Posted by Erick Smith on June 11, 2021
Knowing that Bill is not gracing the Earth saddens my heart. I have always looked at Bill as the consummate Texas hippy. A mutant that cannot be replicated and in some magnificent way his personality could hold you captive, draw you in, and create a desire to be held within his sphere. My first introduction to Bill was in Rockdale at the Lawson’s home. He emitted that Lawson quirk, a shining personality of humor, sarcasm, and energy that shown of intelligence and independence. To me, Bill appeared as an older brother that you knew was up to fun and risky things. The guitar, nomadic persona, long hair, and laissez faire made quite an impression on my young mind. Things to this day I attempt to emulate. Amazing to think of the influence Bill has had on me.
As I write, I am listening to Rumbullion, which is in my iPhone and gets played regularly. It brings me joy to know that Bill can be conjured and in many ways these songs represent the twist that Bill took life on; or at least, this is my impression. I know to those closer to Bill, his loss is great. I just had the fortunate opportunity to get close to his orbit and that magnetism will be forever felt. See you on the other side!
Posted by Joel Woodward on June 10, 2021
Thanks for teaching us that we can grow up and keep our sense of adventure and our sense of wonder at the world. You inspired people and created joy with your compassion, creativity, and spirit of fun. You were a super cool person.
Posted by Tracie Ferguson on June 9, 2021
I was blessed to have met Bill over 40 years ago. We were in and out of each other's lives throughout those years, but our friendship only got stronger. He was the kindest, most upbeat guy I ever met. One time we took my ragged old car on a two week trip to Washington DC. While touring the Capitol, Bill grabbed my arm and we broke off from the group and freely roamed around the building that was blocked off to tourists. Bill was adventurous like that. Bill loved music more than anything else and I'll miss our late night guitar playing and his regular phone calls checking up on me. I feel sure he is in the heavenly choir now, finally finding the peace that he sought out while here on earth. I love you Billy.
Posted by Sandra Napier on June 9, 2021
Bill Bones,
I’m going to miss so many things about you. I’ll always remember the fun times we had growing up. Besides the occasional frog in the arm and nicknaming me Godzilla, you were my big brother who walked me to school. I’ll miss you here jamming with Wayne. There is a lot to miss. Most of all your gentle spirit and the encouragement you gave me all of my life. I’ll love you forever. I will see you again, Brother.❤️
Posted by Terri Hendrix on June 6, 2021
Bill ... man oh man. We played lots of shows together in the 90's. He was a really nice person. A truly wonderful human being. He's going to be missed. I'm thinking of his family and I know their hearts are broken. I wish them peace and comfort as they grieve. Best wishes, Terri Hendrix
Posted by Wynn Wallace on April 29, 2021
I will miss Bill greatly especially our many many jam sessions. He was a remarkable song writer especially of children's songs. He always had great patience and wanted any able bodied person to pick up an instrument and play. Rest in peace and godspeed Billy!
Posted by Greg Lawson on April 20, 2021
Happy birthday my brother.
Posted by Don Hofmann on April 16, 2021
From Becky Hofmann.   I’ve loved bill for more than 42 years since he first came to paint our house he was a member of our family my heart is broken. I broke my hip in January and bill was the first to send me a get well message always so thoughtful and caring I will miss him forever
Posted by Lynn Lawson on April 16, 2021
Dear Bill, thank you all of the stories you have shared with me over the years. I hope Heaven has lots of cats for you to play with and sing songs about. I know the other angels will love the music you will play for everyone. And thank you for telling me that I was your mom’s friend. That meant so much to me because I knew you meant everything you ever said. Your heart was true and I will always remember that about you. And I promise to always have a can of cranberry sauce at thanksgiving because I know that was important to you. Fly high, sing loud and please give your mom a hug for me. See you in the next life.
Posted by Wayne Napier on April 15, 2021
What a sweet and kind brother-in-law Bill always was to me. We always had a great time hanging out, especially when we played music together. I have such great love of his songs and respect of his songwriting skills. I'll always remember his music and miss our time together just having fun.
Posted by Don Hofmann on April 15, 2021
I first met Bill around 1980 when he applied for a job at Hofmann’s. He worked with me for a few years. Bill tried to teach me to play guitar, but I was too ham handed to learn very much. Several years later he gave Joel lessons & Joel had a natural talent & picked it up quickly. Bill & Joel made a lot of great music together. I always enjoyed Bill’s company & will miss him greatly. He was one of the good guys.

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