Bill my Big Brother

Shared by Cheri Hodges on May 9, 2019

Bill married my beautiful Sister Carolyn. Both came to my rescue giving me a home and a job. What a young stupid girl I was, but Bill stood by my Sister to help anyone in need. Bill adopted my Niece and Nephew and there began a loving family to stand up to the end of time. I loved your kindness, Bill, as it never waivered. 

We will miss Bill.

Shared by Steve Bradshaw on May 9, 2019

Bill was our “free” videographer some 33 years ago when my wife, Eileen and I got married in Tulsa, Ok.  At the time, I did not realize how much we would appreciate our wedding video as it was not a big thing back then - now everyone does it and pays for it.  Bill provided us a gift we will cherish for a lifetime.  Thanks, Bill!  May you never run out of film in heaven.  God bless you and your family!  

Love, Steve Bradshaw

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