They call it Golf because all of the other four letter words were taken.
  • 70 years old
  • Born on October 14, 1942 .
  • Passed away on October 7, 2013 .

Bill Manby, 70, passed away on October 7, 2013.  He will always live in the hearts of the family, friends, and colleagues he touched, so we created this site to capture all the wonderful words about him.  Please join our virtual memorial by simply signing this guestbook below.  You can also share in just a few pictures and stories that stand out in our hearts, just as he always will.  

If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us for a Celebration of Life open house on Saturday, October 12th, from 11:00am - 2:00pm.  

Note: we have learned that in order to sign the guestbook below, you will be asked to create a password to access this website.  We hope you will, even just to "sign" your name, so we can capture the history of who visits our virtual memorial.  

Posted by Angela Mayo on 17th October 2018
Miss you, Bill! Not too many in the world with your awesome attitude.
Posted by Lori Manby on 17th October 2018
5 long years. Haven’t been able to bring myself to look at this until today. So many things I want to tell you. Life’s just not the same without anyone cheering me on like you would be ❤️
Posted by Carol Krawiec on 15th October 2018
Bill, was a very nice man. I met him at the Hasson Heights swimming pool where he was a lifeguard. All of you can be very proud of him, as he was a great guy. Carol
Posted by Jo & Jerry Pflanz on 15th October 2018
We remember that great chuckle/laugh as clearly as if we’d just heard it yesterday! JJ
Posted by Kent Manby on 15th October 2018
Lord, has it been 5 years! Miss you buddy. I really miss our phone calls. I was tickled when you came over from the dark side and became a Mac guy. Boy would you love IOS 12!!
Posted by Niki Manby on 15th October 2018
Happy Birthday
Posted by Donnie Eickhoff on 8th October 2018
Can hardly believe it has been 5 years. I think it is nice that you are able to continue the virtual memorial for Bill and sharing your old family photos and memories. We will keep him in our prayers!
Posted by Lori Manby on 8th October 2017
Four loooong years without you. ❤️
Posted by Cleo Eickhoff on 7th October 2017
Such a gentle life he lived. I'm so happy I knew him.
Posted by Niki Manby on 14th October 2016
Happy Birthday-I miss you terribly.
Posted by Denise Taylor on 7th October 2015
Chaz and girls, Gosh, where does the time go? Bill's name always brings a smile to my face. He was always such a kind, patient man, always had time to listen. Hugs to you all, Denise xo
Posted by Lori Manby on 7th October 2015
Two long years without you here. I listen to a saved voicemail from you almost every day. Miss you like crazy. ❤️
Posted by Lori Manby on 22nd June 2015
Hi daddy! It's your day, Father's Day. I thought about you all day long. I miss you like something awful. I can't wait to see you again. You are the best. Love you.
Posted by Kent Manby on 7th October 2014
Has it been a year? Am I 70 also now? I think of Bill often. We had a common interest in tech generally and Apple specifically. We had long talks on FaceTime, sharing thoughts of all kinds. He remained positive throughout his treatment. What a great brother, father, husband and friend. God I miss him!!
Posted by Lori Manby on 7th October 2014
I can't believe it's been a year. I can't tell you how many times I've picked up the phone to call you for advice, to let you know something good that happened, and just to hear your voice. They say it will get easier but I think of you all day every day. I hear your laughing in my head and turn around expecting to see you there. I can't wait until we see each other again. I only survive this knowing you no longer feel pain and are up there having a blast golfing and making your sister and your mom and dad laugh...and I know Sadie girl is licking your forehead and sleeping in your knee pit. I'm sure you are sharing your maple donuts with Bailey too. I love you daddies <3
Posted by Laurie Eickhoff on 1st October 2014
Dear Uncle Bill - Thinking of you fondly this time of year and always. Daniel and I will be sure to raise a glass to you on the 14th! Much love - Daniel, Laurie, Adria & Brooklyn XXXX
Posted by Jim Sloss on 22nd January 2014
I never knew you Bill but I do have the privledge to know your daughter on Facebook and I just want to say that you brought a very wonderful person into the world, she has a heart of gold and from reading the messages left about you I can honestly say that she got it from you. smile down on her and the rest of your family and wait for them to see you again with open arms.
Posted by Frank Rovelli on 9th January 2014
I was very saddened to hear that Bill passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with Chaz and their daughters. Bill and I worked together at Frito-Lay in Topeka, KS and Dallas, TX for eight years. Bill was not only an outstanding manager; but a gentleman who made excellent decisions coupled with his winning ways. He was respected and well liked not only by those who worked for him; but also by many other people throughout the company. He had a great combination of management and communication skills that reflected his superior executive abilities. Two years ago Bill and I played golf for 2 days at his home course in Arizona. Bill was a very intelligent golfer and a very enjoyable guy to play with. He only took high percentage (i.e. smart) shots. He was not only savvy in business; but was also a very savvy golfer. During both golf rounds he expressed his appreciation and admiration for what Chaz and his daughters had done to insure he got to the “right doctors”. Also how meticulously they monitored his treatments to insure he was getting first class care. Moving from California to Arizona to get to the “right” doctors/treatments exhibited Bill and Chaz’s commitment level and problem solving skills. While Bill’s life was cut short by his illness; he certainly achieved an impressive amount. However, more importantly he did it with integrity. What a great legacy. It was my pleasure to have known and worked with Bill! God’s Speed my friend! Frank Rovelli
Posted by William Whiten on 8th January 2014
To The Manby Family: While we have never met, I worked with and around Bill during his Frito Lay years. As with all his other friends, I found Bill to be a fine man, honest, generous and fair to work with. I suspect this site will become very busy as the word of his passing circulates through the Frito Lay group who knew and respected him.
Posted by Tammy Sanders on 26th December 2013
Bill was a truly helpful & supportive mentor. His contribution to my PhD application no doubt helped me get into my current doctoral program. At the close of each semester, I typically send him a little note of hello. Now, I'll be sending up a prayer. What a good man he was. He's very much missed.
Posted by Bob Abplanalp on 28th November 2013
his Oil City Pa friends remember him fondly from the tennis courts to just how pleasant and straight forward he was. To his family and post oil city friends you have my deepest sympathy bob abplanalp
Posted by Kent Manby on 29th October 2013
How do I express my feelings in this small space? How do I recap the life Bill lived and his impact on me, his little Brother? Bill lived an exemplary life, had Chaz as his companion and his wonderful four girls. These ladies were beside him during the last six years and with him at the end. I know he waits on me in a better place! See you soon Bro'
Posted by Scott Manby on 28th October 2013
To me, Uncle Bill was the epitome of kind. His gentle nature and huge smile was how he often faced life's ups and downs. His answer to everything was, "you bet!" which instantly made him one of the coolest people in the room. He is, and always will be, greatly missed.
Posted by Morgan Edwards on 27th October 2013
Dear Manby family: My condolences to you at this time. Your beautiful soul of a daughter, Lori, reached out to me during her father's final illness and I have prayed for you all, asking our Heavenly Father to surround you all with angels to support, lift and comfort you. They are with you and will remain there as you travel this new path without Bill. My heart is with you also. Morgan
Posted by Bob Fry on 23rd October 2013
Spring days on the Mitchell Avenue tennis courts in Oil City, Pa. Bill, at age 17, was the "elder statesman" to the younger players on the team. I have no doubt that he led a good life. Bob Fry
Posted by Kit Phelps on 22nd October 2013
Hello seldom seen family. You are still in my heart, and in my thoughts in your time of loss. Love, Kit
Posted by Bill Ross on 18th October 2013
I played golf with Bill with the North Ranch group, Kitty and I enjoyed many dinners with Bill and Chaz and the golf group and our daughter, Julie, and Niki were good friends in high school. Bill was always a gentleman and fun to be with. He really enjoyed the game and it seems like he always won the matches. He will be missed by many, Our thoughts are with Chaz, Niki and all of the family
Posted by Ronald (Buck) Gustafson on 18th October 2013
Bill is going to be greatly missed by both of us. We liked playing bridge with him at the Club House. He was a true gentleman and We know Chaz will miss him as well. Looking froward to seeing you Chaz, after Christmas. Love, Buck and Belle
Posted by June Taylor on 17th October 2013
Billy was one of my baby brothers. When he and Kent were little, Jean and I called them "Our Little Pidgeons". Bill's flight in life was grand and filled with love because of his girls: Chaz, Niki, Teri, Jodi, and Lori. Love to you all june
Posted by Lucia Laguarda on 17th October 2013
I write as a colleague and friend of Jodi. I worked with Jodi for 10 years as her building principal at Billy Mitchell. I remember going to UCLA's sponsored event, "I'm going to college" and Jodi's parents were there. Mr. Manby said to me, "You must know how extraordinary of an educator Jodi is." I felt his pride for his daughter and her work and I was touched. Much love to Jodi & fam
Posted by Ellen Shapiro on 16th October 2013
With sympathy on the passing of fBill. We were classmates since grade school, I will remember him as happy and warm friend
Posted by Jason Eickhoff on 16th October 2013
Chaz and have my deepest sympathy for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Kathy Collins on 15th October 2013
Dear Jodi and Family, I wish you all peace and solace in these days of grieving and remembering. I never met Mr. Manby, but through conversations with Jodi, I know he was deeply loved and incredibly loving. Wishing you all gentle days ahead. Warmly, Kathy Collins
Posted by Norman Eickhoff on 15th October 2013
To the Family of Bill Manby, based on the messages left by your friends and family you had a life well lived and were well loved. Our condolences on your loss. Cousin Norman and Daisy Eickhoff
Posted by Michelle Bamrick on 15th October 2013
Dear Manby Family- I'll never forget running the last race with Jodi for the MMRF foundation. We had a bit of a tough race, but the highlight of it all was "facetiming" with your dad as Jodi crossed the finish line! We called him up and I held the phone so he could see Jodi finish the race! It was a really beautiful moment that I'm so happy I was a part of. Keeping you all in my prayers
Posted by Janet Watts on 15th October 2013
Chaz and girls. Though we were unable to attend Bill's memorial, when we saw his lovely photo by the sea, we took our wine glasses, walked to the sea shore here in Maine, watched the sun set and toasted the life of Bill Manby, loving husband and proud father -then planted a beach rose at the shore in his honour. He will be missed. Love, janet & Thom
Posted by Nicole Cordonnier-Srott on 14th October 2013
Teri, Jodi and family....our thoughts and prayers are with you. Though Steve and i did not know your dad we remember how fondly you spoke of him and it is amazing to read the various tributes to his life that have been written is clear that he was a very special man. Love, Nicole and Steve.
Posted by Michael Robertson on 14th October 2013
We never met Bill, but I've heard the name so many times from my mom (Linda) and sister (Jana) over the years that I think I should have. This is a nice tribute you've made to him. Best wishes Jodi. The Robertsons
Posted by Andrea Deffner on 14th October 2013
Manby family- what a special man you had in your life and what a lucky man to have such a wonderful family. Our love and prayers are with you.
Posted by Elizabeth Povelones on 14th October 2013
I admired Bill for his strength and his faith. I will continue to be inspired by his courage and his gentle character. Remember, love never leaves, it lives within our hearts. With sympathy and warm remembrances.
Posted by Emmett Long on 13th October 2013
Terri, Jodi and Family, very sorry to hear about Bill, or better known to me, "your Dad"! I think I only met him once but feels like more through the Santa Barbara half marathon and all the other events you did for the fight. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Tiffany Moore on 13th October 2013
My thoughts and prayers are with the Manby family. Although I did not know Me. Manby, , if his amazing daughter Jodi is a reflection of the kind of person he was, he had to be pretty amazing too! May you find peace in keeping the fondest memories alive in your heart.
Posted by Kat Jackson on 13th October 2013
I am so sorry for your loss... Although I never met him when I taught with his daughter Jodi, her face would light up when she told stories about her dad. Thinking of you Jodi! Xoxo
Posted by Mimi French on 12th October 2013
Manby family, very sorry to hear of your loss! My heart is with you. I don't believe I actually ever met Bill, yet I think of him as this wonderful man. His good reputation certainly traveled outside of his immediate circles! Jodi, you hold a very special place in my heart. I often think of our most recent times together running along beach. Miss, love and hope to see you soon! Mimi
Posted by Vivienne Mcveigh on 12th October 2013
I never actually had the pleasure of meeting Bill in person but have been involved on numerous phone / FaceTime calls when travelling with Teri and Jodi. It always felt like he was apart of our travels and was loving it as much as us. Though I think it was the love for girls. I am sure Bill will continue to be with all of you in spirit each and every day. Thinking of you all. Viv xxx
Posted by Len/Carolyn Aspegren on 12th October 2013
Bill -We missed you today on the first tee. I know you would have made it if you could have. Don't worry - I know we will be with you after a bit and we can whale away at those little white balls forever. See you then. CarolynLen Aspegren
Posted by Marilyn And Fred Atkari on 12th October 2013
We only knew Bill in passing, but to have such a generous, loving and fun wife as Chaz, he must have been a special person. To Chaz and family, hopefully you have many fond memories to carry you through this transition time in your lives.
Posted by Judith Fimrite on 12th October 2013
Chaz and family, we only meet Bill at Saturday night bridge and could tell immediately he was a gentle soul. Our thoughts are with you in your time of sorrow. Neil and Judith
Posted by Jim Hartmann on 11th October 2013
To My Sister, Chaz; Nieces: Niki, Teri, Jodi, Lori. Bill left a legacy of kindness and tenderness. May those memories be your keepsake, and your beacon forever. We shall all sorely miss Bill. Please know our memories will hold much admiration for him in our Eickhoff family tree. Blessings, B'Zie and Jim.
Posted by Jim Ball on 11th October 2013
Condolences to all the Manby Family, Bill was my classmate in many high school activities - you will see many photos in the yearbook with both of us. Bill was an all around good guy. We also were roommates at the University of Buffalo our freshman year. I transferred to Penn State and we lost touch, but we both became Air Force officers.

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