Bill Jon always and forever....your memory and legacy will live on in all those you have touched.  You are etched onto our hearts, we love soul mate of 18, an
Bill Jon
  • 47 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 17, 1967
  • Place of birth:
    New York, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 6, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Hicksville, New York, United States
Daddy's adventure here ends but a new one begins ~ Anabelle Jon (daddy's little girl)

This website was put together with the love of his daughters Laura-14 yrs old (she picked the song) & Anabelle-12 yrs old (she did the quote above) and wife, An (everything else).

Bill beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle, godfather, cousin and friends to many is gone too soon, we miss and love him always.  We are so grateful for the precious gift of the time, love, and laughter we shared.

Bill and An began their daughters' education fund when they were still babies. In lieu of flowers and baskets, please consider making a contribution which will be earmarked for their college fund.

Donations can be made via PayPal to the following email address: (Please make sure to select "sending money to family or friends") .  Any questions, please email An-Marie:

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 30th October 2017

"Hi hon,
How time flies, another month gone by and missing you. Dad is back home, thank you for watching over home and I know you gave him that extra push each day to get him threw his therapy sessions :) It is quite an adjustment and this experience has been a difficult one but only affirms the fact is to be thankful for each day and to make most of each day.
LJ continues to do well with her studies and enjoying her volleyball season.  She has joined a couple clubs at school.  Classes are getting tougher and Laura is adjusting to it well and has a good head on her shoulders. Laura will continue to do club volleyball, I am so proud of her and you would be amazed and proud too at how far she has come with skills in a short time in 2 years.  I wouldn't be able to keep up!
AJ is also doing well with school. I will finish up later... as always love you and miss you so much
xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 3rd October 2017

"September 2017
Hi hon,
The month of Sept. flew by, girls started school and they are so busy with school work.  Laura made her JV volleyball team for 2nd year in a row..Anabelle busy with dance.  Dad has been progressing each day and we pray for a 100% recovery and his spirits are good to keep up with the rigors of rehab therapy every day 6 days a week.
We love you and miss you all the time and I wish you were here to see the girls grow up and share in these precious years with them before they go off to college.  It's hard to phathom.  Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe.  you are our guardian you so much..xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 19th August 2017

"Hi hon,
Month of August has been tough for the family.  Dad suffered a stroke earlier this month.  I thank God that he is alive, he however has a long road of rehab. Please continue to watch over us and protect us and give us signs that it will be okay and that we will persevere and overcome.  No giving up right?!  
Please give us the strength and patience to take each day one at a time.  Sometimes the days go so fast and still so much to do.  I miss you, my pillar for support and your love.  I love you to the moon and back.  The girls are wrapping up their summer and will be starting school in a few weeks.  Laura has tryouts next week!  She is so good, please give her the strength and confidence next week.  Anabelle is soaking up the sun and enjoying being with her friends.  Speak to you soon.  Hugs and kisses...xoxoxoxo, mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th August 2017

"Hi hon,
checking in, sorry missed checking in July.  Girls are busy with camp and other activities for the summer.

Had a one day volleyball tournament last month and body took a beating.  Not as young as I used to be but survived.  We made it semi-finals, not bad considering it's been awhile since I have played this intense.  Wish you were there to root me on and give the you can do it speech!  Did some ziplining with the girls and maddy and nicky.  It was fun.

Dad is in the hospital but stable.  I know you were watching over him because it might have differently had not someone called an ambulance to get him the hospital right away.  Please watch over him and give him the you can do it speech!  

Miss you and love you so much hon.  You are always in my thoughts and hear your songs all the time.  Continue to watch over all of us and send us signs of your presence.  

Love you to the moon and back...xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 19th June 2017

Happy Father's Day hon...the girls and I miss love and miss you so much...spent the day with my dad and contacted all the their grandpas and their kai ye's and our dear friends who are father figures in the girls' lives.  They all share the love and responsibility you have as a father but you are irreplaceable and truly have a special fatherly bond and love that will never broken with the girls.  I miss having you here by my side to share and witness our girls progressing through life and how proud of them we are managing through each day. I miss having you by my side to share in the love of being parents and family.  I know you will always be here in spirit and to drop by with your signs of your presence which is comfort that you will always be there for us and to watch over us.
We love you hon, you are and always forever be #1 dad!  
xoxoxo, mama jon, laura and anabelle"

This tribute was added by Nicole Soohoo on 18th June 2017

"Happy Fathers Day Kai Ye, Love you so much
-SooHoo Family"

This tribute was added by 'Shawn Smith on 5th June 2017

"I literally just had a passing thought about Bill today...a time nearly 20 years ago back when I was still with ARC (probably in my first year).  It was the time Bill introduced me to May Wah in Chinatown.  I remember him being nearly giddy (by Bill standards anyway) about taking me there.  Needless to say, the man knew how to eat excellent food on the cheap.  I don't think I've been back there since the times he took me, but maybe it's time reminisce a bit.  Gone WAAAAYY too soon from this world."

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 27th May 2017

"Dearest hon,
Our 17th wedding anniversary and missing you dearly....sending you a big hug and kiss in the skies.  Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life.  It was a start of your new life together and soon our new family.  I am thankful for the life we lead together as partners and cherish all the wonderful memories we created.    You are and always be the love of my life.  

All of me loves all of you...xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 10th April 2017

"To my dear partner in crime...thinking of you always and hard to fathom that 3 years has passed when our world stopped and I lost my best friend, my husband and father to our kids in a quick moment.  As you always preached, make the most of your time.

Our time and life is so precious and so vulnerable that it is so easy to play it safe but that was not your always worked hard but you also played hard as that was always your competitive nature in you.  In that tough exterior was a loving, kind and gentle person who would do anything for his family and extended family of friends.  

Though 3 years has passed, I remember it like yesterday and the pain and sorrow of losing you and trying to keep strong for our girls.  Also remembering how weak I was after we laid you to rest and coming to the realization, you would no longer be here in body, only in mind and spirit.  

Life as we know it, would change keep us strong and the confidence to go on in this new life.... it is not easy but you left us in good hands.  we send you all our love always and forever

xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by Kam Wong on 21st March 2017

"Happy belated bud.  Been a bit distracted lately.  You’re still in our thoughts.  You seem to have impacted a lot of people, including Jessica.  Happy 50, and keep watch over everyone."

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 18th March 2017

"Good morning honey,
This tribute was meant to be written yesterday, sorry not an easy day yesterday to wake up and not be able to say happy birthday personally.

I wish you were here in person for us to celebrate your 50th birthday....not like we would have planned a surprise birthday party for you...wink, wink...
We visited you yesterday to sing and wish you a happy birthday and there were signs of your presence with a bird chirping at the top of his lungs  in the tree above you, (we know how you had the gift of gab..and I took that as a sign of you :) and the Long Island Rail road passing in the background as we know that was your form of commuting back and forth everyday to work for over almost 15 years.  
Everyday there is a constant reminder of you, as that is how intertwined you were in each of our lives.  You are dearly loved by many and in their thoughts often.  We kept our gathering low key this year as that is how you would have liked it.  It's funny how you were the biggest kid when it came to celebrating others birthdays or being the first to text that person to acknowledge their birthday or doing something out of the blue for that person but it went it came to yourself, you were low key and if we just went to dinner to celebrate that's all you needed.  always thinking of others and putting all those you love ahead of yourself.
We love you hon with ALL OUR HEART, know we don't stop thinking of you and all the memories of you in your short time here with us.  Know we will continue your legacy and all the foundations you have laid before us.  

lovingly An, Laura and Anabelle"

This tribute was added by Kristina Chu on 17th March 2017

"Happiest of Birthdays in Heaven Bill! The sun is shining bright for the first time in days!! It was also such a bright day last year on your birthday too. You truly are bringing warmth and sunshine to An Marie and the girls from heaven <3

We wish you were here to meet our sweet little Emma. Just 4 months old, and this little gem brings so much happiness to all of our lives.

We miss you dearly :)

Kristina, Ian and Emma"

This tribute was added by SooHoo Family on 17th March 2017

"Hello Bill,
Happy 50th! Wish you were here to celebrate together! Would had love to tell you how it is being in the 50's Club!
Today is a day to celebrate your life. How lucky we were to have you in our life.  Lots of memories.  Thanks Bully!"

This tribute was added by Anne Jones on 17th March 2017

"Happy "50" to you Bill!  
Jim, the boys, and I keep your memories alive and kickin'.  You are dearly missed by many and inspire the boys in many ways.  We can't help but smile when we share our fond memories with you, An, and the girls.  We love you all!  Now don't go kicking all the leprechauns up there. :P"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th March 2017

"Hi hon,
Catching up for the month, went skiing at our favorite place a couple weeks ago.  It was spring skiing, you would have loved it, knowing you, you would have skied in your shorts!  60 degrees, can't beat that.
Laura is progressing in her volleyball adventure, going to all day tournaments and even traveling out of state for these tournaments.  She is enjoying the experience and your little one is going to be playing in her fist volleyball tournament this Friday! Girls are doing well in school.
I am doing well and the usual running around.  Really miss you and wish you could be here.  I continue to see signs of you and know you were with us at the ski trip and volleyball tournaments.  
We love you and sorely miss you, all our love, hugs and kisses from your girls....xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th February 2017

"Hi hon,
It's Chinese New Year, year of the Rooster, for me and AJ.

i wish you were here, the girls are getting older and wish you could see how much they have grown.  Laura played in her first all day volleyball tournament.  It was a great experience for her and she did wonderful, she has truly progressed by leaps and bounds and plays a lot better than me, she has a wicked overhand serve!  Anabelle is on her first volleyball team where she will gain the skills and experience.  
Girls got through their first midterm exams in their new schools, and they are both doing well in school.  

Uncle Henry passed away a couple days ago, my aunt simeona's husband whom you met when we were in the Philippines.  Please look out for him in heaven and show him the ropes in the blue blue sky, which I know you will.  

I miss you each day no matter what I'm doing or where I am, always wondering if you were here, what you would be doing or what you were up to.  You were always full of surprises.  You are forever in my heart, I love you always.

mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 26th January 2017

"Hi hon,
Just checking in for the month...venturing in this new year.  Wish you were here, miss you like no tomorrow.

The holidays were busy as usual.  The girls are growing up lightning speed.  Anabelle and Laura progressing in their love for volleyball.  They are doing well in school, you would be proud. As for me, busy with work and trying to keep the balance with home life.  I love you and miss you terribly.  Continue to watch over us and guide us along the way.

xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 14th December 2016

"Hi hon,
It's that time of year where it hurts the most not having you here, the holidays where we spend with our loved ones.  Just to hear your voice, to crack a joke and put a smile on my face, to have a conversation with you, a hug , a taste of your off the top of your head recipes,the love you have for myself and the girls, making the most of our days, enjoying the great outdoors, etc...the simple things I miss most about you.  Love you to moon and back, xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 9th November 2016

"Hi hon,
It's November and fall is underway...we went hiking to see the fall foliage a few weeks ago at Mohonk.  I remember when you first took me there and it was beautiful and sunny like when we went there.  Laura finished her volleyball season and what a great experience for her and joining model un club.  Anabelle is also active in school, selected to be in the math olympiads club, art club and doing cheer(where she learned to an aerial!)  She is even a teacher now for kindergartners in baton.  

Me, still trying to jam so many things in a day like you used to.  Don't worry, trying to make sure keeping healthy.  Garage sale was a success and everyone did well.  The kids did a lemonade and pumpkin muffin stand and they did well, you would have been proud and probably have made a homemade stand and sign for them.  I truly thought of you all day that day and reminisced our other garage sales, how you used to hand do all the signs and take care of hanging them early in the morning.  So much I appreciate what you did and you made it all look so easy.  Thanksgiving is soon and before i know it christmas.

We miss you each day and never forget what you mean to us.  Love you to the moon and back....xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th October 2016

"Hi hon,
Another month gone by and not a day goes by that we do not think of you or remember a happy thought or funny anecdote of you.  You know we miss you so very much and remember like it was yesterday when we saw you for the last time.  Hon, no matter how much time goes by, you will never be forgotten.  You are my strength and my inspiration to keep going and be here for our girls.  Keep us in good spirits and watch over and guide as you have always.  We love you.  Hugs and kisses from us all, xoxoxo momma jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 16th September 2016

"Hi hon,
Hugs and kisses to you up above.  To this day, still hurts just as much that you are not here in person to see how lovely our daughters are growing up to be.  They are both transitioning into their new schools and embracing it.  Took their transitional pose in front of our stoop on the 1st day of school.  Anabelle doing cheerleading and Laura on her jv volleyball team and both learning and having fun!  We will continue to be both proud parents.  They are growing up so fast, I wish time would stop even for a split second.  Miss you and love you lots and lots and continue to shower us with your love! xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th August 2016

"Hi hon,
hugs and kisses first off...miss you to infinity.  The house is going through a transformation...finally getting our kitchen project done.  Wish you were here to see it.  The girls were in summer camp and enjoying the outdoors and taking advantage of the local beaches around.  Other than that, a quiet month and now a month to go before your girls start school and will be in new schools.  A big year for the girls.  I know you will be by their side to guide them.  Continue to shower us with your love and guidance and keeping a watchful eye on us.  As always, love you so much...miss you everyday.  xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th July 2016

"Hi hon,
Another month gone by, and another month without you.
Your physical presence may be absent but your spirit lives strong.  So many poignant moments happened in the month of June and I know you were there for every one of them.  Too many signs of you to count, enough to know that your spirit lives on.
Both your girls have graduated, we are proud parents.  They finished with high honors and recognized by their school and teachers and principal!  Laura on her way to high school and Anabelle off to Middle
School.  I did my first duatholon and realized when I got home from the race that we were the same age and I placed just like you did in your division for your gender.  As I said there are no more coincidences, just instances where you are guiding and supporting us.  There was couple times I cramped during the race but it hurt more to walk so I was determined to run/jog.  Somehow I felt you played a role in that to push and encourage me.  Your bike worked like a charm and I felt so proud to be able to represent you.  Your are always deep in my thoughts and I send you my love each and everyday.  xoxoxo, mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th June 2016

"Hi hon,
Another month gone by without your smiling face. So much to catch you up on..cousins Edgar and Edson and families were visiting and we had a wonderful time.  Had many adventures and lots of eating but don't worry watching what I eat and still continue to train and ramp up for the biatholon in two weeks!  Took your bike out for a spin for the first time outside this past weekend and it made me think how I can't believe I am actually doing my 1st biatholon, something you have been encouraging me to do with you in years past.  I really wish you were here so we could run and bike side by side.  I know you will be with me in spirit from beginning to end.  Laura's volleyball team one the championships and we are so proud of her!   Anabelle had her talent show and she was super!  Laura is getting ready for her 8th grade dance with a lot of help from her kai ye and kai ma :)  The girls are blossoming into young ladies and soon will be moving onto new schools as they graduate this year!  

So much is happening and keep wishing you were to witness it all with me.  Keep letting us know that you are around as it is a big comfort to know that you are still here with us.

We love you and miss you terribly as always....xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 30th May 2016

"Happy belated 16th wedding anniversary, hon...just a few days cousins from the philippines visited with their families and they miss you like we all do.

We had a bbq the night of our anniversary and we toasted you and I toasted you and thanked you for a most memorable and beautiful wedding...a day I will not soon forget as I officially became Mrs. Jon, and the start of the many happy moments we shared together as we began our life together as husband and wife.

You are my angel and i continue to look for guidance and as always you continue to surprise us with your signs.  You still and always be the love of my life.  I miss you terribly and wish you were here to share a toast with and and to reminisce you ...xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th May 2016

"Hi hon...
First off, love you and miss you as always!

I see your photos and visions of you in my head and it makes it still hard to believe we have not had you here with us for two years.  We went to see mom, dad and sis a week ago and it was wonderful trip and good bonding time with your family.  Your song so timely is played in a pizza restaurant towards the end of our trip and we knew instantly you were there with us too :)

We know you will always be with us no matter where we are.  The girls will be graduating soon and you would be so proud.  The gang is conditioning me for the biatholon, the same one you always did on father's day.  We love you so much and wish you were here each and everyday.  Love you always, xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by Ray Lem on 8th April 2016

"Hi Bill,
It's been a whiles since I visited, but you are always in my thoughts.  As you probably already know from An, I've been working on your bike :)
We stumbled across your sweaty cycling shorts and jersey in the garage (that was an awesome sign).  You did some amazing tinkering on your bike and I hope I lived up to your standards getting your bike fitted so An can use it on her first Biathlon....she's going to continue your legacy!
Your girls are growing up fast.  Annabelle still has your personality and energy and Laura continues to excel academically!  You gave them a good foundation and it always amazes everyone when we see them all grow."

This tribute was added by Chris Bumcrot on 6th April 2016

"We remember Bill, we think about Bill, we talk about Bill ... we even dream about Bill! He will live in us for as long as we ourselves are alive."

This tribute was added by don de jesus on 6th April 2016

"Thanks for the happy memories even in our dreams. It leaves a spark in our lives. We will hold the Fort until then.....Uncle Don and Aunt Jane"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th April 2016

"4/6/16  Hi honey...a day I dread to remember, the day our world changed forever for us all.  One moment you are here and the next you are not all in a split second.  Though it has been two years, it is not a so distant memory of the last time I saw you or what we did the day before the faithful is still crisp in my vision as if it were just last week.

We keep you in our hearts and thoughts every wakening night and day.  You are so missed and loved by all our friends and family that it still hurts so much to this day that we are not graced with your presence.  

You have definitely left your mark and imprint on all of us which we will not soon forget.  We see signs of you, as our friends and family do as well, which consoles and is somewhat healing to know that you are still with us, to guide us and let us know that you are okay and that we will be okay.

You would be so proud of the girls and how they are adjusting to this new way of life.  There will be no one ever like you, you are a diamond in the rough.  I miss and love you so much...xoxoxoxo always and forever, mama jon"

This tribute was added by Kam Wong on 18th March 2016

"Happy Birthday Bud.  Got together with many of your close friends at the cemetery last week all of us toasting you with Diet Coke w/lime.  Got there early.  It was good talking to you. Your girls are all doing fine.  As I said, you've left them in good hands.  Your legacy continues and people still talk about you as if you're still there, sharing the good times.  Thank you for inspiring all of us with your presence on earth.


This tribute was added by Jerry Tate on 18th March 2016

I think of you often and wish you were here.  I now realize another connection between us is that you're a Pisces like me (Mar 10th)!  I keep your memorial card in front of my computer where I see it daily, and I keep your memory near also.  You were a good man and a great husband and father--I see it in your family.  I'm glad I knew you.
Miss you.

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 17th March 2016

"Hi hon...a candle for your birthday, you're 49th one...visited you on the way home today and felt your presence as I spoke to you ...the warm sunlight bringing a glitter to your plaque and the strong breeze that touched my face.  I facetimed the girls so they could say happy birthday personally to you too :) We love you so much and wish you were here....xoxoxoxo, happy birthday my love...all my love..mama jon"

This tribute was added by Kristina Chu on 17th March 2016

"Hi Bill,

Wishing you a very happy birthday in heaven. Today was such a beautiful day as you shared your sunshine on An Marie and the girls from heaven. We all miss you.

Kristina and Ian"

This tribute was added by SooHoo Family on 17th March 2016

"Dearest Bully,
Happy Birthday in Heaven!
We see signs that you are watching over all of us.
Thank you Lil' Bro!
You will be so proud to know that An Marie is doing a great job raising your girls!
As you know already, we will always be there for her and JonGirls."

This tribute was added by ben brazal on 17th March 2016

"DEAREST ANAMARIE and your two angels,

I am talking to you because you still can feel my words and listen to my feeling: Keep going forward. The bright light of the future is yours.

I am glad I was there  with you the night and day you faced the reality you were left behind by Bill.

Just letting you know I am still here for you.

Uncle Ben"

This tribute was added by Moira O'Grady on 17th March 2016

"Dear Bill:

You wouldn't believe how often I think of you!  And today, especially -- St. Patty's Day AND your birthday.  (I hope they serve green Pringles and Twinkies in heaven!)

Continue to be a shining light for An-Marie, your beautiful daughters, and all your friends (of whom I count myself as one).  Although you were much younger than I, you taught me much, Mister Bill.


This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th March 2016

"Hi's nearly two years when you left us and I still can not believe the time and how quickly time has gone by.
No matter how much time has passed, it will always seem like yesterday that we lost you.  I miss you each passing day.  Continue to be the sunshine on my face and be the light for that glimmer of hope that everything will be okay.  You will always be the love of my life...xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 9th February 2016

"Hi hon,
How quickly time flies...a month into the new year already.  Happy Chinese New Year! Our girls are doing well in would be so proud.  Laura and Anabelle are both math wizes.taking after you, daddy.  We've had a blizzard with almost 30" of snow..within days the snow melted and you would have not known we had that much snow days before.  Busy training for the duatholon and thanks to ray, he helped me adjust your race bike so I can train and ride in the race with it.  I know you will be with me to inspire me and be tenacious to the finish line.  I think of you and wish you were here in person so we could have trained would give me good pointers and keep reminding me to pace myself so that I would not burn out.
Our friends and I continue to see signs of you and feel your presence.    We will toast you next month for your birthday and have a lime diet coke ready for you hon, catch up with you again in March.  xoxoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 2nd January 2016

"Hi hon,
Another year without you, and missing you ever so more.  A new year to look forward to with our girls.  Some important things upcoming for the girls..AJ graduating from Elementary and LJ graduating from MS.  Myself training for my 1st biatholon.  You are our inspiration in all we give us hope and strength to continue on in this new life and to overcome challenges and also to learn to always make most of what you have and learn to stop and to do what interests and identifies you.  

You continue to show us signs of your presence which is comforting. I continue to imagine what new and crazy things you would convince us to try and share with certainly kept life interesting and we loved your spontaneity..we love you so much and think of you each and every day as do your friends and family as we can not help to reminisce a story about you whenever we see each other.

xoxoxo...mama jon 1.2.16"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 9th December 2015

"Dear Daddy,
  I got into the spelling bee and made it to the second round, the sad thing is that I spelled kangaroo wrong and almost coffee. Laura turned 13 a few days ago. Mommy got me and Laura an Elf On The Shelf and we named her Hope. She sat on the shelf/brick wall 4 days ago and yesterday she was on the middle of the Mac computer in the dining room. it is almost Christmas!!! I am finally graduation elementary school but I am sad because I will be leaving all of the teachers I know to get like 10 new ones. But, I will be able to make (hopefully) many new friends. On Laura's B-day party, I went rock climbing for the fist time ever! It was so much fun!!! Me and Emma believe that all of the fortune cookies we opened are connected in some way. Also, the new star wars movie is coming out and we are gonna see it on opening day....Christmas! The movie theater is going to literally packed.

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th November 2015

"Hi hon..checking in for the always missing you each and everyday.  Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not far behind...School year moving along and you we be proud of the girls as they are doing well in school.  A couple weeks ago we visited the place upstate you would take us hiking...the foliage and waterfall was were in our thoughts as we reminisced when you had taken us in past years. We love you to the moon and back...xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 14th October 2015

"Hi hon...another month gone by..a year and a half later and you are ever more in our thoughts.  You continue to be an inspiration to the girls and I and all those you have touched.
I finally did it...I signed up to do a duatholon, something you have been encouraging me to do all these years.I know you;ll be with me every step of the way as I train...

we send our love and miss you to the moon and back...xoxoxo mama  jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th September 2015

"Hi hon....another month gone by, month 17 and I am missing you as much as the next day.  The summer was over in a blink of an eye.  The girls began school this past week and we took our traditional photos of the girls in front of the house on the first day of school.  This will be a milestone year for the girls as they graduate from their respective schools in June.I know you will be here in spirit to guide them through the would be so proud of them.  

I miss seeing your smile, your silliness that made me laugh, your plethora of knowledge and trivia,your energy that kept us active, and the love and kindness you showed to those around you.  Love you always and forever, mama jon"

This tribute was added by Ray Lem on 1st September 2015

"Hi Papa Jon!

I can't believe that the summer just flew by.  It's been a while since I visited but just want to let you know you are always in our thoughts.  I found another song that reminds me of you (the song from Fast and Furious 7), it's a pretty good fit for you.  It's funny how I ended up working at Brickwell Bikes.  It reminds me of you and how you liked working at REI.  It's a job we enjoyed no matter what the pay was or how long we are on our feet, it was something that we liked doing.  

Your girls are growing up too fast and always continue to amaze me.  Anabelle is still singing and dancing just like the way you remember.  She will always have your energy and smile.  Laura is growing up and continuing to be studious in school. It is good that she's trying to be more active in school activities and hope that she makes it onto the volleyball team.  An continues to inspire us with her strength and determination to raise the girls you both would have wanted them to be.  As always, us guys will try to help out whenever possible and be there for An and the girls.  

FYI, your lawn mower is running good.  Your weed whacker needs a cable replacement, but running good and your leaf blower is also running good.  I can't say the same with your pressure washer, I think that needs to be replaced, but Jay says those things always go bad :)

That's all for now Papa, I am sure you know we all miss you very much, so keep on dropping signs to keep us smiling ok!"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 10th August 2015

"Hi hon...just checking in and month 16..the summer is breezing by and we are keeping busy and soon the girls will be back in school in a few weeks.  Your spirit is with us wherever we are...we miss you ever so much and continue the traditions you instilled in us.  You are our angel and love you always and forever...xoxoxo mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 6th July 2015

"Hi hon,
Month 15...i wish i could say it gets easier as time goes by, it some ways it does and in some ways it doesn't.  I can finally say, we have new normalcy in terms of routines and day to day life but it is the emotional piece that is very difficult to get a handle on.  I still see signs of you everywhere and strongly believe you are still here to watch over us and ensure our safety and well being and to remind us each day to live life to its fullest and to enjoy the finer things in life.  I love where ever you are. All my love, mama jon"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 2nd July 2015

"Hi hon...our little munchkin turned double digits a few days ago, now 10 years old..Anabelle is growing up fast...we miss you so much but we know you wouldn't miss her bday and know you are in our hearts and were here in spririt as she blew out her candles.  You continue to be her inspiration as she matures and transforms from a little seedling to a blossoming flower..Love you are forever in our thoughts."

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 7th June 2015

"Hi hon...14 months has gone by without you...just checking in and letting you know the girls and I miss you terribly.  With the summer around the corner, we have been getting outdoors to enjoy the sun, playing volleyball, biking and most recently anabelle has found to have a liking towards basketball.  You would be proud of the girls..laura just got awarded a certificate in being on the principal's list all the trimesters since 6th grade and perfect attendance.  Anabelle is also going to get an award for coming in 2nd place in the science fair with her two classmate friends. We will miss your presence at these ceremonies but know you are with us in spirit no matter what the occasion. Love you with all our hearts...xoxoxo mama jon, laura and anabelle"

This tribute was added by An-Marie Jon on 27th May 2015

"5/27/15 Good morning my loving husband...a special day for you and I today..our 15th wedding anniversary.  I remember that day as clear as of the happiest day in my life as we embarked in our journey together.  A year and half long preparation for the big day and it was everything we had hoped it would be surrounded my our closest family and friends to witness the affirmation of our love for one another.  Having you in my life truly opened my eyes to enjoy life and take it for what it was but always making the most of what you had and being creative and imaginative to stretch those means and to get the most out of it. Your love for the girls and I was evident each day as you would always put us first no matter how busy your day got and always manage to put a smile on our face regardless of the day we were having.  I miss you like you can't imagine.  I will have a glass wine for us both and a diet coke :) to toast our special you always and forever, mama jon"

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