Bill was born to Barbara and Carl Schultz, the oldest of 8 kids, which was apparent in his dependability and caretaking throughout his life.  He was a retired 3M engineer who, over the last two decades, loved to escape 'up north.'  Bill was an athlete and outdoorsman at heart, active in swimming, basketball, tennis, golfing, waterskiing, cross country and downhill skiing, biking, countless canoeing trips in the BWCA and Quetico, and backpacking/hiking/kayaking trips in Canada, Alaska and out west.  He loved brunch, happy hour and spending time with family and friends.

Bill was a committed and proud husband, father, and grandfather who was there unconditionally for everyone and anyone - always giving and never expecting or wanting anything in return.  As he often put it, Ann made him marry her, and they recently celebrated their 30-year wedding anniversary.  Bill meticulously, thoughtfully and selflessly provided for his family in every way possible, setting them up for happy, successful lives.  

He was described by his daughter, Lauren, as a “burnt marshmallow” - having a slightly rough exterior with a very sweet center.  His intelligence and dry sense of humor with a touch of witty cynicism were “classic Bill” and will always be fondly remembered.