

I tried imagining what could be in the bag… coconut tarts, fried fish, black cake, mangoes… I soon learned that the bag was full of books – big heavy books that most people wouldn’t want to take outside of the home, never mind on an aircraft. To him it was important to have a stack with him – aircraft weight limit or not.